Espino, Stacey - Hardcore Cowboys [Ride 'em Hard 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (8 page)

BOOK: Espino, Stacey - Hardcore Cowboys [Ride 'em Hard 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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He sauntered in, looking sinfully good in his fitted blue jeans, shirt partially tucked in. She noted the oversized, silver rodeo buckle on his belt, no doubt another award for his superior talent in the saddle. What would he be like in bed? She quickly shook her inappropriate thoughts away. Being trapped in the small bedroom with so much male energy, plus fantasizing about the men in unholy ways, was a dangerous combination.

“I think I was meant to find you when I did, not just to save your life…” He trailed off, his throat working hard. She could easily fill in the blanks. How could he think she saved his life? He was a rodeo star with a thriving cattle business, living on the most picturesque piece of land she’d ever seen, winter or not. They were night and day opposites, and Samantha didn’t really believe in the law of attraction.

Cord added, “I agree with my big brother, sweet thing. You came at just the right time. I think Val would have driven me nuts talkin’ about settling down and the future if you hadn’t shown up at our front door.”

Her skin began to crawl. She certainly wasn’t afraid of commitment. In fact, she craved it like nothing else. After dealing with lowlife cheaters and witnessing her sisters’ multiple divorces, stability was the one thing she desperately wanted in life. But she barely knew the
brothers, so anything they said had to be fickle words spoken in the heat of the moment. How could they honestly want her to stay? And they all spoke as if they each wanted her, but the numbers didn’t add up. She was just one woman, and certain they wouldn’t be interested in her much older sisters.

“What do you want from me?” Fear laced her words, not because they were capable of harming her, but because her heart couldn’t take being let down. It was better to ask than assume.

Wyatt moved closer, too close. Her heart pitter-pattered to the point she had to open her mouth to breathe. “I want to be everything you need. I’m not a young man anymore. It’s about time I think about things like family and setting down roots. I feel a connection to you, Samantha, one I’m not willing to throw away.”

She stepped back. This wasn’t right. Men didn’t commit, they took what they wanted with no regard for a woman’s feelings, just like her ex. “You hardly know me, Wyatt.”

“I know enough. You’re beautiful, sweet, and tender. A woman like you’d make any man proud.” Then he whispered, “You’d make
proud.” Wyatt ran his hands down her arms, slowly, sensually. “I like seeing you in my clothes.” He leaned down and kissed her temple, just once, then pulled back. By this point her pussy was pulsing so strong that it became uncomfortable. Val and Cord were close enough that she could reach out and touch them. They said nothing, just watched. It was the oddest thing she’d ever experienced.

Samantha shook her head. “No…” Her skin tingled, a mixture of nerves and desire. “I don’t believe you.”

“Do I have to show you?”

The wicked gleam in his eyes dared her to take him up on his offer. What did he plan? Any one of the
brothers would be a stallion in the bed, she had no doubt about that, and right now sex seemed to be all she could think about. Her need overrode her sense of insecurity.

The twins just stood there with identical looks of sexual longing in their eyes. Samantha spoke up, “What do you two think?” For a brief moment she allowed herself to envision two men taking her body at the same time. She’d honestly never thought about it, but now it ignited wicked visions in her head. Two big, hard cocks…maybe three.

“I think we’re brothers and know how to share,” said Cord. “From your position, I’d think three men loving you would beat just one.”

“Men don’t share,” she said, hoping it wasn’t true.

Chapter Eight

Wyatt had to have her. The thought of letting her walk out of his life was not digestible. He was a firm believer in destiny, and Samantha was his. It didn’t matter that they barely knew each other. Instincts often knew better than logic. It was no different than the way a galloping horse could avoid a groundhog hole without seeing it—sometimes you just knew.

“Only lily-livered men in need of an ego boost would fear sharing a woman.”

His brothers were already lost to her. He could see it in their eyes. Ever since they were teenagers, Cord and Val had always desired the same girls. As adults they refused to settle down with separate women, which would in turn break apart their uncommonly close bond. Rather than choose between living a loveless life or living apart, it seemed logical for the twins to court the same woman. They didn’t have to say they thought the same thing.

Where did Wyatt fit in the equation? He was the eldest and knew his younger brothers wanted him to return home permanently. It hurt to constantly deny them, but he hadn’t been ready until now. Every step on his path had helped him grow as a person, the good times and the bad. Now he knew what he wanted—Samantha. But could the three of them share her?

“And I suppose the three of you are real men?”

“Hardcore cowboys,” said Cord proudly, licking his lips. Out of the three of them, Cord was the most comfortable with the fairer sex. He flirted effortlessly and always had a flock of women sniffing around.

Now Wyatt’s challenge was convincing the filly his intentions were honorable, that he played for keeps. She would never have to worry about anything once she accepted him as her man—or more likely, accepted
He’d never known of anyone in their town who lived in a ménage relationship. They resided in an old-fashioned part of the province with God-fearing people scared of walking out of the tread. But since when did he care about what others thought? People tended to shy away from him, whispering as he passed by when he ventured into town for supplies. Wyatt was known as a drifter, a good boy who took the wrong path, never to be trusted again. The women he spent the night with were more than willing. He’d never hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it, so there was no need to start rumors, but that didn’t stop them. If they wanted to gossip about the
brothers getting hitched to the same woman, let them. This was their life to lead and no one else’s.

“I’m from the city. I’ve never met a cowboy in my life.” She took a deep breath and then slowly released it, as if prepping herself for bad news. “Is it common for cowboys to love ’em and leave ’em?”

Wyatt couldn’t help himself. He wrapped an arm around the small of her waist and tucked her against the hardness of his body. She let out a faint whimper. “Let me tell you about real cowboys, sweet thing. We love hard and fast. We care for and protect what’s ours, no matter the cost. And when we commit to a woman, one woman, there’ll never be another.” He looked down into her dark eyes, which were full of caution, yet pleading. Why did she fight what they all clearly wanted? Had she been that hurt in the past? Was a ménage repulsive in her eyes?

“Whoever you choose will be a lucky girl.” She pressed her palms to his chest and pushed herself away, but he held her tight.

He turned to Cord and Val, who both nodded their consent. Without words, it was set. They’d share Samantha if she’d allow it. “Tell me you’d like to be that girl, Samantha. Say you’ll give the three of us a chance, and we’ll prove ourselves worthy of your love.”

After a lengthy pause, she whispered,
“I’m scared.”

The honest words weren’t meant to reject. They gave Wyatt and his brothers an unspoken consent with the promise not to hurt her. Wyatt would never do such a thing, not physically or emotionally. He could still remember how protective their father had been of their mother. The
brothers had always been taught never to harm a woman. They were delicate creatures, deserving of respect and adoration.

Wyatt dared to make his move, praying she’d accept him. He leaned over and brushed a gentle kiss on her full lips. It may have only been days, but it felt like he’d been waiting a lifetime to do just that. The softness of her mouth against his tempted him to take more. He deepened the kiss, tasting, testing. She didn’t resist, but opened her mouth and allowed his tongue entrance. Her taste spurred him on, made his cock feel ready to explode.

“Let us make you feel good.” Val stroked her hair, massaging her shoulder with the other hand.

“If we hurt you, just let us know,” said Cord before tugging his shirt off over his head. Wyatt couldn’t believe this was happening—a fucking ménage a quatre with a woman who tempted him like no other.
More than that.
Their union would solidify the commitment between the four of them. His entire future outlook shifted thanks to their little snow angel.

* * * *

Samantha felt as if she were floating. She decided just to let go, to give her body over to the safe keeping of the three brothers. All she knew for certain was that mind-numbing pleasure awaited her.

When she glanced at Cord, who now stood shirtless, the reality of her situation struck her. They were all going to fuck her, three men, at the same time. Rather than her nerves flaring up, as she would expect from herself, her body heated with an untamed desire. A deep V-cut started at Cord’s hips and disappeared into his fitted pants. The man was etched as if made from marble, all hard and toned, and undeniably delicious. She had the urge to touch him, to explore his body with her hands and lips, until she remembered who held her. Cord wasn’t the only man in the room. No, the testosterone practically sizzled around her, musky and rich.

Wyatt nipped her jaw, his hot breath within the shell of her ear arousing her further. She gripped him by the sleeve but decided to move her hands down his arms in exploration. His arms were thick and muscled, and she expected all the brothers were equally cut. She was tempted to close her eyes and allow them to have their way with her, but she fought for the little sanity she had left. Samantha wanted to remember and savor every second of tonight. Today was about letting go, about trust, and the hope of a better tomorrow. God, she desperately hoped they weren’t toying with her, ready to toss her out the door once they’d had their fill.

What did she have to go back home to? A lonely apartment, an unfulfilling job, and no man. If what these cowboys offered her was true, she wouldn’t squander the opportunity. She wasn’t stupid. Samantha planned to embrace their affection, nurture the budding relationship as best she could. Maybe Cord was right. Three men were better than one in this case.

“How does this feel?” Cord wrapped his arms around her from behind, one hand snaking down her pants to cup her mound. She gasped from the contact. His strong, warm hand over her most intimate part stole her breath.

She nodded, unable to speak but wanting more. “Lift up your arms, darlin’,” said Val, tugging at the hem of her shirt. She felt so surrounded by these tall men, their frames twice as broad as hers.

“No, you have to undress her, Val. Her arms are still stiff from the cold.” Wyatt assisted his brother, carefully slipping her arms from the sleeves of the oversized shirt. She could barely remember mentioning discomfort, not when her whole body was a live wire of erotic need. Heat swirled around inside her, spreading inward from her extremities, inching ever closer to her core. She wasn’t sure what would happen when all that wanton energy collected in her cunt, but she hoped the Carson brothers were experienced enough to guide her through it.

Once Samantha was free of her shirt, Cord bent over and pushed her pants down her hips until they dropped to the floor at her ankles. She hadn’t noticed his tattoo. The black lettering started at the hairline at the back of his neck and ended between his shoulder blades. Had she ever seen anything sexier? She wanted to ask what the symbols meant, but her voice wouldn’t work. Naked and vulnerable, she didn’t feel self-conscious but desirable and more ready than she’d ever been. Her inhibitions faded, and naughty thoughts continually crossed her mind. Were they thinking similar things? Which brother would fuck her first?

“You have a beautiful body.” Val crouched down and kissed her stomach, so close to where she needed him most.

She felt like saying she was just Samantha Brown, nothing special, not deserving of such attention. But they really did make her feel beautiful, desirable—like a princess from a fairy tale.

There were hands everywhere, lips kissing, fingers probing. She wasn’t sure who touched her where, but it didn’t matter. The cowboys were like a single unit with one united goal—her pleasure. Their voices and movements were like silk over her senses. She had no doubt they wanted her, but they had respectable control and skill in the art of seduction. They’d barely started and she already felt overwhelmed with the wondrous sensations trickling through her veins.

“I don’t normally do this,” she murmured. Samantha didn’t want them thinking she was an easy lay, a woman with no inhibitions. This was completely new for her. She had never even enjoyed sex with her previous partners. It had been passionless, quick, and unfulfilling. Now all she could think about was the peak these men could bring her to.

A sinfully decadent chuckle echoed around her. She was too dazed to figure out who it came from. “We know that, sweetheart. You’re a good girl. Just for us

Just for us.
The desire to be wanted, needed, was so deeply ingrained into Samantha’s psyche that she grabbed at the chance to be the center of attention for the Carson brothers. She’d never really known the love of a man. Sure, she’d had a few boyfriends in her thirty years, but nothing resembling love. Her desire for them couldn’t automatically be blamed on daddy issues because she’d accepted being raised by a single mother and never sought out her biological father. But she did harbor a submissive desire, even though she was used to controlling every detail of her life back home.

BOOK: Espino, Stacey - Hardcore Cowboys [Ride 'em Hard 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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