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Dream of Me

BOOK: Dream of Me
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Dream of Me

Dream Seekers: Book 1

Magenta Phoenix

IMPRINT: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Paranormal Romance

Dream of Me: Dream Seekers: Book 1

Smashwords Edition

© 2015 by Magenta Phoenix

First E-Book Published October 2015

Cover Design by Melody Simmons

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He is Garmorian — a winged species that once dominated the skies centuries ago in the human world. A warrior of his people, Kieran only has known a life of duty as his people stand on the brink of war. The last thing he expected was to stumble through the veil into the human realm and into Elena’s dreams. Startled by her unique beauty and stubborn attitude, he finds himself enthralled by her. For she isn’t just any female; she’s his mate. Claiming her soon becomes the hardest battle he’s ever faced when she refuses to acknowledge the bond they share. He is left with little choice but to kidnap his mate. His intention was to claim her as his, but he never realized that she would be the one to reveal the truth about his world.

Striving to move past the recent passing of her mother, Elena struggles to make sense of the handsome, gray skinned man that has begun to haunt her dreams. Night after night, she dreams of Kieran; though he is pushy and refuses to leave her be, every dream she spends in his presence makes her wish he were real. Despite being desperate to stop the confusing dreams, she soon finds her dreams have become real when the man of her dreams suddenly appears in her living room one night. Stuck in a magical medieval world with gargoyle warriors and danger lurking close, she rushes to find a way to get back to her world. She struggles to protect her yearning heart against Kieran, but the closer she gets to Kieran the more the thoughts of returning home turn against her. Can she choose between the man of her dreams and the world she left behind?

Battling to protect her from the dangers of his world, Kieran finds himself racing against time to win the heart of his mate before it’s too late. When Elena catches the attention of his enemy, her life suddenly hangs in the balance when the enemy of his people makes plans to take her from him. Her life quickly becomes the key to the survival of his world and the destruction of her own. The battle to save Elena may cause him to lose her forever and with her… his life.

Special Thanks

To my beta reader; Ainsley, words cannot convey how much you helped me with this project. Without your help, I would be sitting at my desk with my face pressed into my keyboard. I am so glad to have met you.

Chapter One

A low growl surfaced as Kieran swooped down from the dark sky to land on the face of the eastern mountain. Folding his wings against his back, he stared down at the destruction that took place earlier that night. The village below him now lay in burnt ruins. Butchered and bloody bodies of men, women and children lay scattered through what was once a prosperous village.

Their enemy was growing bolder. It had been years since there had been an attack from the Kelithians — the dark species that shared their world. Unlike his people — the Garmorians that possessed gray skin and featherless wings, the Kelithians possessed golden skin and hair like humans but they were not human. They all possessed a dark magic and like the humans, they were a dangerous species with hearts that lusted for more than they would ever possess.

Centuries before, Garmorians had resided in the human world. They had once protected mankind as they coexisted. The notion made him smirk at the irony. Unfortunately as the years went by his people soon were despised and hunted because of their appearance and gifts. It was then — according to legend — that their mother goddess Kalaya created a veil between their two worlds. Separating their world from the human world but still leaving the two connected.

The Kelithians had always sought to wipe out all his kind. No one knew why their two factions hated one another for certain. All the Garmorian warriors knew was that they needed to protect their borders and never let a Kelithian cross onto their land.

Their world was divided as it had always been. Toward the Ivory Mountains to the south was Kelithian territory. The only thing that prevented daily bloodshed was the Greenwood. The Greenwood was nothing but endless miles of dark forest that acted as a border between the Garmorian’s and the Kelithians land. No one dared to enter that place. It was crawling with demons of the earth and beasts of the shadows. The Greenwood was guarded by the one they called The Gatekeeper. An allusive hunter that was rumored to kill any that crossed into the heart of the Greenwood.

Kieran found his thoughts interrupted as the sound of beating wings echoed from above before a dark form dropped down beside him. Shrouded in shadows, he felt his body tense as the newcomer moved closer. Emerging from the shadows into the moonlight, the face of his friend Dajran caused him to relax.

“What a mess,” Dajran murmured as he came to stand beside Kieran, his eyes looking down at the carnage below.

“Have our scouts discovered anything that could tell us who did this?” he asked grimly.

Scoffing, Dajran paced along the wide rocky ledge. “Come now. You really cannot tell me that you don’t know who exactly did this. Even the
admitted his suspicions.”

“Our commander is entitled to his own observations. Regardless, you are right. I cannot deny what I see. However, the high council will argue that despite the actions of tonight, there will be no retribution on our part.”

Dajran’s upper lip lifted, baring his sharp teeth at Kieran’s words though he said nothing to debate them. Shaking his head, his hand shifted to rest on the handle of his sword strapped to his hip. “No, the scouts have discovered no trace. Also there’s no one alive for miles near this village.”

Nodding, Kieran stretched his wings out behind him as he took a step toward the rocky edge. “I need a closer look. Are you coming?” Without waiting for a reply, Kieran launched himself into the air. Quickly he glided down to the ground with barely a sound.

Stepping around the scorched remnants of a wooden structure, he paused as he came upon the small form of a child half hidden under the debris. At the sight of the charred earth beneath the blistered body, Kieran felt his claws grow along with his rage. How could the council of lords allow it to come to this? War with the Kelithians wasn’t upon them, it had already arrived. Ignoring the frequent attacks on the lower villages wouldn’t make their enemy go away. The only thing that kept him from seeking vengeance was in knowing that Cian — their leader — wouldn’t ignore this.

He watched as fellow warriors searched the village grounds for survivors. Calling out for any that were still alive, but the mocking silence was their only answer. Taking up the task of searching as well, he moved to a wooden structure that still remanded standing. Pausing at the remains of a crude door that hung cockeyed against the doorway, his sharp eyes searched the dark interior.

Inside he saw the remains of a heavy table turned over on its side. The heavy weight half covered the broken form of a woman. Pinned on her side, her back faced the door as a blood speared arm reached outward along the floor. Her dark hair laid in a swirl of black silk across the pool of blood beneath her. Shutting his eyes against the sight, his claws scored the burnt wood with regret. If only they had gotten here in time.

The sound of shuffling feet to his right caused his hand to reach for his sword. Turning away from the structure he took a step toward the sound. If it was his enemy he would strike them down before they harmed another. A thick fog began floating around the barren village, covering everything in sight like a length of silver silk. Pulling his weapon free, he waited. The air became heavy as silence reigned around him. Was this some Kelithian trick? Turning in a slow circle he watched for where his enemy would attack him.

No attack came. Not a sound or a scent on the air around him. Suddenly the stench of death, decay, and fire was gone, replaced with the fresh scent of water, earth, and air. Casting his gaze around, his eyes narrowed as everything around him changed. The burnt wreckage and slain victims around him vanished as the fog blanketed around him. Slowly as the fog cleared, he found himself standing in a strange clearing that he had never seen before.

It was bright. So bright that his free arm lifted to shield his eyes against it. The moon of his world never was this bright. Realization struck him a moment later. This was no moon, but a sun. Lowering his arm he took in the unfamiliar sight. Garmoria had no sun. Where was he?

Lowering his eyes from the bright sky, his eyes widened at the sight in front of him, he was no longer alone. Looking around he discovered he now stood in a graveyard. Moving with his sword held low against his side, he passed under a nearby tree as he eyes struggled to adjust to the brightness. A short distance away he saw what he first thought to be a small group of Kelithians. With his hand tightening along the handle of his sword he took in their coloring and strange clothing. It was then he realized these were no Kelithians; they were in fact

His heart stuttered inside his chest with realization. He was in the human world. He had crossed the veil? How? His eyes widened in shock and awe. No Garmorian had beheld a human in centuries. For a race that drove his kind from the human world, they didn’t seem all that threatening.

To prevent being seen, he hid in the shade of the trees and watched from a distance. With his gray skinned appearance he knew better than to allow them to see him. Taking a breath, he willed his wings away from sight as a precaution. Silently he moved along the row of trees, remaining hidden he moved away from the passing group.

A scent was carried upon the breeze that fluttered against his senses. It was like the moon blossoms that grew near the seaside cliffs of his world, too sweet to resist. Only this sweet scent was stronger and more addictive. He couldn’t help but breath it in deeper. There was something about this scent that made it almost familiar to him.

Moving further along the trees unseen, rounding a large oak tree he came to a stop at the sight that greeted him. A few feet beyond the tree that hid him was a human female. Sitting upon the grass her hand reached out to touch the headstone she sat in front of. Her appearance startled him. She didn’t look at all like females of his kind. She possessed flaming red hair that fell around her shoulder in dark waves. The strange black trousers and tunic she wore only emphasized her curvy figure. His mouth became dry at imagining smoothing his hands over every curve she possessed.

Taken aback, Kieran’s brows lowered as he scowled. What was wrong with him? He was acting like a lad with his first sight of a pretty female. He shook his head at the thought. He didn’t understand what he was seeing, but he suspected a Kelithian trick was involved. It simply wasn’t possible that he had stepped into the human world so easily.

Moving from the cover of trees, his grip on his sword tightened. He wouldn’t hesitate to strike once his enemy made their move. He stopped barely a foot behind the female as she rose to her feet. Running her slender fingers along the top of the black headstone, she turned toward him with her face downcast. Without waiting, Kieran raised his weapon. No matter what, he couldn’t trust what his eyes were seeing. What may appear to be an alluring female could be an illusion created to fool him.

No Kelithian magic would sway him, not this night. Tonight he would claim vengeance for the death of so many innocents.

* ~ * ~ *

Releasing a shuttering breath, Elena embraced the heavy weight of loneliness that curled deep in her chest. She raised her eyes briefly to the bright blue sky above before glancing back at her mother’s headstone.

Once again she was trapped in the same dream she’d had for weeks since her mother’s funeral. Night after night she replayed that day of sorrow in the shelter of her dreams. She ignored the shadows of her family members as they nodded respectfully as they passed by, leaving her standing alone, just as they had on that dreary day. Why was she still thinking about this? She longed to move on and to crawl out from under the grief that buried her. Now she was alone.


That word never tasted as bitter to her as it did now. Her mother had been the best person she had ever known. Her mom had also been the only real family she had. Never sick a day in her life, her mom had gone to the doctor’s for a simple check-up only to discover she had cancer. Now, three years later, her forever-positive mother had finally lost her battle.

Reaching out she touched the carved letters of her mother’s name against the cool marble. She’d always heard people say that nothing can hurt you in your dreams, in that moment she was able to testify that it was a lie. The pain was still there. The all consuming loneliness was still there.

The pain she felt was like a vice squeezing her heart, she was certain at any moment it would explode in a rain of glassy fragments. Shaking her head, she pushed the constricting pain aside. She needed to wake up and escape this painful memory. She needed to move on.

Rising to her feet, she ran her fingers against the top of the headstone before turning away. A dark shadow fell over her an instant later causing her to jerk her face up in fright. A silent scream built in her throat but didn’t escape. Standing barely a foot from her was a muscle bound man… with gray skin?

Fear suddenly abandoned her with the arrival of confusion. She didn’t remember this guy at her mom’s funeral. For a moment she studied him with interest. Her eyes traveled over his wide shoulders, muscular chest and down to his thick arms. He possessed long, black hair that fell to his shoulders. Wearing only a pair of dark leather pants and knee high boots, he looked every bit like a barbarian. Her eyes widened as she saw that his fingers possessed sharp, white claws. Fear quickly returned as she took in the sight of his raised sword that now pointed at her. This guy was
definitely not
at her mom’s funeral.

His lips pealed back to reveal sharp teeth as he snarled at her. “Withdraw your magic, Kelithian!” As he took a threatening step toward her, she quickly jumped a step back with her hands up in surrender.

“Whoa… chill.” As he continued to advance on her, she began to become increasingly worried. “Watch where you point that thing, buddy,” she squeaked as the sharp point of his sword got too close to her throat.

“I don’t have time for games. I know what happened at the eastern village and your kind will pay with your lives.”

Taking another leap back she circled around the headstone while keeping a wary eye on his raised weapon. What was this guy talking about? What the hell was a
Her head buzzed with confusion at the turn her dream was taking. She really needed to stop eating ice cream before bed; she was certain that all that sugar had to be the cause for this.

“Look I don’t know what is going on here, but you need to leave.” Making a shooing motion with both of her hands toward him, his scowl melted away as a single black brow rose at her motioning hands.

“Leave?” His confusion mixed with anger at her words. “Do not think you can trick me. Now pull back your illusion,” he ordered roughly, while pointing the tip of his sword at her chest in a threatening manner.

Rolling her eyes, Elena threw up her hands. “I give up! Do whatever you want!” she hissed out, tossing her hair over her shoulder. With her head held high she marched around the headstone. Intending to walk right past of him, she was surprised when a strong hand encircled her wrist jerking her to a stop.

Gasping she found herself jerked into his personal space. Tingles rushed down her spine as butterflies took flight in her stomach at his firm grip. Heat rushed through her arm from his hand, before spreading through the rest of her body.

She trembled as sensual awareness shot between her thighs causing her to shiver. Looking up, her eyes widened with awe as she focused on his dark eyes. They were liquid obsidian with a thin circle of silver around the equally dark pupil. His unblinking gaze watched her with curiosity before his eyes trailed down to where his hand still encircled her wrist.

BOOK: Dream of Me
12.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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