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Death in the Aegean

BOOK: Death in the Aegean
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Irena Nieslony


Chapter 1


Eve Masters was bored. For once it didn’t matter to her that the sun was shining and the temperature was breaking records. Although Eve loved the heat and would quite often be found relaxing on a lounger at the beach or in her back garden, today she was even fed up of sunbathing.

If truth be told, I don’t know why I came down to this cove, she thought. I’m much too restless to stay still. I should have gone shopping in town and treated myself to a new dress or a pair of shoes......or perhaps even both. That would have cheered me up immensely. Oh why on earth does David have to spend all day writing that infernal book of his? That’s all he seems to do these days. Now wouldn’t it have been romantic if he’d closed his laptop and whisked me off to the mountains for lunch? He could easily have got plenty of writing done when we got back home.

Although Eve had made an unusual effort to be a kinder and more considerate person in recent months, sometimes she did still think that the world revolved around her, and when David, her partner and the love of her life, had informed her he was staying in to write all day, she had slammed the front door in his face and had driven off, leaving him standing alone, well and truly puzzled by her behavior. She had been in such a good mood a few minutes before, not to mention that she knew he was on a tight schedule with his book. He had promised his agent that it would be finished in four weeks time and he still had masses of editing to do.

Even though David had become used to Eve’s little tantrums and knew she would return later in the day, apologizing profusely and feeling guilty, he didn’t much care for her outbursts and was relieved that they were becoming few and far between. In fact, it had been so long since she’d had one that he had almost forgotten about them and it had come as a shock that the old Eve had re-emerged. However, David had never been able to stay cross with her for long and he knew that he would forgive her. Eve Masters was a very beautiful woman and when she whispered her apologies in his ear and then kissed him in the most seductive way, he was incapable of resisting her charms.

* * * *

After flaring up so abruptly, Eve had got into her car and had driven off at great speed through the village. She lived on the island of Crete in Greece, and a couple of the local Greeks shook their heads at the sight of her whizzing by in her flashy Mercedes SLK, hardly a car suitable for living in the Greek countryside, but then Eve Masters wasn’t a woman suited for the simple Cretan life either.

By the time she had reached the next village, Eve was already starting to regret leaving David so quickly without talking things through and making up, but she had too much pride to turn back so soon. Instead, she decided to sunbathe in a quiet little cove which she knew and where she hoped she would be able to calm down sufficiently. She didn’t want to go to one of the crowded beaches where she might bump into another ex-pat. Eve wasn’t at all in the mood for small talk.

She already had her bikini on underneath her sundress and she always kept beach towels in the car. Apart from during the short Cretan winter, when it could be wet and cold, Eve thought it was usually worthwhile being prepared for swimming or sunbathing. The long sandy beaches and the shimmering Aegean Sea could be very tempting during the many months of hot and sunny weather.

Eve popped into the local shop to buy a bottle of water, and when she arrived at the cove, she decided to park her car on the road and walk down. There was a track leading to the beach, but it was very rough and she didn’t want to drive her new and very expensive car down a narrow and rocky road. The car was her pride and joy and she wouldn’t let anyone, not even David, drive it.

Once Eve reached the small beach, she settled down on a pile of towels, took a long drink and then stretched out to sunbathe. She was pleased that she had the beach all to herself and decided that a couple of hours of peaceful meditation would keep her out of the house. Then she could go home and apologize. Eve knew she was in the wrong, but she hated being in this position, never finding it easy to say sorry. Luckily for her, David rarely made things difficult.

David is sure to forgive me. He always does. He’s such a darling.

Eve lay back, hoping to doze, but she was unable to get comfortable, and after half an hour she sat up, already feeling restless. She wondered how much more time she could waste sunbathing before going home. Was there something else she could find to do instead? It would take too long to go into town now. She had a book in the car, but today she didn’t feel like reading either. In fact, she was too restless to concentrate on much at all. As usual, falling out with David had unsettled her. Although Eve exuded an air of confidence, she was quite an insecure woman where men were concerned, never having had a relationship last more than five weeks; that is until she met David Baker.

Perhaps I should go back now and apologize....... No, I can’t; I can’t give in so easily.

Eve was forever worried that people would think her to be weak, even David.

But what if he decides to leave me? This outburst of mine could be the final straw....... 

Eve lay back down again trying to reassure herself that everything would be fine with him, but it was impossible for her to relax. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was beating down, but all Eve could think about was David. She then started to feel guilty. 

He’s a writer and a successful one at that. He’s can’t go off and have lunch out whenever I want. Writing is his job and he’s on a tight schedule.........God, I’m so selfish.

David would have been surprised to know what Eve was thinking. It was a rare moment, but Eve was actually putting someone ahead of herself. There was no doubt about it; Eve Masters was well and truly in love.

As the minutes ticked by, Eve still hoped that she would be able to unwind, but her mind refused to rest.

Perhaps Crete has all been a big mistake. I shouldn’t have given up my job and moved over here last year. I’m much too young to retire. Crete’s a beautiful island, but it’s for people who want a quieter life. If it wasn’t for David, I would die of boredom! I know I shouldn’t think this, but I almost wish there would be another murder!  

* * * *

Eve Masters had been a showbiz agent in London before moving to Crete almost a year previously. She had only been forty three years old when she had come to the decision to stop working, but she was a wealthy woman; in fact she was rich enough to never have to work again.

Eve was very attractive with blonde hair and emerald green eyes, and as if that wasn’t enough, her body was perfectly toned and there was barely an ounce of fat on her petite frame.

However, her outward appearance did conceal rather an aggressive and bossy personality which had not brought her many close friends, although it had contributed to her success in the entertainment world. However, David’s influence had made her slightly less antagonistic and more accommodating, and she had made more friends in the time she had lived on Crete than in the rest of her adult life.  

Despite being slightly less formidable than when she had arrived, Eve had not settled particularly well into life on Crete. She was very much a city girl and had she not fallen head over heels in love with David, she would probably have returned to England long ago.

Eve had a tendency to get bored easily and her days needed to be filled with new pursuits and activities. She craved excitement as well as entertainment, but in her opinion, there was too little of either on Crete. The tediousness of everyday life had been alleviated for a while when Eve had managed to become involved in solving two murder cases, much to the annoyance of the Cretan police force, especially Detective Chief Inspector Dimitris Kastrinakis, and the mortification of David. He had been worried sick throughout each case, especially when Eve came close to becoming a victim more than once. Unfortunately for Eve, but to David’s relief, the last murder had occurred six months previously, during the Christmas period.

Lying on the beach, waiting for the time to pass, Eve started to become miserable.

Of course I have David and I love him more than anything, but I need more than romance in my life. He’s got his writing, but I have nothing at all. I feel useless. I used to be so successful and I know I sound selfish, but I want it all back.

Eve sobbed quietly, surprised that the tears had started to flow. She had rarely cried at all before coming to Crete, but now she seemed to end up weeping at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, she had also never been as happy as she had been during the past year. Meeting and falling in love with David had been the best thing that had ever happened to her. 

A couple of minutes later, when the tears had subsided, Eve turned over to sun her back. She started thinking about David and how handsome and romantic he usually was and she decided that her life wasn’t that bad after all.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain, should I? I do have a wonderful partner in David. I should support him in his work and not act so childishly. 

David was a particularly good looking man who was very fit, especially for someone in his early fifties, but unlike Eve he didn’t possess an ounce of vanity. He was patient and calm, which were great assets for a man in a relationship with Eve Masters.

Eve started to drift off, remembering her exploits with David when they were looking for the killers together. Eve had found it all thrilling, but David had thought it extremely risky, especially when they had broken into Phyllis Baldwin’s house the previous summer.

Phyllis, a pleasant, but non-descript woman, had murdered her lover, John Phillips and Laura, a holiday rep who knew too much; and then Phyllis had tried to kill Eve as well. Unfortunately for David, Eve remembered the attempts on her life as exciting episodes, forgetting that at the time they were terrifying.

Eve finally dozed off remembering her car going out of control after Phyllis had tampered with the brakes.

I was such a heroine, managing to steer that car without either me or my friend, Robert getting hurt. What a time that was.............

* * * *

About half an hour later, Eve woke up feeling hot and sticky. She decided to go for a paddle and even thought she might have a swim later on. Swimming was definitely not one of Eve’s talents and she would only swim when she was on her own. She felt she looked clumsy and unrefined, and as she had always been a perfectionist, Eve wouldn’t even let David see her feeble attempts at mastering the crawl or dogpaddle, which were the only two strokes she could do, albeit badly. David had offered to teach her to swim properly, but so far she had refused.

Eve shivered as she dipped her toes into the sea. She always thought the water felt cold initially, even on a hot day, but after being in for a few minutes, she acclimatized and the water became pleasantly warm.

The sea was shallow for a long way out and Eve had to walk quite a distance for the water to reach her shoulders. She swam a little, feeling safe within her depth and then stood for a while, just gliding her arms through the water. The sun glistened on her body and she was pleased to see how brown she was becoming.

Eve knew she probably sunbathed too much, but she paid a fortune for sun creams and moisturizers which she hoped would keep her skin supple and young looking. So far Eve had succeeded, but recently she thought she could see the odd fine line appearing under her eyes and around her lips. She was mortified, but David had laughed and said he would love her even if she looked like a wrinkled old prune. That, of course, had made her feel even worse and as soon as he had said it, he knew it had been the wrong thing to say. David was fully aware of how much Eve cared about the way she looked and instead should have said that she was as beautiful as when he had first met her, if not more so. In fact, this wasn’t far from the truth. Love had given Eve an undeniable radiance and sparkle which had been the only things missing from her stunning good looks before she had met David.

Against all the odds, Eve was beginning to enjoy herself in the sea. It was now warm and there was nobody else about so she could happily swim without being watched. As the minutes ticked by, Eve felt very comfortable and although she knew it was almost time to go home, she stayed put. However, the worries about David suddenly kicked in.

What if David won’t forgive me this time? What if he’s packed all his things and gone back to his own house? I even feel scared to go home now.......

Mulling over the situation with David, Eve suddenly realized how ludicrous she was being and decided that it was definitely time to go home and set things right with him. She knew she had a tendency to brood over David, letting things get out of proportion. Eve wasn’t used to having a serious long term relationship and wasn’t sure how to behave. She had a domineering personality and most men hadn’t been able to cope with Eve for more than a few weeks. David was definitely the exception.  

BOOK: Death in the Aegean
13.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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