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Beneath her, she felt the Earth begin to
nourish her, feeding her with an ancient power. Roots grew from
under the sand, entangling themselves around her ankles, bonding
her with the energy of the planet.

Feeling the Earth’s essence coursing through
her veins, her silver eyes flew open and blazed as the power

“It is time.” Eve said releasing a blast of
energy, disintegrating the dog pile of shadows upon her. As a
creature of all elements, she drew from the power of earth, wind,
fire and air.

Screaming and roaring erupted as she sent
shock waves of light ripping through the air.

“Get her!” the six Judges roared, their
voices laced with fear. She saw Gideon attempting to escape,
running toward the caves. Summoning a bow made of white fire; she
aimed and shot a single blazing arrow far into the distance.
Piercing him square in the back, he fell to his knees and shattered
into dust.

Taking aim, she then set her sights on the
Judges. Scores of burning arrows were fired upon them; though they
attempted to scatter, the hooded beings were annihilated on

The four winds whipped around Eve, feeding
her with power, as the Earth's energy pulsed through the vines
attached to her feet.

Demons tried to escape with chaotic frenzy,
but all were struck down by Eve's wrath. The battlefield was
littered with the remains of darkness as Eve set her sights to the
menace above. Closing her eyes, she drew her arms around her body;
evoking the energy. All the powers of the Heavens and the Earth
merged within the core of Eve's soul.

Opening her eyes and raising her hands,
energy with the force of a super nova exploded from her body,
sending a tremendous ring of white light tearing through the

As it rippled into the outskirts of space,
the Wave of Genesis instantly transformed from the source of
destruction to the bringer of peace. What was to bring the end of
the world now brought the seed for creation.



Waltzing through the air as though it were in
the ballroom of Heaven, one tiny snowflake fell from the sky. A
frozen teardrop, designed by sacred geometry, danced in the ether.
Landing upon the hot, red earth, deep in the desert; it set off a
chain reaction. Snow began to fall on every corner of the Earth,
covering the planet with a white, cotton blanket.

A melodic hum rose from the core of the
planet, whispering a lullaby as it hushed mankind into a dreamless
sleep. Billions of humans ceased what they were doing and simply
lay down.

The Wave, once destined to destroy a world,
was now a peaceful onlooker. Embracing the Earth with a luminous
haze, it waited with anticipation.

Pregnant with life, the Earth inhaled the
essence of Genesis. Shuddering as it exhaled, it gently brought
forth new life—a new dimension.

The infant dimension rose from the body of
the Earth; taking its place among the ranks. Gently, it pushed the
dimensions above it, graduating each layer to a higher level.

The third dimension moved into the fourth
with ease and grace, abandoning the realm of shadows forever. Many
of the dark beings fled into the far reaches of space, searching
for a new home suitable for their energy preferences. Others stayed
within the third dimension, even though there were no longer any
humans to manipulate.

As mankind slept, transcendence commenced.
Like caterpillars to butterflies, the humans slumbered until the
moment of their immaculate transformation. Bodies of flesh evolved
to bodies of light.

As the last snowflake fluttered to the
ground, the Sun then warmed the Earth. Light reaching all sides of
planet, it awakened the residents from their slumber.

Families, who once thought they'd said their
last good-bye to their loved ones, awoke to the dead. Ghosts who'd
wandered in a realm of confusion, awakened to a higher
consciousness, and found their way home.


Return to Eden


“Lily?” A voice awakened her.

Opening her eyes, now a permanent shade of
quicksilver, she looked around for the owner of the voice. Her
focus blurry, she recognized the figures walking towards her.
Pushing herself off of the ground, she ran to them.

Clamping her arms firmly around Gabe for the
first time since her accident, she wept with happiness. With one
arm still around Gabe, she extended her other arm to hold her
daughter for the first time.

“Oh Gabe,” she whispered, nuzzling her face
into his broad chest, “we can be a family!”

“Mommy?” Hope's tiny voice emanated from
Lily's side.

“Yes baby?” Lily responded, kneeling and
holding Hope's face.

“Are you still Mommy? Your eyes are...funny.”
the child crinkled her nose as she inspected her mother's face.

“Yes sweetheart, it's me. I just remember all
of me now.” Lily said, smiling.

The desert around them now bloomed with life.
What was recently dry and lifeless now sprouted with seeds of
creation. Lush green grass had miraculously grown, covering the
once barren landscape. All remnants of the dark creatures had
drifted away, leaving a world free from evil.

Scanning the new Eden, Lily's eyes caught
sight of someone in the distance, kneeling upon the ground.

“I'll be right back.” She said as she kissed
them and walked toward the figure.

As she approached, she recognized him.

“Michael.” She spoke with the internal
language of Heaven. “What are you doing my old friend?”

With tears in his eyes, the large angel
glanced up at Lily, or Eve; as he'd known her for many centuries. A
charred body lay before him. David.

“He...didn't come back. Why?”

Lily smiled with an ancient wisdom. “Touch
him, Michael, he needs your light.”

“But I can't! His vibration could accelerate
too fast and...”

“Trust me.” the essence of Eve replied.

Sighing, Michael's hands hovered over David's
lifeless body. With one last look at Lily, he gently laid his hands
on what remained of David's shoulders.

At first, it appeared as though nothing would
happen. After a moment, however, a glow began to surround the body.
The aura shifted through every shade in the rainbow, dancing like
the northern lights. Faster and faster, the hues merged and
flickered until David's body started to heal.

Within a few moments, David's ethereal body
was reborn.

A big grin spread across Michael's face as
his friend's eyes opened. David looked at Michael and Lily.

“We did it...didn't we?” He said, sitting

“You did it man! You healed her!” Michael was
so elated he sprang up from the ground with one mighty flap of his

Lily knelt beside David, “Thank you David.”
Her silver eyes shone with tears of respect.

David blushed as he mumbled, “You're

After helping David into a tunnel of light,
she waved good-bye to her friends as they returned to the fifth
dimension, Lily then turned to escort her own family—home.

“You ready?” She asked Gabe and Hope as she
held onto their hands.

“Yup!” Hope piped up.

Gabe only smiled a smile that spoke volumes
for his happiness at having his wife back.

Squeezing their hands gently, she increased
their vibration, preparing them for the speed of thought. “Let's


The Promise


Perched upon a cloud, their legs dangling
over the edge, two friends watched Heaven's sunset.


“Yes David?” Michael responded in the
language of Heaven, having learned that speaking to his friend
telepathically would not harm him.

“Now what do we do?” he started, “I mean, we
saved the Earth. There's no need for us there anymore. I guess...I
can finally retire.”

Michael laughed. “Dave, what makes you think
there's only one Earth?”

“Pardon me?!”

“This...” Michael's arms spread wide, “is
only one of the universes.”

Smiling at his nativity, David nodded.

After a few moments of silence, David said
again, “Michael?”

“Yes David?”

“If the Lily was the reincarnation of Eve,
doesn’t that make her husband Adam?”

Michael gave David a sly smile as he
responded, “Yes.”

Confused, David pondered. “Why didn’t he
remember afterwards?”

“After Lily’s corporeal body died, she was
free to remember her true self; Gabe didn’t die so he was only
experiencing his Earth life.” Michael explained.

“It’s all so...amazing...don’t you think? The
Earth, Eve and the Wave.” he started, “I mean, it all seemed to
work out according to some...plan.”

“Faith David, there are things out there we
can never understand, but we must have faith that something's
watching out for us.” Michael answered warmly. “And as for
planned...well, I would have to say...yes.”

“Yes? Why?” David said, confused.

“We were promised.”


Michael answered with a look of reverence,
“Thy will be done, David, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Smiling, David stated, “Amen.”


The End


About the Author


Danielle Quinlan-Lee dwells happily in
Central Alberta with her husband and two children. Always
fascinated with the paranormal, she enjoys the occasional ghost
hunt and collecting any ghost stories along the way.

BOOK: Dimensions of Genesis
7.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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