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Jenna turns her head and flinches, then says, “Luke, you startled me. Where have you been?” She sniffles as she finishes the question, sounding too nonchalant—like what I just witnessed happens every fucking day.

Devin is jumping around, wrestling with his jeans that I am surprised are still on—and must hurt like hell. He runs his hands against his cheeks and does an unmistakable inhale as he says, “Oh, hey bro.”

Hey bro?
It’s still dark but I know he can read my expression of unadulterated resentment. My stomach pangs fail to subside even as their little interlude ends.

I flip the light on and catch a brief glimpse of her lipstick areolas before Jenna tugs her dress straps up. I find it ridiculously ironic that she doesn’t mind baring herself to a stranger, but now that her hubby is here, she feels like Eve after eating the apple.

An awkward silence triggers me to blurt, “Want more sushi?”

Devin chortles then says, “I’m full,” to me, then struts in front of Jenna and says, “and this was the best sushi I’ve ever had.” As if this wasn’t vulgar enough, he leans in and locks lips with Jenna.

That comment and random kiss hits me like a double sucker punch of Kryptonite. I’m glad I couldn’t eat anything all day or I would be retching all over the floor now.

Devin pulls back and they peer into each other’s eyes. I can’t explain it with any other word than lovingly. With another thud in my belly, I feel a surge down below my belt.

I’m not sure how much more Civil War I can stomach.

Jenna must have read my mind as she says, “I’m hungry,” then giggles as she steals a glance at mister python. With Jenna still on the counter, I want to rip off all my clothes, then slip between her creamy thighs and ram into her, feeling her juices from cock to toe. The puddle on the floor between her legs is impressive and I have a bizarre desire to taste it and stand in it. To mark it as my territory. Ok, I know I sound kinky, but fuck it.

Jenna reaches out and Devin’s hands grip hers. He easily whisks her off the counter with muscles bulging, and eases her onto the tile floor. I can’t believe she still has her stripper heels on—or that she can even stand in them. Jenna pulls her dress down slightly. My mental checklist notices no panties in sight. Just as I thought. As we finally head downstairs, thank God, she leans in and locks lips with Devin again.

This hits me hard. Jenna never wants to kiss me after I go down on her. But, now she initiates a sloppy kiss as if saying I want to taste my juices.

As their embrace continues longer than I want, another depth charge of Kryptonite detonates in my stomach. My foot taps against the tile and breaks the silence, but they don’t seem to notice.

Finally, they split and Jenna grabs Devin’s hand and pulls him as they amble past me. I can’t help but notice that Devin lags behind just enough to check out my wife’s ass. This body-paint-of-a-dress leaves nothing to the imagination already. And Jenna’s curvy ass mesmerizes Devin.

I flashback to a locker room guy talk conversation with him and remember him telling me how much he loves anal. With his eyes burning a hole in the back of her dress, I cringe. I don’t have the heart to tell him she despises butt sex.

I follow a few steps behind and am relieved they don’t veer onto the bed; instead, Jenna leads the way to the stairs and hopefully, the sushi I had to drive thirty miles to pick up earlier. I can tell Devin is spellbound by Jenna and not only her ass. Devin usually moves with impressive grace for a big man, a confident swagger that borders on overconfidence. Now, he struggles to walk and with his eyes still fixated on Jenna’s pear-shaped derriere, I hope he doesn’t fall down the stairs. Or, maybe I do.

We manage to hobble to the kitchen stools in front of our center island. Jenna grabs the middle one, and we sit on both sides. I now feel more like the host—in control for a change—and I grab the Moet from the fridge, pull three new glasses from our nifty built in holder under the cabinet and pour. Jenna’s flute overflows with bubbles a bit and Devin and I both smirk at each other.

I stand behind them a raise my glass up higher and say, “I propose a toast.”

Jenna and Devin grab their glasses, turn and I freeze...

I am taken aback as I look at both of them. They have a sheen, a sexual sheen—and Devin’s face has a film...

Of dried Jenna juice. Jenna cuts the uncomfortable silence with, “To making lasting memories...and new friends.”

I say, “Here, here,” and manage to suppress what I want to say.

We clank, then as Devin and Jenna sip, I gulp. Moet is usually delicious but I can’t taste anything right now. I feel fidgety again and I return to the refrigerator and pull the tray of sushi out and set it in front of Jenna. We each grab a few pieces and quietly toss them in our mouths. Of course, all I can think of is that the granite here matches the master bath—the place where Devin enjoyed my wife’s pink sashimi. And how his face must smell. I can’t believe he didn’t wash himself—and now we’re sharing finger-food.

“Mmm, this tastes good,” Devin’s baritone breaks the awkward silence as he stretches out the word good like Barry White. Instantly, he and Jenna engage in a new round of eye fucking—their fervor makes me consider turning on the air conditioning.

Jenna is smitten, no doubt about it, and Devin’s eyes reveal his hunger for her, well, sashimi. Though our agreement was intended to be a threesome, I fear I’m the odd man out. If two’s company and three’s a crowd, my one-some sure feels lonely.

I notice Devin’s hand glide on Jenna’s leg, then slowly slide up and down. They don’t even notice my sigh.

Jenna flinches and my cock twitches. I say fuck it to myself, and slip my hand on Jenna’s other leg and caress her in my own way. I notice Devin’s hand is much larger than mine and I’m guessing Jenna takes notice. To one up me, Devin’s slips to her inner thigh, teasing one of her favorite erogenous zones. He already found her favorite. His big black hand looks erotic against Jenna’s creamy skin.

Jenna releases a purr and I can’t help but think,
damn, this guy’s good
! The cliché: putty in his hands takes on a whole new meaning. My eyes wander to Jenna’s eraser nipples that rival my throbbing sword that my hand helps forge its way up my pants. Her nipples point upward also, driving me wild.

I feel flesh and realize either Jenna or Devin has hiked up her dress—exposing her swelling sashimi. Though she spreads her legs slightly, Jenna’s dark cherry stands above her pink area. Her honey-colored pubes aren’t quite 70s bush, but say
I’m deviant

Devin’s fingers slide dangerously close to my wife’s sex and it triggers a Turret’s, “Is this dessert?”

All three of us laugh and Devin says, “You want some dark chocolate for your cherry pie?”

Hey, now he sounds like me!

Jenna defiantly slaps our hands away—both Devin and mine—then pulls her dress to her knees and says, “I need to use the ladies room.” Her heels dig into the wood floor slightly and she pushes away from the counter—and the heat that still lingers in the air.

We both nearly fall off our stools as we spin to gape Jenna’s sauntering across the room. Just before turning the corner, she glances back, pauses and smiles as we both hold our stare. Devin says, “Are you okay man?”

“Huh, me? What do you mean?”

“Well, you know...”

At first I think Devin’s taunting me, but his emerald eyes have flecks of light that reveal an honesty. He genuinely does care how this whole thing is affecting me. My first knee-jerk reaction is usually humor—
how’d you like my wife’s cherry pie
? But a lucidity enters me. I inhale deeply, then exhale saying, “I’m good.”

And for the most part, I am. At least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself.

“If this gets too crazy, man, just say so. I understand. I don’t want to lose you as a friend bro.”

too crazy? Are you shitting me? Like it isn’t already certifiably insane? So far, you’ve catapulted my wife to the moon and bitch slapped me—how much more crazy can it get?

My Turret’s blurts, “Do you want to fuck my wife in the ass?”

“Don’t mind me,” Jenna’s voice nearly throws me off the stool. I lurch around and notice she’s barefoot—no wonder I didn’t hear her. And her hair is up. Her expression tells me she not only heard my question, but she is not happy with me.

After scolding me with her eyes, she glances at Devin and her expression lightens. Great. Her eyes wander as she says, “Who’s up for hot tubbing?”

Without waiting for our reply, Jenna giggles as she darts toward the back door on her tip toes. She bounces with the grace of a fawn. I look at Devin and raise both eyebrows.

“Yeah, I’m up for hot tubbing, whatever. Hey, I gotta use the bathroom too. Is it just around the corner?”

“Yep, when you’re done, just come out back.” I stand and feel queasy again as the Kryptonite seeps into my legs and stomach. But my cock twitches. I trudge into the garage and grab the cooler I had prepared earlier. I chuckle as I imagine the look on their faces when I serve them.

I slide the door open and realize the greatest thing about living in the country is the stars at night. The twinkling stars and full moon look like a Hollywood movie set. Tonight, I am especially thankful for the privacy. Nobody can see or hear anything.

Jenna is already laying back in the tub—eyes closed, with her chin just above the bubbling, steamy water. The light inside the hot tub is on—and I notice Jenna changed it to red, of course. I notice her crumpled up dress on the chair and remember our last time in the tub together...she wore a swim suit. In a few minutes, a stranger—well, not exactly a stranger anymore—gets to see her in her birthday suit.

I slip off my shoes, then rip off my jeans and shirt in record time. Jenna’s eyes pop open as I’m about to enter the oversized hot tub.

“Oh my, somebody’s excited I see...”

“Yeah, kinda hard to hide,” I laugh nervously as I slap my boner and it flutters like a diving board. I plunge into the water and sit beside Jenna.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Are you...excited?” I slip my hand between her legs and comb her watery pubes with my fingernails.

“I think so. I’m a little nervous...where’s Devin?” She turns her head away from me, toward the door.

“He’s in the bathroom,” I say, then move her chin toward my face with my fingers and say, “I’m nervous too.”

“Hey, about earlier...”

Jenna’s eyes dart away but return as I cut in, “Shhhh, don’t worry about it...”

“You sure?”

“Yes I’m sure. It was fucking hot,” I lie, but not completely. Against the heat of the tub’s water, I feel a chill inside. Jenna’s eyes peer into mine and I continue, “you can tell me all about it tomorrow.”

Jenna’s giggle helps me relax inside, but I still have more turbulence than this pulsing hot tub. Her expression turns serious as she says, “Do you really mean it?” Her hand surprises me as it clenches my cock. The lust in her eyes for me is back. She says, “We can just do it alone...”

I pull in a nervous shallow breath, then say, “Do you want Devin to go?”

Jenna bit down on her lower lip and just as she was about to speak, the sliding glass door opens. Devin struts across our deck that is above our hot tub.

“Nice hot tub bro,” Devin is looking my direction but I can tell he’s eyeing Jenna.

“You gonna stand there all night or join us?” I say. This is a defining moment. Jenna just gave me an out.
We can just do it alone.
Part of me wants to send him away, part of me needs him here. I teeter-totter and lean toward finishing what I started. The bathroom scene was hot, but not enough. I still have an urge to watch her with another man. And Devin is being respectful. Ok, that sounds fucked up, but hey, I invited him to this fantasy game and I have to say, he’s done his part. And then some. I hope our friendship doesn’t turn as weird as I’m feeling right now.

“Well, I didn’t know we’d be hot tubbing. I don’t have a swimsuit,” Devin’s lips curl up slightly as his eyes pick up a sparkle against the full moon’s glow.

“You can borrow one of mine,” I deadpan and chuckle.

“No thanks, not if they’re anything like you wear on the court...”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I say with a mock frown.

Without another word, Devin kicks off his shoes. Then pulls his shirt off, revealing his chiseled abs beneath a towering chest muscle.

I’m not gay or even curious, but I twitch. Not from Devin, but from Jenna’s eyes that are glued to Devin’s hot strip tease. He licks his lips for effect and unbuckles his belt, then slowly pulls it out and flings it aside. I wonder if he’s going to put on a bow tie and cuffs.

He flicks open the button on the top of his jeans and unzips leisurely. He stands there with his fly open for a moment, then locks eyes with Jenna. He knows he’s in total control of her and his lusty gaze might overflow the hot tub. Jenna bites down on her lower lip and I am throbbing.

Then, he thumbs his jeans and boxer briefs down to the ground in one fell swoop and stands upright and faces Jenna in a statuesque pose.

BOOK: Double Teamed: Sharing Jenna
2.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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