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"It's my turn," whispered the alpha of the Vengeance pack. His eyes glowed above her. "You will be my mate as well. Only then will the three of us unite."

His voice burned with emotion. Something there caught Naomi's attention and plucked her from her post-orgasm bliss. Something deeper was going on. Kayden was sweating, was breathing shallowly. She rose up to one elbow and pressed her hand to his chest. "Kayden? What is it?"

A shadow filled the cave mouth. Dylan. Naked, breathing more smoothly. Kayden knelt between her legs. He stared down at her, but didn't see her. His face twisted with emotion.

"Kayden?" Dylan's voice was wary.

"This. Mating. Making life. Joining the packs. Returning to the Cairn." His voice was rough. "I never thought I would." He looked across at Dylan. "After what happened. I... I don't deserve this."

Naomi's eyes widened in shock. "Don't - of course you do." She reached up and took Kayden's chin with her fingers. "Kayden, you deserve love. You deserve friends. We want you back. We need you back."

He clenched his jaw. So powerful. So strong. A warrior born. A natural alpha. Yet here he was, fighting against a darkness that claws could not defeat. His breaths deepened, became pants, as if he were laboring harder than his body could handle. "No. I failed. I didn't kill Stark. I didn't fulfill my vow of vengeance."

"You're wrong, my brother." Dylan moved closer, lowered to a crouch. Voice sure, calm. Kayden stared at him, desperation, self-loathing, hope in his eyes. "You haven't failed yet. Your oaths are mine. Your enemy is mine. You join with us to become stronger. You join with us so that you
fulfill your oath. Doing so brings you closer to vengeance. Not farther. Together we'll kill Stark. Together we'll avenge Gerard. Together."

Kayden blinked quickly. His shoulders were heaving with emotion. Naomi sat up, her legs around him where he knelt. "Kayden." He turned to her. He looked almost dazed. She held his gaze. Smiled slowly. Wickedly. Cupped the back of his neck. "Come back to us. Make us strong. Help us win this war."

Kayden's eyes were wide. He nodded slowly. Blinked again, and then Naomi reached up and kissed him. He didn't respond at first, then slowly opened his mouth as she licked his lips with her tongue. His own met hers tentatively, and then with growing hunger. Growing need and desire.

His arms were around her. His strength incredible. Kayden pressed Naomi to his chest, her breasts tight against him. He kissed her as if he were drowning and she his only breath of fresh air. His last and only chance of redemption. As if in her was his last chance to avoid damnation. Never had anybody kissed her that way, his soul raw, undefended, open and vulnerable. Something more than physical attraction and ardor arose within her. Tenderness, passion, admiration, love.

Naomi broke the kiss and leaned back, propped up one arm, her hand still cupped around Kayden's neck. "Now fuck me, Kayden. Fuck me hard."

It was as if a dam had broken. As if a stallion had snapped its tether. Kayden growled deep within his chest and slid an arm under each knee. Pulled her hard against him so that she slid across the furs. Naomi felt her sex part, wet and needing him. She arched her back and angled her pelvis so that when Kayden thrust forward he impaled her perfectly to the hilt. She let out a cry, eyes flaring wide open as Kayden grunted deeply again. Dylan moved over to them and knelt by her head, moving her shoulders up onto his legs.

Golden and green eyes stared down at her. Kayden fucked her with such slow and majestic power that Naomi felt like a cork being tossed on a stormy ocean. Each thrust pushed her hard into Dylan's arms, each retraction pulling her back down. As if Kayden were some midnight tide, each wave washing pleasure up into her core and then retreating once more. Tendons stood out in his neck and forearms. He was unstoppable, which was perfect: she never wanted him to stop.

"Yes, oh yes Kayden. Take me. I'm yours. Your mate. My alpha. My beautiful alpha. Take me. Come on. All the way. Yes. Yes!" She felt Dylan respond to her words as well. Felt his cock stir by her face. He leaned over her to suck one of her breasts, and she turned her face so that she could lick the length of his cock. Reached over and took it in her hand. How was he so hard again?

Kayden rocked deep into her, and each time he did she squeezed her sheath to grasp him tighter. His breath was rasping in his throat, and Dylan was groaning as she worked his prick, taking his head in her mouth and working the shaft. Naomi was lost, pleasure assailing her from all angles, her body overwhelmed by sensation. It was almost too much. The heat of both alphas was burning her up. There was going to be nothing left when they were done with her. They were werewolves, born in the wild, unquenchable, vital and virile. Would she be able to satisfy them?

Kayden buried himself over and over inside her. Her cries mingled with his own. Dylan straightened his back, his body drawn tight like a bow, her hand working up and down his shaft as she licked and suckled on his head. She felt Kayden about to come, his dick growing large, swelling, and she bore down on him with everything she had as she felt Dylan spasm again, his dick pulling free of her mouth as he grasped his shaft and spurted cum over her breasts.

They came together in a maelstrom of ecstasy. Kayden toppled over onto her, Dylan collapsing by her side. Heaving for breath, wracked by orgasms, Naomi could only stare up at the ceiling. Her body felt bruised, used, loved, devastated. Nothing had ever been like this. Nothing. Their gasps and moans filled the small cave. Naomi shuddered almost convulsively. The waves of pleasure wouldn't stop. Her stomach was trembling. Kayden brought his face to her neck. Nuzzled her, draped an arm over her stomach. Dylan let out a long sigh of pleasure and stretched, his head against her out-flung arm.

It was done.
She had brought them together. She had done the impossible. She had saved the Cairn, the packs, the city. And more: she had just had the most amazing sex of her life, with more, much more to come. Deep and utter happiness suffused her. Naomi closed her eyes as she ran her fingers through Dylan's hair and felt Kayden kiss her shoulder sleepily. She stretched, turned, found a more comfortable position. Her alphas. Her mates. Together. United.

Naomi smiled. The future looked golden. As she slowly drifted off into sleep, she couldn't help but think:
this was perfect - what could possibly go wrong?


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Falling for the Alphas Part 2

Cassie Wright


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BOOK: Falling for the Alphas: Part Two
10.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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