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Jenna’s eyes widen, then she squints as if testing her eyesight. Her cheeks are rosaceous, a stark contrast to her skin inside the tub’s pink light. I can only imagine how inflamed her cherry is right now.

   Devin stares at her, but Jenna’s eyes lock on his dangling dong. His python is flaccid but he’s still bigger than my biggest erection. Even though there is a chill in the night air, his balls bulge out. If this is how he looks cold, I can only imagine him in the hot tub. Even though I’ve stolen a glance in the showers—hard to miss—he looks even bigger now. Maybe it’s his desire for Jenna. What’s going through her head right now? She’s not trying to hide her lust—as her eyes haven’t left his hanging big black python. And he’s loving it!

“What do you think?” Devin cuts the silence, then taunts Jenna with a slight hip sway that makes his schlong slap back and forth against his thighs.

Jenna’s star struck, like a young girl at her first boy-band concert.

I break in with my nervous habit, “See why we call him ‘Python?’” My voice rises like I haven’t reached puberty.

Without breaking her gawk, Jenna utters, “Looks more like an anaconda.”

Devin laughs hard, waggling his python, err anaconda. Jenna giggles without breaking eye contact and this time, it doesn’t relax me. I’m churning more than this water.

“Are you ready?” Devin says as his eyes start with me, then Jenna.

Jenna nods and Devin steps forward and places both of his feet on the tub’s ledge, facing us. He stares at Jenna—like a male stripper moving in for a lap dance. He lowers one foot onto the tub’s seat and his python pierces the water for a moment, then he pushes up enough so he’s above the steamy gurgling water. Thoughts of my tiny Jenna’s pussy stuffed with his thick dark meat invade my mind—I am ready to burst.

As if summoned, seeming a bit too eager, Jenna bounces up and her nipples highlight her enthusiasm. She lunges toward Devin’s night stick—more like night log—and splashes a wave into my face. I shake the water out of my eyes and there she is: my conservative, faithful, coy wife just inches from his cock. I brace myself.

She shocks both Devin and me by saying, “It...looks different.”

“How so?” Devin’s voice sounds deeper than usual, like Darth Vader.

“I don’t know...” Jenna presses the tip of her finger to her lower lip.

I blurt, “He’s not circumcised.”

“I’ve never seen one like this...”

“Don’t be afraid, baby.”

I blurt, “His python won’t bite.” My nerve endings surge like they can electrocute us.

As Jenna stares at his cock, Devin grips it, then pulls back the foreskin. His pinkish head pops out and Jenna flinches back slightly. “You wanna taste?”

“Can she suck my cock bro?”

“Huh,” I flinch as I realize Devin’s talking to me. “I think you better ask her...”

“You wanna suck it baby?”

Jenna breaks her gaze with his black beast and looks coyly at me, “Do you mind, honey?”

The question hangs in the air like the steam from the tub. My mouth is so dry that I’m not sure I can speak. I nod.

Jenna glances again back at me—something that makes me feel guilty, yet in control. Weird. But, I feel a rush, realizing I still have the power to stop this crazy train. I set aside my inner angst, and nod.

Jenna’s hand replaces Devin’s and his cock looks like firewood in her slender grasp. She lifts him up and licks his tip. She looks up into his eyes and purrs, “Mmmmm, yummy.”

I realize she just ingested a serving of his pre-cum and I shudder.

Jenna leans in and kisses his tip with her red lips. She must have added more lipstick during her bathroom break. This scene is hotter than the porno we watched—the one that triggered this fucked up scene. She pulls back and starts stroking him, fixating on how his flesh rises above his head then falls.

“Suck it baby,” Devin growls in his deep radio announcer baritone.

Jenna’s lips open and she slides her lips beyond his cock head, then pauses. I can see her tongue is swirling against her cheeks and Devin groans, “Mmmmm, that’s good baby.”

His long fingers palm the back of Jenna’s head like a basketball, ruffling her hair. His arm muscles flex as he pulls her deeper. He closes his eyes, flinging back his head and moans as Jenna slurps wildly up and down, gasping for air. I can hear Jenna groaning into his cock as she bobs with more force.

From my vantage point, I feel like an outsider, a guy at a look-but-don’t-touch titty bar, unable to feel the “entertainer.” I have a clear view amazing blow job! Jenna never sucks my cock like this—she must have been paying attention during our porno night.

Devin’s hand leaves her head and he grabs both of her hands.

Jenna stops and looks up into Devin’s eyes. “Suck it with no hands baby.”

sends a cold shiver down my spine that clashes with the steamy water.

Jenna obeys and now looks like a bird digging in the dirt for a worm. Only what her lips lock onto is no worm.

Devin places Jenna’s hands on his ass and she instinctively pulls him closer. Hands Free Blow Job 101, and Jenna’s earning an “A.” His cock thickens, responding to her more spirited movement. He is bulging against her cheeks and she’s struggling to breathe. Devin’s eyes are tightly shut and he’s bellowing like a wounded seal. I barely hear Jenna’s hums into his shaft. My Turret’s mind thinks
that’s what I call a hum job
but I manage to suppress my voice.

I desperately want to hear the action better, but the powerful hot tub jets censor my desire.

Magically, the timer clicks and the water settles. Has it been twenty minutes already? As the roaring water settles, my nerves continue roaring. I’m not sure I can take this all night. My perpetual hard-on prods me to continue. I wonder if I need to call my physician for this full-day erection.

Without the churning jet stream plugging my ears, Jenna’s definitely humming and Devin’s groans echo into the sky. I’m glad we have five acres. I see Jenna’s ass through the reddish water—the light isn’t on a timer. With her backside mirroring her lunging lip’s movement, I can’t hold back any longer. This is a threesome, isn’t it, goddammit!?

I’m not sure which head is doing the thinking as I lunge behind her and lift her up above the water. She flinches but cannot go anywhere. I hope my grip doesn’t bruise her, but there’s no way she’s going anywhere.

Thankfully, she resumes her head bobbing. I thrust into her pussy with ease. She is wetter than the tub. And my cock is so hard it throbs inside her.

Jenna’s head spins back as Devin’s eyes pop open, “Hey, save some of that sweet pussy for me bro...”

Hearing him say
sweet pussy
combines with images of my wife’s slutty red lips on that dark dong. I thrust harder and feel a surge like someone flipped on the jets. My eyes tighten. I’m close...

I burst inside Jenna with a louder than normal grunting.

She resumes sucking his cock as if she doesn’t notice I’m cumming in her. As my brief bliss ends, I pull out and admire her ass as spunk trickles out of her—into the water. A fucked up thought hits me: in all the years we’ve owned this house, I’ve never fucked my wife in the hot tub. Funny.

With the goo from my ecstasy floating between her legs, I feel queasy—that damn Kryptonite seeps in again.

Devin’s groaning is louder and he pops his eyes open and...pushes Jenna’s head off his shaft.

Her expression screams
what the fuck!?

“You’re gonna make me cum too fast,” Devin’s voice is gravelly.

I glance down at my faltering cock and cringe. Even though I just blew an impressive load, I feel inferior. This guy has some fucked up staying power. I wonder if he popped a purple pill. Regardless, he just drew the line in the sand with my manhood.

Devin’s shimmering python is pointing at the moon, defying gravity. If I were in a casino, seeing the way he’s looking at Jenna, I’d bet the farm he’s gonna fuck my wife right now. As if reading my thoughts, Jenna turns around, offering herself to her black bull.

His green eyes darken as they laser onto Jenna’s ass and he starts stroking his glistening manhood. He steps down into the tub, right behind Jenna. I can’t see the action but can tell he’s up against her backside. He looks at me and shrugs as if asking for my opinion of which hole he should destroy. The fear in my eyes rattles him.

With his cock ready to plunge inside my wife, he looks remarkably...un-Devin-like. There’s uncertainty that has both Jenna and me hanging in peculiar suspense. He nods as if his inner voice just made a decision, then looks up at me and says, “You wanna double team her?”

Double team
? For a moment I think he’s talking hoops. Then it hits me—double team as in DP, as in double penetrate. I glance down at my sinking battleship and whimper, “I just came dude...”

“Well, if you don’t get hard again soon, I’m gonna fuck her ass and pussy for both of us.”

Jenna shoots a glare at me with wide eyes and a fright I’ve never seen in her. She must have heard me talking earlier, but now, reality strikes like an arrow to her chest. I grin, thinking that’s not all that’s gonna strike her...

Devin points to the other side of our hot tub—where there’s a full-sized seat just below the water—and says, “You lay over there.” He’s like a coach during timeout, diagramming the last play. I’m guessing he’s planning on taking the last shot (so to speak), and my Superman—at least for a white guy—is starting to wake up.

I dive in place and lay and wait as the waves ripple all around me.

“Jenna, get on top of him, facing up.”

Jenna furrows her brows and reluctantly sloshes through the water and climbs on me. Though I’m mainly underwater, she is on full view. From my vantage point, her raspberry nipples harden against the night air. Or maybe, from excitement. I instinctively slide both hands around her and pinch both nipples. She makes a sound that scolds me, but Devin says, “That’s it. Get her hot and ready.”

“Oh, I think you’ve already done that...”

Devin grins as he glides toward us like a shark.  

He pauses and gazes lustily at Jenna, on full display. My groin twitches. Jenna’s never been naked in front of another man—ok, at least not with me there. I didn’t think she liked being naked in front of me. But she seems self-assured now.

Devin says, “You are a lucky man. You ready to help yet?”


“Is he hard yet?” Devin asks Jenna.

Jenna blurts, “No.”

“Fuck it. I can’t wait all night. Spread her legs for me and watch. That’s what you wanted, right? You’ll get that little cock up watching me fuck her.”

Little cock?
I twitch as my competitive juices summon the adrenaline back, but still not enough to fuck. I pull Jenna’s porcelain thighs as wide as I can and Devin’s lascivious eyes admire her open pussy lips. He climbs up between her legs, bumping my own legs out of his way.

“You ready for this baby?” his eyes lock on Jenna’s pussy and he licks his lips.

Something snaps, I can’t explain it. And my cock pulses back to life.

“Wait!” I yell. But his big black cock torpedoes near my Jenna. I am freaking out. I could take walking in on them, but now I am aiding and abetting what looks like a crime. I want to join in!

Interestingly, though Kryptonite still lingers in my body, my cock throbs. I’m almost fuck ready. On one level, I want him to take her solo and turn my fantasy real; just not now.

Devin stops stroking his cock and glares at me, then looks at Jenna.

She says, “Can you make me squirt again?”

Devin’s eyes dart to me and my nod casts the deciding vote. I see his pursed lips turn into a wry smile as he lowers down like a submarine. Jenna’s flinch tells me he lands on her clit. I shift my face as the back of Jenna’s head clunks into me.

I can’t see the action and lift my neck and head for a better view. Devin’s eyes close and I feel a thrashing in the water. Maybe he is part shark—a Hammerhead, not a Great White. I catch myself before I blurt this.

My jealous juices seep inside, but Jenna’s moaning sends a life raft to my groin. I hope this Civil War ends with me choosing sides with the north...and soon.

I feel something move uncomfortably close to my ass and realize Devin must be fingering Jenna. I twitch back a bit and say, “What’s he doing baby?” but Jenna can’t speak; her moaning is earsplitting.

“Feel good baby?” I persist a little louder, and directly into her ear.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna...”

Jenna’s ass humps against me and her pulses ignite my cock. Her moans are now shrieks and I feel myself grow instantly into her. I wished for a better angle so I could plunge into her.

Devin’s face splashes even faster against Jenna’s sex and she’s going to lose her voice soon. Her orgasm continues and I am now raging hard with shared excitement. Even though Devin’s doing the work, I feel a part of it. Like we are double-teaming.

Finally, Devin slows and slowly pulls off Jenna’s pussy. Jenna’s head presses back into my ear and she quivers uttering something illegible in nirvana tongues.

BOOK: Double Teamed: Sharing Jenna
9.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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