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The urge to claim her was more than he could resist the moment he’d
seen her and touched her, but once he knew she was a virgin and that their
joining together would begin to release the power, no power in the universe
could have stopped him from fucking her immediately.

Each time he filled her with his seed the power would grow. But with a
virgin it would grow faster and better, although a virgin was not essential.
The only essential was to find his bride and she was right here.

He crouched over her, careful not to lean on her as he sucked a tiny
nipple into his mouth. Her huge green eyes widened as he sucked harder and he
knew she enjoyed his mouth on her breast.

Andreas switched to her other nipple sucking it as well. Her breasts
were small, but then she was small. Far too thin. He could see her bones
pressing against her skin. But she seemed sturdy enough She’d been walking and carrying
a pack so she wasn’t frail.

Ah fuck, she was enticing. He sucked her nipple and areola tugging
gently on them, very aware of how much smaller she was than the women of his
people. Few women on Mu
7 were less than six
foot tall, whereas Earth people were seldom much taller than that. He’d known
that but hadn’t understood the scale of how thin her arms would be, how tiny
her fingers. He could snap her fingers without exerting any strength at all.
All of which meant he’d need to be very careful not to accidently hurt her. She
was a full thirty centimeters—no, a foot. He had to use their language
now—shorter than him.

Her skin tasted slightly salty. It wasn’t just sweat but something
else. Perhaps the ocean. Maybe her last bath had been in the ocean. Whatever,
it made her breast even more delicious.

Andreas kneeled up with one leg on either side of her body. “Sit up and
suck my cock. Take the head into your mouth. Feed it all the way in,” he
ordered her.

She gave him a worried stare with those enormous green eyes of hers and
then placed her hand on his erection, wiggled her body closer to him and bent
her head over his shaft, doing as he said.

He fisted her dark brown hair in one of his hands, moving her head up
and down on his shaft until she understood the rhythm he wanted her to take.
She was intelligent, and soon understood.

“Suck harder.”

She did so, cautiously increasing the suction until he grunted when it
was perfect.

“Now my balls. Suck them too.”

When his cock was full and he ached to enter her body he said, “Fill
your mouth with saliva and coat my shaft with it. Make it very wet all over.”

She struggled to make enough saliva, which seemed strange to him, but
eventually his cock was wet and he pushed her back down onto his uniform, and
spread her legs wide apart. He licked a finger and stroked inside her cunt, but
she was only the slightest bit damp. That wasn’t good. It was already possibly
going to hurt her because she was a virgin. His bride deserved better of him.
Damn. His cock would dry out while he roused her but he should have thought of
that first.

He lay down with his head at her cunt and inhaled her scent, learning
it, appreciating it, memorizing it. Then he flicked his tongue over her clit,
teasing it until it stood up. He nibbled on her labia, holding her cunt lips
wide part as he licked and sucked her slit. With his other hand he reached for
her nipples, pushing her breasts together so he could play with both of them at

Very quickly her nipples were as hard as her clit, and he teased along
her belly and the soft globes of her breasts as he sucked her clit and nibbled
at her pussy lips. Finally her cream appeared, tasting even better than her

He spat on his hand and lubricated his cock again, held her hips in the
air, and drove his dick into her cunt with one long, powerful thrust. Damn she
was tight. So tight he could hardly move. But she was also hotter than the
fires of the metalworkers in the slave colonies.

He needed to slam into her, so rolled them over so she was on top of
him. He wasn’t going to let her have any control however. He was the one in
charge. He wrapped an arm very tightly around her so she couldn’t lift off him and
withdrew his cock until he could drive it into her.

As before, she soon understood the rhythm and moved with him. She made
no attempt to take charge, simply melding her body to his and following his
directions. Relieved, he held her more gently, captured her lips and began
kissing her at the same pace as he fucked her. His tongue ravaged her mouth as
his cock filled her cunt, but it wasn’t enough. He needed more than that.

Once again he spat on one finger. This time he rubbed around the
entrance to her ass. A second time he wet his digit as he continued fucking
her, and again until he could slide his fingers in there at the same time as his
dick slid in and out of her pussy.

Her eyes were closed and her body shivered slightly on top of his. Andreas
knew she couldn’t be cold since they were pressed so tightly together, so he guessed
she was about to come.

“Come for me, my bride. Flood my dick with your hot cream and I’ll fill
you with my seed.”

He thrust a second finger into her ass, and then a third, needing to
possess all of her. But only when he had his tongue in her mouth, his cock in her
cunt, and his fingers in her ass did she finally convulse, clenching his cock
in a tight grip before shaking all around him.

Pleased, he slammed into her again and unleashed his seed, filling her
channel with his essence.

But that was only the beginning. He needed to take her twice more to
complete the claiming.

Andreas lifted her off his body, placing her on the grass beside him.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he demanded.

She was still shaking as she obeyed him, and that was good. Her ongoing
orgasm would help her over the next step.

His cock was as damp as it would ever be, coated with her cream and his
semen. He held her ass cheeks wide apart, and pushed his cockhead at her back
door. His cock wasn’t as full as it had been a minute ago, but he knew it would
soon rise again. The claiming of a bride demanded he fuck her all three ways in
one night. Well it wasn’t night, but now was the most appropriate time to keep

She whimpered and groaned as he pressed inside her, but he finally was
in, sliding deep in her dark channel. He reached under her body to tease her
breasts as he pulled out and thrust in again.

She pressed her breasts into his hand, so he knew she liked him tugging
on her nipples. Wanting to please her, he used one hand to toy with her breasts
and the other to hold her hip as he pumped steadily in and out of her ass. He wouldn’t
have imagined anything could have been tighter than her cunt, but her ass was.
She was a treasure. Not just a bride, but a virgin bride he would be able to
teach and mold into whatever he wanted and needed so together they could save
this planet.

Finally her hips began moving properly with his and she was even pushing
back to take his cock deeper. He changed his grip, holding her now with the
fingers which had been in her ass earlier and using his clean hand to force his
clean fingers into her cunt. The heel of his hand he kept pressed on her clit,
which was hot and hard, and with three fingers he fucked her cunt as his cock
slammed in and out of her ass.

This time she made tiny whimpering sounds as she convulsed around him,
and he loved having his fingers inside her feeling her come on his hand as her
ass clenched so tightly on his cock. Two strokes later her ass was full of his
cum and he dropped to the ground, holding her body spooned against him, one hand
over her breasts the other still deep in her cunt.

Damn that felt good. His bride in his arms, their bodies connected. In
a few minutes he’d have the strength to complete their claiming.


Chapter Four


lay completely still in her captor’s arms. He was immensely strong and
she probably couldn’t have escaped from him even if she hadn’t accepted that
she’d been caught and was his slave. Her pussy felt used and swollen, a little
sore but likely it’d be back to normal tomorrow. Her ass was more sore than that,
but she supposed she’d become familiar with the feeling. The climax was
definitely worth it and she knew her body would get accustomed to being used.
At least he’d made sure she’d orgasmed. As her owner, he wasn’t obliged to give
her pleasure and she appreciated that he’d ensured she’d reached release with

He rolled away from her and ordered, “Give me water.”

She turned to face him and shook her head. “I’m sorry, I can’t.
carries the cooking pot.”

He evidently either didn’t understand her or didn’t believe her because
he stood up and walked across to her pack, unwrapping the blanket which held
her things and pulling them apart. Her spare shirt, her other pair of trousers,
two pairs of panties, the necklace of polished stones her mother had given her,
the hairbrush she’d made herself, a net bag for gathering food, empty at the
moment, and a towel. All her possessions.

“Where is your food, your water?” he asked looking around.

“I told you.
carries the cooking pot.”
In case he still didn’t understand she explained, “We carry our water in the
cooking pot. I collect food in this bag but we hadn’t gathered anything yet
today.” She put her hand on the net bag to explain.

He stared at her and frowned, worrying her. She hadn’t understood that
part of being a slave until right then. He was allowed to kill her any time she
displeased him. She didn’t mean to annoy him, but she couldn’t bring him water
unless there was a river or spring nearby and the only one she knew of was a
full day’s walk back the way they’d come.

“If you tell me where the river is I’ll go there and get some water for
you. I’ll have to make a vessel to bring it back to you in first though.”

“Why—” he began and then shook his head. He went to the garment he’d
been wearing and opened a section of it, taking out a small black thing. He
touched it several times and said, “Herman, I’ve found my bride. Send someone
up here with food and water.”

remained motionless. It seemed one of the other aliens was going to
bring her master his water, and food as well. Just thinking about water made
aware of how thirsty she was. She’d been thirsty even
before the aliens had captured them. They had very little water left from the
river they’d left more than a day ago now. They’d been sipping it only when
they absolutely needed to and she’d been watching carefully to find another
spring or water source but without success. Seeing him drink was going to be
difficult but she wasn’t going to say anything. She already knew he didn’t
think she was big and strong enough to be a good slave and she had no intention
of reinforcing that idea by begging for a drink or some food.

Besides, for most of the journey they’d eaten really well. Several
times they’d trapped small animals and had meat, and they’d also caught a fish
maybe as many times as the fingers on both her hands. Plus there’d been fruits
and berries, nuts and tubers most days. Thinking back there was only one day
she could remember not eating at all, which was amazing considering they were
traveling though land where they didn’t know what was available.

She had almost no warning before a huge alien appeared carrying a pack.
He was almost as big as her alien—Andreas—but had black hair, not blond. They moved
very silently. She needed to remember that. That’s how she’d been captured in
the first place.

The black-haired alien spoke to her captor in the strange sibilant
language and then put down the pack and left.
watched everything intently but remained quite still and unmoving.

Andreas waited until the other man disappeared down the hill and then
opened the pack. Like his clothing it had some kind of invisible fastening which
she longed to investigate. But not enough to anger him. Being silent and still
was much safer. He took out a container twice as long as their big cooking pot
was high, but only a half as wide, turned his hand around and around at the top
of it to release a cap and then tipped it up and drank thirstily.
dropped her head so he wouldn’t see her need written
on her face.

“Here, drink,” he said.

Startled she looked up. Had he guessed? Was he cross? There was no
anger on his face so he must have simply been polite.

“Thank you.” She took the container, which was heavy and tilted it just
enough for a sip of water. She let the liquid sit in her mouth before
swallowing and repeated that several times until thirst no longer nagged at
looked across at him but he was taking
things out of the pack, and the container in her hands was still well filled,
so she drank two more mouthfuls and felt much better.

It took her a few moments, but she worked out how to replace the top of
the container, by turning it in the opposite direction to the way he’d used.
That was logical. She’d remember that.

He handed her a slice of bread and
nearly drooled at the luxury. Carefully she broke off a corner of it, offering
him back the big piece.

“I have one. This is for you.”

“A whole piece?”

“Of course. I plan to eat several slices.”

nearly dropped the precious bread with shock. Eating more than one
whole piece? Just one person? It took days to gather enough grain to make a
loaf of bread. Eating so much at once was unbelievably profligate. But then, he
was so very big, likely he got very hungry.

closed her eyes against the fear rolling through her body. How would
she ever scavenge enough food to feed him? Even if she spent an entire hand of
days gathering grain, she would still have to grind it and make the bread,
which was another full day of work. What would he eat while she was doing that?
How would she ever keep him fed?

To her intense shock he handed her a piece of meat as well, and a
fruit. This was an entire meal and it was only mid-afternoon. Apparently aliens
didn’t eat in the evening but in the afternoon. And so much food.

wanted to sit and worry about how she would find enough food, but the
bread was so soft and smelled so wonderful, the meat had been cooked with some
spice or herb that made it delicious, and the fruit, although not one she
recognized, was sweet and juicy.

After her meal she sat and licked her fingers, reveling in her full
belly and the new things she’d experienced. Except that from now on she’d have
to find their food.
I will learn fast.
I’ll search diligently and keep him happy
, she promised herself.

where do you live?” he asked her.

Fear raced through her body. Was he going to send the aliens to capture
her entire community? Suddenly she wished she hadn’t eaten all that food as it
boiled in her gut and threatened to come back up again.

“It is many days walk from here,” she answered honestly.

“How many?

“My hands and feet, plus your hands and feet, plus the man who brought
the food’s hands and feet.”

“Sixty days walk? You walked for sixty days?” His look was accusing.

“What is sixty?”

He pointed to a hand and said, “Five,” wiggled his other hand and said
“ten,” and then pointed to one foot, “fifteen,” his other foot, “twenty,” and
then pointed to her hands and feet and then to imaginary hands and feet. By
had lost track of the words he was using
but the meaning was clear.

“Yes, sir.”

“Why did you come all that way?”

“We thought we were coming to safety. We didn’t realize you were
already here.”

“Are you telling me the four of you left your families and just started
walking here sixty days ago?”

“Old Anny told us we needed to leave and where to go. We thought it was
safe here.”

“It is safe. I will keep you safe from now on. You are my bride and
I’ll look after you.”

“Thank you.”

“The fates sent us here, and the fates guided me to you. The people of
7 have a sacred duty to restore this planet
to good health. You will help me do that. But first I need to finish claiming
you. The claiming isn’t complete yet. You must suck my cock and swallow all my
seed. Until my seed fills your body the power can’t begin.”

She’d already sucked his cock a little bit. She hoped she could
remember everything he’d told her.


Seeing her sitting there beside him had made Andreas harder than a rock.
He wanted to fuck her again already and maybe he would, but not until the
claiming was finished. It was incredibly important to complete the ritual so
the power could begin to unfurl. They’d never able to restore this ruined land
without it.

He needed to ask a lot more questions about why the women came here to
this particular place, but not now. Now, he wanted to think with his dick not
his brain. Besides, the other women were just company for his bride. Clearly,
she couldn’t make such a long journey alone.

He poured water over his hands to rinse them, and then washed his cock
thoroughly. Andreas stood up with his legs spread wide. “Kneel and suck me.
Remember what I’ve taught you.”

Silently she crouched in front of him, and then kneeled and took his
cock in her mouth. More confidently this time she rolled his balls as she
sucked and licked his erection, until he was groaning with the pleasure.

But it wasn’t enough. It was damn good, but he wasn’t on the verge of
coming. He wrapped her hair around his fist, tipping her head back farther.

“Open the back of your throat, woman. Let my cock go right down it. I
need more, dammit.”

He pushed the head of his cock against her epiglottis, ignoring her gag
reflex. Again and again he pressed against the barrier until she finally
managed to open the back of her throat to him and at last he was fully gripped
in the wet heat he needed to come.

Her eyes were shut tight but she still rolled his balls and stroked the
inside of his thighs.

“Swallow. Swallow.”

She tried to do as he said, although of course his cock blocked the
way. But he needed the movement and tension. Finally his cum blasted from his
cock and he let go of her hair, taking control of his cock as he pulled back,
only to see some of his cum dripping out of her mouth.

“Swallow, damn you. Swallow my seed now.”

Her body had to take his seed for the claiming to work. He shoved his
cock back down her throat again, pumping into her, ensuring the last few spurts
of his semen went straight down inside her.

Then he sat down on the ground, pulled her onto his lap and slammed his
cock into her cunt driving up into her. He put both hands on her hip bones,
holding her body tight against him, grinding her ass down on his thighs and
pumped up and down again as his cock filled once more. As soon as he was sure
he was going to be able to come again, he bent his head to her breasts, sucking
and licking her breasts and her nipples, arousing her until her cunt was full
of her cream, bathing his cock with her juices.

Gently he tilted her head up and kissed her lips, surprised at the
taste of his seed on her mouth. “I’m sorry if I hurt you, but the claiming must

“I understand.”

She probably didn’t understand at all, but they could talk any time. Right
now he needed to fuck her again. He lay down, leaving her on his lap,
encouraging her to lean forward and let him penetrate her even more deeply. Her
little gasp proved she liked that. This was a good position because her breasts
were right where he could reach them, or he could pull her flat down on his
body and finger-fuck her ass. All with no worries that he was too heavy for her
and might crush her. Perfect.

Once again he pushed her breasts together so he could touch both of
them with one hand. He used his forefinger to tease the opening of her ass
again, stroking round and round the muscle ring until it opened and let him

Likely she’d be sore if he fucked her there again today, but soon he
would. He would continue to claim her everywhere and often until the power
surrounded them and there was no disputing their work would be successful.

With his tongue fucking her mouth, his fingers fucking her ass, and his
cock driving fast in and out of her cunt, she came around him, and he let go
his control spurting streams of cum deep inside her again and again.

He gentled their movements, kissing her lightly on the lips and then holding
her against his chest, his cock still inside her. This time he doubted if he’d
be able to fuck her again immediately, and that was all right. The claiming was
complete. If the power didn’t start he’d do it all again tonight, tomorrow, and
the next day, and the day after that until it worked. Meanwhile he held her,
enjoying her soft body pressed against his, her light weight covering him, her
heart beating against his skin.

BOOK: Earth
10.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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