Hormone Reset Diet: Proven Step by Step Guide to Balance Hormones, Look Younger, Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight in 10 Days

BOOK: Hormone Reset Diet: Proven Step by Step Guide to Balance Hormones, Look Younger, Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight in 10 Days
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Proven Step by Step Guide to Balance Hormones, Look Younger, Boost Metabolism, and Lose Weight in 10 Days


The ideas, concepts, opinions expressed in this book and the recipes are intended to be used for educational purposes only. The book is not rendering medical advice of any kind, nor is the books intended to replace medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, condition, illness or injury.

It is imperative that before beginning any diet, you receive full medical clearance from a licensed physician.

Author claims no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application or interpretation of the material in this book.



In this present generation of ours, dieting has become a very crucial and essential part of our lifestyle. To be healthy, as well as to be fit is already part of the lives of many. That does not necessarily mean that it is already an easy task to do. Still, a good number of people suffer from obesity and die every minute. This is not something anybody wants i.e. to have imbalanced hormone system, and also to look older. An average person wants to look great, lovely and interesting to be with.


In the actual sense, it’s not actually overeating that makes you fat. It’s being fat, and the hormonal dysfunction that led to the fat, that makes you overeat. This is important for both men and women, but women suffer more when it comes to food addiction, and women need a specific fix that speaks uniquely to their circumstances.


No matter how an imbalance manifests on the outside, the internal truth of what leads to imbalance remains. All hormonal imbalances lead to difficulty losing weight and increased the risk of obesity.                                              

You may need to ask yourself these few but pertinent questions, to determine if your hormones are experiencing imbalance:

Have you been experiencing trouble dragging yourself out of bed every morning? Do you go through an uncontrollable desire for sugar at noon time? Are your sleep patterns interrupted? Do you nag PMS every month? Maybe you get stressed out just sitting in your office! Do you cope easily with your tasks each day? Experiencing bloating after each meal? Skin that has lost its luster or tone? Is your belly fat refusing to go away? I understand that many of you experience some of these every day. Believe it or not, these factors aren’t only making you feel bad, they may be impacting your ability to lose weight because they are all sure signs your hormones are out of form.

You may have noticed that women tend to trail men when it comes to weight loss—they tend to lose weight more slowly. There are a few possible reasons for this, including:

Hormonal make -up
- Men are genetically wired to be larger and have more muscle mass and less fat. Women have fewer testosterone, which boosts metabolism. As a result, men can get away with eating more food, and when they choose to lose weight, they often get quick results.

Choice of food
- Generally, men like meat, and women love carbohydrates—though this also may be linked to food addiction.

- More or less 80 percent of ladies are disappointed with their body and beat themselves up more than a couple of additional pounds, and most are on an eating regimen, and most are on a diet. Men are less likely to diet as a hobby. Still, there’s a gender difference in expectation: women have more pressure to look like societal norms of the ideal body.

Women Cook more
- Women are primarily responsible for cooking the family meals. That means more work burden on women to prepare meals plan menus, and grocery shop with an additional temptation to taste, nibble, and lick food during cooking.

Stress tendency
- Women tend to have more challenges with stress compared with men, according to national surveys. Their stress response system is more sensitive and vulnerable, which may explain why women are more likely to eat under emotional stress


It is important you note that this book in itself cannot get you to your desired goal. You need more than just reading,
you need maximum cooperation and strict adherence to the step by step guides given

This book would serve as a good tool for you to follow on and be obedient.

Chapter 1

Hormones and Hormone Resetting


Hormones are chemical substances that are secreted directly into the bloodstream. They act as messengers and are carried by the blood into different organs and tissues of the body to exercise their functions.

Hormones are of different types that act on different aspects of the body and its functions. Some of these include; maintaining the temperature of the body, control of the metabolism of foods taken, responsible for being sexually active, controlling cognitive function as well as body growth and development.

We can see that hormones play a very important role in a human being. They are of great importance and as such, nothing must be wrong with them. In case something goes wrong with them, prompt actions must be taken to arrest the situation.

What is Hormone Resetting?


The number one reason why most people gain weight is because of their hormones. It is the internal factor responsible for your weight. That’s because 99% of the weight gain is hormonal. Most of the times, trainers cannot see it, nutritionists usually don’t think about it, and the doctors as well don’t test it unless you ask specifically, but the fact remains that hormones are responsible for your hunger, depression, and sluggishness. Hormones decide whether you are able to control fat accumulation, fight stress and have sex.

Low testosterone, high insulin, cortisol and low growth hormones together can knock you off. It’s dangerous.

Often, when people are faced with hormone imbalance, they make the mistake of going for expensive pills or injections. That shouldn’t be. Save them for the bodybuilders. Hormonal imbalance can, of course, be easily reversed naturally. Researchers have discovered that people even in their 60s can have hormones that work just as well as those in their 30s, without any pharmaceutical aid.

For this, all you have to do is just make a few lifestyle changes. Or more specifically, you will have to reset your hormones, which means that, you must take steps to attain perfect hormonal balance again.

If you really want to lose your weight, the following hormones are what you must reset.

Ghrelin hormone

The ghrelin hormone is produced by your stomach. It works within the brain, however, to signal hunger. Just a low-calorie diet is not the solution, as this will actually raise the level of this hormone in your body. And it can keep the level high even after 12 months. But the good news is that you can counter this with intense physical activity, as that will lower the level of ghrelin in your body. So what you should do is eat the right foods and do physical activities. That’s the way to lose weight and keep it off.

Irisin hormone

Studies carried out over the last few years have revealed that the Irisin hormone converts white fat, which is assumed to be dangerous, into brown fat, which is healthier. It’s ok to have some brown fat, as this can prevent the accumulation of white fat

Leptin hormone

That is another important hormone for weight loss as it controls metabolism and appetite. Leptin signals a region of the brain and tells it how much fat you have in your body. It also regulates the rate in which fat is going to be broken down. You have less appetite and increased metabolism when the leptin level goes up.

Cholecystokinin hormone

Protein and fat in the stomach release cholecystokinin. The level of this hormone goes up almost as soon as you take food. Cholecystokinin also makes you feel full between meals. This hormone is also responsible for stimulating bile production in the liver, and the release of enzymes and fluids from the pancreas. They both allow the body to break down fat.

Chapter 2

Foods that cause Hormone dysfunction


The world would have been a better place, had it been that some of the foods we eat do not have a harmful effect on our bodies. However, I still think nature is fair enough by regulating our potential excesses. The foods listed below are not bad in themselves, but as a result of the way we often mismanage our health, they have become foods some of us must eat with caution, or better still, avoid totally if we want to live healthy and strong.

The following are foods can pose a serious danger to your health. They work adversely by hijacking your hormones and your health. Getting rid of them is what is best for you.


Fruits and vegetables that are contaminated

This is one point where we must all be very careful about where we get our fruits and vegetables. They must be of known sources or reliable sellers. Most fruits and vegetables like Apples, Celery, and Peaches have been shown to contain high amount of residues of pesticides. Pesticides are very harmful to our health and they are deleterious contaminants of food products. Many pesticides are very persistent on the treated materials. Quite a number of them cause hormonal imbalance, seizures, and twitching


Alcoholic foods

Generally in women, alcohol consumption results in premenstrual anxiety, weakness and loss of appetite. Though, there is a relaxation effect a cup of alcohol gives. However, it is not often without an adverse effect. Estrogen level can be raised seriously with more than 3 servings a week. Another effect is raising of cortisol in men. ! I will strongly advise that consumption be limited to about 2 cups a week if necessary do you can keep down your cortisol level.



Research has shown that consumption of gluten affects the proper functioning of thyroid gland. It is of a truth that some foods are as though they cannot be done without. What then do we do when something that should be of benefit is killing us? Go for substitutes that have no adverse effect on your health.


Dairy products

The enzyme present in dairy products called has been shown to heighten the rate of inflammation consequently causing androgen increase. Acne as well results from the inflammation. I would suggest the removal of dairy for a couple of weeks.


Foods high in Caffeine

Perhaps it is sounding uninteresting a news to you right now but I think it is the best news you reading now. Do you know that even the small amount present in a soda or a coffee, can increase cortisol levels in your body and increase insulin resistance? Caffeine intake also lowers progesterone in women, leading to painful periods.

If you are currently suffering from insomnia, or you are unnecessarily anxious, I will suggest you stay off the caffeine.


Food high in sugar

Can the sweetness of sugar be a good reason to consume it without considering a very terrible effect it can cause if taken too much? Diabetes has always been traced down to high sugar consumption. It also raises cortisol, responsible for stress. High cortisol can result in a very slow metabolism of food products, imbalance in sleep, and a weak sexual ability. Another effect is the hijacking of your thyroid.


Foods that are processed

Please understand this, I am not saying every processed food can bring you harm. However, a vast majority of processed food fall under the harmful category. The reason is because many of the processed foods contain preservative chemicals that interfere with your hormonal functions. That, of course, is the reason I advocate fresh food products.


Liquid foods with high calories

Quite a number of liquids we consume have hidden calories, and not very healthy ones at that. A reason to avoid juice in your diet is its glycemic index; the high carb count in juice causes a spike in blood sugar, which is never a good thing.


Red meat

Please note that this section is in no way saying that meat is bad. It’s just that an excess of everything is definitely bad. In this case, excess of meat is very bad for your health. Some have cultivated a bad habit of eating a lot of meat at a meal. Research has shown that a diet that is high in conventionally raised red meat and refined carbs can cause estrogen overload, whether because of hormones in the meat, or from the type of bacteria cultivated in the gut by people who eat a lot of meat. This bacteria doesn’t metabolize estrogen

BOOK: Hormone Reset Diet: Proven Step by Step Guide to Balance Hormones, Look Younger, Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight in 10 Days
4.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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