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Pressure begins to build
deep inside of me. I murmur
over and over against his lips, and it isn’t
until I’m on the brink of my release do I realize that I’m going to
orgasm for the first time in front of a camera.

For the first time because of a



When Evan comes, she hides
it well. I only notice because I can feel it—her tight, wet pussy
clenching around my fingers, the way she shudders and quietly
against my lips.

She comes down from her high quickly,
eyes widening, as if she’s suddenly growing aware of what just

What I just did to her.

Holy shit,” Britain
breathes. “That was… intense. And now I’m really hot and

I keep my eyes on Evan as I removed my
hand from her, wiping it on the inside of her thigh. If we were
alone—if this were real—I’d lick her off my fingers.

But it’s not real. And I was only
supposed to simulate fingering her, because I have a

What the fuck have I done?

Evan sits up, her entire body still
shaking. She tucks a wild strand of hair behind her ear and
straightens out her dress.

I made her come.

Evan told me that she’s never gotten
off during sex. And if she wasn’t lying, then I’m the first to do
so. And I wasn’t even fucking her. Her clothes were still

We should go.”

You got it, lover boy.”
Britain puts the cap back on her lens and hands the camera to
Andrea, who continues to gape at Evan and me. “You want me to drop
you off at home?”

Please,” I say, staring
out the window and trying to control my breathing. Britain pulls
out of the parking spot and turns onto the highway.

Trish doesn’t

The fact that I have to keep reminding
myself of this isn’t making the situation any better. I’m losing
control. Every second I spend with Evan drags me closer to the edge
of falling for her.

Yeah right, you fucking
idiot. You’ve already fallen for her

I glance over at Evan. She legs are
crossed as she stares out the window, body completely still. I
can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking about. If this is just a
job to her—if coming at the hand of her coworker is only another
day at work. Or if any part of her feels the same way about me as I
do about her.

It doesn’t matter what she
feels. You have a

I have to get away from Evan.

Andrea’s phone rings, and she picks
up. “Evan, it’s Delilah. She wants to go dancing. Want to

If there will be a bar,”
Evan says dryly, “count me in.”

Britain scoffs. “We’re close to home.
What about your persona?”

What about it?” Evan
keeps her eyes glued to the window.

Britain says nothing in

Dallas?” Andrea

Got homework,” I answer
briefly. Truth is, I don’t have any homework. Truth is, I want
nothing more than to grind up against Evan on a dark dance

She is poison. She will ruin

Britain pulls up to my complex.
“Thanks for everything Dallas. One more shoot and you’ll have the
rest of the summer off. Should have your first paycheck tomorrow by
the way, if you want to stop by the studio.”

Thanks.” I open the door
and look toward Evan. Her head is still turned away as she stares
out the window.

She says nothing.

I shut the door, and Britain drives




The bartender slides me my second
tequila shot rimmed with salt, along with a lime wedge. Without a
second’s hesitation, I down it, slamming the glass on the counter
and biting into the sour fruit.

My shoes are off and hiding by the
door. Beats thrum along with the pulsing array of lights. Andrea,
Delilah, Britain, and Adam are somewhere on the dance floor, or so
I think. When a hand presses against the small of my back, I start
and spin around.

Calm down, stranger.” In
the shadow of eerie lights, I can barely make out Adam’s crooked
grin. “Just me.”

I turn back to the bar in attempt to
flag down more service, my body warm and aching for more booze.
“What’s up?”

I came over to ask if
you’d like to join me. Looks like you need to need to let go of

I release a wry chuckle. “What could
have possibly given that away?”

I finally catch the bartenders
attention, and he slides me another shot, which I down.

You want to talk about it
before you drink yourself into delirium?” he asks.

I scoff. “With you?

It’s Dallas, isn’t it?”
When I shake my head, he continues. “Come on, Rylan. I hardly even
see the two of you and it’s obvious.”

Rylan. I forgot that Adam doesn’t even
know my real name. I’m just a façade of a girl to him.

I pull off my feelings for
Dallas like they are nothing. “I
you could say I’m into him,” I
yell over the music. “Come on, Adam. My shoots make me sexually
frustrated. That’s all I am. I just want to fuck his brains out,
and I can’t, because he has a mother-fucking

Is your mouth always this
filthy, or is this just the alcohol talking?”

Fuck you,

He cleans close until I’m
sandwiched between his hips and the bar. “Do you want to fuck
Dallas because you find him particularly attractive, or just
because he’s

I open my mouth to respond, but find
no words. Is he coming on to me, or am I just drunk? I study his
physique. Tan, broad, blonde… “Are you like, a surfer or

Oh my god, did I really just say that?
Way to sound like the dumbest valley girl bitch ever,

He grins, “Used to be. Why do you

I’d just like to watch
you ride a wave is all.” Wow. Runaway mouth. At least I’m being

Do you want to dance with
me or not, Evan?”

Fuck it.” I slam my third
glass down and hold out my hand, which he takes and uses to pull me
to the dance floor. God, I haven’t danced in years. Maybe since
prom, sadly enough. Evan doesn’t dance. Evan sacrificed her freedom
to get dolled up and go out long ago. Which was a stupid idea,
considering how dark it is in this club. No one would recognize
Rylan Willow in a place like this.

Adam pulls me to him, and I soon find
a rhythm to the beat. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and take
in the sensation of him grinding against me, the air heavily with
the smell of sweat and sex and cigarettes.

I want to lose myself.

I pull on his neck until he drops his
head and I capture his lips with mine. When he breaks away, I ask
him if he wants to get out of here.

Britain watches me from the bar as she
gulps down water. She shrugs her shoulders, as if to ask where I’m

I wave goodbye to her and take Adam’s




We decide on my place, since Adam has
to be at the studio tomorrow anyway.

He shuts the door to my room and
throws me on my bed. I don’t even have time to react before he’s on
top of me, pulling my dress up and over my head and my panties to
my ankles. The boy wastes no time, retrieving a condom from his
pocket and stripping. He tears open the package and rolls it on,
pries open my legs, and slams his cock into me.

I cry out and grip on the headboard.
Before he sets a steady pace, he bends forward and bites down on my
nipple. I drown myself in the rough, thrilling pain of it, begging
him to fuck me.

He flips me over, digs his fingers
into the flesh of my ass, and complies.



I’ve already run six miles this
morning and could run another ten. It’s a healthy way to channel
sexual frustration, but I decide to give myself a break and get
coffee after my shower. I text Britain to see if she’s up so I can
grab my paycheck. She texts back and tells me to come over, so I
get in my car and head to the studio.

In here,” she calls from
the dressing room when I walk inside. She’s sitting on the makeup
counter, watching Delilah get her hair done.

Good morning,” I say,
setting my coffee down.

Delilah glares at me.

I cock my head. “Bad morning?” but
before she can respond, Britain holds out an envelope.

Thanks,” I say, taking it
from her.

Evan won’t be up for a
few hours,” Britain says. Delilah scoffs.

That’s okay. I brought
shit to study.”

Great.” Britain holds up
her finger. “Actually, before you do, you mind running an errand
for me? We’re out of hairspray, and there are a couple bottles in
the bathroom next to the bedrooms. You know where it is,


Evan’s bedroom door is closed when I
passed it. Ten o’clock and she’s still out—I guess the club was
fun. I shuffle around through a bunch of girlie crap in the
bathroom before I find a two pack of hairspray and grab

When I’m back in the hall, Evan’s door
opens, but she isn’t the one to walk out. I freeze in my

Adam yawns and pushes back his hair,
turning my way. He spots me and nods, walking around me and into
the bathroom.

What the

I creep to Evan’s open door. She
stands by the window with her back to me in nothing but booty
shorts, and pulls a tank top over her head. She shakes her hair out
and turns around. When she spots me, her face falls into


She fucked Adam.

What are you doing

I hold up the hairspray. “Running an
errand.” Before she can respond, I leave her doorway and walk down
the hall as fast I can before I punch a hole in the

She’s not yours to be
angry over. She’s not yours to be angry over.

She fucked

I storm back into the dressing room
and slam the hairsprays down on the counter. Britain jumps. She
lifts up a crumpled plastic bottle, liquid seeping from the lip of
the cap. “Whoa there, super Hulk. You were supposed to get the
aerosol cans.”


Aerosol. You know, the
hairspray in the metal cans?”

I don’t even know what
the fuck you’re talking about.”

Calm down,

I’m not going back up

Her eyes widen. “Oh, shit. You saw…”
her mouth snaps shut, and she nods rapidly before she says, “Why
don’t you go take a swim? It’ll cool you down.”

Cool me down from

I’m your boss. Just do
what I say and don’t argue with me, okay?”

I growl and spin, punching open the
dressing room door. I listen to Britain because I can’t think of
what else I can do—other than run some more. But I know running
won’t work. I tried running already.

I tried running and now I feel even

She fucked

Maybe I should wait for him to come
into the studio, and then what? Start a fight with him—over Evan? I
can’t do that, because she isn’t mine.

She isn’t mine.

At the pool, I strip to my boxers. I
don’t know how long I’m swimming laps for, but when I finally rest
at the edge of the pool, the sun is in the middle of the

I pick up my phone resting on the
concrete. No missed calls from Tricia. No texts.

I’m in love with her,” I
say out loud, because out loud is the only way I can convince
myself that I really feel this way.

I’m in love with Evan




Adam acts like there is nothing
different between us when I see him in the dressing room an hour
after he left my bed.

Thank God.

Not that last night was a mistake,
because it wasn’t. I needed a bit of sex in my life—it’s been way
too long and I’ve been way too sexually frustrated as of late. I
mean, it would have been better if Adam was courteous enough to get
me off….

You.” Britain points to
me and snaps her fingers. “My office. Now.”

BOOK: Exposure
5.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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