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Devin directed me to the door, the men in tuxes parted—he
whispered something to one of them who nodded and swiped across a touch screen,
and then we were inside. I don’t know how he’d gained immediate access, but we
were in the swankest club, walking past couches lining the walls, couples (and
more) sprawled all over them. Kissing, groping, and definitely petting. The
scent of sex filled my nose and my breasts hurt.

“I need your mouth on me again.” Boldness had infected me.
My chest was completely uncovered and I relished in it.

“I have it arranged.”

“You work fast, don’t you?”

“When it pleases me.”

Next I knew, I was in a back room. It was clean. A large bed
stood in the center. Mirrors lined the walls. I’d never been in here. But I
knew that one if not all of the mirrors allowed an audience to watch, if the
curtains weren’t pulled.

Heat washed over me and I struggled to stay on my feet as my
knees went weak. Behind me, Devin clicked the door shut and the rustle of his
clothes was all I could hear now that the music had been shut out.

“I’ve never been in here,” I confessed. “We’ll be watched?”

“Ever fucked in public, Cindy?” The words curled around me
and goosebumps pebbled over my skin. Then my stomach clenched and I crossed my
arms over my chest.

“Shhh.” He whispered. “Let them see you. Let them see this.”

Devin stood behind me, so close his jacket pressed into my
back and his erection fitted to my bared back, only his pants between us. Then
he stepped back and something slid around me and settled, cold, on my chest. I
stared into the mirror and had a surreal moment, staring both at people I
couldn’t see who were definitely staring at my exposed tits.

Then my mind blanked.

Around my neck, a huge diamond necklace hung heavy. It had
too many rocks on it to even think how many. It was in the shape of a triangle,
the point nestled into my cleavage. I ran a hand over it, then both hands. The
bumpy, hard texture against my skin titillated me. And so much money, coating
my breasts. I rubbed them, plucking at my swollen and aching nipples. Cupping
myself and squeezing the soft weight and flesh, I stared at the picture I
presented, a turned on, masked woman, a blush staining her cheeks, her
incredibly large breasts weeping milk.

I moaned.

I’d already allowed my blind date to suckle. And men on the
other side of that glass expected to see me have sex. I wanted to show them. I
wanted to flaunt my body, these diamonds, my lust. What did I have to lose?
When would there ever be a time like this again, when I could be this free? The
mask tickled my nose. I laughed and finally turned to him. My arms fell to my
side and I smiled. Tension lifted from my shoulders.

I couldn’t see his full expression beneath his mask, but he
didn’t return my smile. His intent regard froze me to the spot. His tux jacket
hit the floor. He tugged off his tie and unbuttoned his vest and shirt before I
could speak.

My chest heaved.

“Take off your skirt,” he commanded.

I hesitated and glanced at the mirrored glass. People would
see my pussy. See it as it swelled even now. Passion rocked through me and my
tits filled even more. Swallowing hard, I strangled a groan when the
engorgement came so fast it hurt.

“You let a complete stranger drink your milk.”

I wanted to tell him he wasn’t a complete stranger. Friend
of a friend and all that. But instead, I whimpered. Working on his belt, he
walked near. His hard cock pressed against his slacks. It was big. Long. I
whimpered again and my cunt pulsed. He slid the belt out and let it drop, too.

“You came. From my mouth on your tits. Did you like that?”

Unable to speak through my tight throat, I nodded. My stare
caught on his talented hands and narrowed there. I licked my lips.

My mouth fell open and my pussy slicked, eager and ripe.
Milk ran freely, soaking my chest. It dribbled down my stomach.

“How do you want it?”

I shook my head.

“Why don’t we take some of the pressure off those glorious
tits?” His muscles bunched and slid, the shadows to the side of the room
caressing him as he walked to the wall and pushed a padded bench to the middle
of the floor. A light shone done there. He waved a hand toward the red velvet
cushion. “Have a seat.”

My knees barely cooperated as all the bravado left me. But I
made it. My vision swam and I rubbed a hand over my forehead. I nearly unseated
the mask and quickly straightened it. My heart thudded in my chest and I

“Careful. You need to leave that on.” Devin straddled the
bench and his strong but gentle hands turned me until my back was to him. His hand
touched my thigh and drew away. “Go ahead. Straddle the bench. Let them see
you. They’re hungry for you. Like I am.”

I closed my eyes and dragged my leg over the bench. I felt
sluggish and hot. My mouth ran dry and my ears rang. I whispered, “Maybe this
isn’t such a good idea.”

A light nip on my shoulder made me jump. He spoke against my

“If you don’t like it, we won’t do it again. Let it go.
Experience it.” It sounded like a promise. One this stranger couldn’t really
make. That there’d be another time.

“This is the best I could do, with the oil. I could secure
the room, but not get the best cream for a woman of your amazing ability. But
it’s edible. So we’ll make do.”

The rest of the tension left me as I giggled. “I’m not sure
what’s funnier, that you called my milk jugs an amazing ability or that you’re
using edible oil on me so you can still suckle.”

“And I will.” He kissed my shoulder then his hand covered
the spot, as if he trapped the kiss. “Lean back.”

The first contact of my naked back to his warm chest gave an
erotic charge of its own. I fell into him and his strong arms. I hadn’t been
held in so long—I didn’t even know when. Tears stung my nose and I cleared my throat.

“Where’d you go there?”

“I’m right here.” I wiggled my ass further back and
connected with the hard ridge in his slacks. “You’re still dressed.”

“And you’re wearing nothing but my diamonds and those sexy
shoes I want to lick.” He nipped my neck again and pulled the skin a bit. The
sting was welcome. Enticing. “But not today. Today we have this.”

He brought his arm around and in his hand he held a bottle,
tipped toward my chest. His arm brushed over mine. Heated oil dribbled on me
just below my neck. It slid down and I gasped. The cold trembled over me in
rivulets of oil. My gasp stuttered and drew out as one drop slid all the way
down to my crotch.

“That’s it. Lean into me. I’ll make it good.” Devin crooned
in my ear.

The bottle dropped on the floor with a thump. His hands
found my sides and slid around, under my tits. He lifted them from below and
held them, creating a mound of trembling flesh.

“Look at you.”

I did. I lifted my eyes from my tits to the mirrors. My
masked seducer sat behind me. When my eyes met his in the reflection, he
started to massage me. Rubbing oil around and around, he wove me into a wicked
a keening edge that had me begging. “Please. I need so much.”

“Do you like this?” His slippery fingers cupped the ends of
my tits then gently closed on my nipples. He tugged, pulling me, milking me. My
fluid ran all over his hands, splashing onto my thighs. He lifted his fingers
and licked them.

My pussy clenched on emptiness and I wiggled on the bench.

“Wait. Don’t move.” He adjusted himself behind me. There was
no mistaking the sound of the zipper. He lifted me and I closed my eyes,
expecting the head of his cock to finally slide along my slit.

But he put me back down on the seat. This time, my legs were
over the outside of his thighs. I was spread wide, completely exposed to the
mirrors. Pink glistened as my pussy spread wide. The plump lips were swollen
with anticipation.

“Rub your breasts. That’s it. Pinch those nipples.”

I did as he instructed as his hand clenched my upper thigh
holding me to him. His cock was hot on my back. His other hand brushed across
my hip and his fingers slid between my legs.

His finger gently brushed over my clit and I yelped.

“Keep kneading those tits,” he whispered into my hair.

Round and around he teased my clit. He dipped down, sliding
in the cream of my cunt. He brought his had to his mouth and suckled my juices
off him. Licking with a “Mmmm. You taste wonderful. I’m going to get my tongue
in there. But later. Keep going, massage your aching breasts.”

They did ache.

“Fingers. I need something inside me,” I begged. Truly, I
begged. I was on the edge and needed to come.

His finger plunged inside and my hips lifted. With each
trust, I met him. Surging against his palm that pumped my clit.

He slid another finger inside me. Another. Three fingers
pumping as I rode his hand. Milk squirted onto the bench. The smell of my cream
and my milk mixed together. All I could smell, all I could hear, all I could
feel was sex. My sight filled with the wanton woman clutching her tits and
riding a man’s fingers.

I reached for release with desperation.

The climax teased me. Rushing at me, holding me captive.
Then it rolled over me with a scream.

Before I came down, the fingers ripped out of my pussy and
my body lay back, cradled.

A mouth sucked on me. My mind came back in a rush, instantly
aware of the engorgement needing release.

Devin’s pussy slicked hand reached below the bench and
thrashed. He jerked hard and I couldn’t see his cock, or the hand wrapped in
it, but I felt his excitement in the tugging on my breast. He switched to the
other, leaning over me as his hand worked out of sight.

My milk flowed and I floated.

Devin groaned into his suckle and his body tensed.

We stayed that way for some minutes more, he at my breast, nuzzling.

He sat up and helped me to sit on the bench. I needed the
help. My body was too languid to move on its own.

He kissed my cheek. “I’ll call for the car.”

I blinked when he bent to pick up his tux jacket. His slacks
had been closed already. I’d never gotten a look at his cock. Mobile phone to
his ear, he turned to me and winked, and I realized I still hadn’t seen his
face. He murmured instructions and then pocketed his phone.

“Put this on.” He held out his jacket and I glanced around.
I’d forgotten my top and bra in the car.

He helped me into his tux jacket then put on his shirt,
vest, and belt. I watched, mesmerized by his strong fingers, the aftermath of
this strange sexual encounter, and the buzz of a great orgasm.

His hand under my elbow, he unlocked the door of the room
and escorted me out. The hallway was deserted, as I’m sure the club intended.
The people who used these rooms wanted people to watch, but under the guise of

I wondered just how many people had seem me just then, my
pussy spread, my tits streaming milk, and a man suckling me.

The back door opened as we got there. A bouncer stood to the
side and nodded. His eyes twinkled, but he didn’t remark on my nudity other
than my shoes, a diamond necklace, and a suit jacket.

“Damn. I left my skirt back there.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. For now, let me get you

“Sure. I could use a bath.”

“I wish I could join you.” He murmured and opened the back
door of his limo, already waiting right outside the door.

“You could.” I tried not to let that invitation matter to
me. But it did. I slid into the back and he joined me before he replied. He
didn’t sit too close, just enough my bare knee touched his clothed one.

“I can’t tonight. But I’ll be in touch.”

We didn’t say anything else the entire ride home. When the
car stopped at my apartment building, he slid a hand on my thigh and murmured,
“Keep the diamonds.”

I gasped and sputtered, “I couldn’t.”

“You will.”

He opened the door and slid out. His hand reached in to help

I made it onto my feet though my head spun.

He gave me a gentle kiss to my lips, and I realized he still
wore that mask.

“Until later.”

Returning to his car, he didn’t say another word.

The car slid away and I stood there for a few moments
staring after it.

My mind whirled until the breeze blew against my still wet
pussy. Blinking away the confusion, I turned and went inside. By the time I’d
run my bath, I’d managed to place the entire interlude where it belonged, in
the same category as the one-night-stand that created Chloe. I’d gotten a
wonderful present then. I supposed I’d gotten some reward for tonight as well.

The diamond necklace winked at me from the sink top.

I closed my eyes and sank into the hot water.



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Strawberry in Cream
& Board #2)

By Elsa Silk

(Lactation sex, lactation fetish,
masks, erotica, adult breastfeeding, breastfeeding fetish, strawberries, food


The silver foil wrapped package had a red silk mask tying it
shut. My hands trembled as I picked it up off the floor outside my apartment
door and brought it inside.

There was no doubt who it was from. I knotted the damn
strings trying to untie it. It was a shame to ruin the mask. It brought tingles
to my pussy imagining the uses for it. The lid slid off and a whiff of Devin’s
cologne made me giddy.

The cream parchment paper of a note fluttered.

My beautiful Cindy,

Wear this tonight. I’ll be there at 5 p.m. with a
reputable babysitting service paid for until 11 p.m. when I will return you to
your door. The sitting service’s card is enclosed.


I sank to the floor and fingered the sexy texture of the
yellow dress in the box. My mind whirled at the high-handedness. Devin
couldn’t’ dress me. He couldn’t decide when I’d go out. I hadn’t even seen his
face, not fully. I didn’t know him. Sure, we’d shared some incredibly amazing
petting, but he didn’t own me.

But my body betrayed me. My pussy swelled at the thought of
finally getting that big cock. I hadn’t made up my mind to go until I was all
dolled up, in the damn yellow dress that clung like it was painted on, and the
door chime sounded. My red fuck-me stilettos didn’t go with the dress, but the
mask trailing in my fingers told me he wanted them. I clacked to the door, and
stared at the red polish on my nails as I held the knob. I hesitated. But I
turned it.

I knew what he wanted, and when I opened the door, I knew
I’d give it to him.



Honey in Cream
(Milk &
Board #3)

By Elsa Silk

Lactation sex, lactation fetish, masks, erotica, adult
breastfeeding, breastfeeding fetish, video sex, voyeurism, honey, food sex,
contract sex, spanking, crop, anal sex


I stretched
beneath the ropes binding my upper torso to the back of the office chair and
clenched my fists against the arm rests I was bound to. My legs were spread
wide and secured over those same arm rests. My pussy ached to be filled but was
fully empty, shaved bare, and dribbled with honey in front of a video camera
streaming my delicious torment to countless men who all wanted me.

But the only man
who’d be touching me was Devin, my lover of several months of once-a-week
extreme sex that rocked my world. The mask he’d slipped onto my face before
starting up the video session turned me into a sex starved creature as soon as
the silk touched my face.

master,” I begged. We’d promised one another to only use these terms—no
names—while the camera was live. And it always started with a note, every
Wednesday morning. Like today’s:


Be in my
living room, naked, and ready to accommodate my wishes at exactly 7 p.m.

Bring the
mask and I’ll bring the honey.

I’m going to
suckle your tits until your milk squirts all over the ceiling.


Trust me, I’d
hit the ceiling before.

Ever since
seeing the word honey, my pussy had gone soft and willing. I’d ached all day
with anticipation. The usual sitting service was at home with my child. And
now, after what felt like hours but had to be only half the usual hour session,
my breasts leaked milk down my honey slathered torso and Devin leaned over me,
carefully keeping the view of my body open to the viewers, and licked my milk
from the tips of my breasts as he dribbled warm honey on my tight, elongated

“You are so
horny, aren’t you?” he whispered against my puckered skin. “Do you want my cock
in your pussy?”

I moaned,
suddenly afraid to beg. Cause if I did, he’d sense what I really meant was that
I wanted to surrender completely to this strange dance we’d been performing for
weeks. Finally, I caved…



Milked by her Alien Masters
by Elsa Silk

become a concubine to the new rulers of Earth, I submit to testing to see if I
have what it takes.

do. I respond to the serum that makes me lust and lactate. And I'm helpless
against the orgasms the doctor gives me on the exam table. My entire life has
led to this and I'm chosen to live with the larger than life Neliousians.

and Nerrita claim me as their breeder. But I never could have imagined exactly
what they expect of me.


Mars Needs Women, alien sex,
monster cock, breeding, f/f, m/f, m/f/f, breastfeeding fetish, lactation
fetish, exam table sex, fisting, collar, concubine, ménage



… The doctor snapped on a pair of gloves from her lab coat
pocket and gently put a hand on the inside of each thigh. What she said should
make me rebuff her. To tell her I’d never be a whore for her, but it excited me

“I’m going to examine you now.”

Her gentle touch on my lightly downed pussy shocked through
me and made me jump. I swallowed hard and my hands gripped the table. My
nipples were painfully tight. My gasps started in an uncontrolled rush and I
couldn’t calm myself.

“So creamy.” She spoke as if drugged and her fingers slid
along my opening before she dipped a finger inside. Her other hand rested on my
mound and pushed down. “I am going to work my whole hand into you. To provide a
second verification to your virginity beyond the truth test. And to verify that
you can handle the cock of one of the esteemed masters of Nelious.”

Her warm breath tickled the hairs on my mound, she was so
close. She took a long deep breath. “Your smell is appetizing, as it must be to
satisfy a master from Nelious.”

She pressed down in a rhythmic pumping, putting pressure on
my clit. My thighs shook and I cried out. Unable to stand it, I reached up to
grip my tits. I plied them, rubbing across my nipples and seeking relief. I’d
masturbated to try to chase away my loneliness before, but nothing compared to
the way this woman had brought me to the edge so quickly.

Something wet streaked across my palms. My entire body bowed
from the table, just as the doctor had slid a second finger inside me. She
glanced up as I spread my hands and stared at them.

“That’s very good. You responded perfectly. You have started
producing milk. With the right diet, your milk will provide them a heady meal
that will keep you a valued concubine for years.”

“I don’t understand.” My hands cupped my tight breasts and
rubbed. It felt better to soothe over them. They hurt a bit and felt incredibly
full. They were larger than they had been. I tugged on my nipples and a squirt
of liquid shot out and hit the doctor on the face.

She smiled and lifting her hand from my mound—eliciting a
whimper of need from me—she wiped the drop from her cheek and licked it from
her finger. “You have an exquisite taste. The finest I’ve ever had.”



Diamonds in Cream

Milk and Board #1

Elsa Silk



Published by Kinky

Copyright © 2013
by Elsa Silk.

All rights
reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval
system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,
recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

Manufactured in
the United States of America


Cover Copyright ©
2013 by Elsa Silk.


First Published
Electronically 2013.


This is a work of
fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of the
author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to
actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.


BOOK: Diamonds in Cream
11.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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