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Deliver Us

BOOK: Deliver Us
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Darrek thinks he is just a straight, hard-working but lonely guy.
When he decides to try a session at the private BDSM club, Diadem, Darrek is unprepared for the life-changing encounter with the beautiful, powerful and very male Dominant, Gabriel. Once they cross the line, nothing is off limits and nothing is enough as they crave ever more—more trust, more pleasure, more pain, and more devotion. Carefully-buried secrets and abusive pasts are revealed in the chaos.

Deliver Us
Lynn Kelling



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Fantastic Fiction Publishing


A ForbiddenFiction book

Fantastic Fiction Publishing
Hayward, California

© Lynn Kelling, 2012

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission from the publisher, except as allowed by fair use. For information contact
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Editor: Rylan Hunter
Cover Design: D.M. Atkins
Cover art: KrisCole - Pixmax
Production Editor: Erika L Firanc
Proofreading: Kailin Morgan and

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ISBN: 978-1-62234-000-2

Published in the United States of America


This book is a work of fiction which contains explicit erotic content; it is intended for mature readers. Do not read this if it's not legal for you.

All the characters, locations and events herein are fictional. While elements of existing locations or historical characters or events may be used fictitiously, any resemblance to actual people, places or events is coincidental.

This story is not intended to be used as an instruction manual. It may contain descriptions of erotic acts that are immoral, illegal, or unsafe. Do not take the events in this story as proof of the plausibility or safety of any particular practice.

This story depicts fictional BDSM. The characters are not models for the Safe, Sane and Consensual forms embraced by most current practitioners of BDSM. The author takes license with the use of BDSM for dramatic effect. It is not recommended as a manual for how to practice BDSM.

For my readers and my husband, with profound gratitude.


1. Submission

2. Dare to Trust

3. The Renunciation

4. Truth and Spies

5. Shock and Acceptance

6. Work-worn and Wanton

7. Dangerous Games

8. From Inside Out

9. The Devil You Know

10. Curtain Closed, Masks Down

11. Show Your Hand

12. Pay the Price

13. Bared and Burned

14. The Trouble With Honesty

15. Good Boy

16. Sobering Up

17. Declawed and Collared

18. First Steps

19. Just a Pinch

20. Feeling It

21. Father of Mine

22. Paying For It

23. Angel With A Broken Wing

24. Demonstrations of Control

25. The Good Fight

26. The Key to My Heart

27. Parley

28. Being the Bad Guy

29. Interrupted Indulgence

30. Measured Reactions

31. Trust Issues

32. Back to the Beginning

33. Head Games

34. Confession

35. What Goes Around Comes Around

36. Sharks in the Water

37. From Acceptance of Weakness Is Strength Born

38. Trapped in Free Fall

39. Taking Aim

40. Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a Party

41. Voyeur’s Plaything

42. Obedience Warrants Reward

43. Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

44. Wicked Lies

45. Absolution


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Chapter 1

It all started with Kyle Roth. If Darrek had never told Kyle about the dirty sex he had with Beth, Darrek’s life never would have taken the decidedly kinky turn that it did. In all honesty, he had no idea why he told Kyle what happened anyway. The whole thing was obviously none of Kyle’s business, and Darrek didn’t usually make a habit out of talking about private stuff like that, but then again, he always had poor judgment when it came to knowing when to keep his big mouth shut.

It had only been a couple of dates. Beth seemed nice at first. They always seemed nice at first. Sweet, demure, good manners—a girl his Mama would surely like. But when they’d finally gotten to the point of having
, Darrek had found out firsthand about Beth’s adventurous side. And it wasn’t a big deal to him. He’d tried weird shit with girls before. He was always up for a good time, and wild sex usually led to a good time for all parties involved, in his experience at least.

So when she spanked him until his ass was red and felt like it was on fire before tying his wrists to the bed and riding him hard, Darrek had liked it. He liked the pain and loss of control —
liked it.

And he told Kyle. Again, no fucking idea why.

But Kyle, a blond-haired, blue-eyed, cocky ladies’ man, wasn’t put off by the intimate information about his childhood best bud at all. In fact, he was excited about it, and was nearly jumping up and down in his eagerness to tell Darrek about a place he heard about from a friend of a friend of a friend. A place you could go to and learn how to be submissive, to be a slave. The friend of a friend of a friend had gone there, and said it was amazing. The best orgasm of his life, he said. But all Kyle could give him was a phone number. Not a name or even a website. Just the phone number, scrawled on a scrap of paper.

And Darrek being Darrek—affable, always up for a good time, willing to try anything once, kind of turned on by the idea of some woman in full-on dominatrix gear spanking his ass and making him beg—called the number. Like an idiot.

Darrek Grealey, a tall, broad-shouldered carpenter with too-long sandy colored hair and soulful brown eyes, arrives at the mysterious place where Kyle had directed him on the day of his appointment, ready to go. He’d followed the instructions of the woman on the phone. Sam had been her name—Sam Cooper. At first Darrek had been kind of freaked out by her instructions, but since this
his first time, he just went along with it. Darrek’s a pretty easygoing guy.

The address she’d given him was way out in the middle of nowhere, off of the main road, six miles back into farmland, make a left onto a gravel road, go three more miles and stop at the large building over the crest of a big hill.

There are three other cars in the parking lot—an SUV, a truck and a purple sedan. Darrek parks his truck in one of the empty spots and takes a moment to steel himself as he sits behind the wheel before going inside. He takes time to really question his decision. He even questions his sanity, but the allure of the unknown, the challenge that sits before him, the promise of having one of the most erotic sexual experiences of his life, is just too good to pass up.

Staring at the front entrance of the building, Darrek wriggles and shifts slightly in his seat, adjusting himself in his cut-off jeans.

He’d been told not to wear underwear, to shave his genitals completely, and to clean out his ass with this weird douche kit that Sam had recommended. Never claiming to be the brightest, most wary guy in the world,
didn’t even trigger any alarms in his mind. He just remembered how the guys in the pornos he’d seen had all usually been shaved and really, really clean. It made sense.

But now his balls are rubbing against the rough denim of his shorts. The newly exposed skin around his dick is over-sensitive and distracting him. Grumbling, he shifts again.

“Now or never. Here we fuckin’ go,” he mutters to himself as he exits the car and heads up the stairs, disappearing through the front door.

A middle-aged woman with a warm smile who nevertheless looks like she could kick an ass or two, the Sam Cooper from the phone call, greets an adorably nervous Darrek in the waiting room. She hands him a clipboard with a form to fill out, and asks him to take a seat. The list on the form intimidates him. There are little checkboxes next to every single item. It’s a mind-blowingly comprehensive list of every sexual practice, fetish and perversion he’s ever heard of and a whole bunch he hasn’t. Darrek has been instructed to check off the things that are absolutely off-limits. They, whoever “they” are, will then use the custom list to choreograph his session, tailoring it to his desires. Darrek examines the list, trying to make sense of what the terms mean, things like CBT and needle play, when his phone vibrates in his pocket.

Cursing, he digs the phone out. Seeing that it’s Kyle, Darrek hurriedly turns it off completely.

A cute, young blonde woman appears behind the front desk beside Sam. As the two talk to each other quietly, Darrek struggles to overhear what they say, but only catches something about someone named Gabey being in charge of him, and that they’re ready for the next client. Sam turns to Darrek, the only other person present, and asks, “You about done with that form, honey?”

Nowhere near done with the form, Darrek stupidly replies, “Oh. Yeah, sure, ma’am,” and almost randomly checks off a few of the things that seem like red flags to him, things like cutting, branding, and strangulation. Not wanting to seem naïve and ask tons of questions about the ones he doesn’t understand, he signs the bottom after a number of paragraphs that make up the release portion and hands the form back to Sam with a smile, and without reading it as thoroughly as he probably should.

He will soon come to regret it.

Sam hands the paper off to the young, cute blonde girl, who takes it into the back rooms.

Thinking that ‘Gabey’ is an interesting and non-intimidating sort of name for a Dominatrix, Darrek gets lost in his own thoughts until he hears, “They’re ready for you, Mr. Grealey.”

BOOK: Deliver Us
9.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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