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Ecstasy Bound


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Ecstasy Bound Copyright © 2009 Ruth D. Kerce


Edited by Pamela Campbell.

Cover art by Syneca.


Electronic book Publication March 2009


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She tossed and turned, unable to rid her thoughts of the horror. Gone. Everything was gone. A sob escaped her throat. Never would she have believed it possible.

Would she die too? She didn’t even know exactly where she was. A scary feeling to be trapped somewhere and unable to get out.

Her head hurt and it felt as if she were spinning. Blurred visions swam before her eyes and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t clear them. Maybe it was her mind’s way of protecting her from the truth, from the inevitable horror of the situation, when the stress became too much for her to handle otherwise.

A strange reaction since she’d been trained to handle stress. Pain. Loss. But when she’d needed it the most, all her intense training had proven to be lacking on the emotional side of survival. Not until now had she truly realized the importance of keeping tight control on one’s inner feelings in order to hold on to sanity.

She reached out toward the blurred movement in front of her, needing an anchor to grab close. She knew something was happening for she felt naked—felt cool air wafting over her flesh. Even so, her body temperature rose and she began to sweat.

She didn’t feel her body healing. She should be healing.

A pair of male hands touched her flesh, caressing her stomach. She jerked and her hands came down to join his. Large hands. Thick fingers. Who? He touched her gently, soothing her. She couldn’t see a face, just a dark figure hovering above her, but his touch made her feel achy, needy.
Ah, yes.

Born Xylon, she needed another’s touch. A man’s touch. Even not knowing who he was, she craved the physical connection. Something to ground her, to prove to her that she truly was still alive.

All Xylons required sex, and often, to connect emotionally as well as physically on a level deeper than most species. They needed sex to survive. Without the intimate connection, without the sharing of their healing abilities through unique sexual rites, the Warrior race would have died out years ago.

Fuck me
, she begged internally, her throat too raw to speak the words aloud.

He eased her over onto her stomach.

A pair of black boots stepped in front of her. The boots looked Xylon but she wasn’t certain, given her blurred vision. A man, judging from the size. She must be on the ground.
On a mat. Her breasts pressed against the thin padding. Her nipples hardened, hoping to feel a cock inside her soon.

She heard a low chuckle. Definitely male. Two of them. Her anticipation and needs grew stronger.

The male in front of her crouched down to stroke her hair. From behind, long fingers probed her pussy and she mewled. One finger entered her intimately, deeply.

The feel of him pressing inside her made her crave his cock even more.

The man before her shifted to his knees. It looked as if he were tugging at the front of his pants. Two men eager and ready to fuck her. Oh how she wanted that. The man finger-fucking her stopped and spread her legs. She felt him kneel between her thighs.

Two pairs of hands raised her to her hands and knees, preparing her with a more tender touch than she’d expected. She raised her ass slightly, showing them that she craved penetration. A large cock pushed against her lips and another large cock pressed against the opening of her soaked cunt.

She wished she could see clearly, but still, she knew what to do, what she wanted.

She sucked the tip of the cock in front of her into her mouth. Delicious. Warm against her tongue. Musky. The cock behind her shoved into her hard.
Ah. Mmm.
She heard two deep, almost animalistic growls.

The sounds vibrated through her body. She felt the excitement, the building of the tension. Her clit throbbed and immediately she came. The sexual explosion rocked her body. It had been too long since her last orgasm. She groaned and trembled. Her body needed the release as much as her mind did.

The cock pumping her pussy swelled and her muscles gripped the shaft. She wanted to feel him climax, to feel his cum fill her. At the same time she sucked deeply on the cock in her mouth, needing to taste everything he had. The man behind her groaned and came hard inside her. As she heard another groan, the cock in her mouth spewed cum down her throat. She felt no pain as she swallowed, only soothing warmth.

More. I need more.

As if sensing her still-present need, the man behind her slapped her ass repeatedly.

The slaps distracted her from the aches in her body, so the only thing she felt was sexual need. Her ass burned. She came again, milking the man inside her of his remaining seed. She continued to suck the second man, taking everything from him.

Both men pulled out of her, but they didn’t leave her. One of the men slid under her. His hands slid around to her ass and he pulled her down atop his mouth. She moaned as he took her clit into his mouth and sucked. She felt his fingers pulling at her ass cheeks. The other man’s wet tongue plunged into her hole.
She squirmed as the sexual sparks that flew through her body.

When the man beneath her bit her clit, she jerked and shrieked. Not in pain, but in ecstasy. The man behind her circled his tongue in her ass hole, then tongue-fucked her in deep plunges, getting in as far as he could.

She came, over and over, feeling completely at their mercy and loving it.

Just when she thought she’d pass out from the pleasure the two were giving her, her eyelids began to feel heavy and everything faded—the blurred visions, the men, her orgasms. All gone. Time seemed to drift away and she couldn’t open her eyes.

Once more she was lying on her stomach. What had happened? Had she passed out? Fallen asleep for a while?

Finally able to force her eyes open, she rolled over and sat up faster than was prudent. A
Her body exploded in pain and she dropped her head to her hands. That’s when she noticed for the first time that her hands were wrapped.

Every muscle and limb hurt. A wave of nausea gripped her, then passed. Though her vision remained blurred, she could feel she was no longer naked. She also sensed that nobody else was around.

With trembling limbs, she pushed herself up off the mat. She wobbled slightly, as if she’d consumed too much fermented fruit. Pain speared up to her eyeballs and down her spine.

She stood still. And she remembered… Had it been real?

The sexual encounter had to have been nothing more than her imagination. Even though she felt fucked and swore she could taste a man’s cum on her tongue.

She shook her head, then winced, regretting the action. She stumbled forward. She needed answers. Soon.





Chapter One





Planet Xylon


Auxiliary Underground Shelter


Class 1 Warrior Brianna Koll entered the small control room. When she saw nobody else around, she made her way to the far end of the confined space to stare at a small wall-mounted monitor that displayed the surface of Xylon. Or what was left of it.

“The beautiful landscapes. The mountains. All gone,” she whispered, her words catching in her throat. Flattened by a PowerIIRad bomb. Only a deadly, gaseous fog drifted over the ground now, as if searching for any last victims. Few fires even burned.

Nothing remained on the barren world to catch fire.

The picture on the monitor flickered and turned to static. She switched it off.

How she and the others had survived the attack, she didn’t know. Even the Lair, their main underground military facility, had been destroyed.

As she stared at the blank monitor, she felt equally blank. Numb, actually. She’d gone through the sadness, the anger, the disbelief. Now she felt nothing.

For hours after the bomb had hit, she’d searched the monitor channels, occasionally spotting a survivor on the planet’s surface. Stumbling, gasping for breath, in agony.

None of them had lasted long. They’d looked like monsters, their skin charred or melted off the bone. Their faces beyond recognition.

Each time she had seen someone alive, her heart had leapt, thinking it might be her sister. At the same time she hadn’t wanted Tara to survive, to suffer. A swift death was a better death.

At the thought of her sister, she almost broke down. “So much for feeling nothing.

Nothing couldn’t possibly hurt like this.” A tear escaped and she swiped it from her cheek.

They knew that some other Warriors had also survived—those stationed on nearby outposts, located on the surrounding moons. She’d personally seen the rescue orbiters on the monitors but none of those she’d spotted had landed, which confirmed to her just how bad the situation up top must be.

No way existed right now for the underground survivors to contact those other Warriors. All communications had been knocked out. They were on their own.

She felt someone step up behind her and she turned her head slightly.

A pair of strong hands settled on her shoulders. “They’re waiting for you,” a deep voice said. “The meeting is about to begin.”

Despite her despair, that deep, sexy voice sent a tingle right down her spine. Briggs.

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel “Ramrod” Briggs. An Earth man. An elite and highly decorated United States Air Force fighter pilot. Trapped here with them. On Xylon, for reasons she had no knowledge of.

She nodded, acknowledging his words. Only her lack of further knowledge about Briggs held her back from turning in his arms, where she really wanted to be. Just to feel something, anything, other than this constant pain.

“I’m here for you,” he whispered against her ear.

He’d read her thoughts, her needs, easier than she’d expected. She bit her lower lip to stop from groaning at the tingle that passed through her when his lips brushed her skin.

Briggs’ strength drew her. And amazed her, given that he was stranded on a dead world, completely alien to him, with no means to get back home. He seemed surprisingly calm and totally solid in his belief of their survival.

Briggs would have no problem comforting her, fucking her. He’d made his interest clear on more than one occasion. With him though, her desire wasn’t just about sex and she’d learned over the years to be cautious where her heart was concerned. Still, the idea greatly appealed to her.

“Brianna? The meeting?” He squeezed her shoulders.

“Will you be there?” she asked.

“Not to begin with. Laszlo will call me in later, he said. I was told that only the Warriors down here will be present for the entire meeting.”

Meaning Josella, Alexa and former Council Member Delemar also wouldn’t be attending. Thirteen adults had survived here. The shelter was constructed for no more than eight. And now Alexa’s three newborns—two beautiful girls and an adorable boy—had been added to the mix. The supplies wouldn’t last. They all couldn’t remain underground for long or they’d perish right along with the rest of Xylon.

She turned and stared up into Briggs’ compelling brown eyes, desperately wanting to fuck him despite her reservations, for she needed that connection. Now was not the time though. She walked out of the control room with him at her side. They headed down the narrow corridor. When they neared the meeting room, he reached out and squeezed her hand.

“It’ll be all right, Brianna.”

“I don’t think so.” She forced back the moisture in her eyes. She couldn’t enter the meeting in tears. Not as a Command Warrior. But controlling her emotions was not easy. Even if they did get out of here, Tara would still be lost to them. That alone meant nothing would ever be the same. She started to turn away but Briggs tugged her back.

She saw genuine sorrow reflected in his gaze.

“I understand your pain.” The fingers of his free hand stroked her cheek.

Oh, how she loved his touch. So strong, yet gentle at the same time. Just what she needed.

“Don’t give up hope. We’ll find a way out of here. In time your heart will heal. Life is full of little miracles that can make things more bearable than we ever believed possible.” He tipped her chin with his finger and lowered his head. “Trust me,” he whispered. His lips covered hers in a soft, though compelling, kiss.

She mewled against his mouth, all her emotions rising to just below the surface and threatening to break free. She did trust him…and more. Her arms snaked around his waist.

When he pulled away, she saw raw desire in his eyes. But he took a step back and the look of desire turned to something else, something she couldn’t quite identify.

“Go join the others.” With a reassuring smile, he sat down outside the meeting room on one of the white benches positioned along the corridor. “I’ll be in later.”

She nodded, grateful for his presence and strength. Someone to offer her the type of comfort that the others here couldn’t. She turned and walked through the entry when it opened, stepping just far enough inside for the panels to whoosh closed behind her.

Briggs let out a heavy breath. That simple kiss, though not their first, had rocked him more than he’d expected. He scrubbed a hand down his face, only then realizing that his fingers were trembling. “Damn.” No woman had ever affected him this way.

Something powerful was growing between him and Brianna. In her eyes, for the first time, he’d seen a startling truth. She needed him. He already knew that he needed her. Fiercely.

Even so, his mission came first.

He waited a few moments to make certain that neither she nor anyone else emerged from the room unexpectedly. When all remained still, he glanced up and down the hall, checking that no one was wandering the side corridors. He reached inside a hidden compartment in the heel of his combat boot and pulled out a high-powered communications device.

The device was one-way only but served better than anything else Earth had available to report the progress here back to his superiors. Luckily, it had gone undetected. And hopefully, it worked as designed.

Though tested extensively before he’d left, to work even deep underground, nothing was guaranteed, which he’d been well aware of before accepting this assignment. He knew he’d be on his own out here. On an alien planet. In an alien solar system. Where his own kind couldn’t get to him if he needed help.

When he’d first materialized here, he hadn’t even remembered he had the device.

He hadn’t remembered a lot of things. Slowly his brain had adjusted to the dematerialization process which had ripped him from his own world, and everything about Project ACE returned to him.

The project was not quite what Laszlo, the Xylon leader, had originally intended it to be. No way would any government of Earth completely trust some alien who’d appeared out of nowhere and approached certain members of NATO with a wild story of half-lizard, half-humanoid Slave Masters coming to Earth.

They’d believed Laszlo enough to agree to a military exchange but that was it. Earth had been in alliance with alien civilizations for years and had never before been threatened with a hostile invasion. The public just didn’t know about Earth’s alien alliances. Nor did the government have any plans to tell them.

The problem was, if Laszlo had indeed spoken the truth about an invasion, Earth might be forced to rely on alien assistance more than they wanted. And end up indebted to a society that could demand more than Earth’s governments wanted to give in return for their help.

Xylon supposedly had vowed to protect all free societies. From what he’d seen, he believed the Warriors’ motives were genuine. So far, they’d treated him well and with respect. He’d gotten especially close to Brianna.

“Brianna.” Just the sound of her name on his lips made him want her. He vividly remembered their first meeting when he’d been isolated in a military facility they’d called the Lair. He could still feel her full lips wrapped around him, sucking his cock, during what they’d labeled an Initiation. A protection rite of some sort from what he’d been told.

Since then, he had ached to fuck her. But the timing hadn’t been right. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking about such things but, hell, he was only human.

A woman like Brianna would make any man hard from just looking at her soft mouth, her long, dark brown hair and that killer body displayed in her tight black uniform, which accentuated to perfection her full breasts and firm ass. Intelligent and a high-ranking military officer. To say he was impressed with her was an understatement.

Their beginning had been atypical to say the least. But from the first time he’d seen her in the Lair, he had known she was special. His thoughts drifted back to that first meeting…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At the sound of the heavy silver-white door sliding open, Briggs turned, still holding a chair he’d been about to throw across the room. A woman stepped inside the chamber and hit a button on the wall. With a soft whirr, the panel eased closed, locking her in with him and the other two women in the room.

He stood naked before her and looked her dead in the eye. Whatever they had done to him was causing chaos in his system. He couldn’t think straight. His thoughts centered solely on sex and he had little control over his actions.

This woman who had entered was different than the other two. More sexual. He could sense it. And he wanted her. He wanted her to feel his cock in her cunt, wanted her to submit to him. When he saw her nipples harden beneath her uniform, he knew she was affected by him, by his naked body. Perspiration even dotted her skin. It took every ounce of strength he had not to release the chair, grab her by her long hair and plunge his cock inside her cunt.

As she stared at him, her gaze lowered to the dark hair on his chest. Then to his crotch. Semi-hard, in his anger and desire, his purplish-red cock stood thick and long.

Her tongue eased out to moisten her bottom lip.

He growled low in his throat. Oh yes. She wanted to fuck. She wanted him.

At the sound he made, her gaze snapped up to his.

Briggs put down the slat-backed metal chair he was holding. His breathing remained labored. His nostrils flared. His hands opened and closed, forming fists, then his fingers stretched to their full length, only to curl back into tight fists once again. He had to maintain control as best as he could.

She looked toward the two females on the far side of the room, standing warily in the corner. “Where is your Class 1 leader?” she asked.

“We don’t have one, ma’am,” the short blonde-haired one answered.


“Tara Koll was our trainer. We haven’t been reassigned yet.”

With a nod, she looked back at him. “We’re here to help you,” she told him, speaking slowly as if he might have trouble understanding her.

He understood her words, but still felt like a trapped, enraged animal stuck in some sort of breeder cycle and unable to get relief.

“I know you’re feeling like your insides are being torn apart. We can help, if you let us. I’m going to approach you,” she said in a calm voice.

“Ma’am,” the blonde warned, “that’s not a good idea. We’re unable to call for medical help should he injure you.”

“It’ll be fine.” With a soft smile, she looked at him and slowly stepped forward.

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you, Colonel?”

The use of his rank surprised him and calmed him somewhat. She knew who he was. But who was she? She wore a uniform, different than the others. Carefully, she reached her hand toward him.

In a flash, he grabbed her outstretched hand and yanked her against his chest. Oh, her body felt good against his bare skin.

“Brianna!” the red-haired female shouted.

“It’s all right,” she replied calmly to the two women who’d started toward them, ready to defend her. “Stay back.” She looked up at him. “See. No retaliation. We won’t hurt you, if you don’t hurt us.” She hadn’t countered his move, hadn’t tried to get away.

His gaze darted toward the blonde and redhead, then back at her. “What…” He kept swallowing, having trouble speaking. “What’s happening?” he growled. He wanted answers.

“I don’t know the details of why you’re here, Colonel, but what we call an Initiation has been started on you. It’s a sexual process used to protect Warriors and Breeders from diseases and poisons, and also to prepare the body for mating purposes.”

His brow arched at the term “sexual process” and his eyes widened considerably at

“mating purposes”. What had he gotten himself into?

“Why an Earth man is being put through the rite, I don’t understand. Your procedure was ordered by a former leader, and the order was never cancelled. The chemicals we used have increased your sexual desire. You must allow us to finish the ceremony and sate you, or your mind might snap due to the imbalance now in your brain. That’s why you’re feeling confused.”

“Sate me?”


A smile tugged at his lips. “You?” His cock almost exploded right there at the thought.

BOOK: Ecstasy Bound
12.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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