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“Why is it we have heartbeats?”

He looked at her for that, and shrugged. “We do, but during the day, our heartbeats slow, that’s where the rumour of being undead comes from. But we can stop our heart and some of the real ancient and nasty vampires do.”


His look turned fierce and he nodded. “We have many enemies. Many our own kind. I need to train you in all the ways to protect yourself. Ways to hide, to mask your presence, and most of all, to protect yourself if anyone tries to grab you.”

She made a face when he handed her the cup of blood. “Drink it, because I’d rather you drink from me, and if you do, I won’t settle for coming in my jeans like some young pup, darlin’. I’ll be so deep inside you, you’ll never forget my possession.”

“Oh, God.” That sounded sexy.

He grimaced at her obvious reaction and shook his head. “You’re going to kill me, you know that, right? Hell, you’re too damn sexy. Now, drink, then I want to show you our training arena.”

Our training arena?

“I’d rather see our bed.”

He leant down and kissed her shoulder. “I bet you would,” he murmured, but her answer seemed to make him even more determined.

He nodded to the glass and waited.

She tipped the cup and looked at the blood, not as freaked as she should be. While she’d been nibbling on his body, an overwhelming urge to bite a bit harder, maybe sample just a taste of his blood, had filled her.

“Do it, for me, okay?” He shifted under her and grimaced, then laughed huskily, and swatted her butt lightly. “You made me come in my jeans.”

She smiled at him and nodded. “Yep, and I might do that again, too.”

He gave her an alarmed look that made her laugh. “What? Why the hell would you do that?”

“Because it was hot.”

“Shit,” he breathed, sounding aroused. Suddenly he grinned and slipped a hand through her thighs again, cupping her from behind. “I can feel how turned on you still are, darlin’.”

“Oh?” she purred against his neck. “And I can
how turned on you are, too, babe,” she reminded him, pressing her leg just a bit harder against his lovely cock. “So, duh, of course I am.”

He laughed but quickly nodded towards the blood. “Drink and I’ll show you how a vampire can clean up.”

“Show me first,” she countered, then squeaked in surprise when his bare body, all the way down to his jutting erection, suddenly pressed against
naked body. He’d made their clothes disappear.

“Oh,” she shivered. “How did you do that? I want to—”

“Drink. You want a quick, hard lesson to ease this beautiful body and help you with that drink?”

Oh, God, quick and hard, with Jaxon?
She looked at his body, catching her breath at the size of his cock. The mushroomed head was glistening and as she watched, it jerked, giving her a tantalising glimpse of the thick, heavy-veined muscle underneath it. He certainly looked like he could ease her beautiful body. She tipped the blood to her lips and let the liquid touch her tongue.

“Good, good girl, now drink it,” he coaxed, pulling her leg from between his thighs and pressing his hard shaft against her from her pussy all the way along her stomach. He’d been so hot that night, his heat had stayed with her for days. The memory of his first, slow push inside her was never going away—even if she lived to be a hundred, it would remain crystal clear. Now, with his erection pressing against her like silk-encased muscle, she nearly came from knowing what he could do to her. What that firm, lovely and ready-to-make-her-scream body could do to hers.

If she could swallow the blood he pushed on her again.

“Come on, darlin’, for me, drink one swallow.”

She let go of her fear, not even caring that he held someone’s blood to her lips, and let a bit more slip inside her mouth. The blood tasted like salt and something else, something she wanted, almost craved. She gasped when Jaxon smoothed his hands hungrily up from her ass to her shoulders, brushing kisses against her throat and down to her breasts with a hungry, appreciative-sounding growl.

His erection twitched, reminding her of all the ways he could make her cry out in perfect ecstasy. She swallowed a mouthful and moaned. The taste simmered over her tongue this time, filling her senses with cravings and causing heat to sizzle from her lips all the way to her toes and everywhere in-between.

“That’s it, drink, drink it and I’m going to give you this,” he urged, adjusting his cock so it settled right against her opening. She sucked down another swallow and pressed down hungrily on his broad head.

He stopped her with a laugh. “Ah-ha, baby, drink first, then I’ll make you scream. Drink, drink before I come just from your sweet heat coating my dick.”

She swallowed again, so turned on she rubbed along his velvety shaft. He stopped her with another growl and squeeze of her butt.

“Drink, then I’m going to rock your world.”

“Jaxon! Now, I want—”

He stopped her words by latching onto her nipple and pressing the aching tip between his hot tongue and the roof of his mouth. She nearly died. The pressure to come built to a frightening degree, but instead of sending her over, it left her hanging there.
left her hanging there. She dug her nails in his back, worried he’d stop. In response, he bucked against her, but not in her. Didn’t matter. She lost the ability to breathe, so certain she’d climax she held her breath, then he backed off. In a rush, she cried, “No! Do that, do that, and fuck me! Jaxon!”

“Not yet,” he laughed, lifting the blood to her mouth. “Drink, for me, do it for me,” he urged, rocking her hips back and forth against the heat of his hard flesh.

She cautiously tasted another small sip. Again, heat exploded in her mouth, sliding down her throat and filling her with a need she’d never had before. Never knew existed before. With that first sip she craved more, until with a gasp, she’d emptied the glass.

Jaxon threw the glass over her shoulder, where she distantly heard it shatter, but really, she didn’t care one whit. She took hold of Jaxon’s face in both her hands and kissed him like her life might end if she didn’t.

He groaned huskily and met her kiss for kiss. Jaxon, his lips and body, the blood surging through her and the warm, mellow flavour lingering on her tongue eclipsed everything else. Everything else but him.

“Jaxon,” she whispered, “I want…” Him. Everything. Anything. “You.”

“Fuck yeah, you’re so hot, Joey.”

“Yes, yes, Jaxon, please, oh, God, I need…” She kissed his shoulder, desperate in a way she’d never experienced before.

“I got you, darlin’,” he growled and shoved the head of his erection upward, while he steadied her hips in a downward press that worked his flesh so deep she cried out in pleasure. “Yeah, come on my cock, give it to me, only me,” he growled, nipping her breast with devastating results. Her body tingled, achingly aroused and so sensitive she lifted her pelvis away from him, fearing what the added stimulation would do.

“Oh, Jaxon, please,” she begged, unsure what she needed to take the plunge into climax.

Jaxon seemed to know, though because he took her lips in a kiss, lapping the blood from her mouth and replacing it with his spicy flavour while he fed her every thick, long inch of his powerful cock deep inside her pussy. He jerked her downwards with his tight grasp on her butt, to take her the last few inches, she pressed her clit tight to his body, and clenched on every wonderful inch of him. It felt so incredible she hugged Jaxon’s neck and buried her face against his hot skin, trying to do something to ease the spinning sensation before she exploded into a million shiny pieces.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s my girl, that’s my beautiful girl,” he said, sounding so husky she barely understood him above the rush of blood in her ears.

Jaxon suddenly lifted her, startling her, and turned his body to press her down on the surface of the table. He leaned over her, sampling her breasts, and hooked his arms under her knees as he began shafting her in long, slow lunges.

“Oh, Jaxon, just like that,” she groaned. She bit her palm to keep from screaming. Every inch of him filled her, and each time he thrust forward, the brush of his balls slapping into her drove her crazy. Amazing tingles started, travelled along her spine and made the back of her neck shiver.

“Ah, fuck, darlin’, you’re so tight, so hot and wet,” he said, building to a hotter and faster tempo.

“Jaxon, oh! Jaxon, there, do that, do that,” she breathed, when he latched onto her breast with his hungry mouth, and began to bounce her against his hips. “Yes, yes, yes, oh yes!” Her grasp on reality slipped, she was so lost to the pleasure between them. He could have done anything to her and she would have loved it. She pulled his hair, holding his head so he wouldn’t stop, as the rush of her climax crashed around her.

Deep in her body, he grew impossibly thick and hard. She had only a second to worry though before the thought slipped away on a cry as he gave out an agonised groan and started coming. With frantic movements of his hips, he buried himself deeper, so deep she swore he had to have reached her womb. There, with him shoved in tight, his cock flexed with each hot spurt of his cum. Her orgasm intensified, ripping aside her ability to think, and left her reeling in his arms.

She barely registered that his body began shuddering wildly, until she did as well. She wrapped her legs around his hips, arched herself to force him as tight as possible and kissed the side of his head, holding him as he continued to come.

After long, lush minutes, they both breathed easier. Jaxon sighed heavily, then kissed her breast with slow, easy kisses. She never wanted him to move, but with another harsh groan, he slowly eased from her. “Joey,” he breathed against her jaw. He rose above her, watching her face in a way that made her trace the lines of his strong features.

“Oh, Jax, I think I might need that lesson daily.”

He laughed a long, low sound that brought a smile to her face. She hugged his sweaty head and kissed his forehead again. Had she ever heard him laugh like that? So carefree and at ease?

“That would be my vote,” he said, turning his head to kiss her on the lips. “But right now, I want to take a nap with you.”

“A nap?” She let him help her off the table, and sucked in a breath when he lifted her in his arms without any warning.

“Yeah, a nap. Soon, you will need to sleep, but I want to lie down with you,” he said gruffly.

She nibbled her lip and tried to read his profile. He seemed oddly defensive.

“Are you trying a fast one on me, mister? Because I have to warn you, I just might be on to you,” she teased.

He grinned instantly and tossed her onto the bed, following so quickly she hadn’t finished bouncing before he wrapped his arms around her. His grip was tight, unlike his soft, gentle lovemaking and wild, fierce passion. This was different. His heart raced. His body was taut with tension.

Emotions, so hot they brought tears to her eyes, filled her. Jaxon held her as if she might disappear, she understood suddenly. He
to hold her. Clearly, he wanted this experience of holding someone a great deal.

She had a sudden, clear vision of him, sleeping here, alone, for centuries.

He’d probably never held a woman while she slept. The suspicion brought such a wash of compassion, she hugged him back, silently snuggling against his warm body until she’d found a completely comfortable position. How lonely his life must have been, she thought. Much more than hers, even. She’d grown up without a mother or father. Her father had died in a war and her mother had turned to drugs to ease his passing. Drugs and random men. That was only her childhood. Jaxon had been alone for centuries, she abruptly guessed.

She scooted closer, pressed one hand to his chest and used the other to caress his back. Some of the tension eased from his body, but he still held her tightly.

“Mmm, now this is going to be the way I always want to fall asleep,” she whispered, hoping to soothe him. Slowly his death grip on her softened. “Is that allowed? I mean do we have to sleep in coffins, or in the dirt or—”

He cut her off with a quick, hot, hungry kiss and grinned at her after, the Jaxon she knew, all arrogant and sure of himself. “Do I look like I sleep in the dirt?”

Laughing, she considered his arrogant expression and shook her head. “No, I suppose not. So this is it?”

“This is it what?” He rearranged her so he had the covers over them, and her almost entirely on top of him. He started trailing his hand over her shoulder, then began playing with the hair at the back of her neck with the warm tips of his fingers while he pressed his lips to her shoulder.

“What else is going on in that mind of yours?” he asked.

I’m supposed to think like this?

“I mean, no coffin, no…dark room with spooky bats or hanging upside down and all that? You don’t change to a pale, gruesome monster?”

He snorted against her skin, making her shiver. “Not unless I don’t get my happy ending.”

It took her several seconds to get that, but when she did, she broke out in laughter so hard, Jaxon bit her shoulder to keep her still then kissed her breathless again.

She broke the kiss with a sigh, and wrapped her hand around his silky erection, feeling positively possessive of this particular part of him. Rubbing her body against his, she purred into the strong column of his throat.

“Once more,” she whispered, kissing a path down his chest. “If you’re up to it, that is?”

She barely got the words out before she found herself flat on her back, buried under Jaxon’s fierce, passionate body. Exactly where she planned to stay.

Chapter Five

Jaxon watched the way Joey moved in the forms he’d taught her. She flowed, each part of her body in sync. Perfect. Like her. Hell, the woman was so limber she could do a backbend, kick a foot up and land on her feet. She reminded him of a Chinese acrobat—but with such sexy possibilities, he doubted the Chinese would approve, or hell, for all he knew, they invented the moves first.

“Now try to blend into the corner,” he called.

BOOK: Eternal Embrace
7.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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