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Copycat Killing: A Magical Cats Mystery

BOOK: Copycat Killing: A Magical Cats Mystery
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Praise for

the Magical Cat Mysteries

Sleight of Paw

“This series is a winner.”


“If you are a fan of mysteries and cats, you need to be reading this series now!”

—Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

“Kelly’s appealing cozy features likable, relatable characters set in an amiable location. The author continues to build on the promise of her debut novel, carefully developing her characters and their relationships.”

Romantic Times

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat

“A great cozy that will quickly have you anxiously waiting for the next release so you can spend more time with the people of Mayville Heights.”

—Mysteries and My Musings Blog

“If you love mystery and magic, this is the book for you!”

—Debbie’s Book Bag

“This start of a new series offers an engaging cast of human characters and two appealing, magically inclined felines. Kathleen is a likable, believable heroine and the magical cats are amusing.”

Romantic Times

Also by Sofie Kelly

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat

Sleight of Paw







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There are many people who have helped take this story from idea to the finished book you’re holding in your hands. Thank you to everyone at my publisher, Penguin, particularly my talented editor, Jessica Wade, and her always helpful assistant, Jesse Feldman. Thank you as well to the staff at BookEnds literary agency, especially my agent, Kim Lionetti, for her patience and guidance.

Lynn Viehl is one of the hardest-working writers in this business, but she’s never too busy to share her wisdom and expertise. Thank you, Lynn. To fellow writers Laura Alden and Krista Davis, I’m grateful for your support, your encouragement and for always making me laugh.

Once again, I am indebted to Police Chief Tim Sletten, of the Red Wing, Minnesota, Police Department, for sharing his expertise and being gracious when I play with the facts to suit the story. Any errors in police procedure are because reality didn’t quite fit the fictional world.

Thank you to all the readers who have embraced Kathleen, Owen and Hercules.

And lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to Patrick and Lauren, who fill my life with magic.


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About the Author


’d never heard a cat laugh before—I didn’t think they could—but that’s what Owen was clearly doing. He was behind the big chair in the living room, laughing. It sounded a little like hacking up a fur ball if you could somehow add merriment to the sound.

I leaned over the back of the chair. “Okay, cut it out,” I said. “You’re being mean.”

He looked up at me and it seemed as though the expression in his golden eyes was a mix of faux-innocence and mirth. “It’s not funny,” I hissed.

Okay, so it was kind of funny. Owen’s brother, Hercules, was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, wearing boots. Specifically, black-and-white boots to match his black-and-white fur, in a kitty paw print design with a fleece lining and antislip sole. They were a gift from my friend, Maggie.

“Stick a paw in it,” I said to Owen. “You’re not helping.”

I went back into the kitchen. Hercules gave me a look that was part acute embarrassment and part annoyance.

“They are kind of cute,” I said. “You have to admit it was a very nice gesture on Maggie’s part.” That got me a glare that was all venom.

“I’ll take them off.” I crouched down in front of him. He held up one booted paw and I undid the strap. “You’re just not a clothes person,” I told him. “You’re more of an au naturel cat.”

I heard a noise behind me in the doorway. “And Owen is very sorry he laughed at you. Aren’t you, Owen?” I added a little extra emphasis to the last words. After a moment’s silence there was a soft “meow” from the other side of the room.

I took the second boot off and Hercules shook one paw and then the other. I stroked the fur on the top of his head. “Maggie was just trying to help,” I said. “She knows you don’t like getting your feet wet.”

Hercules was a total wuss about wet feet. He didn’t like going out in the rain. He didn’t like going out in the snow. He didn’t like walking across the grass in heavy dew. Maggie had seen the cat boots online and ordered them. I didn’t know how I was going to explain to her that boots just weren’t his thing.

I stood up, went over to the cupboard to get a handful of kitty crackers and made a little pile on the floor in front of Herc. “Here,” I said. “These’ll help.” Then I scooped up Owen. I could tell from the way his tail was twitching that he’d been thinking of swiping a cracker.

“Leave your brother alone,” I warned, carrying him upstairs with me. “Or I’ll put those boots on you and I’ll tell Maggie you like them.”

He made grumbly noises in his throat. I set him on the
floor and he disappeared into my closet to sulk. I pulled on an extra pair of heavy socks, brushed my hair back into a low ponytail and stuffed my wallet in my pocket.

Hercules had eaten the crackers and was carefully grooming his front paws. “I’m going to meet Maggie,” I told him, pulling my sweatshirt over my head. “I’ll figure out something to tell her.”

I locked the kitchen door behind me and walked around the side of the house to the truck. My truck. Sometimes I still got the urge to clap my hands and squeal when I saw it. It had started out as a loaner from Harry Taylor, Senior, and when I’d managed to retrieve some papers about Harry’s daughter’s adoption, he’d insisted on giving me the truck.

BOOK: Copycat Killing: A Magical Cats Mystery
11.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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