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Butch turned quickly, red covering his face. “Uh, morning Boss. I, uh…”

“Out with it. Did that little brat put you up to this?”

“She asked for my help. She’s such a delicate little thing and the heat…”

“Is nothing compared to what she’s going to feel on her backside! What else did she get you to do?”

“Nothing much. Gather the eggs and go into the garden for some things.”

“All her outside chores. The little stinker. And the cooking?”

“I’m not doing that, Boss. I swear.”

“You’re done here. Get back to the stables and don’t let her con you again. I’ll finish this and then I have to go to town to work on a case,” Hank said firmly. Butch touched his hat and scurried out without a sound. With a frustrated sigh, Hank finished the milking and took the eggs, vegetables, and milk can to the house through the back door. He heard Perl in the kitchen, talking quietly to someone. Cook.

“Are you sure he’d like these flapjacks? I’m just impossible in the kitchen.”

“It’s his favorite, ma’am. They’re not hard to do. Just don’t turn the flame up so high on that there stove.”

“You see what I do. I burn everything. Oh, I want to please him so badly, but he’ll think I’m a failure.” The little actress applied a ‘damsel in distress’ tone to her voice.

“Don’t you fret, Miss Perl. I’ll help you as long as you need me, ok? No, please, don’t cry. This old man can’t take the sight of tears on such a pretty face.”

“Then I think you need to get back to the long house, Cook. You have men to feed there. Here’s your milk, eggs, and garden goods, Miss Perl. Compliments of Butch,” Hank announced grimly, placing the items on the table. Perl’s face paled as she stared at him.

“Boss, she needed my help. She’s such a tiny thing and…”

“Back to the boys, Cook. And no more helping this girl. She’s got all the men doing her chores.”

The old man, seeing the stormy look on his employer’s face, and the guilty look on Perl’s, quickly excused himself. Hank turned to look down into Perlita’s eyes, his disapproval clear.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself, young lady?”

“You only said to have the chores done. Not that I had to do them. I was being resourceful! You should be pleased,” she answered with a desperate attempt to bypass the crime she had committed. She swallowed, seeing her comment hadn’t helped. “I’m sorry. I wanted to make you proud of me.”

“How could I be proud of you if what you were doing was nothing but a lie and an attempt to deceive me? All this time I thought you were adjusting. I was even going to give you a special surprise. But now…” he sounded deeply injured, looking away from her.

“You’re making me leave?” she felt her stomach turn in fear.

“No, of course not. You are going to be disciplined for your disobedience, your fibbing, and your dishonesty. Go up to your room, please.”

“But Hank…”

“Perlita Maria Consuelo Moretti, to your room!” he ordered, trying to keep his voice level.

Biting her lip, she raced upstairs and slammed the door. To her horror, she noticed that Hank had removed the lock! When had he done that? The sound of his heavy footsteps coming up the stairs made her heart pound in trepidation. He had promised her a strapping if she shirked on her chores. He wasn’t serious, was he?

The wide, leather belt that he slowly removed from his waist and then folded in half in his hand answered her question. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked up into his forbidding, disappointed face.

“I’m sorry, Papa. Please don’t spank me,” she whispered in a little girl’s voice, hoping he would be softened by the term.

He shook his head sadly. “What did you expect to happen? Did you really think you could hide this activity from me forever?”

“I hate these chores so much! I can’t do any of them right!”

“Because you have not tried. Instead, you took the spoiled little princess approach. I am so very disappointed in you, Perlita. I really believed that you could do this. I had such faith in you. And I thought we were becoming more honest with each other.”

“Are you sure you have no Italian in you? You are as good at giving guilt as the sisters at our church,” Perlita commented, trying to lessen the tension with humor.

Hank was not amused. “There are reasons I want you to learn to do these things. You need to take responsibility for yourself and for your life, and not think you can bend everyone to your will because you’re sweet and pretty. Come to me now and let’s get this done.”

“I promise, I’ll learn to do everything myself. Please, don’t…”

Her pleas were interrupted as he quickly grasped her elbow and urged her face down over the edge of the tall bed. She began to cry fearfully as he slowly folded the long, thick leather in half and held the buckle end in the grip of his right hand, leaving the business end dangling.

“Perl? Are you listening to me?” he asked softly. “You are to reach back and pull your dress up around your hips and then lower those knickers to your thighs. Go on, girl. Mind me.”

A plaintive sob erupted from Perl’s lips as she reluctantly obeyed him, her hands trembling as she lifted her hips to pull the thin, cotton panties to the middle of her thighs, exposing her well-rounded bottom.

“Good girl. Now reach your arms in front of you and hold your hands together. You are not to try to reach back for any reason. Trust me, this strap will hurt like the dickens if it catches your fingers.” He sounded sad.

Perl, her eyes already red from tears, glanced back with fear at Hank and the strap in his hand. With a loud cry, she obediently stretched her arms out on the bed in front of her and tightly entwined her fingers together, grabbing a piece of the quilt for extra support.

“You have earned this licking and I expect you to take it like a big girl without moving from this position. If you budge, I’m afraid this punishment will end up taking longer than it has to. Do you understand me?” his low voice asked gently. Perl sobbed into the quilt, nodding.

“Ordinarily, a strapping like this would mean being taken out to the woodshed. I’m sparing you that humiliation because I’m not ready for the hands having to hear you cry.”

Perl could only mutter a ‘thank you’ into the quilt as Hank placed his left palm firmly on her back and then raised the strip of leather with the other. With a loud sigh, he aimed for the right cheek of her chubby backside and laid down the first lash with a resounding CRACK! Perl yelped in pain, her hands instinctively flying back to protect her bottom. Hank waited in silence and watched as she shook furiously before slowly returning to position. Again he raised the strap and laid the second loud CRACK!

Perl shrieked again with an irrepressibly loud, "OWWW!! I’m s-sorryyy, Hank… Papa… Pleaseeee no morrre!!"

"I am so disappointed in you, Perlita. You are never” -CRACK!- “ever to even consider” -CRACK!- “pulling another such stunt to try to deceive me” -CRACK!- “ever again!" He held his breath as he continued her whipping with five more blistering and very effective strokes to the right side of her scarlet red bottom.

With his low voice patient and controlled, Hank said, “We are almost halfway through, darling, but your backside still requires some more reminding.” Still weeping profusely, the girl complied, grasping hard onto the quilt’s edge.

A few more strokes finished off the right buttock, and the man immediately started on the untouched left cheek. Perl’s screeching and wriggling started anew and soon both her left and right bottom cheeks glowed identical shades of crimson. Deciding that the punishment was nearing completion, Hank quietly stated, “Hang in there, sweetheart, just a few more and we are done here.”

He stepped back and released the free end of the belt to hang loose. Still holding the buckle in his palm, he wrapped some of the strap around his hand and inhaled deeply as he raised his arm. As the strap fell, it neatly struck both sides of her tender sit-upon, making the girl buck wildly and beg him to stop. Silently, Hank carefully placed another three stripes in the same area to serve as “reminders” for Perl to feel every time she tried to sit down for the next couple of days.

Hank dropped the belt on the bed and knelt down next to the sobbing girl. He put his arm across her back and praised her for taking her punishment well, and promised her that all had been forgiven. Perl could not respond, and sobs wracked her body as she lay limp and shaking against the lovingly made quilt. Hank’s heart ached to see her in such agony, but he knew he had done right by her. His heart was thumping wildly as well. Fear for her future, and the need to guard her from harm, was something he had been thoroughly and carefully thinking about. He only knew one way. The best way. His way. She couldn’t survive in this world if she didn’t learn skills, and she couldn’t learn skills if she knew how to escape work.

To distract his mind from her crying, he focused on rethreading the belt and buckling it around his waist, all the while working to regain his own composure. The thought of losing her weighed as heavy upon him as the pain of disciplining her. He eventually approached her and pulled her up into a comforting, secure hug. "There, there… it’s over, honey doll."

Perl buried her head into his chest, still sobbing fiercely and crying too hard to speak the apologies that burdened her heart.

"Shhh, it’s okay, sweetheart, cry it all out," he told her as he rocked her steadily in his arms. His eyes fell on her bare, quivering back-end and he noticed the angry red radiating from it. He closed his eyes, wondering if perhaps he had been too strict. He couldn’t deny that it was the most adorable and luscious bottom he’d ever seen. The urge to run his hands along the hot flesh and cover those soft mounds with tender kisses was overwhelming. To part those same mounds with his large hands and explore her most private place with his finger… He gulped back his lust. His responsibility was her protection right now.

Perl attempted to calm down, and finally after a few minutes of leaning against him, she was able to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology. "I’m sorry, Hank," she said, wiping her eyes.

"Yeah, I know you are. You just made a mistake and paid the price. It’s all over and your slate is clean," he said with reassurance as he gently brushed her hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear with unusual tenderness. “You know you deserved that whipping, right?” he sounded worried.

With a faint smile and a nod, she muttered, "Yes. I know. I’m just not ready to thank you for it, if that’s what you’re waiting for." She saw his small smile and she slowly stood and reached down to pull up her panties and cover her throbbing backside with her dress. She inhaled sharply, wincing as the material rubbed against her swollen flesh.

Hank circled her shoulders with his arm and started to walk towards the door. "Are you okay, baby?" he asked, leading her carefully downstairs.

She nodded with a sniff and a two-handed rub to her scorched behind. "Yes. It just hurts terribly."

Hank kissed her head. "Well, okay then. I could say it’s supposed to hurt but I’m sure you know that. Now, let’s make some breakfast and then teach you how to do your chores the proper way.”

Perl groaned. The thought of sitting on Hannah’s milk-stool had been the farthest thing from her mind.


* * *


Feeling a little guilty for being so severe, Hank decided to take Perl with him into town later that morning. She painfully fidgeted in the seat of the trunk but stayed quiet, not wanting to draw any attention to the fact that her bottom still felt completely and thoroughly chastised. They parked next to the sheriff’s station and walked inside.

“Good Morning, Miss Perl,” Dennis said, standing as he saw her enter. “Hank! What brings you to grace my humble door with such beauty?”

“Thank you. It’s nice that you decided to stop insulting me.”

“You wish I was talking about you.” Dennis chuckled, giving Perl an affectionate squeeze around the shoulders. He noticed her quietness. “Everything okay?” he asked with a small frown.

Hank ignored his question. “I thought it would be good to pick up some more things for Perl and show her around town. She’s been all alone at the ranch and I haven’t been around much to keep her company. I know we both agreed it would the wisest move right now, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that those goons have lost her trail, don’t you?”

“I think so. Have a seat, Miss Perl. No need to stand there.”

“Uh, no thank you Dennis,” Perl answered softly.

He eyed her with a sly, knowledgeable expression as the situation dawned on him. He then chuckled. “I gather your choice to stand is not due to being tired of the long drive to town. Did ya get yourself a spanking, girl?”

Perl just blushed furiously, looking at the ground. Dennis reached to hug her again, this time gathering her in both arms as he kissed her forehead. “No need to be embarrassed, sweet thing. All the ladies get their bottoms blistered in this part of the country. Teaches a lesson hard and fast. I’m sure old Hank here was generous with his correction, yes?”

“Yes, sir.” Perl continued to look at the ground.

Dennis winked at Hank, amused by the younger man’s distress. “And I’m sure you earned every bit of it, didn’t you, love? What did you do?”

Perl looked at Hank with a silent appeal.

“Go on and tell the man what you’ve been up to, you sneaky little brat,” he ordered with a small smile, enjoying the deeper shade of red on her face.

“I convinced Butch and Cook to do my chores because I didn’t want to. I’ve been pretending to do them for the last three weeks,” Perl confessed shamefully.

“Hmmm, I must say, you showed some resourcefulness there.”

“That’s what I tried to tell Hank. He didn’t buy it.”

Dennis eyed his old friend. “I’m sure Hank also explained to you why you need to learn these things, right? We pull our own weight here, child. If you expect to stay, his hands have jobs they need to do without being distracted by doing yours.”

“I understand. I said I was sorry, and I am.”

“I’m sure you are, especially since he caught you red-handed and delivered a timely red behind. We watch out for our women here. You gals are a precious gift from God and you don’t come with a return policy. Getting my point?”

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