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Well in a way it was. She belonged to him after all. Besides, no matter
how special the clothing was that he’d brought for her she doubted she’d ever
look beautiful in his eyes. Beauty was found in a glorious sunset, or the
petals of a delicate flower, not in people. Life was hard work, and even small
children soon had tough, calloused hands from digging in the ground for tubers
to eat, and from collecting wood to build a fire. Her hands, arms, legs, and
feet were marred by scratches, grazes, and bruises. She’d torn her trousers
early in their journey and none of them had a needle or thread to sew up the
rent in her garment. She’d thought when they arrived at their safe place she’d
try to make a needle from a fishbone but it took a lot of skill and she wasn’t
sure she could do it.
might be able to, though.

Then she shrugged. She had two sets of clothing anyway although both
shirts and both pairs of trousers were no longer undamaged after several years
of constant wear. Two was more than enough. It left a spare set to change into
when she was soaked by the rain, and in winter she wore all her clothes at once
for added warmth.

Now he’d mentioned it, she wondered what clothing he’d had made for
her. Maybe she’d never find out seeing he was angry.

wished she understood him better. She longed to please him. Not just
so he wouldn’t kill her. He’d been angry with her several times already and
hadn’t even hit her. But because he was doing his best to be a good master.
Therefore, she wanted to be a helpful slave for him.

And even though she was still a little sore inside from the sex, she
was more than ready for him to take her in his arms and fuck her again. The
orgasms had been outstanding. Her body had shaken in release very hard, and the
pleasure had roared through her entire body filling her with happiness from her
toes to the top of her head.

Oh yes. Being in her master’s arms, letting him have his will with her,
was not going to be any problem at all.

If only she understood his wishes better. She really needed to
concentrate to perceive his meaning. He used so many words she hadn’t heard
before, even when he was speaking her language.
determined to concentrate harder, to watch his body language more,
be a better slave for Andreas.

She followed him to a room with a table and chairs. A room filled with
the most mouthwatering smell of cooking. Even though she’d already eaten today her
stomach rumbled at the thought of tasting such food.

It was lucky she even knew what a table and chairs were. But her
community had lived in houses at various times in her life, usually in winter
when scavenging enough food and dry firewood was difficult. Old houses often
had small animals living inside them, especially in winter, which made catching
them for meat easy. They were also filled with dry, broken wooden furnishings
and other things that burned well, meaning the fire never went out and the
whole community slept in its warmth.

Andreas marched to the head of the table and sat in a chair, pointing
at the stool beside him. “Sit.”

She sat and lowered her head, suddenly wishing she’d brushed and
braided her hair. She could easily have done that even without understanding
she was supposed to wash herself again and put on the clothing he’d bought for

The table filled with more enormous men and
looked from one to the other keeping her head lowered as she did. All of them,
every one of the many men, had the same purple colored eyes as Andreas had. It
must be something to do with them being aliens. From the place very far away
that he’d told her about. Mu

And then one man ushered Skye, Flame, and
into the room. He didn’t touch them, and they weren’t tied up. They all walked
normally so she guessed they hadn’t been hurt. She was so happy she lifted her
head and smiled at them all.

The man pointed to the space at the opposite end of the table from her,
and the women sat there.
was sorry it was too
far for her to speak to them, but she was able to look at them all carefully
and she was certain they were well and unharmed.

She realized she’d been very selfish up until now, thinking only of
herself and her captivity, instead of being worried about the safety of her
friends. But they were well and going to be fed. So everything was good.

One of the men brought out a pile of bowls and placed them on the
table. So many bowls.
had never seen that many.
They normally ate with their fingers straight from the cooking pot although
had a sharp knife they used for skinning meat, and
several people in her community had a bowl or a cup or even both. But not this
many. More than her hands—

I will count them
It took her several tries as she kept losing her place between trying to watch
which one she was up to counting in the stack, and trying to remember the
words. But in the end the answer made sense. It was ten and two, the same
number as the number of people. So no one would need to share. Everyone would
have one all to
. A whole bowlful of food.
She wasn’t sure she could eat that much food when she’d already eaten just a
handful of hours ago, but she supposed these men needed so much food.

Once again the fear of how she would scavenge enough fruits and tubers
to feed Andreas ran through her but she pushed it aside. She would deal with
that later.

The black-haired alien carried an enormous pot across to the table, and
then stood beside it scooping out the contents into each bowl. He was the one
who’d brought the bag of food and water to Andreas and her on the hill earlier.
Another man brought across spoons which he handed to everyone.
held the shiny metal object staring at it. One of the
houses they’d stayed in, when she was still a child, not yet a woman, had contained
an entire drawer filled with spoons, forks, knives and other things that even Old
Anny couldn’t name. Some of the people had wanted to take some with them when
they left, but metal is heavy to carry and can’t be eaten or burned for fuel, so
they’d decided to leave it behind. The children had practiced at eating with
forks and spoons, so
just hoped the food
wouldn’t slide out of it and make her look foolish. She thought hard and
decided the trick was not to fill the tiny bowl-shaped depression. Only to put
a little in it at a time.

She watched carefully as Andreas began to eat, loading his spoon high
with the food. Still, she decided to follow her instincts, taking only a tiny
amount from her bowl and tasting it cautiously. A blast of spices and
sensations filled her mouth. The food was amazing. Rich with animal meat and
fat, and laden with vegetables and spices she couldn’t name. Actually she
couldn’t name any of it, but it was the most delicious food she’d ever eaten,
even better than the bread they’d had on the hillside.

The men all had a second bowlful and some had a third, and then a man
placed cups on the table and filled them with steaming black liquid from a tall

Andreas cleared his throat and spoke. “My name is Andreas and I’m in
charge of this mission from Mu
7 to Earth. I
. She is my bride.”

No one said anything and
assumed the
men already knew this and her friends would have guessed it.

Andreas pointed to the women and each one said her name. Just the one
word, no more.

One by one the men named themselves, and used words she didn’t
understand like engineer, and quartermaster.
these unknown terms affirmed their status, and repeated their names in her
mind, memorizing them.

The black-haired man who’d been providing the food was last. He said,
“I’m Chad the chef here. When I’m permitted to touch Flame I will prove to you
all she is my bride. I knew it as soon as I scented her body.”


Chapter Six


Andreas wasn’t really surprised at Chad’s statement. He’d already come
to realize more than one of the women might be brides. Even when he’d indicated
that to Herman he hadn’t just been trying to encourage his copilot, the thought
was a genuine one.

“You may take her to your room. Boris, help Duncan clean up here. Erle,
you and Gabriel will be on guard overnight.”

He took
hand in his. “Come.”

Obediently she stood and followed him from the room. The very thought
of Chad finding his bride had Andreas’s cock harder than rock. It was his duty
to fuck his woman continually until the power appeared, but right now it wasn’t
a duty, it was something he wanted to do with all his heart as well as with his
aching cock.

But more than that, he wanted to give her the pleasure of a climax,
even better than before. Since she’d bathed in the ocean, she should be healed
and ready for him to fuck her again. It might have been better to wait another
day but that might jeopardize the progress with the power. Morning, noon, and
night, mouth, cunt, and ass, was the saying for fucking a bride and he planned
to abide by that rule until the power appeared. And maybe even afterward. Damn
she was a sweet little thing. Obedient, intelligent, and willing. He was even
coming to like her tiny body, her neat little breasts with their taut nipples, and
the way he could place her on top of him and not have to worry about her weight
at all.

This time he’d fuck her in the correct order though. Mouth first, then
cunt, and finally ass. Three orgasms, with the aim of making each one stronger
than the previous one.

“Undress,” he ordered huskily as soon as they were inside his room.

He stripped out of his boots and uniform, and then roughly pulled the
bedding off his bed, letting it fall to the floor. He heard her gasp but
ignored it. Now was not the time for talking. His dick was so engorged if he
didn’t take her soon, he’d explode. That was one thing he hadn’t understood in
advance. The intensity of his need for his bride. It wasn’t at all like normal
physical attraction. It was an all-consuming need to fuck this one woman. His
woman. No other would ever quench his need again.

Andreas sat on the side of the bed, legs spread wide. “Suck my cock.
Open your throat as I taught you and swallow me down. Be sure to swallow every
drop of my seed this time.”

It was all he could do to say the words. His need for her was erasing
her ridiculous language from his brain. The sooner the power appeared the

Obediently she sat on the floor between his spread thighs and grasped
his shaft in her hand, opening her mouth wide and licking over the head of his
cock. When the head was moist she opened her mouth wider and sucked him a
little deeper, playing around his cock with her tongue.

It wasn’t enough. His cock was aching to explode but the connection
between them wasn’t strong enough for him. Just having his hands on her skin
didn’t fulfill him.

Annoyed, he swung his body onto the bed, his arm wrapped around her to
keep her mouth exactly where he wanted it. As soon as he was flat on his back
he braced his feet on the mattress of the bed and pulled her feet up over his
shoulders. Now he could lick her cunt while she sucked his cock and her little
breasts dug her nipples into his skin. That was better. They were connected
skin to skin now.

He licked along her pussy lips, and behind them all the way to her
rosette, licking, sucking, and nibbling all the flesh until her tight muscle
there opened for him, and her cunt dripped her cream onto his tongue. Only when
he knew she was enjoying herself did he grab a fistful of her hair and say, “Swallow
me all the way down now. Do it.”

Once again it took her several attempts to overcome her gag reflex, but
then he was sliding down her throat. The tight heat of her was all he needed.
She felt so fucking tight and good gripping his shaft like that. He
tongue-fucked her cunt as he spurted his essence into her mouth, pumping into
her, waiting for her to swallow each mouthful as he did.

The moment he was finished he pulled her body around on his and slammed
his cock into her cunt, forcing her hips down on him so she could take every
inch of his aching dick. His cock was still half-hard. In a moment he’d be
ready to fuck her again. Meanwhile he pushed her spine down until she was close
enough to him that he could suck her breasts. Damn, she tasted good, still with
the slight tang of the ocean on her skin, but it was overlaid by her own
special scent and flavor. One he knew he could never get enough of.


mind was in a daze. She’d orgasmed from the tongue fucking as she
struggled to deep-throat Andreas. His cock was as big as the rest of him and it
took her a while to swallow him properly. But she could do it, she’d learned
what to do, and he was always very good about arousing her at the same time.
Now her pussy was filled with his cock and she was still breathing hard from
the last orgasm. He appeared to have unlimited sexual energy and the ability to
come again and again. Right now he tugged and pinched her nipples, causing her
to close her eyes with lust as her body heated again from the inside out.

And then his hands moved to her hips, holding her
hard, forcing her down on his cock with every thrust so he filled and stretched
her inner core. She loved the way he teased her nipples, so she rolled and
pinched his, watching his face carefully in case he didn’t like her doing it
without being told. But his purple eyes were hooded with lust, and sweat was
already starting to form on his forehead below his blond hair. He was incredibly
handsome. Huge in every aspect, but all in proportion. His big hands completely
covered her breasts but he was never rough with her nipples. He simply exerted
the perfect amount of force to have her cunt creaming with need for more. And
that’s how it was right now. Her pussy cream was pouring onto his cock as he
thrust deep inside her hard and fast.

He pulled her down to lie flat on his chest, which he seemed to like,
and began kissing her. Oh, she liked that too. She kissed him back enthusiastically
letting her tongue slide over his, and exploring his mouth as he explored hers.

Then her breath left her body as one of his fingers penetrated her ass.

Soon her was slamming into her in three places at once—tongue fucking
her mouth, his cock in her cunt, and his fingers in her ass.
entire body shattered with a massive orgasm and
then her pussy was filled with his burning hot seed.

“My bride, my bride, I love you my bride. Release your power,” he

He rolled her onto the bed and pulled her up onto her hands and knees.

didn’t think she’d have enough strength to balance on all fours after
such an overpowering climax, but she rested her forehead on the silky soft
sheet, and supported herself on her forearms as Andreas pushed his cock into
her ass. Once again his body slammed against hers and his fingers dived into
her cunt, his forefinger remaining outside to rub her clit. Her clit was
ultrasensitive after two orgasms, and the merest touch of his digit there sent
her senses reeling with desire.

A minute ago,
would have been prepared
to promise she couldn’t possibly be aroused again, but she was. Andreas licked
her neck and bit her ear lobe, making her shiver with pleasure as his long
fingers delved deep in her cunt, pumping in time with his cock in her ass.

Soon strength was flowing through her as she pushed back onto his every
stroke, needing every inch of him, wanting more, more, more.

Harder he drove into her ass, his thighs slamming against hers as he
pounded deep and fast, their bodies rocking apart and then slamming together
with his rapid strokes.

groaned and then her body exploded for the third time, her pussy
muscles clinging to his fingers, wanting them to remain inside her as her ass
gripped his cock, wanting that to stay here, too.

Behind her Andreas groaned harshly and her ass filled with his seed.

“I love you, my bride,” he said.

Without thinking she replied, “I love you, too, Andreas. I’m grateful
to have been chosen as your bride.”

He rolled them onto their sides, his cock and fingers still inside her.
“The power is unleashed. You spoke Mu
. Thank
the fates we are now properly bonded. I have claimed you and you are mine forever.”

stilled, stunned at his words. She’d spoken his language? But how
could she? The few words he’d taught her had been in English.

The power.
The power is unleashed
He’d claimed her and the power had sparked between them so she could truly be
his bride. His bride, not his slave. His life partner in the work of reclaiming
Earth from its devastation. That understanding was earth-shaking. She wasn’t a
slave but a coworker, a partner, his bride.

rolled on top of him, pushing him flat on the bed so she could
straddle his hips.

“I understand you now. I know words I never knew before. These are
sheets, so soft and silky on my skin. But they’re not as soft and silky as your
hair, and nowhere near as amazing as the fact that you found me and claimed me.”

Love for him burst through her body. She’d been prepared to do her best
to be a good slave for a caring master. But his words of love, when combined
with his considerate actions, had unleashed not just this power he spoke of,
but also her love for him as a person.

“Old Anny was sending us to safety after all. Just not into safety away
from the threat of Mu
. She sent us into your
arms so we would be together forever, and safe from all the dangers of this

“Perhaps your Old Anny knew of Mu
sacred duty to rescue Earth. Warriors are trained from childhood to develop all
the skills they need to come here and seek our brides.”

leaned down and kissed him for the first time ever of her own free
choice. She kissed him because she was his bride, not his slave, and because
she loved
and he loved her.


The End



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