Fallen (Stolen, Book Three) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

BOOK: Fallen (Stolen, Book Three) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)
11.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub
Fallen (Stolen, Book Three)
An Alpha Billionaire Romance
Ella London
Favor Ford Publishing

© 2016 by Ella London

All rights reserved.

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Fallen (Stolen, Book Three) by Ella London

ot lips pressed
against the column of her throat and Ethan wrapped his arms around Harper from behind. Heat radiated from his bare chest and she pressed back, tried to capture some of it to warm the chill that had crept over her.

“Who was that?” he murmured against her skin.

She shivered when he tightened his grip. Even though they’d barely taken their hands off each other she felt him hard against her ass. Every time something good happened, it seemed like something bad came along to screw it up.

Despite the dread running through her veins, she had to tell him. “Gossip Weekly. They...wanted a comment. About us.”

Harper braced for him to pull away, for his eyes to go cold just before he announced that he needed to leave.

His mouth stopped moving and he swore under his breath, but he kept her in his arms. “How the fuck did they even know?”

“I went to see a friend after I left your apartment yesterday. She knows about everything because I thought I could trust her.” A dull ache settled in her stomach. “I needed someone to talk to. After the drugstore…I was scared.”

She hung her head and tried to suck air into her lungs. Harper trusted Kylie and she thought they were friends. What kind of friend sold out the other like that? The answer was simple: the kind of friend who really wasn’t a friend at all.

The ache turned into pain, shooting through her body. Kylie had stuck by Harper when everyone else turned away. She was the only person Harper called friend anymore, and she’d betrayed that friendship in the worst possible way.

And now Ethan would think that she had something to do with it. They’d just found a place where things looked like they might work out, and another wedge had been driven between them. What if he thought she had something to do with it? From the outside it looked damned incriminating.

“I’m so sorry,” Harper whispered. “I had no idea she’d ever do something like this.”

She fought the urge to turn around because she didn't want to see his eyes, couldn’t bear to watch his mistrust turning to resentment.

But when his lips pressed against her shoulder again, and when his hand slid down and rested against her stomach, warm and solid, her heart leapt.

“It was bound to happen sooner rather than later,” Ethan told her. “I don’t plan on hiding you away, Harper. You’re mine now and I don’t give a fuck who knows it.”

The possessive tone in his voice made a rush of goose bumps scatter over her skin. The good kind. The kind that made heat pool between her legs.

Her mind was scrambling too fast to keep up. He slid his hand up and over her tank top, cupping her breast and palming her nipple through the fabric. It hardened against his touch and she bit back a moan when he pinched the tip and rolled it between his fingers.

“But what about our families?” she gasped out, arching her back and rocking her hips against the hardness pressed into her back. They really should talk about it, but her body responded way too quickly to the way he touched her.

It was crazy how fast he turned her on, made her want him. He’d just spent most of the night making her come apart, his name falling from her lips, and she wanted him again with an intensity that should have scared her.

He bit down on the soft flesh between her neck and shoulder and held on for several long seconds. The tiny burst of pain shot down her body, straight between her legs and a low moan escaped from between her lips. When he finally let go to run his hot tongue over the spot, to sooth the sting, her knees went weak. What was she saying again?

“Maybe this is good,” he said. “Everyone finds out at the same time. We don’t have to deal with telling everyone slowly. That gives us more time for other things. Like how much I want to be back inside you.” His hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts and moved between her legs. He groaned into her neck. “God Harper, I love how fucking wet you get for me.”

His finger slid over her clit, causing her to gasp and rock her hips, dragging the tight nub back and forth against him. His dark chuckle sent shivers down her spine. He pinched her nipple harder than she expected and the ache between her legs sharpened. Her stomach clenched and all that mattered was the sweet intensity that was filling her body.

“Shit,” she murmured softly, groaning.

“You like that? Because you should know I love it when you ride my finger with that hot little pussy of yours. How you tighten around me when I slid them inside.” He did just that, and if he hadn’t been holding her so tightly, she would have melted to the floor. “How fucking wet you get when you come.”

He liked to talk dirty, that she’d already figured out, but this morning he was bringing his A-game. She was burning up from the inside and the way he stroked in and out, how he drove his wet fingers over her clit only to plunge back into her, sent her spiraling high faster than she thought possible.

“So you’re not mad?” she gasped not even sure why she was bothering to try and talk.

His dark sexy chuckle took her right to the edge. “Do I feel mad, Harper?” He pressed his hard cock against her back and she groaned deep in her throat.

“No, you feel really, really good, Ethan.” She rocked her hips, caught between this fingers driving inside her and the hard bulge at her back.

“It’s going to feel even better when I’m inside you, so you better hurry up and fucking come already.”

His deep voice, his raw words, the pressure of his fingers, they all worked together and sent her flying over the edge. Her body arched, tightened and strained against the arm holding her pressed back against his chest, glad he was there to hold her up because her legs felt like Jell-O.

When she finally stopped shaking, her head fell back and she turned her head, pressed her lips to the stubble covering his jaw. Boston SWAT could have burst through the door right then with guns blazing and she’d still have grinned at them. That’s how good she felt, how good Ethan made her feel.

“Now for the second part of that promise,” he said low in her ear. “Put your hands on the back of the couch and bend over.”

Her mouth went dry and her body instantly heated. The ache that he’d just satisfied sprang back to life. Sex had never been like this before. Not that she was worldly or anything. A couple of short flings in college and Stan who was more about his needs than hers.

Goose bumps sprang up over her skin when Ethan laid his hand on her lower back, holding her in place as he guided his cock between her legs, filling her in one slow thrust. She tried to arch up but his grip held her down. She could only push up with her hands, lifting her shoulders and bowing her back until she felt his other hand slide into her hair.

He held her head tipped back, fingers tangled in the tresses as he pulled back then drove forward. A low groan ripped from her throat. She wanted to push back, rock her hips harder against him but he kept her pinned in place, controlling every stroke.

Already sensitive from the first orgasm, her stomach tightened and air hissed from between her teeth. Every glide of his cock drove the tension a notch higher and she strained to reach the top, except Ethan controlled the pace and the climb was torturously slow. Her legs shook. Her entire body trembled with the need for release. So close.

“Ethan,” she pleaded, then with several deep hard thrusts, his name turned into a curse filled scream.

‘Fucking hell, Harper,” he ground out. His hand slipped to her neck where he cradled her throat and pounded into her even harder.

The explosion swept her under and the only part of her body that could move were the walls of her pussy, spasming around him as he drove into her faster and deeper until he froze, buried inside her as far as he could get. His low growl echoed in the living room when he came and his fingers dug even deeper into her hip, holding her there for a full minute before they finally loosened.

When his hand slid from her neck, down over her shoulder, she dropped her head and sucked air into her lungs. Unable to hold herself up, she draped her upper body over the back of the couch. He glided his hands up and down her back slowly, still inside her, still rocking back and forth though slower now.

Tiny shivers washed through her body. Every time was better and she had no idea how that was possible. And though he said that he would be there for her, that she was his now, she couldn’t help but wonder if he really meant it.

A lifetime of this? God yes. No one else would ever own her body like Ethan did.

He pressed his lips along the middle of her back as he slid out. A low groan escaped from her throat. Ethan chuckled behind her and slid his arm under her stomach to lift her back against him.

“You are so fucking perfect, Harper,” he whispered roughly in her ear.

His lips ran along the column of her throat. He cradled her in his strong arms, his body so warm she could stay there forever. She felt safe, protected like she never had in her life. It made her believe that everything could be okay.

“Shower,” he said against her neck and started to walk back toward her bedroom, not letting her out of his embrace. Harper laughed.

“Didn’t you literally just get out?”

“And off.” His deep voice held a note of laughter. “Best way to start the morning. Ever.”

They kept their morning going after Ethan brought her to climax with his fingers and then again against the wall of the shower with his cock. By the time he helped her out and wrapped a towel around her body, she could barely stand up, so he sat her on the edge of the bed with a grin.

Which was okay because she got to watch Ethan get dressed and damn he was something fine to look at, all chiseled muscles and tight butt. He should be an underwear model.

“Get dressed. We’re spending the day together,” he said as he changed.

“We are?” she asked. “Don’t you have to work or anything?”

“Not today. Today is all about you. I’m yours.”

Her pulse leapt and a delicious shiver ran up her spine. Hers. When he said that with that hot intense look in his eyes, she wanted to melt. And burst into flames. Maybe they could just stay in all day, no need to get dressed.

“Come on,” he said.

Harper ran her tongue over her bottom lip, debating how to best get him undressed instead.

His eyes went dark and with just that look, she wanted to stand up and let her towel drop to the floor just so that he would touch her again. So she did. A deep growl echoed from his chest as his gaze swept over her.

“We are leaving the damned house today,” he ground out. “Shit will get real tomorrow and I’d like to have one day out with my girl without anyone in my face. Today is you and me. You get me, Harper?” He took several steps until he was right there, hovering over her, standing between her legs. He leaned down and cupped her jaw, ran his thumb along the edge and pressed his lips against hers.

His lips were soft and the briefest feel of his tongue dancing between hers made her groan, but he pulled back, locked his gaze with hers for a few seconds, then stood.

“Just you and me today. Okay?” he repeated.

She swallowed. Intense and demanding and so damned sexy she could only nod.

“I’ll wait in the living room,” he told her.

As soon as he shut the door she exhaled. It was like staring at the sun too long, being around Ethan. She was going to explode from the heat he ignited inside her.

A smile crept over her lips as she got dressed, a flirty pale blue sundress and her favorite white strappy sandals that tied around her ankles. After a quick brushing, she pulled her hair into a high ponytail and smoothed bronzer over her face. A little mascara later and she was ready, even though she had no idea what Ethan wanted to do today.

I’m yours.

She loved the sound of that gravel filled promise.

She opened the door and pushed out of the bedroom only to find Ethan across the room, his back to her and his phone against his ear.

“What I’m telling you Frank is not to do a god damned thing. Don’t say anything, don’t do anything. No rebuttals, no comment.” Ethan dragged his fingers through his hair and turned, catching her stare. He held up one finger but gave her a cocky grin that sent butterflies dancing in her stomach. “I am well aware of what will happen once this goes viral, and I’m telling you to fucking let it play out.”

He had to be talking to someone about the news about to break.

Which reminded her…

Harper grabbed her phone off the coffee table and pressed Kylie’s number. Her friend answered after the second ring.

“Hi Harper.”

Already there was hesitation in Kylie’s voice. Some part of Harper had hoped that there had been a mistake, that Kylie wasn’t the one who ran her mouth about her and Ethan. The guilt rang out clearly over the line.

“What the fuck, Kye?”

Kylie exhaled quickly. “I can explain. And I’m so sorry, Harper, I swear I didn’t…”

“Just stop.” A sour taste filled Harper’s mouth and she swallowed it back. Kylie was supposed to be her best friend. The one she trusted more than anyone else in the world. When everyone turned their backs on Harper, Kylie was there. Anger burned in her stomach. “Seriously, what the fuck Kylie? I thought you were my friend. You know what, forget it. I see who you are now and I really don’t like you that much.”

She hit end on the call and threw her phone onto the couch.

A few seconds later, it buzzed with a text.

Please, we need to talk.

“Everything okay?” Ethan asked from behind her. His arms came around her and he held her against his chest. In his arms everything felt okay.

“Kylie wants to talk, but I have nothing to say to her. I can’t believe that she went to the tabloids about us. I trusted her.” She turned slowly in his embrace until she could look into his eyes. “I’m sorry I screwed up.”

“Stop apologizing. You and me, we’re good Harper, okay? Everything else is just noise as far as I’m concerned. No more worrying. I’ll take care of you. I got you now”

His lips moved over hers, strong and determined, and she sank into his kiss. She slid her hands up over his shoulders until she could trace her fingers along the back of his hair. His groan of approval made her bolder and she tugged the locks between her fingers, holding his head still like he loved to do to her.

BOOK: Fallen (Stolen, Book Three) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)
11.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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