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Readers everywhere are in love with the new series by Lisa Renee Jones


is a stunning mix of mystery and eroticism that had me immediately wanting the second book to come out!”

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has everything you are looking for in a romance suspenseful read, with mystery, danger, action, romance, and of course twists along the way!”

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“Lisa Renee Jones is fantastic at drawing the reader in from the first page.”



“Intoxicating, intense, and deeply seductive.”

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Escaping Reality

“Suspenseful and packed with questions.”

Fiction Vixen

“The slaps to the face, the sucker punches, and the too-good-to-be-true moments will have you audibly gasping and wondering if you're going to get your HEA and still be in one piece.”

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“Suspense, suspense, suspense . . . all over the place and within every page.”

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“It has everything anyone could want. Mystery, intrigue, suspense, enough heat to melt an iceberg, and characters with depth. Do yourself a favor and start this one now!”

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“A great story that's wrought with tension and fear of kidnapping and murder.”

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“An amazing story line with twists and turns; a roller coaster of highs and lows; and at no point could you sit back and relax. Lisa Renee Jones has stepped forward and claimed her place in the new adult category, and
Infinite Possibilities
will leave you breathless and wondering where it will all end.”

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“Lisa Renee Jones will have you gripping the edge of your seat and biting your nails, and will leave you with a book hangover.”

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Praise for the “passionate, all-consuming” (


“If you haven't started this series yet, run to grab the first book and dive in! This easy-reading series is compelling—sucking the reader into a dark and seductively dangerous world of art, BDSM, and murder.”

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“Lots of dark, suspenseful twists.”

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“Great characters, angsty and real, that draw me in to their worlds, and storylines that hook me every single time.”

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“Darkly intense and deeply erotic. . . .”

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“Intimately erotic . . . Jones did not hold back on the steam factor.”

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“A series that will completely captivate you—heart, mind, and soul.”

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“If you haven't read Lisa Renee Jones's Inside Out series then you are seriously missing out on something fierce! It's a great blend of sexy, suspense, and kink.”

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“These stories just keep getting better and better. . . . Every single one of them leaves you wanting more!”

Ramblings From This Chick

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Dear Readers:

I'm so excited to share part two of Ella's story with you!
starts the moment after
ends, so you will want to be sure you've read
in advance. If you haven't read it,
, because I'm about to deliver major spoilers as I recap for readers who have read
. . . .

, Ella wakes up in a hospital with amnesia to find a gorgeous man by her side. He claims to have rescued her from an alleyway where he found her passed out. Kayden Wilkens is that man, and he goes on to tell her she's being hunted by a dangerous mobster, and he vows to protect her. And considering Kayden turns out to be the powerful leader of a major branch of The Underground, a group of sophisticated Treasure Hunters, he has the resources to make good on that promise. Together, Kayden and Ella seek answers as to her identity and begin a passionate, intense affair that leads to an emotional bond and, ultimately, to trust.

In the last chapters of
, Ella still has amnesia, but her memories are returning. One of her recovered memories is of a butterfly necklace with a note inside. She tells Kayden about this necklace, and he claims to have no knowledge of it at all. However, in the final chapter, Ella finds a photograph of that necklace in his office. Right after making this discovery, Enzo, one of Kayden's Hunters, ends up at the castle, bleeding to death, having been shot while trying to recover a piece of art from the leader of a drug cartel. Ella helps stabilize him while waiting for Nathan, the doctor for Kayden's branch of The Underground, to arrive to tend to Enzo's injury.

We end the book with Ella and Kayden in the shower, both fully dressed and washing off Enzo's blood. It is in this moment that all the danger and unknowns finally take a toll on Ella, leaving her shaken and afraid that Kayden isn't what he seems. The idea of his betrayal is too much to bear, and she pulls a gun on him, demanding the truth about who she is and how he came to rescue her. So
begins as we return to that shower. . . .


Ella Ferguson
(25)—Heroine in the series. Woke alone in Italy, saved by our hero, Kayden Wilkens. Best friend to Sara McMillan from the Inside Out series.

Kayden Wilkens
(32)—Our hero in the series. Leader of the Italian branch of The Underground (a treasure-hunting operation). Saves Ella and brings her to live in his castle while she recovers.

—Very dangerous Italian mobster. Ella has some sense of unease and knowledge of this man that she can't quite grasp.

—Works for Kayden and The Underground as a hacker. He helps create Ella's new identity as Rae Eleana Ward, and continues to try to find out who Ella is.

Adriel Santaro
—Both lives and works for Kayden running a high-end collectibles store from the castle. Kayden fired him from The Underground after Adriel's father was killed on a hunt.

Giada Santaro
—Adriel's sister. Also works in the collectibles store. Has a very hard time coping with her mother and father's deaths. Blames Kayden and The Underground for her father's untimely murder.

—Kayden's housekeeper, lives on the premises. Very close to Kayden, Adriel, and Giada. Is considered a mother figure to them all.

Detective Gallo
—Kayden's greatest adversary. Very intent on making trouble for Kayden, and on finding out who Ella really is.

Chief Donati
—The chief of police; Detective Gallo's boss. Friendly with Kayden, yet hiding secrets of his own.

—A Hunter. Her family is made up of Hunters and Hawks that used to run the French branch of The Underground, before Kayden took over for them. She befriends Ella and has quite the personality.

Blake Walker
—A transplant from both the Tall, Dark and Deadly series (you can read his and Kara's story in
Beneath the Secrets
) and the Inside Out series. Chris Merit (Inside Out) hired Blake to help him and Sara find Ella after she ran off to elope with David and disappeared. At the end of the Inside Out series, Blake was still searching for her.

—One of The Underground's newest and youngest members. Sent on a dangerous mission and goes missing, only to be brought back with life-threatening injuries.

—Kayden's deceased fiancée. She was murdered in the castle five years ago.

—Physician for The Underground who helps Ella as she recovers from her severe concussion. While very charismatic, he is also incredibly tough and implacable.

—Ella's ex-fiancé (mentioned in the Inside Out series). He swept Ella off to Paris to elope. Very vivid and shocking memories return to Ella of her time with David. A lot of arguing and anguish. At the end of
Ella still cannot remember all that transpired between her and David, but she does know she didn't love him.

—Kayden's adoptive father. He was the original owner of the castle and previous leader of the Italian branch of The Underground. After he was murdered along with Elizabeth five years ago, Kayden took over his post in The Underground and ownership of the castle. Best friend to Kayden's father.

—A resource of Kayden's. Helps sketch both the necklace and David from Ella's memory. Former FBI, whom The Underground has always had a connection to.


BOOK: Demand
3.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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