Diamonds and Spurs [The Callens 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) (9 page)

BOOK: Diamonds and Spurs [The Callens 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Sam met her sister at the car. Mandy walked back to the bunkhouse, studying the paper. “Yikes.” The certification class was nine days long, eight hours a day. On her application, she’d stated she’d earned her certification years ago but let it expire. Her father was big on education, and when she was eighteen, he’d suggested she take the class. College prevented her from pursuing the outdoors again, so she never renewed the license.

Pushing aside the image of Cam with Sharon, she went into the bunkhouse. Two days a week, she had off, and the free days varied from person to person. Inside, no one was around, which added to her mounting depression. Several books sat on her bed. She picked them up and smiled. They were manuals for the class she was about to take.

Determined not to let her most recent mistake affect her, she delved into the books.


Mandy looked up. “Lilly.” She hadn’t heard her come in.

“What do you have there?” Mandy held up the books. “Ah. Did mine last year. If you need help, let me know.”


Lilly sat on the bunk across from her. “How did the rifle lesson go?”

In the future, Mandy needed to keep her plans secret. “Quite well, but I’m a terrible shot. Cam, however, is an excellent teacher.”

She pointed a finger. “You had sex with him, didn’t you?”

Speechless, she didn’t know how to answer. “No.”

Lilly leaned back and laughed. “Your bra strap is twisted, your face lit up like a firecracker when I mentioned his name, and your lips are swollen and pink as if you’ve been doing a lot of kissing.”

No use denying it. “Fine, we did, but then something terrible happened to ruin it all.”


“Sharon showed up.”

Lilly clasped a hand over her mouth. “Did she walk in on you two doing the nasty?”

“No. That would have been beyond bad.” She told Lilly about their outdoor experience and finding Sharon at the house.

“Did she want to get back with Cam?”

“I don’t know, but as I drove off, I saw them kiss.”

Lilly moved over to Mandy’s bed and rubbed her back. “I’m sorry.”

“Me, too.”

When will I ever learn?

A knock sounded on the closed bunkhouse door. “Mandy? I need to speak with you.”

Oh, shit
. It was Cam. She faced Lilly. “Tell him I’m taking a shower.” She grabbed the towel she’d flung over the bunk and raced into the bathroom.

Muffled voices sounded. She hoped Lilly could persuade Cam to leave. Knowing him, he’d wait. Well, she needed a shower anyway to wash off his scent.

If the bathroom door had a lock, she would have used it. She turned on the water, hoping he’d take the hint and leave. Needing to get clean, she undressed and stepped in. She rubbed the bar of soap over her body and had just doused her hair with shampoo when the door opened.

“He gone, Lilly?”

“I’m here.”

Her hands stilled and her pulse raced.
. She had no skills to deal with this situation. Five years of marriage had dulled her ability to handle new things. Pissing him off wouldn’t help her career. On the other hand, she had to be herself. She stuck her head out from behind the curtain, holding onto the plastic for dear life.

Cam’s shoes were off as was his shirt. His fingers were unbuckling his belt. “What are you doing?” Surely, he wasn’t planning on joining her.

He grinned and bit of her heart soared. “What does it look like?”

A ton of problems arose. “Women live here.”

“I paid Lilly to stand watch. She only has to make sure Trinity stays out of the bathroom.”

. She should have taken the option of staying in the main house with the other ten women, but she’d sought the isolation for a reason.

Naked, he pulled back the curtain and stepped into the four-foot-by-four-foot shower stall. “What are you doing?” She’d already asked him that, but he never really answered.

He stepped close. “Getting clean. We had sex, if you recall.”

She’d never forget. “I know, but what about Sharon?”

“What about her?”

He changed places with her and let the water sluice over his glorious body. He removed the soap from her hand and dragged it down his chest and over his cock, never breaking his stare.

“Why aren’t you with her?”

He placed the soap on the dish and rubbed his chest. “Because I don’t want to be.”

His words took a moment to sink in. “What do you mean? I saw you two kiss.”

When he finished working the soap into a lather, he rinsed. “You saw her kiss
. There’s a big difference.”

Cam picked up the bar again and rubbed his hands on it. After replacing the soap, he palmed her breasts. His touch overloaded her senses.

“Tell me what she said.” He wouldn’t be here if he cared for Sharon. He’d be in the shower with his ex-fiancée.

“Nothing to tell.” He leaned over and nibbled her neck while he pinched her sore nipples.

They’d made love less than an hour ago and yet she wanted him again. How could that be? “Did she want to get back with you?” Her damn voice cracked, despite her resolve to appear unaffected.

He leaned back. “Okay. I’ll tell you.” He detailed the conversation including the ring toss.

“Is Sharon the vindictive type?” Would the woman think to come after her?

Cam reached around, cupped her rear, and drew her close. His hard cock made an indent in her belly. “I don’t know. Now can we stop talking?”

His kiss proved conclusively he wanted her and not the other woman. Mandy placed her hands on his rough cheeks and slid her tongue along the seam of his lips. He opened his mouth, and instead of allowing her to explore him, he dove in like a man possessed. Their tongues danced and probed. She closed her eyes, and tiny spots floated across her lids. Their chests pressed together. They tasted and teased until they broke for air.

“I want to take my time and bring you one orgasm after another, but you’ve made me a desperate man. Is it safe?”

Safe? Safe from what?
Ah, from getting pregnant. She did a quick calculation. “Yes.”

He slipped a finger into her gushing hole. From the frictionless way it slipped in, she was more than ready for him. His thumb strummed her clit, and desire exploded. Her pussy cramped, and she milked his finger.

“Your pussy is swollen. Maybe we shouldn’t.”

She wasn’t going to let him leave now. “Fuck me, Cam.” She’d never uttered those words with Craig.

He twisted her around and walked her one step until her back pressed against the wall. He captured her wrists with one hand and placed them above her head. His lids lowered and his mouth parted. “I need you.”

I need you, too.

Held captive, he grabbed his cock and slid opened her lower lips. His blistering kiss and thrust came at the same time, splintering her mind and her body. His cock stretched her swollen pussy to the max.

“Wrap your legs around me, angel.”

He let go of her arms and slid them under her hips. Cam gently bit the seam between her neck and shoulder as he lifted her.

Getting into position caused his cock to sink in deeper, hitting nerves she didn’t know existed. She groaned and he held still as if he understood how the change would affect her. She dropped her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck. Every inch of the man excited her.

When he lifted his foot and placed it on the wall to prevent her from slipping, she reached around to his back and held on. He fucked her hard and fast. Total bliss swamped her as her hormones burst to life.

“Angel, I’m close.” He dropped back his head and grunted and groaned like a man out of mind with need.

The next thrust nearly catapulted her over the edge. The storm inside her brewed, and the heated rapture drowned her in desire. Cam pummeled her pussy, and she let herself be swept away by the blistering climax.


Her heart hammered and her breaths came out in tiny pants. Her mind fuzzed as her body took control and thrilled with each pulse of his heartbeat. His hot cum burned hard inside her as his cock expanded. She squeezed her thighs tight and pressed her hips forward to feel every inch.

“Jesus, Mandy.”

He stepped back from the wall, and she let her legs slide to the ground. Exhausted, she held on.

She looked up at him. “We need to stop meeting like this.”

He burst out laughing. “You are so much fun.”

His compliment thrilled her more than if he told her she was pretty or liked the way she wore her hair. She kissed his nose. “You are, too.”

He picked up the soap and dragged it between her legs. “We never really did get clean before.”


They quickly washed and then dried. While he dressed, she went in search of clean clothes. Both Lilly and Trinity were in the room.

Chapter Eight


Trinity laughed. “You go, girl.”

Mandy shot a glance at Lilly. “I thought Cam asked you to keep watch.”

“Trinity’s cool.”

“Girl, if you want to make love with a horse, I’m good with it.”

“Ew. That’s disgusting.”

Cam came out of the bathroom and grinned. “Ladies.” He faced her. “We good?”

She guessed he was referring to the fact she saw him and Sharon kiss. “Yes.”

“Later.” He nodded to both Lilly and Trinity and left.

Mandy dropped onto her bed and Trinity sat next to her. “Spill.”

What was up with this town? She’d have to remember all actions would be scrutinized. “What do you think?”

Trinity laughed. “You are one lucky girl.”



* * * *


As soon as Vince walked in the house and found Cam whistling, he made a beeline toward him. Something was up.

“Why are you so freaking happy?”

Cam pressed the button on the blender. It looked like he was fixing a berry shake, one of his favorite concoctions. “Ran into Sharon.”


Cam sobered. “That’s not why I’m happy.” He told him about the rifle lesson and the subsequent sex.

His cock twitched imagining being with Mandy. “I’m surprised. She seemed more reserved to me.”

Cam shrugged. The blender stopped, and he removed the glass holder and waved it. “You want to share?”

“Mandy, not the drink.”


Vince grabbed a beer instead. “Do you think Sharon will cause any trouble or leave as quickly as she arrived?”

“Don’t know. Anything’s possible with her.”

Curiosity got the best of him. “So how was she?”

Cam guzzled part of his drink. “Let’s just say, we were both idiots if we thought Sharon was worthy of spending the rest of our life with.”

His balls tightened. “That good, huh?”

“Yeah.” He finished his drink and dropped the glass in the sink. “Mandy needs to rest. Give her a few days before you try to move in.”

Hope surged. “Did you mention to her we like to share?”

Cam cocked a brow. “No. I’m leaving that up to you.”

“Rushing her would ruin everything. Maybe we should lie low for a while and see how she responds to us, or rather me, at the fundraiser.”

Cam adjusted his balls. “You want to wait two weeks?”

“If she’s worth waiting for, I do.”

Cam groaned. “Let’s do this.”


* * * *


The last ten days had been hard. While Sam had excused her from her chores because of the class, Mandy had spent every minute not at school studying for her exam. A lot had been at stake. If she hadn’t passed, she wouldn’t be allowed to take the women on expeditions. If she did, Sam said Mandy could be an observer. That worked for her.

In the end she passed.

The only downer was neither Cam nor Vince had called. Vince she could understand, but Cam? Neither Lilly nor Trinity had any explanation.

“You’ll see them at the fundraiser,” Lilly offered.

“True, but that’s in three whole days.”

Lilly laughed. “You’ve got it bad, huh?”

“I like Cam a lot.”

“What about Vince?”

He hadn’t tried to put in an appearance. “I liked him, but we only kissed once a few weeks ago.” She shrugged, trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal. “I don’t think he’s interested.”

A shine sparked Lilly’s eyes. “You are aware he and Cam share their women?”

Vince had mentioned something about sharing, but he mentioned it in reference to the Callen women. “Are you telling me they shared Sharon?” Trinity mentioned Sharon dated both.


She waited for the shock or disgust or whatever else was supposed to come from contemplating two men with one woman, but it never came. Instead, goose bumps covered her skin at the idea of having both Cam and Vince lick her pussy and play with her tits at the same time. The concept of two cocks at once made her pussy spasm in delight. Sex in her ass was another matter.

BOOK: Diamonds and Spurs [The Callens 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
8.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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