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“I’m sorry.”

“Thanks.” Dix tucked his fingers through two of Bryan’s belt loops and pulled him closer. “Shall we count the number of times one of us has said ‘sorry’ tonight? We’re a couple of pathetic sons of bitches.”

Bryan’s hands settled on Dix’s hips. “That’s no shit. What do you suppose we should do about it?”

“I have a couple thoughts.” Dix cupped Bryan’s neck and drew him in for a kiss. He paused when their lips were barely touching. “I’m clean, just so you know. But we should use condoms.”

Bryan tightened his grasp on Dix’s hips. “I’m clean too. Got some supplies in the nightstand drawer. Might have to dust them off.”

Dix grinned. “We can do that. But first, we need to do this.” He pressed their lips together.

The first kiss was electric. The feeling of another man’s rough beard never failed to excite him. Dix opened his mouth so their tongues could explore, and sighed when Bryan obliged.

They batted tongues, groped and kissed until Bryan finally drew back for a breath. “Oh, God,” he panted. “I want you.
. Bedroom.”

Dix let his mouth trail to Bryan’s ear and whispered, “Lead the way. You have a preference, top or bottom?”

“I enjoy both. Your call.”

“In that case, I’d like to fuck your nice, tight ass.”

He actually felt the shiver that ran through Bryan’s body. Dix grinned and gazed into his eyes. “What do you think? Would you like that?”

“I think—I’d
that. Come on.” He grabbed Dix’s hand and led him to the back of the house. “Forgive the mess.”

Dix glanced around as he undressed. “Looks okay to me.” The bed wasn’t made and there were a few clothes on a chair in the corner. It was otherwise nice and neat, and clean enough for him. His own townhouse was probably messier, but well-kept underneath the clutter.

He unbuttoned his shirt and watched as Bryan undressed. “You look okay to me, too. Better than okay. Damned good.”

They kicked out of their boxers at the same time and both erections sprang forth. Dix’s mouth watered. Bryan’s cock bobbed full and thick, more massive than his, if not quite as long. “Yeah, baby.” He eyed the rod hungrily. “Lie down, face up, please.”

Bryan opened the nightstand drawer and, reaching in, grabbed some condoms and lube then tossed them on top. He threw the covers off the bed and flopped onto his back. Grabbing his shaft, he gave it a slow tug. “See anything you like?”

“You know I do.” Dix climbed between his legs. “I see plenty that I like. Lots that I want to taste.” He began kissing behind the man’s knee and worked his way higher. When he reached the apex, he switched legs and kissed his way up that side, too.

Bryan writhed under his touch. “Sweet torment,” he muttered, his voice breathy.

“About to get sweeter.” Dix blew on the shaft in front of him. It pulsed in response and hardened more when he licked from base to tip.


He chuckled and continued his ministrations. As much as he wanted to continue the torment, he soon gave in and swallowed the length as deeply as he could.

Bryan gasped and groaned.

“Mmm hmm,” Dix encouraged, his mouth full. He loved to hear his partner’s reactions during sex. He pulled away just long enough to murmur, “Like that?” He drove down again, forcing the head to the back of his throat.

“Fuck yeah!” Bryan jerked his hips.

Dix bobbed with the motions, sucking until he couldn’t breathe then backing off, licking with long, languorous strokes.

“You know the right moves.” His lover ran both hands through Dix’s hair. “I’m gonna come if you keep that up.”

Dix squeezed his balls and gave one last, firm suck before releasing the tasty cock. “Nope, too soon for that. Just wanted to give you a little taste of what’s to come, so to speak.” He climbed on top of Bryan and rubbed their groins together. “Can’t shoot yet. I’ve got more planned for you.”

Bryan gazed at him, his eyes glassy. “Whatever you want to do. I’m putty in your hands right now.”

Dix leaned in for a kiss that quickly deepened as they both opened their mouths. He sucked Bryan’s tongue and rubbed their bodies together until he was sure he couldn’t stand another minute of the beautiful friction.

He reached for the lube and squirted some into his palm. Using one finger, he felt between them and probed Bryan’s anus.

Bryan gasped when the first digit slid in. Watching Dix’s face, he said, “You know, when you came into the restaurant that first time, I wondered if you thought I might be the killer. You had a funny look in your eye.”

Dix grinned, inserting another finger into the slick channel. “I had to check every lead out. You weren’t overly thrilled we were there. I got the impression something was up with you.”

Bryan’s eyes rolled back as a third digit probed him. “Nothing was up but my cock when I saw you for the first time. Thought you were hot. What did you think about me?”

“I didn’t know what the hell to think.”

“Did you suspect me? Really? You can admit it. I won’t kick you out of bed.”

“Good thing, seeing as I have you in a compromising position. Three fingers up your ass and another coming in.”

“Oh, God.” Bryan shivered. “Do it.”

Dix added the fourth and worked them from side to side. When he felt sure the hole was stretched sufficiently, he eased them out. “I never suspected you, I was just investigating the scene. Now I know it couldn’t have been you.”

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?”

Dix smiled. “You’re always working. You’re too busy to kill anybody.” He sheathed his cock in latex and stroked until it was covered with lube. Aiming the tip at his lover’s anus, he pressed forward.

Bryan bucked at the same time, inviting him in.

Dix gritted his teeth. “I was wrong. You’re killing me. Oh, God, you’re killing me. I’m not going to last long.” He planted himself as deep as he could go and paused to catch a breath. As he began the slow, in and out rhythm, he reached for Bryan’s leaking erection and rubbed it, then licked salty pre-cum from his hand. “Yeah, baby. You’re right there with me. A few strokes and we’ll both be there.”

“Do me.” Bryan clutched Dix’s thighs and squeezed. “Fuck me, yeah! Fuck harder, that’s it.”

They rode the frenzy together and when Bryan’s cock erupted into the air and over both their stomachs, Dix let go, filling the rubber in his partner’s ass. He thrust for as long as he could then slowed, resting lightly on Bryan, head on his shoulder.

“Perfect.” Bryan kissed his forehead and everywhere he could reach.

“Very perfect,” Dix agreed. “Wish I didn’t have to move.”

Bryan smiled. “Nothing saying we can’t do it again.”

Dix groaned. “I’ll need a few minutes.”

“A few minutes, what-the-fuck-ever. I’ll need a half hour and some Red Bull. But you’re worth it.”

Happily, Dix closed his eyes.

Later, they ordered pizza and ate in the living room on the sofa.

“So, when did you realise you were gay?” Bryan asked over a slice of pepperoni.

Dix smiled. “When did I really know? Probably not for sure until about six years ago, when my marriage fell apart. I started dating again and discovered I wasn’t looking for the same things in a mate that I once was.”

Bryan chuckled. “We’re so much alike it’s scary. I was the same way. I haven’t been ‘out’ for quite as long, and I can’t say I like the dating process much. It’s a different world than I remember.”

“Things change,” Dix agreed. “Good thing we decided not to date, and went straight to fucking.”

A belly laugh this time. “A very good thing. Yep, one of us had a fantastic idea. Can’t remember which.”

“Pretty sure it was both of us.” Dix looked at him thoughtfully. “What are you going to do about the bar? Or would you prefer I called it a restaurant?”

“It’s definitely a bar. I added the ‘Grille’ part a few years ago, trying to bring in more business.”

“The infamous remodel?”

“That would be correct. Anyway, I don’t know what I’m going to do. If things don’t turn around, I’ll either have to sell the place or lose it to foreclosure.”

“That would suck. Think you could sell it?”

He shrugged. “Dunno. Honestly, I haven’t let my mind go there. I’m still hoping some kind of magic will fall in my lap and we can save the place.”

“Sami tells me your other daughter is a sous chef.”

Bryan rolled his eyes.
“Sous chef
is being generous. Kayla’s an apprentice chef, two years out of cooking school. She’s good, but not quite sous chef material yet.”

“And Sami’s going into restaurant management. Sounds like a theme running through the family.”

“Yeah, my dream line up. Me, Kay and Sami running a nice restaurant, not a bar. Maybe something Italian. Kay could manage the kitchen, Sami would work front of the house and I’d be behind the scenes, managing the business end of it until they were ready to take that on.”

“I love Italian food.”

Bryan chuckled. “You would. Did the Italian stud cook for you?”

“No, he was no cook. He had other talents, though.”

“I’ll bet.”

Dix chuckled. “What? He was a painter. Seriously, your dream sounds nice.”

“Yeah.” He set his plate aside. “You know what else sounds nice?” He dropped to his knees and moved between Dix’s legs.

“I can only hope.” Dix winked.

“You can do more than hope, lover.”

“Is something magic about to fall into my lap?”

Bryan grinned. “Oh, yeah. If you help me with the zipper on those slacks.”

Chapter Three

Dix forced himself to leave around midnight, with the promise of returning the following evening. It was Friday, and Bryan suggested he pack a bag so they could spend the weekend together. “Not a date, mind you.”

“Just more fucking?”

“Lots more.”

“I’m down with that. Or up for that. Whatever.” He rubbed his face. “It’s late, I’m beat. See you tomorrow.”

Bryan pressed a kiss to his lips and for a moment, Dix didn’t want to leave. He forced himself to go. As he drove home, he realised how much he was looking forward to the following evening, when he wouldn’t have to go anywhere. Spending the night together sounded great.

He managed six hours of sleep then went for a run before he showered and dressed for work. He stopped to buy four cups of
coffee, and carried the drink holder to his desk.

“Morning,” Mac greeted him. “How was your night?”

Dix could see his partner looked like hell, so he didn’t expound about how great it had actually been. “Okay. How’s Cecile? You guys get any rest last night?”

“Not much. She was pretty sick. Hopefully she’s on the uphill swing today.”

“I hope so, man.” He handed over a coffee.

Their captain joined them and Dix handed over another.

“Thanks. What’s the latest?”

The phone on Mac’s desk rang and he snatched it up. “MacDonald. No.” He closed his eyes and scrubbed his face with one hand. “Where was she found? Yep, we’re on our way.” He hung up the receiver.

“Don’t tell me we have another one.” Dix couldn’t believe it.
One a day? Seriously?

“Long blonde hair, strangled and burned dead woman in the alley off Jackson.”

“Fuck!” Dix picked up his drink. “Guess ours are to go. I’ll leave this one on Peyton’s desk, whenever he gets his lazy ass in here.” He set the last cup on their newest detective’s desk. Nick Peyton had been assigned to help when the body count had hit three. Now that it was four, Dix wondered if his boss would call in more reinforcements.

The captain raised his brows. “He’s here, he just ran down to the evidence room. I’ll give him your regards.”

Dix grinned over his shoulder. “You can leave out the ‘lazy ass’ part.”

Mac grabbed his coffee and followed.

“Touch base as soon as you know anything,” Alvarez called after them.

“Roger that,” Mac replied, and they headed out.

“This guy is escalating,” Dix muttered as they hurried to his Navigator.

“A vic a day is fucking nuts,” Mac agreed.

“We need a break, and big time.” He drove them to the alley where they met Abby and went over the scene.

“I see something.” She squatted next to the woman’s torso. “Looks like skin under her nails. She might have scratched the guy.”

“That would be nice,” Dix squinted to see the evidence. “You’ve got good eyes, Ab.”

“It’s all in the details.” She smiled and nodded.

He glanced at Mac. “I guess we’ll leave the minutia to the doc and start pounding the pavement.”

A uniformed officer approached, holding up a matchbook in a clear plastic evidence bag. “May or may not be anything, but this was found a few feet away from her body.”

Dix took the bag and studied the contents. “O’Malley’s Pub.” Handing the bag to Abby he looked at Mac. “That’s about a block from here.”

“Doubt anyone will be there this early. Let’s take her photo around to some of the open businesses first. I’ll bet the pub opens around ten.”

“Let’s do it.” They canvassed the surrounding neighbourhood and at ten headed to O’Malley’s. “Morning,” Dix told the middle-aged woman behind the bar.

“Is it? Looks pretty fucking much the same as last night when I closed this joint.”

She had silver hair the colour of Abby’s, but the comparison ended there. This woman was probably in her sixties and looked as if she’d lived every one of those years. “So you worked last night…” Dix read her worn nametag. “Marge?”

“I did. You should have come in, sugar. Would have passed the time much more pleasant-like.”

He smiled. “Sorry I missed it. I’m Detective Dixon and this is Detective MacDonald, with the KCPD. Unfortunately, a woman was found dead in the alley about a block away, just off Jackson. I wonder if you might remember seeing her?” He held up the photo.

“Hell yeah I remember! She was here for a few hours. First it was just her and a couple girlfriends. They met up with some fellas, lots of drinks flowing and some dancing. I’m not sure who left first, but one of the girls left with a guy.” She looked to the ceiling, pondering. “Can’t recall if I saw this one leave or not.”

“So you didn’t see her leave with one of the men?” Mac clarified.

BOOK: Dixon's Duty
13.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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