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Ella (Twisted Tales)

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Twisted Tales: Ella

Kimber Sharpe











childhood had been one of laughter and light but that had all changed when my mother died, leaving me in the care of my stepfather, Adam, and three older stepbrothers.  At age sixteen, I began cooking and cleaning as well as tending our garden in the small community of Salem Village.  Our home was larger than some so I kept pretty busy during the day with hardly any time to pursue any kind of relationship with the young men in the community and while lonely, I was content.  I’d no idea that on the morning of my eighteenth birthday, everything about my life would change.

stepped into my room before I’d even risen from bed, lighting a candle next to my bed.  “It is time, Ella, that we discussed your situation in this household and how you contribute,” he said as he stood over me, arms crossed his thick chest.  Like always, he was dressed proper, without a dark hair out of place.  I sat up in bed and waited to hear what he had to say.

“You are nearly too old for marriage and have no prospects for a husban
d who could help with the housing and food. Each person of this household must carry his own weight and do with the exception of you.”

“I cook and clean,” I tried to defend myself despite the hurt his words evoked.

He glanced around my bedroom as if in disbelief.  “This room is rather large for someone who has taken on a housekeeper position.  I wouldn’t have to provide material for her to make her dresses either or buy her shoes.” I wanted to sink down into the bed and disappear.  It had never occurred to me that they would wish me gone or that I was a financial burden to them.

“What will you have me do
?” I asked in a small voice. “Will you put me out?”

I didn’t like the way his eyes narrowed.  I’d never been close with him or his sons because of how uneasy I always felt around them but until that moment, I’d not realized how dark they might be beneath their polished exteriors.

“I will not as long as you start contributing by taking care of our needs.”

I frowned.  “I do take care…”

He held up his hand, stopping me in midsentence.   “It’s no longer enough.”

I took a deep breath and nodded.  “Tell me what chores you wish me to do and I shall do them.”  I knew I couldn’
t survive on my own.

“Then you agree to contribute more?”  He raised his eyebrows as if surprised.

“Of course, I’ll do whatever you wish,” I vowed.  Until then I’d not realized what he meant by contributing.  I’d assumed more household work, perhaps cleaning the stables as well.  But my naïve mind cleared when he began unbuttoning his shirt.  His gaze never left mine as he undressed and I couldn’t speak a word.  Instead I pressed back against the headboard of my bed watching him with my heart pounding in my chest.  I’d never seen a man naked before.  Adam’s was a solid, hard body with hair dusting his chest.  Lower a long, thick stalk stood out from a nest of thick dark hair.

My gaze darted to his face to find him watching me. 
“Surely you don’t mean for me to bed with you?”  The words came out in a croak.  I knew that’s exactly what he meant but it seemed surreal that it was actually happening.

“I mean for you to take care of our needs.  It is the very least you can do for all that we provide for you.”  He grasped his penis and ran his fingers up and down its length.  “Everything in this household belongs to me as long as it remains here.”

I swallowed loudly.  “Maybe I could find a husband.”

“And what do you think he will expect you to do for him for providing for you?”  He tilted his head. 

I licked my lips nervously, trying not to look at his penis.  “I could become a maid for another household and give you my earnings,” I suggested.

“And the master of that household?
  What if he has other needs as well?”  Adam rested a knee on the edge of my bed.  “Besides, who will offer you work if I tell them I put you out because of a suspicion that you were a witch?”

My throat closed for a moment as fear leapt in my chest.  One woman had already been accused and hung for being a witch!  The entire community had turned on her and she’d been imprisoned and nearly starved before they’d taken her to the gallows.

“I’m not a witch,” I whispered.

“It is your choice,” he told me but it was a lie.  I had no choice.  He left me with but one option of survival. 

“I’ll do it,” I murmured as I closed my eyes.  “I’ll do what you wish of me.”  I felt the bed give as he hoisted himself onto it beside me.

“Then you agree that you belong to me, that you will submit to whatever I wish?” When I opened my eyes his hand was moving up and down his penis.  I nodded.

“Say it so that it is binding,” he commanded.

“I will submit to whatever you wish of me because I belong to you.”

The rhythm in which he stroked himself increased.  “Again.”

I repeated the words a little louder. 

“Good.  Now open your mouth, Ella,” he said huskily as he straddled my chest.  He inched himself forward until his penis was right in my face.  I whimpered softly as I looked up at him but I could see in his eyes he wouldn’t reconsider.  He reached forward and slid his hand around the back of my head as the crown of his member nudged my lips.

Hesitantly, I opened my mouth and he pushed forward against my tongue.  “That’s good.  Now suck.”  I did as he told me and tightened my lips to suck.  As I did he rocked back and then forward again.
  I lifted my hands but he slapped at them lightly.

“No hands.” 

I complied and continued until he thrust more of himself into my mouth.  He frowned at me when I tried to turn my head away and lifted my hands to his thighs in a puny effort to push him back.  He jerked from my mouth and grasped my hands.  Roughly he pushed them down and then lifted his knees to pin my arms at my sides.

“Open,” he snapped at me.  I obeyed and he returned his hand to the back of my head and slid the other beneath my chin while he guided his penis back into my mouth.  This time he thrust hard and deep causing me to gag when it filled my throat.  He groaned, ignoring the sounds I made
and rocked back before thrusting to the hilt.  I gagged again but his hands held me so I couldn’t turn away.

“Relax your throat, Ella.  Focus on breathing through your nose,” he rasped.  I tried to do that but it made it difficult when he began delivering short, quick thrusts into my throat.  He cursed under his breath and pulled out of my mouth again.

“You can’t even do this right.  It’s something all women know how to do naturally.”  He moved from atop me and I thought he was going to leave.  I began to weep when he crawled off of the bed.  He was going to throw me out!  But then he threw back the blanket and grasped me by the shoulders to haul me across the bed. 

“Get on your knees,” he ordered and I obeyed.  “Now lean back so your knees are beneath you.”  Again I did as he commanded, sliding my arms beneath me as well when he told me to.  He then dragged me to the edge of the bed so that my head hung off the side.

“Open,” he said again and when I did, he pushed back into my throat.  When I gagged, he pushed even deeper until he was completely buried.

“You will take what I give you,” he growled.  I felt him jerk my sleeping gown up, exposing me.  His hands pushed my thighs apart and then in the next moment my muffled cry sounded against him when he slapped at my sex. 
It was wrong I know but I liked it.  The sharp sting he left on my sex warmed my whole body. 

“That’s it.” Adam slapped again, this time a bit harder, thrusting deep as I cried out.  “Take my cock.”
He slid a hand beneath my head and lifted so that he drove deep with every thrust.   When his he began slapping repeatedly, I came, screaming against him.  He groaned and buried himself to the hilt, grinding into my face so that I had no air to breathe while I shook with pleasure.  A moment later he shouted and filled my throat with his cum. 

“Swallow, Ella,” he rasped so I did when he pulled his cock from my mouth.
  I got up and sat on the edge of the bed while he adjusted his clothes and put his cock away.   He finally looked at me and I could see the sinister wheels turning in his mind.  That look frightened me but also excited me.  I liked how he had dominated me, how he’d used me.  And by doing what he wanted, I’d sealed a deal that I wouldn’t be able to back out of.

He smiled evilly then before turning and walking from the room.  I blew out a breath when he closed the door behind him.  I rubbed at my sore shoulders as I got up and dressed.  Things would never be the same in the house again.  I knew that.  I just had no idea what that would entail.

Adam’s sons were six, four, and three years older than me.  George was the eldest and married to Becky.  She was pregnant with her third child.  While she and I were not close, she allowed me to help with her children and I adored them.  Lionel was Adam’s second son and he was engaged to be married to Melissa Dale in the summer.  Jack was the youngest at twenty one years of age.

I could tell at dinner that the sons knew the arrangement that Adam and I had made by their sidelong glances in my direction.  Becky and the children were oblivious and I was thankful for that.  It was embarrassing enough having the men know.

After dinner, I retired to my room but I hadn’t finished brushing out my hair when Adam entered.  “Keep quiet and come with me.”  I stood and stepped forward, following him through the dark house and then down to the cellar where a candle burned, illuminating the small space, revealing Adam’s sons, all three naked.  I hesitated on the bottom step but Adam put his hand on my shoulder to guide me forward.

“Let me hear your agreement again,” he said from behind me.

“I will submit to whatever you wish of me because I belong to you,” I recited as we halted in the middle of the cellar.

“And my sons are an extension of me,” he said as he grasped the hem of my sleeping gown and tugged it up and over my head, exposing me as he pulled the garment off of me and
tossed it to the side.  My heart raced in my chest and I had to force myself to not cover my body with my hands.

Kneel,” he told me.  I lowered to my knees on the cold stone floor while Adam removed his clothes as well.  Once he was naked they stood around me, jerking at their cocks until they were hard. 

Now you do whatever we tell you.  If you don’t, you know what will happen,” Adam warned.  I swallowed and nodded.

George stepped in front of me and when he pointed his cock at my mouth, I parted my lips.  He wasn’t as long as Adam but thick.  I sucked while sliding him back and forth like Adam had shown me that morning.  He groaned a bit but then stepped back.  Lionel
moved forward wanting the same.  Then Jack.

“This is what you are, Ella,” Adam said from behind me while his sons took turns having me suck on them.  “You take what we give you.  You submit to whatever we wish.  This is how you remain fed and clothed.”
  I heard something being moved across the floor but his sons didn’t give me a chance to look behind me. 

“Bring her to me,” Adam called.  I was guided to my feet and when I turned, I saw Adam sitting a very low chair.  The seat was only about
a foot from the floor and the back was at a angle so that he was reclined.  I could see his cock has something wet on it and he ran his hand up and down. 

George guided me around so my back was to Adam, then he and Lionel bent down slipping each a hand beneath my thighs and the other around my waist so they could lift me.  They lowered me and when I felt Adam’s cock bump against my asshole, I tensed and gasped with shock.  He inserted a wet finger and worked it back and forth a moment then grasped my hips to pull me down onto him slowly.  I cried out as he eased into me, the slight pain of stretching me to accommodate him unexpected.

“Relax, Ella,” Adam murmured but pulled me farther down onto him so that I cried out.  “Shhhh.”  He pushed more of his cock into me, groaning as he continued until he was completely sheathed. 

“Now lean back against me,” he told me as I trembled atop him in response to the slight
discomfort I was feeling.  I whimpered but did as I was told.  Adam grasped me by the forearms, his grip firm while George knelt between our legs and pushed my thighs open.  My eyes widened as he pushed his cock against my sex.  When he entered, I felt completely full and stretched.  He thrust to the hilt and the two of them began rocking their hips, pumping in and out of my body.  While there was discomfort, it felt amazing also.

Lionel massaged my breasts then swung a leg over my waist so he could rub his cock on them.  His hands pushed them together and he thrust between them.  His fingers tightened and I cried out at the slight pain.

Jack pumped his hips driving into my throat with each thrust.  Lionel spilled onto my breasts with a shout and then moved from atop me.  Jack shifted, so that one hand fisted in my hair at the back of my head.  The other he moved to my breast where he pinched my left nipple so hard that I cried out against him.  He buried himself and pinched again, groaning when I my cry muffled against him.  He plunged between my lips again, this time pumping back and forth roughly.

BOOK: Ella (Twisted Tales)
2.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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