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“Well, I’ve heard it gets better.”

“Hm. I want an explosive beginning, full of sparks and fire.”

She hated it that she thought of Aidan at that moment. She’d never experienced that level of attraction to anyone and she didn’t like it. “That kind of attraction burns out,” she assured Dionne.

“If you say so. But it’d be fun while it lasted.”

She sipped her Coke before excusing herself to go to the bathroom. After taking care of her pressing bladder, she washed and dried her hands. A mom and her daughter entered the bathroom as she was exiting. She held the door for them.


A shiver raced down her spine at the sound of the deep, graveled voice. She turned to face Aidan who was dressed in black from head to toe, as usual. She nodded an acknowledgement.

“It’s good to see you. Are you here alone?”

“No, I’m here with a friend.”

“Ah, I would have asked you to join us.”

She smiled brightly and made to pass him. “We were just leaving.”

He shifted so that he blocked her path. “I hope not because of me.”

“No, um, we’ve been here since I closed the shop.” His gold eyes seemed to eat her up, traveling from the top of her head down to the tips of her beige pumps. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Stare at me like you’re stripping me of my clothes.”

He inhaled. “God, Janelle—”

“I have to go.”

He grabbed her hand and tugged her along behind him into the men’s room. It was empty. Not giving her a chance to protest, he cupped her face and covered her mouth with his in a tender kiss that left her lips tingling and thirsty for more. She wrapped her hands around his thick wrists with the intention of pushing him away, but found her limbs weak when his tongue teased the corner of her lips. One thrust into her mouth and her knees were wobbly. He explored her palate before tangling his tongue with hers. He tilted his head to the side as though he couldn’t get deep enough. She moaned, heat and moisture pooling between her thighs. Her heart beat a rapid staccato as though it were trying to burst from her ribcage.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt.”

They sprang apart. Janelle was too embarrassed to do anything more than shove her way out of the men’s room. She heard Aidan calling her before the door banged shut, but she ignored him. She flopped back into the booth with Dionne in shock. She’d made out with her boyfriend’s boss in a men’s room! Horrified, she buried her face in her hands.

“What the heck? What’d I miss?”

“Nothing. We should leave,” she said briskly, anxious to leave before Aidan could find her.

Dionne’s brows rose. Though confusion and concern shone in her dark eyes, she only commented, “We’ve got to pay the check first.”

“I’ll pay it. My treat.” She flagged down their waitress and waited impatiently until the woman made it over to their table. “Can we have the bill, please?”

“I’ll be right back with it.” She walked off and was back in a few minutes. “Your friend Mr. Clark handled it, ma’am.”

Janelle wasn’t going to waste time arguing it. “Thank you.” She grabbed her purse and stood.

They were in the car before Dionne spoke. “Okay, tell me what happened?”


“Don’t tell me it was nothing. You went to the bathroom fine. When you came back, you acted as though the place was on fire. What gives? And who’s Mr. Clark?”

Janelle’s hands tightened over the steering wheel. “Oh God, oh God,” she muttered.

“You’re scaring me! What’s going on? Spit it out already!”

“Mr. Clark is Jerome’s boss. Aidan Clark. I ran into him on my way out of the bathroom.”

“And you’re hyperventilating because…?”

“Because he kissed me.”

“On the cheek?”

Janelle made a strangled sound. “I wish. No, he, um, kissed me on the mouth. And before you ask, it wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t one of those polite greeting kisses either. His tongue made a thorough map of the inside of my mouth.”

“Whoa! Okay. What the hell? Am I missing something?” Janelle sighed and filled Dionne in on her last two meetings with Aidan. “Why didn’t you say something before?” Janelle shrugged. “Man, and you say he’s hot? Is he single? You could send him my way.”

“No!” She slapped a hand over her mouth. Dear God, was she jealous?

“Crap, you like him, don’t you?”


“It’d be understandable if you did. You’ve got a handsome guy paying you attention at the same time your boyfriend is often absent.”

“I haven’t done anything to encourage this.” For some reason, she felt defensive.

“I didn’t say you did.”

She pulled up outside the house Dionne shared with her parents. “I don’t know what to do about him. Jerome thinks he’s going to be promoted and I don’t want to do anything to hurt his career. But I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Chapter Four


The week seemed to fly by and before she knew it, Jerome was picking her up from work after lunch on Friday. She had great hopes for their weekend away. Reconnecting with Jerome was just what she needed to forget about Aidan. Jerome was in a really good mood during the four-hour drive and was still optimistic about his chances of getting a promotion. She had yet to confess to him about kissing Aidan in the men’s room. The opportunity never seemed to come up. She didn’t want to tell him on the phone while he was away on business. She loathed the idea of ruining their first getaway. They deserved to have this time together without Aidan coming between them. She decided she would tell him once they returned to Charlotte.

They decided to stop for an early dinner at South Beach Grill before continuing on to the beach house. She was immediately in awe of the large house right on the beach. “It’s beautiful.” It was painted white. The wooden deck on the back led out to white sand and waves. Indoors was spacious and open. The kitchen, dining area, and den were connected. For a rental, the furnishings and finishes were luxurious. The refrigerator was stainless steel and the black countertops resembled marble. She was admiring the tile work behind the kitchen sink when Jerome called her from upstairs.

She ran up. The view out the master bedroom was breathtaking. Sliding glass doors led out to a balcony with deck chairs. Jerome had placed her bag in front of an armoire. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her on the neck. “Let’s go for a walk on the beach,” she suggested.

He kissed her ear. “I was thinking we could do something a bit more…adventurous.”

She grinned. “Like what?”

He chuckled. “You know what? Why don’t you go into the bathroom and change into something pretty? I’ve got to go get my bag.”

She followed his suggestion. She’d packed a deep purple lace bra and thong set that would set Jerome’s eyebrows on fire. When she finished changing, she arranged herself on the king-size four-poster bed. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed it before. She’d been so captivated by the view. Running a hand over the silky material of the comforter, she wondered what Jerome had paid for this rental. Not wanting to ruin the comforter, she hopped up and pulled it back to reveal dark brown silk sheets. She liked the feel of it on her skin as she got back into place on her side facing the door.

“Damn,” Jerome said, stopping to take in the sight of her.

“Are you going to stand there and gawk or are you going to join me?”

“Join you, definitely.” He walked to the edge of the bed and dropped his bag. “Tell me, Janelle, how do you feel about games?”

She arched a brow. “Don’t tell me you want to play a hand of poker now.”

“No.” He bent over and she could hear him unzip his bag. When he stood, fuzzy black handcuffs dangled from his fingertips. Her mouth dropped open in surprise. She never would have pegged Jerome as the type who’d want anything beyond vanilla sex. Extremely vanilla. He’d never expressed any interest in anything beyond missionary. “What do you say? Try this with me. It’ll help us lose our inhibitions. I’ll make it so good for you.”

Janelle swallowed and nodded. She scooted to the center of the bed and raised her arms above her head. She bit her lip as Jerome fitted her with the cuffs and attached the other end to spokes of wood in the wood headboard. A feeling of vulnerability assailed her, but she took a deep breath and tried to push it down. She could do this. She trusted Jerome.

He grinned down at her. Touching a finger to the tip of her nose, he said, “You’re so beautiful. You’re my greatest asset.” He reached into his bag again. This time, he produced a black satin mask. “This will make the sensations more intense.”

She wet her lips. “O-okay.” She closed her eyes and he slid the mask into place over her face. The room went pitch-black.

“Comfy?” At her nod, he continued. “You make me so proud, Janelle. From here on out, you call me master or sir. No names until I release you.” Wow. So maybe this was why they never had sex. He’d wanted something she wasn’t offering him. “Say you understand.”

“I understand. Do I need a safe word?”

“I’m not going to spank you or cause you any pain. If you want to stop at any time, say my name and it’ll be over.” He kissed her cheek. The mattress shifted as he slid from the bed. She heard him shifting items around. “I forgot something in the car. Give me a couple of minutes. I’ll be right back.”

* * * *

Aidan parked his Jaguar beside the Mercedes in his garage. He was irritated to see Jerome exiting his beach house. He got out and locked his doors. “What are you doing here? Where’s Janelle?”

“Relax. I dropped her off. She’s upstairs waiting for you.” He tossed him the spare key to the house.

Aidan glared at the other man as he pocketed the key.

Jerome slid into his own car but paused before closing the door. “Remember, no talking before or during. She likes the fantasy. And don’t hurt her.”

“Of course I won’t hurt her. Just get out of here.”

He watched Jerome drive out. The garage door closed behind him. Even as he entered the house and made his way up the stairs, Aidan questioned his decision to carry out this plan. This was crazy.

But then he reminded himself that they were both consenting adults. And it wasn’t like they were sneaking around behind anyone’s back. Jerome seemed to be less bothered about this than he was. Why shouldn’t he have the woman he wanted? He wanted her. She wanted him. They weren’t hurting anyone by their actions.

Any doubt that he could go through with this evaporated when he entered his bedroom. Janelle lay stretched out on his bed like his fantasy buffet come true. Aidan felt his mouth go dry. She was more beautiful than he imagined. Her mocha skin was the same color as his sheets. Cuffs held her arms secure above her head, making her full breasts jut out above a tiny waist. Her legs were long and firm.

God, he couldn’t wait to have them wrapped around him. He walked closer, the only sound in the room his rough breathing. He could make out her dark areolas beneath the purple lace of her bra. The matching strip of barely there lace between her thighs drew his gaze. Aidan groaned. He didn’t know where to start first.

He shrugged out of his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt.

* * * *

Janelle could hear Jerome’s breathing and then the sound of him removing his clothing. It seemed like he’d been gone for a long time, though it was probably only minutes. The mattress dipped and then his hands were in her hair. He gently removed the pins and arranged the tresses so that they fanned out around her face. The romantic gesture was so tender and touching. She tilted her face up to him. “Kiss me, please.” She didn’t say “sir” or “master” and she wondered if he’d ignore her request.

He supported her head as he took her lips in a deep, tongue-thrusting kiss that made her toes curl. When he pulled away, she was panting and eager for more. His traced the straps of her bra, his fingers following the contour of her breasts before stopping at the center clasp. One touch and he’d released the catch and the lace cups fell away. He cupped her breasts and groaned. His hands felt larger and rougher than usual. The lack of sight really did enhance every sensation. She moaned and arched her back as he ran his thumbs over the tight peaks of her nipples.

Next, he licked her nipples before blowing cool air over the wet flesh. She wanted to hold his head to her when he took one into his mouth and suckled. The cuffs held her tight, stopping the downward trajectory of her hands. He moved to the other breast. Each pull of his lips on the nipple caused a corresponding ache between her thighs until she was squirming in search of relief.

His hand coasted the curves of her hip before delving beneath the lace of her panties. His touch was light and teasing as he stroked over the thin strip of hair covering her sex. He separated her lips and then he was circling her clit. Janelle emitted a cry and he growled.

She was so wet. She’d never been this wet in her life. She couldn’t believe she was getting off on being held at the mercy of his passion and her own.

He allowed her nipple to pop from his mouth. His tongue dipped into her navel. He gripped the corners of her panties before tugging them down her legs and off. She sensed him by her feet. He massaged them and ran his hands back up her calves and thighs, spreading her as he moved up. His hands curved beneath the cheeks of her bottom, lifting her. And then she felt his breath on her. She heard him inhale. A deep groan followed.

She frowned. What was he doing? He’d never gone down on her before. Surely, he wasn’t—

She gasped at the first touch of his tongue. It followed the same path as his fingers, circling her clit but coming back to flick, taunt, and eventually suck. His large hands traveled back up her body to pinch her nipples as he loved her orally.

The naughty kiss went on and on with him burying his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could. Feet flat on the mattress, she arched into the heat of his mouth. “Please, please, please,” she chanted. She wanted more. She needed to feel him filling her.

With some relief, she sensed him shifting and placing the thick head of his cock at her portal. He must have been really aroused because he’d never felt so large or hard. She gasped as he continued to fill her. “Um, oh, God.” His thrusts were hard and consistent as he stretched her. Janelle shifted her hips and spread her thighs wider to take him. Though she was very wet, she was also tight from abstinence and perhaps that was why he seemed so much thicker than usual.

BOOK: Deceived
6.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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