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By the time she had returned to the hotel room herself and
showered she was starting to feel better. There was even a comic aspect to the evening’s events: deep down she had often wondered what it would be like to see—or even be in—an orgy, but she kept thinking of the less than flattering men who had been in the room and she had started to giggle while washing herself. Even her long-held fantasies towards Johnny had started to disappear in recent days: he seemed to be moving through life without any real passion, throwing himself somewhat desperately into extremes engineered by Darius to hide the hollowness she could increasingly see inside him.

At least Cam looked more relaxed now. “What are you reading?” she asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed and glancing down at the pages before her eyes rose again, taking in his biceps and pecs. Something stirred a little inside her at that.

“Just some German magazine. Kind of a what’s on guide. There’s even something in here about us?”

“Really?” she asked, reaching out her hand eagerly. To her surprise, Cam pulled it away. When she looked up at him, he was blushing.

“Well,” he said reluctantly at last, “when I say there’s something about us, it’s really about Optima, with just a couple of lines about Black Ark.”

“Let me see,” she said slightly more forcefully. “Hey, at least you made it into a magazine. What have I had written about me? Absolutely nothing.”

“Oh, I’m sure that’ll change,” Cam replied with a smile, handing her the magazine.

She flicked through the magazine, coming at last to a double page spread dominated by photos of Darius and other members of Optima. Scanning the text, she found the name of Black Ark but couldn’t read the lines. “What does it say?”

“Not much, just that we’ll be supporting them on Berlin and throughout the rest of their European tour.”

“Well,” she replied to this, handing him back the magazine and snuggling up to him, “I’m sure after your performance tonight there’ll be a lot more about you in the media here soon. You were amazing.”

“Amazing, eh? High praise indeed coming from you.”

She glanced up at him and saw that he was staring down at her. “Am I that much of a bitch?” she asked.

This caught him by surprise and then he laughed, shaking his head. “No, you’re not a bitch. You just have... high standards. I’ll be honest, it annoyed me a bit when I first met you—I’m not used to, well, you know, having women be critical of me.” This made Dianne arch one eyebrow and open her mouth to speak, but he lifted a hand as he continued to explain: “I realise, though, that there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye. You don’t give out praise lightly, and you’ve got real talent—and I’m not just saying that. You’ve got

“Thank you,” she said, mollified by this and placing her head on his chest. She loved the scent of his skin, fresh with soap, and kissed him gently. Something else occurred to her, however and she lifted her head back up slightly, looking towards his handsome face and blue eyes.

“I do have high standards, you know. That goes for a lot of things.”

He smiled warmly at this. “I guess I should be flattered.”

“You should.” Her fingers came up to his washboard abdomen, softly stroking the musles and skin. “I like you, Cam. I like you a lot.”

This made him frown slightly. He was recognising something in the tone of her voice. “And I like you. A lot.”

“It suddenly occurred to me,” she said. “This is the longest I’ve been with a guy for years. I’m not really a slut, you know but... well, they tend to be short affairs, even one-night stands. I don’t want to get hurt.”

“I won’t hurt you,” he said quietly.

“Are you sure?” She stared at him, accusingly, and he looked back at her completely baffled for a moment. Then a flash of intelligence filled his eyes. “You mean Elizabeth, don’t you.”

She nodded.

“That night, in Paris. I’ve explained. She was playing me along—and I do need to apologise for that. I shouldn’t have gone along with it, but, hey, I’m a stupid man and sometimes even I get a kick out of being flattered. But she was really interested in you. I’m pretty sure she was doing Darius’s dirty work for him.”

Still Dianne stared at him. “But wouldn’t you like to fuck her in the ass, like she offered? I mean, isn’t that what all men want?”

He opened his mouth and closed it at this, his eyes looking pained. “How can you even ask that?” he asked. He began to pull away from her, but Dianne grabbed his hand, forcing him to look back at her.

Without saying a word, she slid backwards along the bed, pulling down the sheet that covered his lower half as she did so. His own fingers ran through her hair, still damp and sticking to her shoulders, and his face looked at her in slight confusion
—a look so emotionally vulnerable that Dianne felt herself opening inside, a thrill running through her loins as she thought of what she was about to do.

Her own fingers were clinging to the sheet, slowly dragging it along Cam’s muscular thighs. The pubis, as clean as the rest of his shaved torso, came into view, and the shaft of his cock, already thickening in anticipation of what was coming. Pulling the sheet completely free of his genitals, she saw the heavy member twitch sideways, the steel ring in the tip of him glinting in the light as it bounced up and fell back against his leg, gravity succeeding in dragging down the heavy weight against the blood that was starting to flow through it.

Cam leaned forward for a moment, as though to lift her head to his, but she quickly raised her hands, pushing him away, and he settled back down on the bed, watching her intently as she lowered her face to his loins again. For the moment, this was between her and his cock—that beautiful, immense thing that was shifting and stirring again as her breath played across its veined surface.

Her robe had fallen open a little, and she could feel her breasts hanging down, the weight of them deliciously satisfying against her ribs. Raising her fingers, she softly stroked the length of Cam, taking him into the palm of her hand, feeling the heft of him heavy in her fingers. Her breath became a little staccato, more excited as with a sudden twitch his cock seemed to grow another inch, lifting up from her own hand so that it pointed towards her lips, the head purple now, hungry for action just as she was hungry to eat it. She rolled her thumb along the soft, silky
skin of his glans, savouring the contrast of the hot, yielding flesh and hard, cooler steel, then grasped his shaft in her fingers, tightening her grip as she began to masturbate him.

Cam lay back, one arm on the bed, the other behind his head so that his chest formed a wonderful V towards his narrow waist. He did not need to be told that for the moment he was to stay still, and his chest rose and fell with deep breaths. For the moment,
his huge cock was Dianne’s toy and he was content to let her play with it.

Her lips came closer, and a strand of wet hair fell across his abdomen. She brushed it away and then bent her mouth down further, opening it, letting the tip of her tongue flicker across the head of him, tasting him. Wider, wider she pushed open her mouth, so that now it could take the entire head of him into her, sucking for a moment, letting her saliva dribble across the smooth glans and tempting ring. With her wetness on him, she then drew back, sliding those sweet lips along his length, smearing it with her spittle, making him wet.

Cam was watching her still, not moving, letting her take the lead. This made her grin. He still didn’t quite know yet what was coming.

Now when she moved her head above his erection again, taking him into her mouth and forcing it down a couple more inches so that it filled her, almost touching the back of her throat and making her gag slightly for a second, she let her hand move down between the cleft of his buttocks. She pushed softly against a thigh and he, ever responsive, slid one leg across the sheet.

Her finger moved to his anus, probing his asshole gently. Pausing in her oral play with his cock, she removed her mouth and sucked her finger, again grinning at him with wet lips as she looked at him. His smile was a pure smirk of pleasure. “You dirty fucking bitch,” he said warmly. She winked at him and dipped her head down to him again.

Sucking him, enjoying the sensation of his hard flesh in her mouth, so sexy that she was almost drooling, her spittle running down his shaft, she pushed her wet fingertip against his ass once more. The flesh there was soft but also tight, and she had to apply pressure to her hand to make the tip enter him, causing him to gasp. She felt rather than saw him clench the sheets and, though he had been passive until then, his hand came up and grabbed her hair, fingers locking in the damp strands.

Still she sucked, her head bobbing up and down as he held onto her—and still she pushed the single digit into him, more deeply now so that it sank almost to the knuckle. Drawing it in and out, he gasped as she went down on him and fingered his asshole, and then his grip on her head tightened.

“Wait,” he said. “Fucking hell! Wait a minute.”

She lifted her mouth from his cock and smiled at him, her lips smeared with wetness. She was almost dripping elsewhere, her pussy opening wider, eager to be fucked.

“Why?” she asked, her expression sultry. “Don’t you like it?” She still toyed with his asshole, more gently now, as she spoke.

“I fucking love it!” he groaned. “But I’m going to cum in a moment if you’re not careful.”

“I don’t mind,” was her reply, but he shook his head.

“Not yet. Not until I make you cum first.”

She let him draw her back onto the bed, her head sinking into the pillow as her robe fell open, revealing her breasts which rose from her chest, her belly flat and one thigh lifted slightly so that her leg formed a V shape. She was already completely wet as Cam’s strong, masculine body slid downwards, pausing over her one breast, taking the nipple between his lips and sucking it, leaving traces of saliva on the soft, smooth skin.

As he teased her this way, his other hand moved between her legs which she parted, letting his fingers find her soaking slit. One digit slid along her wet labia and then pushed into her, making her gasp and her back arch, her breast pushed up into his mouth so that he suckled on her more voraciously. When he lifted his head, his own grin was infectious.

Now he moved even further down her body, his massive cock hanging down between his thighs as he
shifted into position, taking each of her ankles in his hands and gently pushing them backwards so that her knees rested on her chest. Lowering his mouth, he began to kiss her pubis, his nose nuzzling against her as he tickled her belly. When his mouth descended to her pussy, she sighed and reached one hand between her rolled back legs, tousling his hair as he began to lick her.

Alternating between sucking her clitoris and labia, and pushing his tongue into her vulva, one of his hands moved away from her legs to the curve of her buttocks, making her tremble as it pressed against her anus. “Oh God,” she moaned. “Yes! Yes! Play with my ass.”

She felt as though her stomach was going to flip. This was not the first time that Dianne had experienced anal play, but that unsatisfactory time was nothing like the hunger, the desire she felt now. She had some dim memory of pain and discomfort, but this time her body felt as though it was not in her control, that it wanted to do everything, to feel everything.

All the time he continued to lick and caress her with his mouth, his finger gently probed her, testing her. She could feel her juices trickling down into the crevice between her buttocks, naturally lubricating her hole for his digit which began to enter her, making her groan once more. “Oh fuck!” she gasped. “Oh, yes!”

Her sphincter was stretching a little around him now as he pushed into the knuckle, all the time licking and fucking her with his mouth. Her nipples were hard, stiff, erect little buttons on her generous breasts, and she held one leg up in the air, enjoying the tension in her muscles as she kept it high, her other sliding over Cam’s shoulders, pulling him into her.

She felt the strangest sensation as his finger slid from her ass and he moved his head slightly, rimming her sweet hole, softly entering her with his tongue. Moving her hand from his hair, she began to rub her clitoris, feeling the soaking cum on her fingertips, her clit a solid bud that tingled and burned as she masturbated herself. Her mouth was opening in a silent O, and she could no longer hold her leg up as she began to orgasm. Instead she clenched both legs around Cam’s head as he licked and played with her ass, gripping him and her hand as her body racked and twitched, her back arching.

She lost all track of time, having no sense of how long he was down there between her legs. As she pushed herself onto him, she was dimly aware of his mouth moving away from her ass, of one, then two fingers entering her as he licked and sucked her pussy, her own hand rubbing furiously. At last she could take no more, her orgasm so intense that she clamped her thighs in a spasm around her hand, rolling sideways away from him as her whole body shuddered.

“Are you okay?” he asked when she could look at him at last, her eyes hooded and her face burning with the blood in her cheeks. She nodded and he bent down, his mouth hovering over her face. She reached up and kissed him, not caring that she could taste her own pussy on him, sucking in his tongue, her hand reaching between his legs and tugging on his huge erection almost brutally, desperate for more.

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