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Dirty (2 page)

“You’re more than welcome to go, Jasmine. I won’t stop you.” And I mean it. There are tons of women only a few feet away that would kill to be in this room with me. I would never force someone to have sex with me.

She slowly pulls away from me and steps closer to the door. “I’m really sorry.”

I grin. “No apology needed. Are you sure that you want to go though?”

“I really should.” Should. That doesn’t mean that she will.

I step closer to her again and she backs up, her back hitting the door. “Can I have just one more kiss before you go?”

She studies me for a minute before nodding. “I can do that.”

I grab the back of her head and push my body tight against her, making sure to push my hard dick against her stomach. My mouth finds hers again and I go in for the kill. I part her lips with my tongue and dive into her mouth again. She moans and pushes against me. I don’t think she even realized that she did. I run my hands down her body, stopping at her hips.

“Can I touch you just once?” I ask.

She nods and I slam my mouth back down on hers. My hands move back up her body to her tits and I squeeze them gently. She moans again as I reach under her shirt and run my hands across her naked flesh. I pull the cup of her bra down and run my thumb across her nipple. She
groans as I lift her and carry her over to the bed, my mouth never leaving hers.  Her eyes open in shock when I lay her on the bed, but she doesn’t stop me. There is a hunger in her eyes now. I’ve awakened the beast. Now all I have to do is set it free.

I finally pull my mouth away from hers and start kissing her neck. She turns her head to the side to give me better access and I grin.
She grabs my arm and squeezes as I lick a trail from her neck up to her ear.

“Are you sure you have to leave?” I whisper into her ear. She shivers as my breath tickles her wet skin. “I promise you won’t regret it.”

“I’m scared. I’ve never done anything like this.” She says breathlessly.

I push myself up and lean on my elbows so that I can stare down at her. “It’ll be our little secret. I’ll make sure it’s a night you never forget.”

I can practically see the wheels turning as she thinks over her decision. Unable to stop myself, I reach between us and cup her sex. My thumb moves across the seam of her jeans, pressing against her clit. Her eyes flutter shut and I know that I have her.

“You’ll never tell a soul?” She asks.

“Never. I promise.” I say as I sit up and pull her with me. She kisses me again, taking me by surprise. I recover quickly and grab the bottom of her shirt to pull it over her head. I toss it to the floor before unsnapping her bra and tossing it on the floor as well. Her jeans disappear next. I smile when I see the pale blue thong that she’s wearing. She has a naughty side that she likes to keep hidden. I waste no time as I rip it off of her. She gasps in shock as I toss it aside.

“You ruined my underwear!” She says.

“Sorry. I’m sure you have more.” I tease before crawling on top of her. I kiss her slowly as my hands explore her body. I cup both of her breasts before sucking one of her nipples into my mouth. Her back arches up off the bed as I suck and roll my tongue across it. I release it and attack the other. I was right when I guessed that her tits were real. Score for me.

I kiss my way slowly down her stomach, stopping at her belly button and shoving my tongue inside. She cries out at the feel of it. I continue my exploration of her creamy skin, going lower. I reach the triangle between her thighs as my hands shove her legs apart. I know that she’s going to scream as soon as I start licking. Sure enough, the second my tongue hits her clit, she starts shouting. I hold her legs down as I lick and swirl my tongue over her nub. I suck it into my mouth, causing her to grab my shoulders. Her fingernails dig into my skin
and I let loose a moan of my own.

I continue to lick and taste her as I shove first one, then two fingers inside of her. She shouts out my name as I start pumping my fingers in and out of her.
Her body grows wetter and I lick every drop of her up. I love the way she tastes on the tip of my tongue. She starts trashing as she draws closer to her orgasm. I pump my fingers in and out faster until I feel her tighten around them. She claws at my shoulders as she comes. I continue sucking on her clit until she finally relaxes.

My dick is screaming at me to fuck her, but I control myself. I want her to suck me off first so that I can last longer. If I stick my dick in her now, I’ll blow my load before the fun even gets started.

“How was that?” I ask as I sit up and look at her.

Her eyes are closed, but she’s smiling as
she tries to calm her breathing. I’m mesmerized by her tits as they heave up and down with each breath. Unable to stop myself, I lean forward and run my tongue across both of her nipples.

“Ah! Don’t. My body is on fire right now!” She says as she pushes me away.

I chuckle as I scoot up the bed and kiss her. I know she can taste herself on my lips and it causes me to moan. I need release and I need it now.

“Care to return the favor?” I ask.

Her eyes pop open. “You want me to… suck you?”

I nod. “Yeah. If you don’t, I’ll probably bust the zipper on my jeans.

She stares at me for a second before nodding. I stand and unbutton my pants. I slide them down my legs and kick them off before lying down on the bed. She seems unsure of herself, so I urge her on. “Today would be nice, babe.”

“Sorry.” She mumbles as she sits up and moves down the bed. Her eyes never leave my dick. I reach down and start rubbing it, unable to stop myself. She gasps when I grab her hand and put it on my shaft.

“Come on, babe. You’re killing me here.” I mumble as I close my eyes.

She starts rubbing up and down my shaft, slow at first. Her touch is gentle and it’s driving me insane. Finally, she starts to speed up, squeezing harder.

“Ah, yeah. Like that. Now, suck me.” I command her.

She pulls her hand away and I look down at her. She slowly lowers her head and wraps her lips around my dick. My hips thrust up, causing her to nearly choke. I force my body to relax as the we
t heat of her mouth engulfs my dick. I groan as her tongue swirls around the head before taking me deeper. She pulls back slowly before sucking me deeper yet again. She might seem innocent, but she definitely knows what she’s doing.

Her hair falls around her face as I watch her head bob up and down. She suctions her lips and I moan again. “Keep going, just like that.” I mutter.

I’m ready to blow. I can feel it building, but I don’t bother to give her a warning. When I shoot into her mouth, she nearly gags.

“Swallow it.” I order her as I continue to shoot off into her mouth.

I can tell that she’s unsure, but she does as I say. When I finish pumping my cum into her mouth, she pulls away. “That was gross.”

“But you liked it.” I state. I know she does, even if she’s unsure.

“Yeah, kinda.”

I stand
and pick her up. She squeals in shock as I throw her back down onto the bed. I press my dick against her heat, already feeling myself grow hard again. I can’t wait to fuck her senseless. I’m going to make her scream my name over and over again until she can’t speak.

“I’m going to fuck you hard, Jasmine.” She nods, but I can tell that she’s still unsure of what’s happening. “You’re going to let loose with me, okay? Remember, you’re safe with me. I’ll never tell.”

I lean down and suck her lower lip into my mouth. I can taste myself on her lips and it makes me grow harder. I reach between us and start stroking myself until I’m ready. I reach into the stand beside the bed and pull a condom out. She watches as I rip it open with my teeth and put it on. Once I’m finished, I position myself over her again.

“You do as I tell you. Understood?” I ask.

She nods. “Okay.”

I position myself at her entrance and slowly slide in. Jesus. She’s so fucking tight. I pull back slightly and push in again. Once I’m fully inside of her, I stop and give her time to adjust to my size. She’s tight and I’m not exactly small. I want to fuck her senseless, not hurt her. Once I’m sure that she’s ready, I pull back until just the tip of my dick is inside of her, then I slam into her again. She moans out my name as I start thrusting hard and fast inside of her. I lean down and suck one of her nipples into my mouth, biting softly. Her back arches off the bed as she wraps her arms around my neck and holds on tightly.

“Wrap your legs around me.” I command after I release her nipple. She does as I say and I pound into her again, deeper this time. Her tight pussy is on fire and I can feel myself building again. I push the urge back as I slip a hand between us and flick her clit. I’m not finished with her and coming now would ruin my plans.

She shouts my name as she comes. I clench my teeth together as I feel her tightening around my dick. Fuck me. I pull out as soon as she’s finished and flip her onto her stomach.

“Lift your ass up.” I tell her.

She doesn’t argue as she lifts her ass up. I get on my knees and thrust into her again. Her moans of pleasure are muffled as she buries her head in a pillow. I grab her ass as I pound into her and then slap it hard. She shouts out in both pain and pleasure. I slap it again, harder this time.

“You like that?” I ask.

She nods, unable to speak. I grab her hips and start thrusting my hips harder. The room is filled with the sounds of our bodies coming together and our moans of pleasure. But I’m not finished with her just yet. I pull out and she starts beggi
ng me not to stop. I ignore her pleas as I pick her up and shove her against the wall. She weighs next to nothing and I’m glad as I hold her in place. I shove myself inside her again and continue pounding into her.

“Oh, fuck, Davin! Don’t stop!” She shouts as she claws at my back.

I take her lip into my mouth and bite down hard. She cries out, but that only spurs me on. I release her lip and start kissing her neck.

“Bite me.” I demand.

“I don’t… Where?” She gasps.

“I don’t care. Just do it.”

She kisses me again, sucking my lip into her mouth and biting down gently.

“Harder.” I say.

She bites down harder and a shudder rips through my body. She releases my lip and starts nibbling on my ear lobe. I moan when she bites down hard on it. I fucking love this. Pain and pleasure mixed together.

I can feel myself on the brink. I pump my hips faster, letting the friction build between us. I lean back to watch as her tits bounce up and down as I thrust into her. Yeah, that’s all I need. I shout out as I shoot my seed into her tight sex. Fuck yes.

“Fucccccccccck.” I shout as I finish.

We’re both breathing hard and covered in sweat. I rest my forehead against hers until our breathing evens out. Once we’re both almost back to normal, I slid out of her and set her down on the floor. She grips the stand beside of her to keep from falling. Her legs are shaking from exertion and she stumbles over to the bed to sit down.

I ignore her as I turn away and take the condom off. After knotting it, I toss it in the garbage and grab my pants off the floor. I pull them on and then turn my attention back to her. She’s still on the bed, watching me as I move closer to her. I hold out my hand and she takes it. I pull her up off the bed and kiss her deeply. This is my goodbye to her. I have what I need and I’m ready for her to go. I’m not a total asshole though, I help her pick her clothes up off the floor. She dresses quickly, avoiding eye contact with me again.

“Thanks for that, babe.” I say as I drop down onto the bed.

“I… I should go.” She says.

I smile at her. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”

“So, um, bye.”

“Later.” I tell her, lifting an eyebrow. “You can go now.”

She seems upset as she turns away from me and hurries to the door. But she doesn’t beg. She doesn’t ask to stay. She’s ashamed of what she did and that’s what I count on. They ones who are ashamed never stick around for long.

I lay back on the bed and close my eyes. Just as I’m starting to doze off, someone starts beating on the door.

“Hey, Davin. You naked?” Mikey shouts through the door.

“Nah, come on in.” I yell back.

He opens the door and walks in. One of the girls from outside is behind him. Her eyes widen when she sees me on the bed.

“Am I doing both of you?” She asks excitedly.

I laugh as I stand up and walk to the door. “Nope.”

“Get the fuck out of here. It’s my turn.” Mikey says as he all but shoves me out of the room.

I smirk when he slams the door behind me. The bus is silent as I walk to my bunk and drop down into it. I’m exhausted and we have another show tomorrow night. My eyes drift shut and before I know it, I’m out.

Ah, the life of a rock star. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



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