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Dual Embrace: 3 (Shadowpeak Wolves) (25 page)

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Brynn shook his head. “No, God, no. I didn’t know things could be like this. That I was capable of feeling so content.”

Cain smiled a little. “Not used to feeling guilt either, are you?”

Brynn sighed. “No. I never felt this much emotion before. Certainly never guilt or worry. It is very inconvenient.”

“But if you get to feel love and happiness, isn’t it worth it?”

Brynn looked at him in surprise. “Yes. Yes it is.”


Dusty opened her eyes, blinking blearily in the early light of the day. Her gaze was caught by the sight of a tight, naked ass.

“Yum,” she whispered. Cain stood and, turning, winked at her. He held a pair of shoes in his hand as he walked over and kissed her.

Their lips joined, merged, and when he pulled back her breath was coming quicker, her pulse racing.

He groaned. “I’ve got the day shift. Otherwise I’d be back in that bed with you. Now I’m going to struggle to get dressed.”

He looked down at his hard-on wryly. She snorted.

“You could always wear sweatpants.”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, like no one would notice that.”

“Ohh poor baby. You getting a hard time at work?” she asked teasingly. He growled.

“Want me to make you some breakfast before I go?” he asked.

She scowled. “I’m not helpless. I can make my own breakfast.”

He stared at her innocently. “I know. But if I make it I can be sure you won’t set my kitchen on fire.”

Dusty threw a pillow at him as he chuckled, dodging to the side. Then he was on her, tickling her until she cried for mercy. They lay back on the bed, breathing quickly.

“Brynn’s gone back, hasn’t he?” she asked, growing serious.


“Do you think he’ll ever stay with us longer than a few days at a time?”

Cain sat up and stared down at her. “He’s doing what he has to do, Dusty.”

“What he thinks he has to do. I don’t feel drained or tired, do you?”

Cain shook his head.

Dusty closed her eyes.

“He’s going to come back, Dusty. He’d have stayed if he could.”

Would he? She knew he cared about them. But he’d never mentioned the word love. And although she tried to tell herself they were just words, she knew she needed to hear them.

She needed to know for sure that he loved her as much as she loved him.

* * * * *


“Hello! I’m ready to see what super-duper magic powers I possess,” Cassie greeted Brynn as he answered her knock on the door.

Brynn grinned, leaning his shoulder against the doorway. “And are you all charged up?”

She blushed. “Umm, yeah, Jay took care of that. I can’t believe you told me to have sex first.”

His smile grew. He’d never realized he’d enjoy having a sister. They may not have grown up together, but he was tied to Cassie in a way he couldn’t really explain. She was smart, fun and family. There was no denying that he loved her.

“It’s how I gain energy. And it may work for you too. And if it doesn’t, well, I’m assuming you both had a good time. You did, didn’t you?”

“Brynn,” she screeched. “You’re not supposed to ask me that.”

“Sorry.” He wasn’t really, he loved teasing her. “I’m surprised the furball isn’t here, watching over me to make sure I don’t corrupt you.”

He and Jay had come to an uneasy understanding. But this was the first time Jay had let Brynn and Cassie meet without him there.

Cassie glanced away. “Umm, well, he doesn’t actually know that I’m here. He’s out on patrol. On the other side of the estate.”

Brynn laughed. “So you used him for sex.”

“No!” she protested. “Well, maybe a little bit…I wanted it anyway… Urgh, are you always this annoying? Maybe this was a bad idea.”

She turned away in a huff, screeching when he transported himself ahead of her.

“Damn it, Brynn.”

He grinned. “Come on, you have to admit it’s a bit funny. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Jay. It will be our secret. Truce?”

He held out his hand. She took it after a moment.

“Okay, truce. So where do we start?”

“Well, I think we’ll go farther into the woods. Don’t want you setting Cain’s house on fire.”

She looked at him, aghast. “I could do that?”

He shrugged. “I set a lot of things on fire when my tutor was training me. It’s very normal. Of course, you may not possess enough power.”

Cassie bit her lip worriedly as she followed him. “Part of me hopes I don’t. I’m not sure I want that sort of power.”

“Better to know. And if you do then I can help you to control it.”

“But surely any powers would have manifested by now?” she questioned as he stopped in a large clearing.

Brynn frowned. “I don’t know. Maybe your human side slows the process down. Or maybe you’ll never have any real power.”

“So in other words we’re going in blind.”

“Makes things more exciting, don’t you think?”

Cassie snorted. “Right, well, where do we start?”

“Stare at the ground. In your mind, I want you to imagine a spark, think about it growing into a small fire. But picture it on the ground and nowhere else. We want to try to keep it contained.”


Cassie groaned in frustration, flopping down on the ground, dejected. “It’s no use, I can’t do it. We’ve been trying for hours. I have no power.”

Brynn crouched in front of her, smiling. “We’ve been trying for twenty minutes. You’re giving up a bit quickly.”

“I’m tired. It’s no use.”

“You’re right. You’re useless, no good. You have no power. I can’t even believe you’re my sister. In fact, I think it might be best if we pretend we’re not related. It’s embarrassing to be related to someone who gives up so easily. I thought that you would at least try.”

“I am trying,” she yelled. “Look, I can’t do it.”

She frowned, fiercely concentrating, picturing a spark morphing into a fire. “See, nothing!”

“Hmm, Cassie?”

“What?” she snarled at him.
How dare he suggest we pretend we aren’t related?
She hadn’t asked for this, hadn’t asked to be part-demon. If he didn’t want her, fine, he could get lost.

“Cassie, look.”

Turning with a grouchy sigh, she stared in disbelief.

“Oh my God. It’s a fire.” Fire licked up a large oak tree. “I created fire.”

She dove for him, hugging him tight. “I did it! I did it!”

Brynn smiled as he held her. “So you did.”

Cassie stood. “I created fire. Oh God, it’s a fire,” she screamed, grabbing his hand. She stared around frantically. Why hadn’t they bought a fire extinguisher?

“I think we’ve established that,” Brynn drawled.

“Brynn!” she yelled. “The tree is on fire, we have to put it out.”

“Ahh, I wondered what the problem was. Sure you don’t want to admire your work for longer?”

She glared at him. Grinning, he turned to stare at the fire. Instantly, it disappeared. Cassie walked toward the tree. It wasn’t even scorched. Turning back, she was aware of the large smile on her face but couldn’t stop herself.

“I really did it.”

Brynn looked at her with pride. “That you did.”

“Going to disown me now, you jerk?”

He laughed.

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s walk back. You’re tired.”

Cassie sighed. “I still get tired easily these days.” The doctors were still amazed by her recovery—they were calling it a miracle. Brynn had laughed his head off when she’d told him that. It was the first time he’d ever been called a miracle.

“Well, you almost died. Tiring easily is to be expected.” He was peering at her with concern. “Maybe this was too soon, you’re very pale.”

“I’m fine,” she said in frustration. “Just because I’m human doesn’t mean I’m weak.”

He raised an eyebrow, smirking slightly. “I’d never accuse you of being human.”

“What?” She startled.

“Well, you’re not entirely human, are you? You’re part incubus.”

“I guess so.” She still felt the same. “What does it mean? What I just did?”

“Well, you’re not going to go around accidentally starting fires or draining Jay of energy, so don’t worry. He’d be dead by now if that was the case. It took a lot to get you to produce that spark and drained much of your energy. However, you do have a small amount of power and we can explore that. But I don’t think you’re weak, Cassie. Your human half just slows you down a bit more, that’s all. You’ll never have the power of a full demon. That doesn’t mean I think less of you.”

She grabbed his hand, stopping to look at him. “Sorry, I’m a bit sensitive. Comes from living with a bunch of beings that are all tougher, stronger and faster than I am.”

He nodded. “I understand. Would you want to be one?” he asked.

“A werewolf? Maybe,” she said honestly. “If it meant I could be Jay’s true mate, I might. But then even if I was changed, I might not end up his true mate.”

He frowned. “That’s the only reason you’d want to be a werewolf?”

“No. It would be nice to feel that I truly belonged.” Sometimes she felt left out, as though she was tolerated but not truly accepted. Not by everyone.

“Well, we could form our own little pack.”

She smiled at that.

“Or you could become a werewolf.”

“How?” she asked. “They’re not allowed to change humans and even then I might not survive.”

“Except you’re not fully human, you’re part-demon. And with my help you’d be strong enough to go through the change.”

Cassie was rocked. She could scarcely believe it. She could become a werewolf?

“Truly?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Would you still c-care about me if I was a werewolf?” she asked.

Brynn drew her into his arms. “You’re my sister. No matter what.”

She smiled against his chest, her heart lightening. “Then I’d like to think about it.”

Leaning down, he winked at her. “If you decide to become a werewolf, I promise that I won’t make any furry jokes.”

“No, you’ll save them all for Jay.”

“Damn straight.”

Arms around each other, they continued their walk toward the house. For the first time, Cassie wondered if she could truly have it all.

* * * * *


Dusty turned her car toward Cain’s place. She’d decided to go for a drive, needing to get out of the house for a bit. Since she’d told Cain about her wolf a few days ago, it seemed as though he was watching her more closely.

She knew he was worried about her, but she couldn’t take it anymore, and when she got home she’d sit him down for a serious talk. She wouldn’t be babied.

She needed to have the same talk with Brynn.

Dusty wanted Brynn with her, not bouncing back and forth between here and Hell.

She pulled the car up outside the house. Cain appeared suddenly and, opening the door, hauled her out.

“Hey,” she cried out. He turned to her, his face stony.

“Inside. Now.”

Dusty balked at his tone but had little choice but to follow him.

“Sit,” he barked, pointing at the sofa.

“No,” she replied, folding her arms over her chest. “What the hell put a bug up your ass?”

“Where were you?”

“What?” She gaped at him as he strode over, grasping her shoulders to shake her.

“Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick. You should have told me you were going somewhere. Why did you leave your cell phone here?”

“Excuse me?” She pushed him back angrily. “Last I knew you weren’t in charge of me, Cain Andrews. I can come and go as I please.”

“Not while you can’t protect yourself,” he roared, shocking her. “You’ve been gone for over three hours!”

Shit, she hadn’t realized she’d been gone so long. Then she squashed her guilt. He had no right to yell at her like this.

“You don’t have the strength or speed to fight, Dusty. Without your wolf you’re a sitting duck for anyone to hurt you.”

He turned away, pacing. Brynn walked in from the kitchen to lean against the fireplace. His face was serious, drawn.

“You’re back.” She knew she was stating the obvious, but she couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say.

“Yes.” He frowned. “I felt a strong urge to return.”

“Where were you?” Cain snarled, drawing their attention.

“I went for a drive. I forgot my cell but I never left my car. Just because I can’t change into a wolf doesn’t mean I can’t protect myself.”

“If you want to leave the house, one of us has to be with you.”

Dusty’s jaw dropped.

“Cain,” Brynn protested.

“If you had the wolf’s strength to draw on you’d be fine, even injured. You’re an excellent fighter, I know that. But you don’t have the wolf’s power and speed. No, it’s too risky, especially at the moment.”

BOOK: Dual Embrace: 3 (Shadowpeak Wolves)
9.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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