Down Low Adam by Doyle Mills

BOOK: Down Low Adam by Doyle Mills

Down Low Adam

By Doyle Mills


Some men lead dual lives
where outwardly they appear to blend in with the mainstream society as married or straight men, yet secretly have sexual encounters with other men. These men refer to themselves as Down Low. This reference is mainly attached to men in the black community, although it could be related to any man of any color regardless of ethnicity. It is a dishonest lifestyle where these men not only lie to themselves but to other people they may be involved with. We all deserve honesty even if it means we may be hurt.

Many may ask what drives men to lead a Down Low life style. It could be driven by many reasons but there is no justifiable excuse. Race may be a factor, religion, or geographical location. But the bottom line is that Down Low men are driven by desires to experience sexual gratification with other men.

This is Adam and Alex’s story and how they confront the truth about love


A Personal Ad for a Down Low Man

Looking for handsome good looking men to spend quality discreet time with on the down low. Me, I am a tall handsome black man in my late twenties. I am looking for smaller light skinned brothers or white men. Must meet at your place. Let me know if you are interested.
Must be discreet not looking for love just a good time with no strings attached. Down Low man here.


I saw him again today and seeing him made my heart flutter in my chest because he is so damn cute. He nodded his head and smiled at me as we passed each other down in the atrium of the building where we both work. It may have been my imagination but it looked to me like his green eyes sparkled when he saw me and I am thinking he enjoys seeing me too. I think he is Gay because of the way he moves, kind of graceful like a dancer and he is actually pretty for a male and he is just the type I like to kick it in bed with from time to time. I would never be in a relationship with another man because I am not gay but I don’t mind being with a nice looking man from time to time. The types of men I go for when on the hunt are light skinned brothers or white guys who are on the slender side but still with a bit of booty. Thick men or women don’t do anything for me.

I know I shouldn’t be considering doing anything with him since we work in the same building. I normally only meet other men
from online hookup sites at discreet locations where no names or contact information is exchanged. So far it has worked out where we both walk away after the deed is done. This guy in my building is so attractive if I ever have the opportunity I would not pass him up although I am probably not his type. He looks like one of those pretty white Gay guys you would see in a club who would never consider hooking up with a black man.



Oh he is one of those smooth
put together black men, the type of man who wouldn’t leave his house unless he looked perfect. He is so handsome it makes me nervous every time I see him, but I still find myself going through the building during times when I have seen him before in hopes of seeing him again. I smiled at him today when I saw him and he smiled back. Good lord, I know he is one of those self-assured men who is probably full of himself but that is okay with me. I want to know him or at least meet him because it is driving me crazy or at least know his name and hear his voice.

My greatest hope is that he is Gay and that he would be interested in me even though when I see him I feel inadequate for some reason and he would probably never give me a second thought. Compared to him I am scrawny even though I work out and have tried to bulk up but to no avail. The shirts he wears do nothing to hide that he is built like a brick house with broad shoulders and arms that look like they are made of steel.

Adam meets Alex

“Hey hold that elevator.” Adam called as he hurried down the hallway
after leaving his office. He made it through the doors before they closed then he turned to thank the person who held the button and saw that it was the cute guy he had been eyeing. “Thanks I appreciate it.” He said smiling down into very green eyes.

“Sure, no problem man.”

“I’ve seen you in the building, my name is Adam.”

“I’m Alex
, I have seen you around too.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Alex.” He said extending his hand.

Damn, Alex thought he was even more handsome face to face and his voice was deep and sexy, just as he had fantasized it would be. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

“I’m so damn glad it’s Friday, you have big plans for the weekend?”
The dark handsome man asked.

Alex thought about the question and he knew what he would like to do and it was standing right beside him looking good and sexy. “No big plans yet, maybe go out and have a few drinks. What about you?”

“I know a drink sounds good to me about now after the day I’ve had and it is Friday, so I don’t have to worry about getting up in the morning.”

thinking that I am going to stop by the pub across the street, its happy hour and they serve stuff to nibble on too, would you like to join me?”

Adam looked at the pretty little guy and said, “Sure, sounds good, I haven’t been there before. Do they serve good drinks?”

“I like them.” Alex said smiling up at his tall fantasy man. He couldn’t believe they had met and he was even more stunned at the thought of them having a drink together. The elevator couldn’t reach the bottom floor fast enough for him and was surprised when he felt a large hand press against the small of his back as the door opened. He tried not to over think the gesture and for a moment he regretted wishing the door would hurry up and open, he liked the feel of Adam’s hand against him.

He is petite Adam thought as he stood beside Alex, his hands could probably encircle his entire waist and his fingertips would nearly meet. Even though he was a small guy he was nicely proportioned and had a nice curve to his hips. The night was looking more and more interesting to him
, and if he had his way he was going to get Alex naked before the night was over and have him moaning with pleasure.

The pub was packed with people off work on a Friday evening and ready to unwind from their weekly stresses. Adam being a head taller than Alex could see a table at the very back of the room so he put his hands on each side of his waist and guided him through the packed room. It didn’t hurt his feelings any when Alex came to a sudden stop and for a moment they were pressed tightly against each other and damn he felt so good, this was a sexy feeling little guy.

When they were finally seated at their table, Adam said, “Tell you what Alex, why don’t you guard the table and order our drinks and I will go and hit the buffet and get us some stuff to munch on.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, what do you want to drink?”

“Order me a Miller light beer and surprise me with a shot of some type and you need a shot too. It’s Friday and we are celebrating the end of the week.”

Alex laughed out loud then said, “Okay, but you don’t know what you’re asking for.”

Adam looked down into the green eyes and gave him a smoldering look before he said, “Oh yeah?” Then worked his way to the buffet line wondering the entire time about the innuendo suggested in Alex’s comment. Hopefully he wasn’t reading more into it.

After Alex ordered their drinks he sat back and looked over at the buffet table and watched Adam load a couple of plates with nacho’s, fruit, and spicy chicken wings. His impressions of him had been right, he was handsome
with wide muscular shoulders, and well put together, his earlier thought’s that he was probably full of himself may have been an exaggeration, he came across as confident but there was something down to earth about him as well and there was no place he would rather be than where he was at that moment, in the company of one of the most handsome men he had ever met. Night after night he had lay on his bed with Adam’s face being the last thing he saw before he drifted off to sleep.

The waitress dropped their drinks off just as Adam returned with plates loaded down with edible goodies then he sat on the stool next to Alex and lifted his beer toward Adam and said, “Cheers.”

“Cheers,” Alex said lifting the apple martini he had ordered.

“So, what is this shot called?” Adam asked
eyeing the chocolate looking concoction.

Alex turned a little red before he said, “In some bars it’s called a cock sucker, but here it is called sex on the beach.”

“Either sounds good to me.” Adam said downing the shot then he smiled at Alex showing even white perfect teeth.

Their conversation flowed smoothly over the next couple of hours with both enjoying the other’s company
as they learned more about each other.

“I’m glad you joined me tonight Adam.”

“So am I Alex, but I have to ask, what’s next?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.” Adam said while looking deep into Alex’s green eyes.

Adam nodded his head and lowered his eyes, “I do, how about we go to my place? I could open a bottle of wine.”

“I would like that, so lead the way.” Adam said then drained the last of his beer and stood up.

Alex noticed several people looking in his and Adam’s direction as they were leaving the pub, he didn’t know what they were thinking nor did he care. He was leaving with the
handsome man he had secretly been crushing on.

Outside the fresh air hit them both in the face and helped to sober them up somewhat as they walked the few blocks to Alex’s apartment.
Their conversation was light and comfortable since they had drank and ate together but there was an underlying current of sparks of attraction flying between them. They both knew where they were going and what was going to happen.

Adam wasn’t surprised when he saw the inside of Alex’s apartment, it was immaculate and showed Alex’s eclectic taste in furniture and colors. “You have a nice place here.”

“Thanks.” Alex said as he walked into the kitchen then returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. “Have a seat and make yourself comfortable.”

moved a pillow over then sat on the sofa and looked up at Alex who was struggling with the cork in the wine bottle. “Here, let me.” He said reaching up for the bottle where he touched Alex’s hand. When the cork was removed he poured a generous amount into each of the glasses on the coffee table.

From where he sat on the sofa
Alex couldn’t help but stare at Adam’s large strong hands and when he looked up to his face he saw Adam looking back at him. As much as he wanted those hands to touch him it was going to have to be Adam who made the first move. He took a sip of his wine and laid his head back against the sofa and smiled at Adam.

Adam took a sip of his wine then sat the glass back down on the coffee table then he reached over and kissed Alex on the lips. At first it was slow and easy just letting their lips touch and feel each other’s texture
. After a few moments their lips parted and their tongues met for the first time. It took everything in Adam’s power to hold his needs in check, as much as he wanted to get Alex out of his clothes, he wanted to savor this moment. His heart beat with excitement as he felt Alex’s hands go up under his shirt where they explored his stomach and chest. Everywhere they touched sent tingles of pleasure through his body and he could feel his desire throbbing inside his pants. He wanted this beautiful guy and he was going to have him.

Alex didn’t resist when he felt Adam gently push him back on the sofa where he was stretched out on his back. He closed his eyes as he felt warm hands go up under his shirt where they explored his skin until they discovered his nipples which came to life under the
firm fingertips that teased and taunted them. Lips kissed his neck and throat and he felt Adam’s crotch pressed firmly against him between his legs and he recognized the large hard throbbing movement. The pleasure going through his body at that moment was nearly more than he could stand but he didn’t want it to end, he wanted more. Reluctantly he pushed Adam back off of him then he stood up and reached for Adam’s hand to lead him to the bedroom. 

Adam admired the little body in front of him as he followed Alex from the living room into the bedroom. He could hardly believe that in just a few minutes the little firm body was going to be his to explore and make love to. He intended to taste and kiss every inch of it before the night was over with.

Alex walked around the room and lit several candles before he walked back and stood in front of the tall and handsome black man. Shyly he started to lift his shirt up over his head but was stopped by large strong hands and a voice that said, “Let me, you are my present and I am going to unwrap it.”

Adam’s hands trailed along the pale smooth skin as he lifted the shirt up over Alex’s head, then he reached down and undid the belt buckle at his waist where he removed it and let it fall to the floor. He bent down and kissed the top of Alex’s shoulder as he undid the fastener at the front of his pants and slid them down over slender but shapely legs. A moan escaped from his throat when his hands went inside the white briefs
and discovered the firm round globes of Alex’s ass.

Alex’s body felt like it was on fire with pleasure as his dream man’s dark hands undressed and explored his body. His nipples tingled and there was an ache up inside him that he knew only having Adam inside him would satisfy.
He didn’t resist when Adam pushed him back on the bed and he closed his eyes as he felt his briefs being slipped down baring him completely. He moaned when he felt his legs lifted and spread then there was a kiss and warm tongue exploring his most intimate spot.

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