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Drunk In Love: An Original Love Story

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Chapter One


Inside the huge bedroom, Olivia was laying under the satin sheets next to her husband, Mark. He was sound asleep, but her thoughts kept her awake as her life reflected before her. She was thirty-three years old and was an independent business woman. She and Mark had been married for six years, but together for a full eight. Things had been A-1 and pretty good in their relationship, up until she’d met another brother three months prior. His name was Zay and she’d met him while out partying with her bestie.

They’d been out on a dinner date and she’d caught Zay’s attention right away. Her beauty was uncanning as she stood, staring face to face with a sexy brother like himself. He admired her stance as she gazed at him with her slanted, Asian looking eyes. He couldn’t help but be hypnotized by her smooth, chocolate skin glow. She stood 5’4 and her body was tight and in place like a top notch dancer. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, so finally he walked over and introduced himself.

Olivia’s thoughts eased back to reality as she stared up at the ceiling. She’d found herself trying to shake the thoughts of her secret lover as she lay in bed playing possum like she was asleep. She turned over on her side, and then again on her back, still unable to shake him. Constant images replayed in her mind of the way he’d just fucked her at his penthouse two days earlier in Buckhead. Her mind was so clouded with thoughts of him until she turned on her side again, just ready to relieve some pressure.

With her back now turned to her husband’s, she placed her fingers in between her legs, instantly feeling the puddle that her throbbing goods possessed. Just the thought of this man made her wet like an ocean and in her mind that had to be a bit scary. Her heart was thumping like a school girl, passing her crush in the hallway. It was unreal how Zay made her feel as she thought about his dark, lean, muscular build and his long, thick dick that stroked her walls like nobody’s business. She shook her head again, trying her best to suppress those tantalizing, dirty thoughts of him.

As she lay there, her mind took her back two days prior. She remembered pulling up in the parking lot of her best friend’s nail shop. It was on a Friday morning and the shop had just opened for the day. Olivia was parking her red, 2012 Cadillac that sported the chrome wheels. She got out of her whip wearing something simple, a pink and white shirt, denim Capri’s, and a pair of pink and white Nike’s with no socks. Her sew-in was tight and flowing just past her shoulders. The wind caused it to blow just a little as she strutted inside the nail shop.

Upon entering the double doors of the shop, the smell of strawberry’s and watermelon instantly hit her nose. The sweet aroma had her feeling pretty good inside as she smiled. She pranced across the black and white linoleum tile floors to greet her bestie, Felisha. The nail shop belonged to her. Felisha was super thick, but mostly in the hips and thighs. She was a yellow bone, and cute as a button.

“Hey Boo,” Olivia spoke with a smile, and then hugged her. “It smells good in here, as usual.”

“Hey Boo,” Felisha chirped back. “And thanks,” she said, and then grabbed her best friend by the hand and immediately looked at her nails. “Girl, we have some new designs, different colors, diamonds, and everything.”

“Girl, I know. I saw the pictures posted on Instagram and you know I can’t wait for you to hook me up.”

“Come on,” Felisha said, and then pulled her by the hand, guiding Olivia to an empty nail booth. Olivia sat in the chair, and then sat her Michael Kors purse over on the table next to her. She then, reached in her purse and pulled out her cell phone. As soon as she unlocked it, a text message came through.

At the same time, Felisha had picked up the remote to the surround sound stereo and turned it on. The smooth sounds of J. Cole began to play throughout the place. Felisha couldn’t help but move her body to the relaxing grooves as she sang along with the music.

“She got me up all night,” she sang while snapping her fingers and gracefully grinding to the beats.

Olivia lightly bobbed her head as she smiled at the message from Kandi. Kandi was the name that she’d saved Zay’s number under for safe keeping.

Good Morning

The message read, and along with the message was a picture of him with a towel draped around his waist. His sexy abs was sculpted and his dreads were wrapped in a ball at the base of his neck. His manhood could clearly be seen as it seemed to jump out at her from thoughts of wanting it so bad.

“My God,” she whispered, unable to get enough of this good looking man. She then turned her phone to Felisha’s face.

Felisha immediately fanned herself upon seeing Zay’s thick wood protruding behind the towel. “Damn,” she said as her eyes fixated on the cell phone screen.

Olivia grinned, and then responded back quickly.

Good Morning to you, too. O’

Immediately, he responded back.

Any possible way that I can see you today?

A smile spread across Olivia’s face as her eyes glanced over toward Felisha. “Girl, he just asked me if he could see me today.”

“And, what are you gonna do?” Felisha nosily asked. Olivia shrugged her shoulders, and then she messaged him back.

I’m in Augusta. It’ll take me, at the least, an hour and a half to get there. O’

As she and Felisha spoke about Zay’s existence, a minute later, he was messaging her again.

You remember our favorite song?

Olivia smiled, feeling her heart flutter at just the thought of how he’d lay it down listening to that song on repeat. She cautiously messaged him back, because the feelings she had for him were indeed all too real.

Drunk In Love. O’

 She looked back over at her bestie while rubbing on the corners of her lips. He had her gone, mind and all and before she could speak again, he was sending another text message.

That’s right. (happy face) If you leave now, you’ll be back home in time to cook your husband dinner.

Olivia looked down at her Bulova diamond watch.  It was still in the early hours of the morning and if she left right then she could be there by eleven thirty at the latest. She immediately stood up, forgetting all about Felisha getting ready to do her nails.

“I’m going to Atlanta and I’ll be back before it gets dark.” She anxiously said.

Felisha smiled, knowing her best friend all too well. “Be careful girl, and don’t do nothing that I wouldn’t do.” She said as Olivia grabbed her purse with a smile, a mile wide, spread across her face, and then hugged her bestie. “We’ll catch up later,” she said then instantly made her exit.


By eleven twenty, Olivia was pulling her Cadillac CTS up front of a high rise building downtown in Buckhead, a luxurious neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. She quickly parked the car, and then killed the engine. She stuffed her purse under the front seat, not wanting to take it inside with her. She then stepped out of the car, bringing only her phone and her keys.

Stepping on the floor mat in front of the electronic lobby doors caused them to automatically open. Once she got inside the lobby, she became even more anxious. She headed across the marble tile floors that led her directly in front of three shiny brass elevator doors. She waited for one of the doors to open and soon as one of them did, she stepped inside it, and then pressed the number twenty-three button. The elevator doors closed then jerked lightly as it began to rise. Olivia smiled at herself in the brass mirrors surrounding her inside the elevator. Her phone began to buzz, but it went unnoticed. She was caught up with an array of seductive thoughts about Zay and the way that he loved to tease her as she anxiously awaited for the elevator doors to open. Another buzz vibrated inside her pocket, this time snapping her out of those tantalizing thoughts. She then realized that it wasn’t the vibrator that Zay had used on her the prior time she was there. It was actually her cell phone alerting her of an incoming text message. She quickly dug inside her pocket and slid out her cell phone to read the unopened text message. It was from Mark, her husband.

Sorry I missed your call. How about lunch in an hour? Mark

Olivia nearly stopped breathing. She stared at the text message and couldn’t believe it as tiny beads of sweat immediately formed on her forehead.

He’s supposed to be working
, she thought. Her body began to nervously sway from side to side as her eyes glanced up at the floor numbers that the elevator was slowly gliding past. The wall panel above her displayed floor 13… 14… 15…  Then she looked back at her iPhone and decided to send a text message back.

That’s why I was calling. Now, I feel bad, because I can’t make it. O’

She held her breath, taking another glance upwards at the floor numbers again. 21…22… Then he instantly responded back.

Why not, baby? (sad face) Mark

The elevator eased to a halt on floor 23… She quickly responded back to her husband since this was definitely her destination stop.

I’m in Atlanta handling some unexpected business. Plus, I’m getting a surprise for you while I’m here. So, don’t ask any more questions. Just be ready by the time I make it back home. (smiley face) O’

She shook off of her jitters, hoping that her last response would hold Mark off for a while. Taking in an anxious breather, she finally stepped out of the elevator and into the Burberry Beige, carpeted corridor. She stood facing Zay’s penthouse house door as her phone buzzed softly again in the palm of her hand. She quickly looked down at the reply he’d sent back.

Okay. Be careful. (smiley face) Mark

She had a split second of remorse for cheating on her faithful, sincere husband, but it was just for the moment. She rang the doorbell then smiled as the door opened and Zay was standing there. He was tall, dark, and very handsome while wearing an expensive Versace robe with the imprint of the Medusa head all over it. Standing 6’3, he looked down at her, and then pulled her inside his penthouse. She smiled at the sounds of the music playing in the background as he closed the door shut behind them.

Immediately he pinned Olivia against the wall. She didn’t have time to say anything as he pulled her shirt over her head. The sight of her perky breast staring at him in a black lace, Victoria Secret bra had him on edge and ready for whatever. Hastily and in heat, she kicked off her Nike’s as he unfastened her belt. He quickly maneuvered her Capri’s down her succulent, smooth, chocolate thighs. As always, her black lace panties matched her bra. Without warning, Zay had gotten down on his knees, gently pulling her panties to the side. He admired her freshly waxed, pretty pussy as it spoke to him.

Olivia closed her eyes and held the back of Zay’s head as her back pressed firmly up against the wall. Almost instantly, she felt the warm breath from his mouth as he began to gently suck on her clit. She looked down at him; still in denial that this nigga had her so gone. She wrapped her hands in his dreads, with one leg lifted just enough for Zay to tongue fuck the sense out of her. This was causing her to shake; her legs trembled first like they wanted to buckle underneath her. She wanted to push him away, but she didn’t have the will power to. It was so good that she couldn’t get enough.

“Shit,” she said in a whispered tone and another moment later, she was fully naked.

Zay turned her around to face the wall like he was a police officer about to arrest her for being naughty. The palms of her hands were flat against the wall as if he was doing a strip search, but she was already naked. He had her arch her back so deep that her fat ass looked like it was in 3D, being that up-close and personal. He spread open her round mocha ass cheeks, and then licked her ass which led his anxious tongue to her swollen pussy lips.

She looked back as far as she could to see him. Her face was frowned like she wanted to cry, but it was just that good as her eyes rolled in the top of her head. She rotated her body on his tongue, letting him know that he was indeed hitting the right spot.

“I’m cumin’,” she said with a faint breathe. “My God, I’m cumin’,” she said again in the sexiest moan he’d ever heard.

BOOK: Drunk In Love: An Original Love Story
3.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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