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“Sarid.” Gabe slowed, waited until Sarid met his gaze. “You’re my brother. My family. You’ve had this demon inside you the entire time I’ve known you. Finally learning more about it doesn’t change things. I still trust you with my life.”

Sarid stared at Gabe. Swallowed. Then gave one short nod.

“So,” Gabe said when they started walking again. “Have you been watching the news?”

Sarid caught sight of a shadow near an alley entrance. He blinked and used his Behn sight to—oh, just a stray dog. “No,” he answered Gabe.

“There’s been a man standing next to Apollyon wearing a long black leather jacket. Cade recognized him.”

Sarid focused entirely on his

“It was the man demon angel thing Cade saw when Emma was kidnapped. The one who didn’t put up a fuss when the bossman sliced that other demon in pieces.”

“I remember.”

“Yeah, so I guess we know for sure whose side he’s on. Cade’s been in a frenzy since Emma announced her pregger’s status, but now, after catching a glimpse of that guy, even more so. He wants to go on a demon hunt.”

Sarid stumbled. “What!”

“Oh.” Gabe grimaced. “I’m sure he won’t include you on that hit list.” Pause. “Probably.” He scratched his chin. “Maybe you should wait until after the baby’s born before mentioning your demon-housing situation. Although that might not be any better.”

“What’s he doing for the hunt?”

“Nothing so far. It’s in the planning stages. Bossman wants to create a task force of three or four Behns. Their focus will be entirely on demons. Learning more about them. Hunting them. Killing them.” Gabe gave Sarid a sidelong glance, offered an apologetic shrug. “On one hand, it’s nice to see Daddy finally grow a pair. Well, I guess with Emma’s current state, he’s already got them, but you know what I mean. On the other, Cade’s one pitchfork and torch away from mob crazy. One of them almost killed me, but I’m not all hyped up. Should we really focus on the demons right now? Six months ago we didn’t even know they existed. Of course, you knew they existed all along, huh?”

Gabe didn’t give Sarid enough time to answer. Not that he knew what to say.

“We have enough to do with the prophecy, Apollyon, and the Fallen,” Gabe continued. “I’ve asked Emma to talk with him. Get him down from the ledge. We’ll see.” Pause. “That’s about it for the HQ catch up. So, besides sharing a body with a demon intent on killing everyone in sight and running off to make kissy faces with Apollyon, what’s been going on with you?”

Pretty Boy better shut his mouth before I slice open his stomach and use his intestines as a jump rope.


Gabe stayed silent for a few seconds longer, then, “Did I tell you about the blonde I met last night? Super fine and extremely limber.”

Chapter 19

“I made an appointment for you.” He’d placed his hands on her hips, pulled until her lower half was flush against his.

Asjhone’s cheeks had flooded with color, still unused to the way her body responded to him. How heat flared the moment he’d step into a room, or when his gaze fell upon her.
She hadn’t known it could be like this. “You did?” She pushed at his chest until there was space between them, glancing over her shoulder to the serving window. Greg hadn’t seen. Yet.

Something passed across his face, but then he smiled. That incorrigible, sexy grin. Her heart skipped a beat.

“At the best salon in the city.” He clasped her hips, tugged her once more against him.

“A salon?”

“Yeah. For your hair. You’d look so sexy with it long and straight. Don’t you want to look sexy for me, Asjhone?” His tone lowered, was throaty. He rubbed his nose along her throat.

She shivered.

“Five o’clock.” He handed her a card. “Bethany will take care of you. She’s fabulous.”

“Asjhone! Your order’s up.”

His eyes narrowed. He glanced over her shoulder. Tightened his grip on her hips. When he took her mouth it was hot, bruising. She was panting by the time he stepped back.

“You’re going to get me fired,” she gasped. God, her body was on fire.

“Good.” Another smile. “Five o’clock.” He’d pressed another kiss to her swollen lips. “I can’t wait to see it,” he’d whispered into her ear. “I’m hard just thinking about it.”

Her cheeks had flamed. With a wink, he’d walked out the door.

Chapter 20

Wayne Perry eyed his client from across the mahogany, handcrafted wood conference table situated in the middle of his corner office. Elbows on the arm of his chair, hands steepled, he rested the tips of his fingers on his chin.

The client fidgeted in his chair, dabbed at the sweat on his upper lip. His off the rack clothes were too big. Gold watch, large and overstated. “What do you think? Can you get me off?”

Wayne moved his gaze from the client to one of the firm’s other top attorneys. Dina Stiles’ clothes were definitely not off the rack, although they’d look best on his bedroom floor. Her shirt, buttoned modestly, showed off her ample tits to perfection and had caught his eye more than once during the meeting. Maybe he could convince her to partake in office foreplay.

He raised his eyes from Dina’s chest and caught the smirk tugging her lips. Oh, yeah, she wouldn’t take much convincing. Just had to get through this meeting, which was only occurring to soothe their multi-millionaire client, who apparently didn’t believe in spending money on clothes.

Mr. Brodacken was guilty, no doubt. He had a proclivity for underage boys. Most of the time had enough restraint to wait for consent, but too many lines of coke and a bottle of Jimmy Bean had turned ‘no’ into ‘oh, yeah, sure, I’m on board’.

“Mr. Brodacken,” Wayne said. “The plaintiff’s charges are circumstantial. They don’t have anything that will stick once I get at it. Believe me. Jail time or community service is not in your future.”

The client released a breath, rubbed a hand over his mouth. “He said he has pictures, took a video with his phone.”

Wayne waved his hand, showing off his perfectly sized, and worth more than six-month’s salary, Serio watch. “If the boy was able to video tape the incident then he wasn’t really uninvolved, was he? It sounds like a set up to me—”

“Also,” Dina said. “The boy has drug issues. Was expelled from school, arrested for petty larceny. Trust us, Mr. Brodacken.” Her voice lowered, soothed. “You’re in good hands.”

Wayne forced a smile, hiding his displeasure at being interrupted. “I want you to go home and relax. No talking to the press. No talking to the boy, his parents, or his lawyer.” He eyed his client sternly. “No talking to anyone unless Ms. Stiles or I are with you. Understand?”

“Yes.” He wiped his hand on his pants before thrusting it across the table. Wayne clasped the man’s damp palm, tightening his grip ever so slightly. “Don’t worry. This unfortunate incident will be behind you before you know it.”

The client nodded. “I made the right decision in choosing T, S, & T.”

“Yes. You did.” Wayne opened the door to his office, met his secretary’s gaze. “Linda, can you walk Mr. Brodacken out, please?”

“Certainly, Mr. Perry.”

After Linda disappeared with the client, Wayne closed the door. Twisted the lock.

Dina raised her eyebrows, gaze moving from him to the door. “That went well.”

“Of course it did.” He stalked forward.

“I have thirty minutes before my next appointment. Do you want to go over Brodacken’s position?”

“No.” He stopped in front of her. Close, but not touching.

She smiled. “You couldn’t stop staring at my breasts during the meeting. A bit unprofessional.”

“I doubt Mr. Brodacken noticed. He was too busy undressing me with his eyes. Take your shirt off.”

Her smile grew a notch. “Do you think that’s wise? Why don’t I come over—”

Wayne moved closer, his cock, hard behind the zipper, pressed against her. He rotated his hips. Once. Slowly. She inhaled sharply. Heat swirled in her golden brown eyes.

“Take off your shirt before I rip it and you have nothing to wear the rest of the day.”

Dina was too assertive for his taste, liked to express her opinion whenever she saw fit, but had proved more than capable at taking fucking orders.

She made quick work of the buttons on her shirt.

Wayne stepped back, watching. When her blouse hung over the chair he said, “Bra.”

She glanced at the door. Bit her lip.

“Bra,” he snapped.

She reached behind her, unhooked the strap. The material was placed over top of her shirt.

Wayne crossed his arms over his chest. Stared at the second best pair of tits he’d ever seen in his life. His cock thickened even more.

Another good thing about Dina, she wore skirts. “Take off your panties.”

Her chest began to rise and fall rapidly; her tits bounced slightly. They jiggled even more when she reached underneath her skirt to pull down a small scrap of fabric. When she bent to pick them up off the ground, he strode forward, grabbed the hem of her skirt, lifted it to her waist, then with a hand on hips that had seen a bit too many office party cakes, walked her backward.

“Sit,” he commanded when they reached the table.

She shuddered. Did as she was told. Her bare ass was on the table. Legs dangling. Hands braced on the surface behind her.

“Lie back.”

She hesitated. Her gaze darted to the door again.

Wayne squeezed her shoulders. “Lie. Back.”

Her tongue wet her lips as she slowly lowered to the table. He ran his hands down her legs, encircled her ankles, and lifted her legs until they were straight in the air.

“What are you doing?” She breathed in both uncertainty and excitement.

He eased her legs open, as wide as they would go. And, God, he’d never loved her plethoric interest in yoga more. “Keep them here.”

Her eyebrows lowered, gaze moving across his face as if trying to read him.

He captured her wrists. Moved her hands down until she could grasp the edge of the table. “Don’t let go.”

She inhaled a shaky breath. Nodded.

Wayne stepped back. Unzipped. Pulled out his cock. Tore open a condom. Then lined up. “Don’t let go,” he warned again.

She tightened her grip on the table. Her breaths were faster now. Tits rising and falling.

In one powerful move, he thrust deep inside.

She gasped. One of her hands had fallen away with the force, but she adjusted her position and clasped the table again.

“Spread your legs wider. Don’t bend your knees.” He leaned forward until his hands rested on the table just above her hips. Began to pump. Hard. Fast.

Dina gave a low moan, then bit her bottom lip cutting off the sound.

Normally he’d draw out his pleasure. Take the time to watch how her tits bounced when he entered her, but as soon as his balls began to tighten, drawing close to his body, he gripped her hips. Drove deeper and harder.
Fuck. So good

Pleasure ripped through him as he orgasmed. Blood pounded in his ears on his way back down from the high. He heard a soft muffled groan.

Giving pleasure to the women he screwed wasn’t at the forefront of his mind, but it worked out in his favor when he managed it. They were more willing to come to his bed again.

He withdrew, headed to the bathroom inside the office to clean and dress. He heard Dina moving around and when he emerged, her fantastic tits were covered again. She licked her lips, ran a hand over her hair. Her bottom lip was plump. Her cheeks flushed. Yes, she’d walk out of his office looking like she’d just been thoroughly fucked. He grinned. If he couldn’t beat her in the courtroom at least he’d make sure no one took her seriously in the office.

Her answering smile was tentative. “Want me to come over tonight. For a repeat.”

“Maybe. I have a big caseload right now. Might stay here tonight.”

A flash of disappointment shot across her face, but she quickly hid it.

Good. He didn’t do needy.

“All right.” She moved to the table, gathered her notepad and pen, shoved them into her bag.

“Dina,” he said quietly when her hand was on the lock of the door. She turned. He slowly crossed the room. Ran one finger over that still plump lip, bent, and placed a kiss on her cheek. “You’re magnificent.”

Her grin and the shine in her eyes said he’d be able to see her bare chest again. And even more possible, see her spread eagle on his table for a repeat. He closed the door behind her.

His intercom rang a few moments later. “Yes, Linda,” he said into the phone.

“I have a Frank Zimmer on the phone for you.”

Wayne stiffened. Had to clear his throat before speaking. “Thank you. Put him through.”

“Zimmer, it’s been a while. I hope this means you’ve actual news and not another useless update.” Silence greeted his statement. The P.I. didn’t like him, but Wayne didn’t really give a fuck. He paid the man to do one very simple thing and he’d been failing.

“I’ve got something. Looks promising,” Zimmer finally said.

Wayne’s grip on the receiver tightened. “Where is she?”

“It’s a lead, Mr. Perry. Not one hundred percent yet. My plane leaves later today. I’ll take some pictures. Gather more intel. You’ll hear from me within forty-eight hours.”

“Where. Is. She?” If Zimmer had been in the same room with him, Wayne would’ve pulled him up by his discount store cheap, collared shirt.

“Oregon. Astoria.” The P.I. paused. “I’m told she has a child with her. About seven years old.”

Wayne barely remembered the end of the conversation. He sat at his desk, phone still in his hands, dial tone coming through the receiver.

“Mr. Perry, is everything all right?”

He blinked. Focused on his secretary.

Not here. Couldn’t erupt here.

“Should I, do you need me to call someone?”

Wayne shook his head. Hung up the phone. Small, precise movements. Keep it together. “Cancel my appointments for today. As well as the rest of the week,” he added after a moment.

“Of course, sir. Is there anything else I can help you with? I’d be happy to assist.”

“No. That’ll be all.” He rose. “I’ll contact you later today with more instructions. I must leave now.”

“I hope everything’s all right.”

Wayne stared at her. She wasn’t much to look at, but the forty-year-old woman did her job extremely well. He inhaled. “It will be, Linda. Very soon it’ll all be right again.”

BOOK: Fallen Death (The Trihune Series Book 3)
10.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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