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“So far it’s been great.” He set down his beer. “But right now, my love, I’m more interested in
than in Vegas.” With a mischievous look in his eye, he raised his tapered glass to clink against my martini.

“What is it?” I asked. “Something’s amusing you.” I glanced toward the mirror that lined the wall behind the bar. “Do I have spinach between my teeth?”

“You’ve never looked more spectacular.” He put his hand on my thigh and stroked, teasing his fingers under the hem of my deep red satin dress.

As I brushed my thumb over the tiny creases at the base of his index finger, my body heated from the inside out, making me glad for the dim lighting and the overhang of the bar, which joined to hide our indiscretion. We’d been married ten years, dating for five and a half before that, and still my husband could make me wet with a touch, a look, sometimes a glance.

“Maybe we should finish our drinks upstairs,” I whispered, then traced my tongue through the tight groove at the edge of his ear.

Thom squeezed my thigh, shifting on his stool to disguise the rising pole tenting his pants. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Is your surprise by any chance under your belt?”

He laughed deep in his chest, a sound I loved more than just about anything in the world, and it was all I could do to keep from straddling him right there on the barstool. I couldn’t wait to get up to our room. Desire traced through me at the thought of elevator sex. When in Vegas, right? Did we dare?

“The surprise isn’t under
belt,” he said, his voice husky.

“Too bad.” I shifted, and his fingers slid higher on my thigh. “That looks like a very satisfying surprise.” I brushed my fingers over his erection, unable to imagine wanting him more. He stared into my eyes with a mixture of passion and unmistakable mischief.
What was he up to?

“Remember that night when you told me your fantasy?” he asked.

“Yes . . .” I felt the flush on my cheeks deepen.

“I want to make your fantasy come true. Tonight.”

“You’re not serious.”

“I am.” Heat nearly consumed his eyes, burning me, too.

Clearly he relished the idea of playing the part of “stranger” in my sex-with-a-stranger fantasy. Of course, in the scenario I’d described there’d been multiple men, multiple strangers all taking me in turn, a group of men with no focus other than giving me pleasure.

What I’d imagined was purely fantasy. Thom was the only lover I’d ever had and, other than in dreams, I’d never been tempted by another man. Not really. Still, I loved that my husband was willing to role-play this fantasy for me.

“Do you come here often?” I asked, raising my martini glass and winking.

“Oh, I’m not playing a stranger,” he said. “That wouldn’t work.”

“What?” I leaned bac
. “You want me to approach someone in the bar? Pick someone up?”

“I hired someone.”

“A gigolo?” I blurted.

Grinning, he put his finger to my lips and we both glanced around the bar to see whether anyone had heard my outburst. The bartender quickly turned her head in the other direction.

I started to giggle.

Grinning, Thom leaned in close so he wouldn’t be overheard. “I hired a company called Fantasies Unleashed. They specialize in making fantasies come true.”

“Sexual fantasies?”

He nodded and the heat returned to his gaze. The look in his eyes was positively predatory.

“How would that even work? I mean...”

He cupped my face in his hand, stroking the tiny sensitive space where my cheek meets my ear. “They’re very professional. Trust me. Tonight, if you want to go along with this, their fantasy facilitators will make your wildest dreams come true.”

“Fantasy facilitators?” I gulped down more martini and it burned all the way down to my belly.

“That’s what they call their staff.”

A thrill raced through me. “That is such a sweet idea, Thom, really—and hot—but I don’t want anyone but you. When I told you about that fantasy, I never meant, I never imagined...” My breaths came faster and my mouth turned dry. I took another sip of martini.

“It’s okay,” he said. “It’s my gift to you. You’re allowed to want this. You can do this. What happens tonight won’t threaten what we have.”

I could never hide things from Thom. Even as I denied wanting the fantasy with words, my body and face revealed the truth. Never mind my insides, which continued to heat as I remembered how I’d described my fantasy to him, how I’d imagined being surrounded by handsome men all focused on me, all wanting me, needing me, fucking me in turns until I couldn’t take any more.

“But you—” I touched his hand. “Honey, even if that were possible, this is
anniversary, too, ours, and I—”

“Your gift to me was the trip to Vegas.”

“That hardly compares.” I kissed the soft place at the base of his thumb. “Plus, since I’m here, I’m benefiting from my gift to you. The only thing you’ll get from your gift to me is feeling alone, and maybe a little jealous?”

“I won’t be jealous.”

“Come on.”

“It’s not like you’ll be falling in love, and it won’t be a betrayal since I was the one who set it up. You won’t be doing anything behind my back.” His fingers stroked my inner thigh.

“Are you sure about this?” I looked into his eyes. “Are you even serious?”

“Very serious.” He shifted closer and his hand pushed up higher on my thigh. “Knowing that your fantasy is being fulfilled will satisfy me in more ways than you can imagine.”

Moving higher, his fingers brushed over my panties and I squirmed, both from the sensations and from my conflicting emotions. “How am I supposed to feel if my husband’s okay with my having sex with other men?”

“Grateful?” Grinning, he scratched his finger over the satin of my panties, dragging over my clit, and every blood cell in my body migrated between my legs.

“I want this for you,” he whispered, his voice low and deep. “Believe me, I’ve thought it through. I’ve thought about this—a

“Do you want to have sex with other women?”

“No,” he said. “I don’t fantasize about other women.”

“Then what
your fantasy?” I asked. “You never told me.”

“If I recall,” he said, “we got kind of distracted that night.” He kissed me, bringing back memories of that Tuesday night in June—one of our most spectacular, sexually speaking.

Thom had walked in on me while I was touching myself, almost ready to come, and asked what was on my mind. Before I’d even finished confessing the details, he was ripping his clothes off and we fucked for hours, not stopping until we had to get ready for work the next day.

“Just know,” he said, “I want this for you. More than anything. I treasure our sex life. I treasure you, and the thought of your being turned on, pleasured, surprised...” He shook his head while sucking in an audible breath. “The thought of you being ravaged, worshiped by other men—That’s

“But this seems so one sided.” I squirmed on the stool.

“It’s what I want.” He looked into my eyes and stroked my panties. “Assuming it’s still what you want? Do you want this to happen, for real?”

Turning to look at our reflections in the mirror behind the bar, I studied his expression. His gaze was directed toward my chest in that non-subtle way he had of ogling my boobs, and his fingers were still stroking between my legs. Was his suggestion some kind of test? Did he want me to retract my fantasy? Was this all talk meant to turn me on?

. We didn’t play games with each other. Not mind games like that. Ever. I had to take him at his word.

But did I want my fantasy to happen? For real? Fantasies are one thing when they’re confined to our minds, when they’re used to turn us on when our lovers are away, or when we want to drift to somewhere different and exciting. My mind had played out variations on the same fantasy since I was a teen, but did I actually want the real thing?

My breaths came even faster; my entire body tingled with excitement. I downed the rest of the martini, letting it burn through me, enjoying the sensation as the alcohol loosened my tension and inhibitions.

Closing my eyes, I luxuriated under the teasing touch of Thom’s fingers, stroking me through the soft satin. Although I knew it was my husband’s hand, I tried to imaging that it was a stranger’s, and I imagined yet another man cupping my breasts while another captured my lips. The thoughts lit new fires; I felt sure my panties were soaked.

want this—a lot—and that my husband was willing to make it happen— “Yes,” I said on a hard exhale as I opened my eyes.

He drew a breath so deep his shoulders rose. “Good.” He slipped off his stool.

“How will—”

“Stay here. I’m moving to a table. Back there.” He gestured into the sparkled darkness of the room. “A man will approach you. He’ll buy you another drink and suggest you join him upstairs.”

“How will I know it’s the right man?” I asked, instantly embarrassed for suggesting that, left alone for a moment, I’d be hit on by random men.

“I’ll be watching.” He traced his hand down my back to rest on my ass and bent to kiss my neck. “I won’t let you leave the bar with the wrong guy. Oh—and if you want the fantasy to end, or if anything happens that makes you uncomfortable, you need to say ‘Red light’.”

“Red light?”

“That’s your safe word.”

I had a safe word?

I taught fifth grade in room 214 at Bentley Primary School. I clipped coupons and watched way too much Food Channel. On what planet did I do things that required safe words? Nerves scrambled inside me, and I was about to call the whole thing off when Thom took my face in his hands and kissed me long and slow and hard, a kiss so passionate I felt like I might melt right into the chair.

The idea of this fantasy turned him on, too. It was clear. Thom wasn’t just doing this for me.

When he finally broke away, he pressed a light kiss to my forehead. “See you on the other side.”

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BOOK: Dirty Business: Fantasies Unleashed 1
7.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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