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Authors: Geoffrey Abbott

Tags: #History

Execution: A Guide to the Ultimate Penalty (54 page)

BOOK: Execution: A Guide to the Ultimate Penalty
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Andrews, W.
Old Time Punishments
(1890, William Andrews)

Bell, D. C.
Chapel in the Tower
(1877, John Murray)

Berry, J.
My Experiences as an Executioner
(1892, Percy Lund)

Bleakley, J.
Hangmen of England
(1929, Chapman & Hall)

Bryan, G.
Off with His Head
(1934, Hutchinson)

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series Carment J.
Glimpses of the Olden Times
. (1893, Jackson)

Croker, J. W.
History of the Guillotine
(1853, Murray)

Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press)

Eden Hooper, W.
History of Newgate and Old Bailey

Fox, C.
General Williamson’s Diary
(1912, Camden Society)

Foxe, J.
Book of Martyrs

Gallioni, A.
Tortures and Torments of the Christian Martyrs
(1903, Fortuna Press)

(1876, Camden Society)

(1809 ed.)


Howard, J.
State of the Prisons
(1777, Eyres)

Newgate Calendar
(1891, Miles)

Jephson, H.
Real French Revolutionist
(1899, Macmillan)

John Evelyn’s
(1850 ed.)

Lawes, I.
20,000 Years in Sing-Sing
(1932, Long, Smith)

Lenotre, G.
Guillotine and Its Servants
(1908, Hutchinson)

Lowrie, D.
My Life in Prison
(1912, Lane)

Diary of a London Resident
(1848, Camden Society)

Marks, A.
Tyburn Tree
(1910, Brown, Langham)

Meadows, T.
Chinese and Their Rebellions
(1856, Smith, Elder)

Miller, T.
Sketches of London
(1852, Nat. Illustrated Library)

Sanson, H.
Memoirs of the Sanson Family
(1876, Chatto & Windus)

Schmidt, F.
Hangman’s Diary
(1928, Philip Alien)

Stow, J.
Annales of England

Stow, J.
Survey of London
(1598, Dent 1912)

Stow, J.
London under Elizabeth
(1890, Routledge)

Tasker, R. J.
(1928, Knopf)

Diary 1675-9
. (1927, Routledge)

Tyburn Gallows
(1909, London County Council)


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BOOK: Execution: A Guide to the Ultimate Penalty
2.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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