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Authors: Jennifer Thomas

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Erotica for Women: Book 7 "Male Nanny"

BOOK: Erotica for Women: Book 7 "Male Nanny"
7.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

Male Nanny

A Short Erotic Story

By Best Selling Author Jennifer Thomas



Copyright © 2012 by Jennifer Thomas. All rights reserved worldwide. part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed, or given away in any form without the prior written consent of the author/publisher or the terms relayed to you herein.








Table of Contents

Title Page

The Male Nanny

The Male Nanny



Jenny followed Tony with her eyes as he ran around with her son, Luke, both laughing as they played together. She clenched her thighs together at the unwelcome sensation in her pussy as she watched him, his long legs clad in a pair of battered jeans, his white T-shirt stretched taught over his shoulders.

She turned her face away from Tony and clenched her eyes shut, trying to get a grip on her feelings. Ever since she had hired the gorgeous college student as a nanny during her son’s school break, she was having a hard time concentrating on anything. The last three days with him, alone in the house, while her husband Tom travelled from conference to conference in various states, had been hell.

She was constantly changing her panties; her pussy was constantly soaked just by watching the sexy twenty-one-year-old she had hired.

“I’m going to put Luke down for his nap Mrs. Stevens,” Tony said from right behind her and she jumped guiltily, trying to act nonchalant and nodding agreement.

She locked herself in her bedroom and lay down in bed, before sliding her fingers between her thighs, touching her soaked pussy and moaning softly as she pictured Tony. Her pussy was burning for release, and she ran her fingers along her slit, spreading her juices before she pinched and rubbed her clit. She pictured Tony between her legs, his mouth open against her, licking her pussy and teasing her clit with his tongue.

With a gasp, she came, her back aching and she let out a cry. She opened her eyes finally, and realized she was even hornier than before. She wanted to see Tony naked, wanted to rub her hands along his body, and wanted to wrap her fingers around his cock.

Determined, she smoothed her dress and straightened her panties before heading towards Tony’s room. She opened the door without a single knock, and came face to face with his naked, bronzed chest.

He looked at her, surprised, “Uh… I was just going to get a shower before Tony woke up.”

Jenny watched him for a few seconds, and then purposefully closed the door behind her, locking it securely. Staring into his confused eyes, she walked towards him, and touched his hard stomach. Tony clutched her hand and looked at her intently, confused, yet his cock hardened in response to her proximity, and the telltale bulge in his jeans made Jenny’s breath come in gasps.

She pushed him towards the wall and he silently walked backwards. Jenny slid her fingers along the waistband of his jeans, and Tony’s breath became harsher as he tried to keep his arousal in check.

Staring into his eyes, she deliberately took her time unbuckling his belt, and then undoing his fly. Instead of pushing his jeans down to free his cock, she slid her hand inside, her eyes closing in pleasure as her fingers wrapped around his thick cock.

Jenny’s breath caught in her throat as she was swiftly pushed against the wall, and Tony pressed his body against her, his mouth slanting fiercely over hers. With a groan she tightened her fingers around his impressive cock, and moved her hand back and forth as he slid his tongue into her mouth, his teeth sharp against her lips.

His stubble grazed her chin, and she kissed him back wildly, feeling his hands sliding over her bare arms. He placed his hands on the sides of her hips, and slid her flowy, loose summer dress upwards, letting his palms caress the skin he bared. They traveled to her waist, and higher, to her bra, and finally he stepped back to swiftly pull the dress over her head.

His eyes devoured her body, her heavy breasts protruding over the cups of her white lace bra. He took them in his hands, pushing them upwards as he bent down and bit the flesh. Jenny groaned and slid her hand out of his jeans, quickly pulling it down to free his cock.

His jeans hit the floor and he stepped out of them, still clutching her breasts high and sliding his teeth over them, grazing them lightly. He hooked his fingers in the cups and pulled them down, bending to suck on her hardened, erect nipple. Jenny cried out and clutched his head, her fingers sliding through his hair, keeping him in place to suckle at her breasts.

With a moan, he pulled away, his breathing ragged as he stood a couple of feet away from her, completely naked, his cock standing out, pointing towards her. “Take it off,” he breathed, and the erotic order made her insides turn to liquid, which seeped out from between her thighs to soak her panties further.

His eyes glued to her body, he watched as she reached behind herself to unclasp her bra, and let it fell to floor, her breasts freed, heavy and full.

“Panties,” he ordered, his eyes burning with intensity, and she savored in the unexpected commands, her arousal increasing tenfold by seeing Tony in his element, turned on, dominant.

She hooked her thumbs in her panties and bent down as they slid to the floor. She stepped out of them and walked towards him as he took his cock in his hand, rubbing it softly while he watched her breasts sway and move with every step.

She stopped a foot away from him, shivering, and her pussy clenching painfully to feel his cock inside her body. He raised both hand to hold her breasts, squeezing them lightly and pinching her nipples. His lips were parted, his eyes hooded yet hard and dark with arousal.

Abruptly, he pushed her against the wall, twisting her around so that she faced away from him, and clutched at her breasts again, digging his fingers into the delectable, firm flesh. Jenny felt his hard cock probing her ass-crack and the next instant he thrust upwards, filling her pussy.

She cried out at the sudden fuck, and braced her hands against the wall, pushing her hips back against him. Still clutching her breasts tightly, he began thrusting into her quickly, her juices covering his balls. They slapped against her, and Jenny moaned with every thrust, her thighs tense as she felt the telltale, frustrating yet sweet ache of an impending orgasm.

His thrusts became harder, deeper, and banged her pelvis against the wall with every jerk of his cock inside her. She came with a moan, long and low, and whimpered as flames of arousal licked her pussy, her thighs and her stomach. Tony grunted in her ear, banging her against the wall as he came, stilling inside her, and then jerking several times as spurts of his cum escaped his body to fill hers.

They stood against the wall, Tony’s cock still inside her, and waited for their breathing to even out. It had been a quick fuck, which that had been all the more pleasurable because Jenny hadn’t expected him to be so rough with her. She liked men who took control, and Tony with his boyish charm and cute smile had deceived her into thinking he was an innocent schoolboy.

She was glad she had been mistaken, because the surprise transformation of a twenty-one-year-old boy into a dominant lover was thrilling.

They heard the front door slam downstairs, and Jenny froze, a moment before she heard her husband’s voice from below, “I’m home.”

Jenny pushed Tony away and grabbed her dress off the floor, clutching it to her naked breasts as she ran from his room and slid into her own. Tony picked her bra and panties off the floor and pushed them under his mattress, before pulling on his jeans and T-shirt to meet the man who was paying him to take care of his son.

Tony was doing the laundry while Jenny lay curled up next to her husband, Tom, on the sofa, watching TV. Her eyes followed him around the house, and although Tony glanced back at her occasionally to meet her gaze, he never gave the slightest hint that he even remembered he had fucked Jenny.

“I’m going to take a nap sweetie, I’m knackered,” Tom said and pushed off the sofa, pulling her with him in his obvious way of saying he wanted her to join him in bed.

She smiled back at him lovingly, “When you wake up,” she whispered seductively, referring to sex.

He chuckled in response, “Okay. I’ll give you a missed call when I have need of you,” he winked at her, and walked off, running his hands through his hair.

Jenny watched him climb the stairs, and bit her lip, arousal licking at her pussy like fire. She glanced towards the laundry room like she had been doing for the past hour, and saw Tony standing there, watching her intently, his arms crossed over his chest.

They stared at each other, eyes locked, and then slowly Tony lowered his hand and unbuckled his belt before going into the laundry room and leaving the door wide open behind him. Without a thought, Jenny jumped off the sofa and with a glance towards the stairs to make sure Tom was gone, she slipped into the laundry room.

She was closing the door when Tony grabbed her breasts from behind, clutching them harshly and pulling her body against his. Jenny stopped a moan from erupting from her mouth, knowing that any sound she made would be suicide with Tom in the house, and twisted around, her hand instantly delving down to take his cock in her hand.

Shockingly, his jeans was already off, and she slid her hand down the front of him, flattening his balls against his prostate and relishing in his indrawn, harsh breath. His mouth got fierce over hers, his teeth grazing, his tongue insistent, drawing hers out to fill his mouth.

His hands slid down to her ass, and he clutched at the cheeks, testing their roundness, and delighting in her firm curves.

With a sharp, indrawn breath he pulled her up, onto the dryer as it did its work with a soft humming sound. He pushed her skirt up over her thighs, and pulled her panties down at once, his eyes glued to the neatly waxed triangle between her thighs. She lifted her ass off the top of the dryer to free her panties, and he tugged them off quickly, before taking her ankles in his hands and lifting them higher.

She almost fell back towards the wall, but braced her weight on her palms, her head against the wall, her ass resting on the dryer with its soft vibration. Instantly, Tony’s mouth was covering her pussy, taking the glistening pink petal between his lips to suck on them.

Unable to keep her arousal in check, she let out a low moan, and clutched at the dryer tightly, her thighs resting in his hands. He opened his eyes to look at her face, and she stared back at him, her eyes wide, her lips parted as she struggled to pull air into her lungs while he pleasured her.

Deliberately, he stuck his tongue out and still keeping eye contact, slid the tip of it between her pussy lips to her clit. Jenny whimpered, watching his tongue flick over her moist pussy, and he flattened his tongue, sliding it back and forth over her entire slit, cleaning it, sucking at it, before pushing it inside her cunt.

She pushed her hips against his mouth as she came, her pussy squirting in his mouth, and he sucked at it, letting the juices fill his mouth. His hands tightened around her thighs as he licked her pussy, his short fingernails digging into her flesh.

When she opened her eyes again, he grabbed her ass and slid her to the edge of the dryer, sliding his cock into her body slowly. She gasped as he pulled her off the dryer abruptly and she clutched at him, afraid that she was going to fall. But he grabbed her tightly against him, his cock buried inside her, and her legs automatically wrapped around his hips.

He took three short steps towards the wall and pushed her against it, still holding onto her ass roughly as he began thrusting into her pussy. The ramming began with full force from the very beginning, and she let out a long groan in pleasure. He took her mouth in his to silence her. “Stay quiet,” he murmured into her mouth harshly, and continued the ramming of his hips, his breath harsh, yet his cock unrelenting.

Jenny fought to control her grunts at the force of his thrusts, and tightened her arms around his neck as she felt his cock hit the back wall of her vagina, again and again, her body jerking with the pure pleasure of it. With a long moan, she came, her legs tensing, her pussy clenching painfully around his cock.

Tony let out a small grunt in her mouth as he came with her, his thrusts ceasing for a second, before he jerked into her, once, twice, thrice, and emptied his load. Their breathing ragged, they slowly returned back to reality, and Tony shifted back, holding onto her hips tightly as he placed her on her feet.

BOOK: Erotica for Women: Book 7 "Male Nanny"
7.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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