Diamonds and Spurs [The Callens 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) (7 page)

BOOK: Diamonds and Spurs [The Callens 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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The shot rent through the air and the recoil made her step back. She missed. If they stayed here a few hours, she might get lucky and hit one can. Seemingly determined, she drew back the lever and took aim again. She pulled the trigger, and once more the recoil jarred her. No

She lowered the gun and rubbed her chest. He removed his ear protection and stepped close. The skin on her exposed shoulder was red.

He pulled off his shirt and folded it twice. “Let’s put this over your chest to protect you. Even those two shots might bruise you.” Her chin tucked inward as if his action surprised her. “What?”

She waved a hand. “Nothing. Thanks.”

When she lifted the gun, the shirt he’d placed under the rifle slipped. She readjusted the material, but it wouldn’t stay in place.

“Let me.” As soon as the words escaped, he pictured his hands not only on her upper chest, but on her luscious breasts.

He placed a hand on her waist to steady her and held the shirt against her skin. “Now place the butt against the material.”

She did. “This good?” She glanced over her shoulder.

“One adjustment.” With his hand that had been on her waist, he tilted her head so that her cheek rested against the rifle. All this touching wasn’t helping his resolve to keep his distance.

He tapped her head and stepped back. Her left foot wasn’t far enough forward, but readjusting her would only make things worse. The report sounded and wood flew. She hit the fence.

She lowered the rifle and faced him. He stepped to the side. “Watch where you point that thing.”

“Sorry.” She grimaced. “I didn’t mean to hit the fence.”

If she hadn’t seemed so determined to succeed, he’d have suggested they leave. “How about we move closer?”

If she hit a few cans, she’d be satisfied, and he could take her home.

Is that want you want?


* * * *


“Sounds good.” Maybe she’d be able to hit something if she shortened the distance.

What had Mandy been thinking even asking Cam to teach her to shoot a rifle? Yes, she’d wanted to know how to use a weapon. Her job would eventually involve taking women into the wilderness, and even if a man came with them, handling a weapon might come in handy. A rattler might invade their camp, and she wanted to be ready.

His apology had sounded sincere, and his actions since coming out here had been above reproach. Okay, he probably didn’t have to press his chest against her back when helping her take aim, but at least he seemed to care if she hit the target and used proper technique.

Then Cam had to take off his shirt and it took all her resolve not to stare. He might not own a ranch, but his body was lean and muscular as if he worked out hard. His tan implied he spent time outdoors, too. This guy was the real deal.

His sharp mind was the problem. He seemed to have this ability to look right through her as if he could see down to her soul. She’d been in protective mode for a long time and doubted she’d ever be able to change.

They covered half the distance. “This is good.” She didn’t want to make it too easy.

Her upper chest hurt. Wearing a tank was dumb, but she stupidly had wanted to impress him. Inhaling, she took aim once more.

Cam stood behind her. “Wait.”

She dropped back her head. “Now what?”

“You want to succeed, right?”

She shouldn’t lose her patience. He’d taken a day off to help her. “Yes. Thank you.”

Once more he plastered his chest against her back. Her body shook, making the shot next to impossible.

“Lift the barrel a little, close an eye, and make sure the can is in the sight.”

She expected him to step back like he had before, but he didn’t. Having him close provided stability. After cocking the gun, she hovered her finger over the trigger, aimed, and shot.


Adrenaline rushed through her at the success. Maybe her proximity to the target made the difference or else it was Cam’s presence, but bottom line, she’d hit the target. She raised the gun in victory and spun to face him.

His eyes widened. “Easy there.” He lowered her arm.

Instead of stepping back, his eyes half closed and he tugged her close and kissed her. Her mind screamed, and lust shot through her veins. Had her lifeless marriage caused a hole so great, any kiss would shoot her skyward? Vince’s kiss had done the same thing.

His tongue pressed against her sealed lips, and she opened to receive him. Craig hated French-kissing. She loved it. The moment hers and Cam’s tongues touched, a strong need exploded. She dropped the rifle and wrapped her arms around his neck as she pressed her breasts to his bare chest.

Cam walked her backward. He broke the kiss but didn’t stop moving. “I want you.”

His eyes closed as he dove in again. His tongue explored her mouth, driving her crazy with desire. His palms traveled upward, and his thumbs brushed the sides of her breasts. Spikes of desire electrified the tips.

Reason got lost somewhere between holding the rifle and the first kiss. If she made love with Cam, her break with Craig would be irrevocably final.

That’s not why you want to make love with Cam.

They stopped when her back hit the fence. She leaned against the rail and studied the warmth in eyes as green as the summer grass. Gone was the arrogant man she’d first met. Cam was a man of passion.

“You really want to do this?”
Why did you question him?

He slipped his fingers up her shirt and lifted it over her head. Without breaking his gaze, he tossed her top across the wooden rail. “Does that answer your question?” He unhooked her bra with practiced precision, leaned over, and ran his tongue along the edge of her bra.

Following the trail of his warm tongue, the wind cooled her heated skin. Her fingers gripped his muscular shoulders that bunched and flexed with each move. He guided her straps down until the bra cups hung precipitously on her hardened nipples.

He looked up. “You are so beautiful.”

A tear brimmed at the words—words spoken by Craig so long ago she couldn’t even recall the time or place. She leaned her head closer and inhaled Cam’s rich scent, a mixture of cloves and gunpowder perhaps. He was all male.

Her logical side told her to run, but the womanly side said to stay. She ran a tongue along the shell of his ear, and he groaned.

“You drive me crazy.” His voice cracked.

You drive me crazy, too

He nudged the bra over her nipples, dipped his head and captured one puckered crest in his mouth. Streaks of joy raced through her, and she arched her back, offering him all she had.

His fingers rimmed her waistband until he reached the front. With a pop, he undid her jeans and tugged them down over her hips. She should stop him, but not a muscle moved to help.

You want this

He sucked on the other nipple while he massaged the first breast. His free hand slid under her panties and cupped her ass.

“Oh, God, Mandy. You are amazing.”

Her self-confidence rose. Here she was almost naked, and the object of her desire was mostly dressed. “You need to take off those pants, cowboy.”

He stood back and smiled. “Are you asking me to impale you, ’cause if you are, I’d be happy to welcome you to Wyoming properly.”

She glanced around. Other than the car they’d driven here in, nothing existed for miles, or so it seemed.

“How about if we do less talking and more doing?”

He leaned his head back and laughed. “I could really get into you.”

“What’s stopping you?” She never was this bold, but like Vince Callen, Cameron Longworth had already gotten under her skin.

He stepped over to the rail and toed off his boots, undid his belt buckle, and dragged his pants down. Through his briefs, his cock appeared way too big.

She shook her head. “Maybe I should reconsider.”

He lifted her chin with his knuckle. “Don’t worry, he’ll fit. I’ll make sure you’re slicker than mud after a rainstorm.”

“That’s nasty.”

He grinned and shrugged. “I leave my rhetoric for the courtroom.” Once he stepped out of his pants, he stretched them on the ground. “How about letting me see some skin? You can step on the material so you don’t cut your feet.” He held up a hand. “Wait. Let me do the honors.”

He squatted, slipped a hand in the back pocket of his pants, and pulled out a wallet. He extracted a condom.

“You always come prepared?”

With his tanned skin, she wasn’t sure, but it appeared as if his cheeks colored.

“Cowboys don’t tell. Now how about keeping quiet so I can savor every luscious inch of your body?”

Works for me

Chapter Six


Cam dropped to his knees, placed his face on her bare stomach, and hugged her close. His facial bristles tickled. She sucked in her belly and dragged her hands over his head. The thickness of the neatly cut strands surprised and delighted her. She’d always equated quantity of hair to masculinity.

He inhaled. “You smell good.”

She was at the end of her expensive body cream. Perhaps she’d have to make an exception and order more. His tongue probed her belly button, and she would have stepped back if hadn’t been holding her so tight.

“Easy there. Just loving on you.”

Her pants bunched below the knees, so moving wasn’t much of an option anyway. His teeth grabbed the top of her panties and tugged. The elastic slid partway down and stopped when he let go.

“What do we have here?” He glanced up but returned his gaze to the top of her bare pussy.

“I hate hair to pull when I’m riding.”

He nodded. “Me, too.” With both hands, he lowered her panties. “We need to get you out of these so I can begin my feast.”

His words incited a carnal rush deep inside her she’d long thought dormant. Cam stood, picked her up, and set her on the fence. The uneven wood dug into her ass, but she didn’t complain.

“Hold onto my shoulders while I take off your boots.”

Were all men in Wyoming this considerate?

With one tug each, he removed her footwear, but left on her socks. If he didn’t mind, she didn’t, either. He then removed her pants and placed them next to her.

“Now for the good part.”

She lifted her breasts with both hands. “Seriously?”

“Angel, I was teasing. Trust me, I will be exploring those beauties soon enough.”

He closed his eyes and inhaled as if he was willing his cock to remain in control. The head of his dick had snaked out of his briefs and pre-cum shimmered in the slit. His words didn’t matter. Actions did.

Her panties remained half on.

“Did you forget something?” She thumbed open her panties.

“We’re in no rush, are we?”

“No. If that’s the case, do you mind if I finish undressing you?”

Cam lifted her off the rail and positioned her on the jeans he’d spread on the ground. He placed his hands behind his head, closed his eyes, and tilted his face to the sun. “Go for it.”

“No moving, okay?” She tugged up her panties for more comfort.

The chance to explore him first would be divine. She’d been about to compare him to Craig but stopped. Her ex-husband would lose out every time.

She dropped to her knees and pulled down his briefs a few inches. A magnificent cock popped out. “Oh, my.”

Up close and personal, his dick was quite a masterpiece. A purpled vein ran along his length, and his thickness was perfect. Needing him naked, she lowered the briefs to his knees, but his wide stance prevented removal. She tapped his thigh and held on to the material. “Step out of these.”

He lifted his leg while balancing on the other. She glanced to his abs that flexed with the movement. The urge to touch his rippled body overtook her. With a flat palm, she reached up and dragged her hand downward, exploring every bump and valley.

His hiss said it all. She smiled.

While Cam looked like he had control, from the way his jaw had tightened when she touched him, she could tell he wouldn’t last long. She grabbed his cock and angled the head toward her lips. Instead of swallowing him, she licked the tip and rimmed the head.

Quicker than a rattler could strike, his hand clasped her wrist. “You’re in dangerous territory. I’ll give you ten seconds, and then I have to eat you.”

. Sometimes it wasn’t fair. Then again, women could climax many times to a man’s single shot. Before he changed his mind, she cupped his balls, rolled them, and devoured his cock. Only half fit. Time ticked. She swirled her tongue around the top and down his sides. His fingers clasped her shoulders and pressed.

A strangled cry came out of his mouth and she pulled off, half anticipating a geyser. He lifted her up by her arms.

His mouth opened and his lips were on hers in a flash. His cock molded against her belly, and her nipples hardened against the plains of his chest. Their tongues battled, explored, and excited each other. Breaths mixed and her fingertips devoured his back as her hands traveled up and down the muscled ridges.

BOOK: Diamonds and Spurs [The Callens 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
2.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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