Dark, Dangerous, Delicious Volume 1

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Volume 1



Cassandre Dayne



Dark, Dangerous, Delicious Volume 1

By: Cassandre Dayne


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Cover by: Peter Halle


What Fantasies Do You Have?


We all have them. From longing to experience BDSM to hungering for a hard spanking, or perhaps being a part of a ménage to voyeuristic sex, passion lives and breathes within all of us. Sometimes we indulge in creations living in our imagination and other times we keep them to ourselves, preferring to enjoy during private, late night moments. For a few of us, we wonder whether our fantasies are too kinky, bordering on something darker, even laced with a touch of danger. Perhaps that’s why we read about creatures of the night, blood-sucking monsters who give us shivers while reminding us of our humanity. We watch horror movies and hide behind Kindles that allow us to read whatever we hunger for without prying eyes. Sex is on the menu every day. Delicious, don’t you think? When you add in a touch of jeopardy then all the better.

Could you tell your partner you long for a spanking or wish to indulge in a threesome? Could you go to a kink club where being bound tightly and flogging is on the menu? Could you allow yourself to go to a hedonistic resort, one catering to every aspect of BDSM, no matter how kinky in nature? For many of us the answer is no – but we can still draw on our imaginations and become a part of the story. We can still enjoy reading, thereby exposing a deep-seeded part of us few ever are allowed to experience. Kinky and wicked…

These stories are all short, more like flash fiction, designed to give you a snippet into a lifestyle you might never be able to taste. Sit back, allow your mind to open to all possibilities and enjoy a sinful feast for the soul. After all…there’s nothing wrong with dark, dangerous and delicious.


She Disobeyed


“Please Master Dante, I promise I won’t do that again. I promise I won’t disappoint you.”
Dear God, I won’t. I swear…
Shivering, Briana stood in the corner. She was tied to the steel apparatus, awaiting her punishment. Of course she knew what was going to happen given her ridiculous indiscretions. No matter how much she’d braced herself for the intense level of punishment he was going to dole out, ugly anticipation left her breathless and tears cascaded down her cheeks. Stark apprehension wrapped around her like a warm blanket, yet a chill was sweeping through her. Swallowing hard, she heard the whoosh of the flogger and prayed Master Dante wouldn’t use the evil whip on her. Still, she knew she deserved to be punished. Her behavior had been nothing but difficult, challenging every rule she’d agreed upon.

“I’ve tried to be patient with you. You’re very willful and strong headed. I’m tired of reminding you of what you must do. I don’t understand what’s going on, but I can’t allow you to disobey me at every turn.” His tone soft but firm, Master Dante moved behind her, patting her on her naked bottom. “Tonight you sleep in your cage. Tomorrow we begin another level of your training. You’re going to learn more about how to please me, serve me.” Sighing, he touched the side of her face, brushing the tips of his fingers up and down her glistening cheek. “So beautiful yet so very ill behaved.”

“Yes, sir.” God, she hated hearing him say the words – the ugly words.

“Your privileges for television are revoked for the rest of the week. There will be no Internet and you won’t be able to talk to your friends on the phone. You’re going to go to bed at precisely nine every night and not a minute later. Do you understand me, Briana?”

“Yes…sir…” Her voice faltered, a nervous tick appearing in the corner of her mouth.

Walking around the sleek, wooden bench, Master Dante stood in front of her, exhaling slowly.

She whimpered and struggled with the bindings, the rope chaffing her skin.
Be good. Breathe and be a good girl.
She had to be obedient for him. There was no other choice. He was not only her Master, but also her mentor, her lover and her friend. He’d given her a life and such intense love, tremendous patience. Briana owed him complete respect if nothing else.

Exhaling, Master Dante leaned over and gripped her jaw, tilting back her head as his eyes darted back and forth. “Do you?”

“Yes, sir.” The look in his eyes was enough to make her hot and wet all over.

“Good girl.” He slipped the tails of the leather down the length of her spine, the tips of his fingers following closely behind. “I can teach you many things, Briana, but you must listen to your heart and soul as well as my teachings. You must know being obedient, being owned is what you want, what you must have.”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you want this, Briana? I won’t ask you again. Are you certain you want to be my slave?”

Briana had never wanted anything more. This acceptance with him, the man who loved her and guided her was all she’d ever longed to find. “Yes, sir!”

“Mmm… Very well then. We shall begin.” Master Dante moved behind her.

“Thank you, sir,” Briana breathed, grateful that he was punishing her and teaching her to be a better submissive. She hoped to become a stronger woman. It had been a difficult week trying to hide the lies. Closing her eyes briefly, she sucked in her breath. She wanted to be good, but the lifestyle was harder for her than she’d originally thought. Briana thought about her all the wretched years before now, such shameless moments and those filled with horrible, low points in her life. Giving up her former squalor to live with her Master Dante was wonderful as well as completely freeing, and she worshipped him. He’d saved her from the ugly dregs of her own self-pity and need that had nothing to do with caring about herself. Now, he was nurturing every aspect of her life, her soul.


The leather tails slashed across her ass in hard, rapid succession, sending anguish racing through her body. “You will learn one way or the other,” Master Dante hissed, cracking the whip across her back and ass cheeks.

Crack! Whoosh!

Briana jerked against her restraints, the leather bindings biting into the tender flesh of her wrists. “Aaaahhhh!” Instantly she bit back a scream. She wasn’t allowed to make noise when being disciplined. While damn painful she longed for more, knowing what she’d done was horrible.

Master Dante growled. “Willful. When will you learn?”


“Enough!” He pressed the back of his hand across the heat of her neck. “I love you so very much and want the best for you and you know that. When you lie and steal, let alone forget to do your chores, it hurts me desperately. When you deceive me I cry.”

Oh God… “Sir.

“No more.”

Briana hated disappointing him and her Master Dante had warned her that she would have set backs. But this was so unexpected. What in God’s name had possessed her? Lowering her head, she was ready to accept every strike of her punishment, even begging for more.

Whoosh! Crack! Crack!

An odd combination of anguish and bliss raced through her. Wiggling, Briana bit her lower lip as tears slipped past her lashes. Her ass was on fire, stinging from what she knew would be reddened welts. And she wanted more. Needed more.

“I’m very disappointed in you and I realize that you must learn. I love you and want nothing more than to teach you how to be a better woman, the woman you’ve longed to be. I know you so well. You want nothing more than to please and obey me.”

Crack! Pop!

Master Dante whipped her hard as she bit back strangled moans. Somewhere in the shower of pain ripping through her body, something else happened. Ecstasy raced through her until she was blinded with hunger for please him and serve him, her Master Dante and the one man who had saved her from herself. All the years she’d spent fighting who she really was until she was lost in a sea of self-mutilation, going from man to man in an endless series of pain. Briana was a broken soul until she met her Master Dante and now she knew love and honesty and felt safe in his strong arms.

And she had disobeyed him. She’d disrespected him. There was no way she could ever make up to him what she’d done. None.

“Please Master Dante, help me learn.”

He inhaled deeply and slid his finger down her spin to the crack of her ass. “Perhaps I will allow you to pleasure me.”

“Please, sir!” As he inched his finger past her ass cheeks, to her dark hole, she stiffened. Briana hated to be touched there, fucked there, and Master Dante knew it. Shutting down her raging fear and emotions, she willed her body into a place of peace, succumbing to his touch, his needs.

“That’s it. You’re learning. Relax and open to me.” Inserting a single finger inside her most forbidden place, he growled and then lowered his head, licking across her neck. “You’re always so tight. We’re going to need to take care of that. Tonight’s training will be about getting your sweet little ass ready for me.”

Briana shook, clenching her mouth shut as he pressed a finger inside her ass, ignoring her whimpers. Inserting a second and then a third, he pushed past the tight ring of muscle, thrusting in and out in a slow and even moment of power. “Oooohhhh….” Her voice barely audible, she heard his disgruntled hiss. Suddenly remembering she was not to cry out, she clenched her eyes and mouth shut as he flexed his fingers open, driving into her asshole in an almost unbridled fashion. Concentrating on her breathing, she was lost to the dichotomy of anguish and rapture and there was something so amazing about his practiced control.

“That’s it. You’re doing very well.” In and out the Master Dante thrust until he jerked his hand free, a deep sigh slipping past his lips. “Yes, it’s time to get you prepared. I’m going to take that sweet ass of yours this weekend.”

Hearing a noise, she longed to turn around and study his face, his beautiful face. But she knew better. She swallowed hard and fought every whimper, every tell tale sign of her heart. Briana knew he was going to demand she wear an ass plug for hours at a time. He wanted her ready for his cock anytime he craved her, anything he demanded. And she would obey.

“This will hurt, but soon your body will accept and embrace the thick shaft. You’re going to wear this one until tomorrow night, except for going to the bathroom. When you’re nice and stretched, I’ll replace this one with a larger one. Then another will take its place until you’re ready to take my cock. Do you understand?”

Every part of her longed to scream out NO, but instead, she bit her tongue.


“What I ask you a question, you answer!” Master Dante barked.

“Yes, sir!”

“Good girl.” He pressed the anal plug past her entrance, gently pushing the thick rubber inside.

Briana felt her muscles clench around the invasion and as the pain forced a series of ragged shivers dancing down her spine, she knew what he was doing was important, something that had to happen.

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