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Eternal Embrace

BOOK: Eternal Embrace
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Eternal Embrace


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Sisterhood of Jade


Billi Jean

Book four in the Sisterhood of Jade Series

When a sheltered young woman meets the one guy in this world that fits her, she might not be ready for the changes he brings, but she’s more than ready to be in his eternal embrace. 

Jaxon knew he was in trouble stalking one woman over cappuccinos, but he never guessed the wild redhead was much more to him than a hot crush he can’t seem to shake. He learns quickly though that when she’s in danger he cannot let her die. Not even when the laws demand it. He faces the biggest challenge of his life—keeping her alive. But Jaxon isn’t going to quit, not even when he breaks the laws of his people and aids her into becoming a vampire. Even when doing so, he might win her hatred, rather than her love.

Joey’s never known anyone like Jaxon. She’s never wanted to. Now, after experiencing the pleasure only found in his embrace, she wants more. She wants his love. But when the Death Stalkers move up their battle to turn immortals into their slaves to include humans, she suddenly finds herself battling not only for her life, but for Jaxon’s.


I’d like to express my thanks to my friends who have encouraged me to keep looking ahead and never even think of giving up.

Kay, don’t lose track of your dreams, lady! More chips and salsa!

Jenna, get yourself to California, girl!

Cara, true love does exist—maybe even in Texas.

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Chapter One

Jaxon stared at the woman on his bed. An IV ran from the inside of her pale arm to the bag of blood he’d hoped would repair the damage caused by two Death Stalker vampires. He’d replaced all her lost blood with the hospital bags, but so far, nothing seemed to be stopping her body’s shift to vampire.

Her skin was the natural ivory white only a true redhead could make look sexy. But now, her skin tone was pasty instead of luminescent. The bite marks were red and swollen. Worse, there were faint blue veins spreading out from the sites of the punctures that scared the fuck out of him.

She twisted this way and that on the bed, as if caught in a nightmare that wouldn’t end. She’d stop for a bit, then almost immediately start all over again. Keeping the IV in place was difficult. With a husky groan, she tossed her head, and her red hair fell across her delicate features. She suddenly jerked her knees to her chest, nearly upsetting the IV stand. He dived for her, barely catching her arm and securing the needle so she didn’t rip it free.

Panic shot straight to his heart. Fear chilled his skin followed by anger. He couldn’t help her, not this way. Nothing was working. Not one thing he’d done seemed to stop Joey from transforming into a vampire.

Cursing, he bowed his head and tried to gain some control over the chaos ripping him to pieces. He wanted to both shake her and demand to know what the fuck she’d been thinking going back to that club when he’d made it clear she shouldn’t step one foot inside. He also wanted to hold her tight and swear to her he’d never let anyone harm her ever again.

He laughed without humour and adjusted the needle in her arm. He knew. She’d been trying to get him out of her system with the oldest trick in the book—with someone new. He could have saved her the time—no one else would do. He’d tried. All he could think about when he’d been around other women was Joey’s teasing smile, her lush breasts in his hands, and how she’d sighed his name when he’d made love to her.

Yeah, he knew all about why she’d been at that club. Only he’d never dreamed she’d have the nerve to disobey him. She was tiny, delicate in ways that sent a shot of lust along his spine. But she had more fire than he’d realised. Oh, he knew how much she had in bed—that one night he’d been unable to resist her burnt in his brain, diminishing every other fuck he’d ever had down to nothing. Joey was a seven-course meal savoured over hours. Every other woman was six-day-old pizza still in the box.

She’d called him a coward when he’d ushered her to the cab outside that club. In one sense, she was right. Sitting by, helplessly watching her human body shifting into a vampire, he felt like more of a coward than he ever had in his life.

Many of the immortals who knew him counted on him to be always ready for a fight. And he always was. He’d managed to survive and even kick ass in this world he lived in, but he’d never put himself on the battlefield because shit mattered. He’d fought to fight, maybe add his punches to the ‘good’ side of the battle, but nothing had really meant anything to him. He’d never risked caring about anything enough for it to matter.

Until Joey. Losing her, ending her life before she turned into a vampire, wasn’t something he could do.

One look into her face—just that single glance across a street nearly a year ago—and he’d felt his world unravelling. Everything he’d believed about himself had slowly fallen away the longer he spent in her presence, until he’d become addicted to the one thing he couldn’t have—

She sighed and her body eased. If she followed the pattern, she’d sleep, then start all over again.

He stood and walked over to where he’d left a jar of salve on his worktable. A witch he trusted had said it would help Joey. It might even save her life—her vampire life—he thought. Beauty, the witch and the bonded of one of his long-time friends, had given it to him when he’d realised nothing he’d done to help Joey was helping.

Would Joey hate him when she turned? Would it matter? He couldn’t let her die. There wasn’t a chance of him allowing that. He loved her. Loved everything about the crazy wildcat. But if she hated him after she awoke, a vampire…

He’d use the salve no matter his worries.

He fisted his hand around the jar, turned and sat, dropping his head against the tabletop to block the sight of her.

She was changing. The past was replaying, as if he’d not got a front-row seat the last time. The question that plagued him day and night was, would this time be different?

Joey was different. As far from Elizabeth as night was from day.

As a vampire, he knew that difference between night and day—from the drop of the sun against the horizon to the breaking of dawn—to the exact second.

But with people, he wasn’t as certain.

Especially with Joey. She made all his beliefs blurry—all his hidden desires possible. She wasn’t like anyone he’d ever met before.

The mistakes he’d made with Elizabeth had proven fatal for an entire village. He’d ignored too many things about her that had made him uneasy and instead had acted, saving her when he’d found her nearly dead from loss of blood. He’d disregarded every instinct warning him not to bring her over and transform her from a lovely, if selfish woman, to a dangerous, deadly vampire.

With Joey, he didn’t ignore one detail. His instincts flared every time he so much as glanced at her, urging him to cure her suffering and guide her into her new life. With him. He had only to close his eyes and he could see her the way she looked when she was thinking, or how her eyes sparkled when she was happy. He could hear her speaking in his head even when he shouldn’t, and he knew beyond a doubt that Joey was pure and free of evil.

But what if all he could do was create evil? What if he saved Joey now and had to kill her—

“Shit!” He raised his arm to throw the salve across the room, but at the last moment he made a fist until his knuckles cracked around the small jar. Slowly he lowered his hand and breathed in and out, in and out.

BOOK: Eternal Embrace
4.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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