Fallen Death (The Trihune Series Book 3)

BOOK: Fallen Death (The Trihune Series Book 3)
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The Trihune Series - Book 3



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To all those in need,

We cannot get rid of our demons.

They’ve made us who we are, shaped our lives.

Peace can only be found once we accept their presence.


Big thank you to Michelle for the inside look at the Baptist community. Hearts and kisses!

Dr. Ken, your teachings stuck with me, more so than nine years of Catholic school classes.

Cheryl C., Kathy, Tim, and Pam, you’re all made of awesomesauce! I can’t believe you still answer my emails.

Dawn: Best. Beta. Reader. Ever.

Cheryl Y., you believed in me even before one word was written. Thank you just isn’t enough. How about a hundred roses? Or puppies? Chocolate?

Glossary of Trihune characters and words


Term of respect, means lord of the house or ruler.

A Woyr from the north region.

A Trihune’s true equal, the other half of their soul.

Supernatural beings created by the Sonh to be protectors to the Followers. There are seven Behnshma Septs, or divisions, around the earth.

A Behnshma from Sept Seven Alaska. He has the ability to astral project.

A Behnshma leader of Sept One Oregon. He has the ability to read minds and erase long-term memories.

A human clergyman.

A Behnshma from Sept Seven Alaska. He has the ability of psychometry.

A servant employed by Trihune members.

A Woyr from the north region.

Dead beings created by Apollyon. They consume souls in order to survive.


A Behnshma from Sept One Oregon. His attractiveness is considered his ability.

A Behnshma leader of Sept Two Greenland. He has the ability to sense others’ powers.

A Behnshma from Sept Four Norway. Fights with knives, always hits his mark.

A Behnshma from Sept One Oregon. He is an empath.


A Behnshma from Sept One Oregon. Houses a demon called the Other.

A Behnshma from Sept Three Russia. Does not discuss his ability.

Supernatural beings created by the Holyspiryt. Shaydes guard the gate between the heavens and the underworld.

Comprised of the Fathyr, the Sonh, and the Holyspiryt. Created by the Creator to be His guardians and confidants. With the Creator, they are one, sharing his innermost thoughts, and He theirs.

Comprised of Behnshmas, Woyrs, and Shaydes. Created by the Trinyty to be the true sacred defenders of the Creator and His Followers.

Supernatural beings created by the Fathyr. Woyrs appear human but show their true form when near Apollyon or his Fallen.

A Behnshma from Sept Four Norway. Fights with a rapier sword.

When one who has traded sides is shown, the end has begun.



Trust in one another.

Do not break apart.

Together you are stronger.

It is time for separation to end.

For forces in like to join.

Gather your brothers.

Gather those born from the Fathyr.

Some will die.

Some will be lost.

In the end, all will be saved.

This was why you were created.

The Creator has given you the power to serve Him.

Do not fail.

Do not disappoint.

A map has been foretold.

Its key long lost.

Find the key.

Find the way.

Find the truth and triumph.

“For most their world is a road filled with diffic
ulty, mine is a potholed-path overrun with death.” —Sarid

“Trust is a four letter word. It should never be spoken, and definitely never, ever considered.” —Asjhone

Chapter 1

Hurt. Kill. Maim.
The demon ran through the trees surrounding the HQ.

Don’t. Don’t do it.
Sarid’s warnings did little except to make the demon laugh. It was in charge now. Until it grew tired, Sarid had no possibility of taking control back.

Hurt. Kill. Maim. Break their bones.

It knew how to get off the property undetected, too. Why hadn’t Sarid warned Cade?

Because he’d been protecting his

Death, destruction, and chaos were the demon’s objectives when it was free. It would do whatever necessary to get what it wanted. Like mowing down those in its way.

His brothers meant well, but they were alive because Sarid used his last bit of power to run away from the HQ. Today had been harder. Seeing Apollyon on the live feed had given the Other a burst of strength it’d never shown before. Sarid had barely managed to escape with all lives intact.

Hurt. Kill. Maim. Wrap my hand around their necks.
The demon didn’t like to be trapped. Most especially, trapped inside Sarid’s body.

Sarid wasn’t happy about the arrangement either, but after three hundred years he’d managed to come to terms with it.

No one liked a whiner.

Hurt. Kill. Maim. Squeeze until their heads pop off.

Kill then maim? Did the Other even listen to what it was saying?

The demon paused.
. Kill. Rejoice in their screams of fear.

Great. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything.

The demon was at the southeast corner of the property now. A twenty-foot high, steel-encased, brick fence surrounded the estate and was monitored twenty-four hours a day. Motion detectors had been placed throughout the land, including the top of the wall. So far, it’d managed to avoid the sensors in its current path.

Not so difficult to do, since Sarid was the one who had created and installed the HQ’s security measures.

In one leap it cleared the fence. The demon laughed. The sound was more like a coughing bark.
Hurt. Maim. Kill.

The Other’s face was skeletal. No muscles or skin. A scarlet film covered its eye sockets, giving everything in sight a reddish hue. It was able to see greater and farther than Sarid in his human-like Behn form.

Hearing was better, too. The demon was miles from the HQ, but could still hear the other Behns and the Woyrs shouting search and find orders.

The Other had purposely tripped a few motion detectors in front of the HQ before doubling back. The demon wouldn’t be found unless it wanted to.

And Sarid would do everything in his power, weak as he was at the moment, to prevent capture.

A hard, impenetrable membrane—cross between rhino skin and alligator scales—covered its body. Underneath that, thick muscle. The Other’s arms were long. When it dropped to all fours, it could reach a speed of one-eighty per hour.

At the end of each finger was a long, thick nail; sharper than Sarid’s favorite ivory-handled daggers. With one swipe, and without trying, the demon could cleave through skin, muscle, and bone.

Hurt. Maim. Kill. I’ll bathe in their blood.

On purpose, the woods were denser around the HQ. A human Follower would have to be extremely determined, and have hours to kill, to move through the thick brush.

It was no problem for the demon. Especially since it wasn’t really working in stealth mode. By the time a noise registered, it was more than a mile away.

Hurt. Maim. Kill. Hurt. Broken bones. Kill. Screams. Maim. Blood. Hurt. Maim. Kill.

Yes, he should’ve told his Sept One boss how easy it was for the Other to avoid detection.

Save his brothers? Or save human Followers? Either scenario was unbearable. How many more innocent deaths could he take on his conscience?

The demon laughed, moving faster through the forest.

Sarid gasped. He knew where the demon was headed.

It wasn’t normal for the Other to seek out crowds. It liked to stay hidden. The forests offered stray hikers, lost Followers, and animals. Sarid always prayed for the latter.

Self-preservation was the demon’s motto. A century had passed since the last manhunt for a ten-foot monstrous beast with a skull head.

Weapons improved since then.

But, again, today was different. The Other wasn’t running from public eye.

It headed straight toward the middle of downtown Astoria.

BOOK: Fallen Death (The Trihune Series Book 3)
12.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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