Cracking the Paleo Diet Code: Lose Weight Fast With Primal Eating & Intermittent Fasting (How to Lose Weight Your Way)

BOOK: Cracking the Paleo Diet Code: Lose Weight Fast With Primal Eating & Intermittent Fasting (How to Lose Weight Your Way)
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Cracking The Paleo Diet Code


Lose Weight Fast With Primal Eating & Intermittent Fasting




By Darrin Wiggins


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The information provided in this book is for educational and entertainment purposes only. I am not a physician and this is not to be taken as medical advice or a recommendation to stop taking medications. The information provided in this book is based on my experiences and interpretations of the past and current research available. You should consult your physician to insure the daily habits and principles in this book are appropriate for your individual circumstances. If you have any health issues or pre-existing conditions, please consult your doctor before implementing any of the information you have learned in this book. Results will vary from individual to individual. This book is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities or damages, real or perceived, resulting from the use of this information.


Why does the Paleo diet seem like the newest celebrity fad diet
, when it is actually one of the oldest ways of eating that exists? Honestly it is because we are all finally breaking away from the shackles of clever advertising and misleading labels.

Our ancestors ate what was available
to them and thrived off of it. There were no diseases then like we have these days. The life expectancy may have been shorter due to the environmental conditions they faced, but they all died healthier.

The Paleo diet is
a very simple diet to follow and is not some fancy combination of foods that supposedly burn fat faster, make you more muscular, etc. Out of all the diets I have researched it is one of the easiest to implement into your life and one of the cleanest.

As a weight loss coach I am neutral when it comes to most diets
, unless it can seriously harm your health. I only want you to find the right diet that you love and which allows you to achieve your weight loss goals. So this is not me recommending Paleo, but simply providing you with the knowledge you need to make a decision as to whether or not you are going to try the Paleo diet.

I wrote this to show you the nuts and bolts of Paleo, how to incorporate it into your lifestyle
, and to assure you that you do not have to become some fanatical Crossfitter or club swinging caveman to make this work. Any and every diet out there can be modified to fit your lifestyle and still give you great results. I know people who follow Paleo about 90% of the time, enjoy other foods when they want, and still have awesome physiques.

If you are brand new to the Paleo diet
, here is a basic definition: The Paleo diet mimics the food choices cavemen would have had access to, or can be referred to as the hunter/gatherer diet. They didn’t have access to the processed goodies or fast food burgers like we do now, so the Paleo diet assumes we shouldn’t either.

No one can deny the popularity of the Paleo diet
and with that celebrity status comes about as many different opinions as you can imagine. What can you eat? Not eat? Have in moderation? Can you call yourself a Paleo if you don’t follow it one hundred percent? Experts all have their opinion too. Is it good for you? Bad for you? At the end of the day opinions don’t mean anything, only the results you get from trying Paleo out for yourself really matter.

The Paleo
diet is a great weight loss lifestyle, and is also an easy way to maintain your weight loss. I am not saying it is the only diet that allows you to lose weight, but it is one of the diets I see people respond to successfully.

Do you think there were
overweight cavemen? I think there could have been because too much of anything, even if it is good for you, can lead to weight gain. Eating a few extra pounds of Mammoth a day can really add up, especially if you are having a few thousand extra calories in berries and nuts.

Chances are though everyone was in great shape based on the physical demands of the lifestyle. When a group of hunters was running away from a Saber
-tooth tiger, I am guessing they didn’t want to be the slow chubby one bringing up the rear. I am sure the tiger appreciated it though, as you would have been plump and delicious.

You will not find me recommending a bunch of exercises in this book
, because I believe in getting your nutritional foundation set first and then incorporating exercising. I design everything around people not having the opportunity to exercise, so this will work for you whether you are physically active or more of a sedentary person.

I do however recommend you are physically active if you are capable of
doing so. I don’t foresee any need for you to be chasing down your dinner or running away from it in the near future, but you never know when the zombie apocalypse will hit us. I would be active just to be safe.

You will also discover how to add
intermittent fasting into the Paleo diet, because the caveman was most likely not eating 6-8 meals a day; they ate whenever they could, so naturally they would have been in a fasted state a portion of the time. They lived a more feast-fast type lifestyle merely due to their situation. Intermittent fasting, when used properly, can have a huge impact on weight loss. Please know that you do not need to include intermittent fasting into your Paleo diet lifestyle, but it is an option.

Whether you want to be a hardcor
e Paleo dieter or just a part-time Paleo warrior, this book will teach you what you need to know. My advice, as always, is that no diet needs to be all or none, and you can keep what you love about Paleo in your life and throw the rest away.

Let’s quickly examine the nutritional nightmare we have created before we dive into how to live a Paleo lifestyle. You won’t know how to get back to where you were if you don’t know where you are right now. I am guessing if you are reading diet books
, you are already caught in the nutritional nightmare I am about to describe.

Chapter 1 Call It A Nutritional Nightmare

As we evolved so did our eating habits
; but instead of making us an advanced race like technology has, our dietary choices evolved us to the point where we have an insanely high obesity rate. As we got busier, savvy business people saw a need to make our eating more convenient. Unfortunately that convenience came at a price: our health.

They made our food faster than we
believed we could at home and even packaged it for us. I mean, who has time to turn on the stove to cook meat when it can come neatly wrapped for you in a delicious bun and handed to you through a little window? The cavemen didn’t have that option did they?

Well the Flintstones had drive-thru
, but I question how accurate that historical representation of the caveman actually is. Actually, even the cartoon cavemen that had access to drive thru were overweight; I think Fred was a heart attack waiting to happen, but that is another discussion for another day.

The state of our food
has changed drastically. When you need a food scientist to make meat that was once not fit for human consumption become edible after a chemical bath, you know we have really lost our way. I look at Paleo as a great way to reset all of the damage we have done.

I am not being a preacher here because I have certain foods and drink
s that I enjoy that by no means fit a Paleo lifestyle. I am just facing the reality of the situation we have put ourselves into, and it is our choice whether we want to change that or not.

The fast food manufacturers
were smart and we fell for it. No problem, one point for them; but clean eating like the Paleo diet is starting to make a major dent in their quest for our food dollars. People are lifting the wool up from over their eyes and are seeing what is really going on now, which is why Paleo is surging in popularity. Actually maybe it wasn’t the wool but the fact most of us cannot see our own feet anymore when we look down due to our distended stomachs obscuring the view.

If junk food had never been invented
, we wouldn’t have known anything other than the healthy food the caveman had. But now we have temptations we face every day and we need to make a choice. Many of us are looking for a way to start over, and why not go back to the very basics of eating, which is exactly what the foundation of Paleo gives you.

Just imagine if
Blarg and his friends came across combo #1 from your favorite fast food restaurant just sitting there in the woods. If they followed their instincts, they most likely would have thought it to be poison and pounded it into the ground.

If they
did eat it and then got the scoots as many of us have, they would have sworn it was poison, and that some force of nature had just tried to kill them. They knew to listen to their gut instinct and observe what happened to their bodies if they tried something they had never seen before. Most of what we eat now wouldn’t be comprehended as actual food by the cavemen. Yet we stuff it in there anyway.

Our instincts have been replaced by advertisin
g, very misleading advertising. You know when a fast food company becomes the official food supplier to our Olympic athletes that the world is run by advertising dollars, not a focus on overall health.

If food scientists could figure out a way to make all the healthy food taste like the salty, cru
nchy and sweet things we all fall for, obesity would be wiped out. Mind you, the chemicals they would have to use to create the flavor would probably just kill us in another way! I think eating Paleo just sounds easier.

The only way to really end this nutritional nightmare is to get back to a basic style of eating like Paleo
what offers us. Forget all the emotionally manipulative advertising you have grown up on and start over. Now that you know where you are, you can move forward and start fresh. By the end of this book you will know how to have the body you want and still treat yourself every now and then.

Chapter 2 Change Your Mind Change Your Diet

Whenever I work with a new
weight loss client we always discuss where their mindset is currently at about their diet and their physical appearance. They may be stuck in a place of feeling like the way they eat now is the only way they can eat. They just don’t know how to think any differently. It has probably happened to all of us where we feel hopeless or that things will never change.

It is true that even with all the knowledge on health out there
, some people just don’t understand how to eat. They can watch all the Dr. Oz shows they want but it usually just leads to confusion. We are complex beings and tend to really overcomplicate the simplest of things. Weight loss comes down to not overeating and making healthy choices. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean it is easy for people.

is the mindset many of us have. We overeat because we can. A high percentage of the population does not need to conserve food because they have the financial ability to eat as much as they want. The food is abundant and they know where there next meal will be coming from. Most likely, what we throw away would feed the rest of the population that is starving.

I look at Paleo along the same mindset of
a minimalist style diet. With the types of foods you eat, you will seldom overindulge to the point you do with junk food. I can’t imagine waking up the next morning with a salad hangover, or saying how stuffed you are on broccoli. You still need to be conscious of the amount of meat and fruit you are eating, but by choosing the right foods you still decrease your chances of overconsumption.

The Paleo diet
is a lifestyle more than anything else. Sure people treat it like a fad because they jump in hoping for a weight loss miracle, or they are blindly following the other Crossfit members at the gym. I mean really, Crossfitters are all usually in great shape, so if they say do Paleo, can you blame people for trying to follow their advice?

he problem is you go home and search the internet to see how to follow Paleo, and five articles have five different methods. Hopefully this book will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to make this diet a part of your lifestyle. You need to love waking up to what you are about to eat every day in order to make this work. I know quail eggs are Paleo safe, but I sure as heck am not eating them. Thankfully there are numerous other substitutes available for all of us to eat Paleo.

Once you have chan
ged your mindset from one of the typical Westerner to more of a basic hunter gatherer, living a Paleo lifestyle will be much easier. Don’t focus on how hard the diet might be, but focus on the benefits. I am sure some people would disagree, but maintain a degree of flexibility in your food choices so you continue to live it the long haul.

BOOK: Cracking the Paleo Diet Code: Lose Weight Fast With Primal Eating & Intermittent Fasting (How to Lose Weight Your Way)
5.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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