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BOOK: Falling for the Alphas: Part Two
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No answer.

"If we fight each other, we both lose. Stark wins."

Kayden dropped his arms impatiently. "We've spoken of this before."

Dylan turned to him. Risked meeting his eyes. "This time things are different."

Together they turned and stared at Naomi. She was standing in the center of the small clearing. Hands on her hips, black hair tousled and pushed back, wide sensuous lips pursed. Her eyes glittered. Dylan could smell her from here, the delicious scent of her body, her sweat. He wanted to peel the clothing off her. With a shock he realized that he could sense Kayden's arousal beside him, and then a swift wave of jealousy ran through him. Kayden had already mated with her. He knew what she was like while rutting. Like that, Dylan almost snapped. Almost shifted into his warform and lunged at the other alpha.

Kayden immediately noticed Dylan's spike in aggression and turned to stare at him. Dylan knotted his hands into fists. Fought for control. Fought desperately to rein in his wolf. To curb his desire and aggression.

"If we are to fight," said Kayden, almost conversationally, "Then let it be now. While she watches. So she can see which is the strongest. The most fit to take her as mate."

Dylan turned to Kayden. It took everything he had to control himself. He looked up and locked eyes with the other alpha. Despite himself, Kayden took a step back. "No." Dylan's voice was more feral growl than human speech. "We split the city. Share Naomi. Share the Cairn. Unite. Grow strong. Destroy Stark." He felt as if he were drowning in his bestial fury. His inner wolf raged. Urged him to take back his foolish human words. To throat the other alpha. To cast him from the edge of the clearing and let loose a howl of victory so that every werewolf would know he was the true alpha.

Kayden raised his hand and talons emerged from his fingertips, long and black and wickedly sharp. Slowly. "Are you sure, Dylan?" His own voice was thick with the desire for battle. "You don't sound convinced."

Dylan was losing his control. He had thought he could master his instincts. Could rationalize with his primal self. Could share Naomi. Could share the territory. The Cairn. With a pang of despair he realized he had been wrong. There could be only one alpha. There could be only one leader. He felt his talons slide free of his fingers of their own volition. He would have to kill Kayden. Slaughter him once and for all, for better or worse. It was his nature. His destiny. He felt a final pang of regret, and then it drowned in the sweet liberating white heat of his rage. He grinned at Kayden. "Enough. We both knew this would never work. We both know why we're here. Come. Let there be an end to this."


















Naomi watched with her heart in her throat. Both men stood shoulder to shoulder, staring out over the forest far below. A cold wind swept in, chilling the sweat on her body. Neither alpha seemed to notice. Naomi hugged herself. Waited. Listened. Watched. They were so different, but both were so sinfully hot. Good lord, what had she done to get mixed up with such ridiculously dangerous and attractive men? Dylan was broad shouldered, his blue shirt hugging his sculpted body, a spear of dark sweat running down his spine, handsome and wholesome. She knew his smell, the fierce gleam in his eyes, how soft and yet demanding his kisses could be. She wanted him. His touch made her feel like a woman, desirable and sensual, his lightest touch could bring her skin to life like the caress of a flame.

Beside him stood Kayden, all dark fury and complexity. He had the same broad shoulders and narrow waist, his upper body framing an identical swimmer's 'V' as Dylan's. Otherwise they were completely different. Where Dylan was tanned Kayden was pale. Without a shirt his tattoos were striking, aggressive, mesmerizing. Naomi knew the strength in his hands, the savage passion that burned within his heart and that would never, ever gutter. She knew the arrogance and vulnerability. Remembered the electric chemistry that had sparked between them yesterday in his den. How he had moved against her. How he had filled her almost beyond what she could handle. His hands clamped on her hips as he had thrust into her. How she had lost all control, all sense of self in his arms.

Naomi forced herself to swallow. Both alphas were discussing her. Their future. Stark. It all came down to this moment. This exchange. The fate of the packs. Fort Brixton. Herself. The tension had abated, but suddenly it spiked and they both turned to look at her. Dylan's golden eyes, Kayden's emerald green. She was transfixed. The hunger in their gazes was carnal. Physical. Never had men looked at her like this. She wanted to hide, to turn, but no. That's not who she was. She'd never hidden her body, and she wouldn't start now - especially not when their looks were so open with desire. She took a deep breath. They were close - so close.

Then she saw Dylan's expression darken. Felt the change come over him, which immediately sparked over to Kayden.

"If we are to fight," said Kayden, "Then let it be now. While she watches. So she can see which is the strongest. The most fit to take her as mate."

Naomi took a step forward. What could she do? She tried to call out for Illixy, but he wasn't there. Wasn't present. There would be no burning sphere of gold and silver. It was up to her, and her alone.

Dylan shook his head. "No."

But Naomi didn't believe him. It was slipping out of control right before her.

"Are you sure, Dylan?" Kayden's talons emerged almost lazily from his fingers. "You don't sound convinced."

"Enough." Naomi saw clearly the moment that Dylan stopped fighting his instincts. His claws emerged. "We both knew this would never work. We both know why we're here. Come. Let there be an end to this."

Naomi's eyes flared wide. No time to think. None at all. She ran forward even as both alphas drew back, ready to throw themselves at each other. With no thought as to her own safety, she ran between them, hands outstretched, hair swinging into her face. "No! Stop this! Stop!"

No go. Neither paid her any attention. Their eyes were locked on each other once more. Fur was creeping across their skin as they began to
into their warforms.

Words, Naomi realized, were useless.

So she stepped back, and reached up for the top button of her shirt. Undid it.

Both werewolves stopped. Naomi's heart was beating hard enough that she felt it could burst. She looked first at Dylan, meeting those savage golden eyes, then over to Kayden. Undid the next button. It was suddenly so silent that she could almost hear the button pop. She arched her back. Her full breasts strained against the flannel shirt. She took a deep shuddering breath. Her knees felt weak, half with terror, half with desire. Another button. They could both see her cleavage now. Naomi fought with all her strength to keep her hands from shaking. From moving too fast. Both men were right on the edge. So close to violence that Naomi could almost taste it in the air. She undid another button, then a second. Right down to her belly button. Moving her gaze from one to the other. Undid the second to last button. Then the very last.

Her shirt hung open down her front, draped over her breasts, her nipples still hidden. Both alphas turned subtly, oriented on her. Still in human form, arms clenched by their sides, talons gleaming in the morning light. Still poised, though now they no longer seemed to know what for. To attack each other? Or her?

"I have one body." Her voice was low, throaty with emotion. "I am but one woman. I know I'm weak compared to you. That I can't fight. But I am strong enough to love you both. To share myself with you." She parted her shirt, revealing her breasts. She saw both alpha's stir. Swallowed. "There has to be a way. For us to choose love and not hate." She shrugged, and the shirt fell to the ground. Naomi stepped forward, slowly, carefully, meeting one set of eyes and then the other. "I'm here. I want you both more than you can know." She reached them. Slowly, gently, she reached out and touched Dylan's chest. She could almost hear his heart thundering through the thin blue fabric. Turned to Kayden and reached up to cup his strong jaw. "Take me. For your packs. For the Cairn. For the Earth Mother. Take me now, here, together."

For a terrifying moment they stood frozen, high up above the world, and then Dylan took wrapped his fingers around her wrist and pulled her to him. Naomi leaned into his arms and kissed him. His kiss was savage, burning with need, all tenderness gone. A hand slid around her waist, another moving up to cup her full breast. Kayden. His touch, the realization that both were close to her, touching her, ready to love her, sent a bolt of lightning straight to her core. She felt herself go wet with anticipation and desire. She really did want them both. They were perfect together, complimenting each other's strengths and weakness. Dark and light, savage and gentle. She groaned as Kayden's lips closed over her nipple, felt it grow hard. Dylan kissed her deeply, his hand moving through her hair, cupping her to him.

Kayden's tongue played with her nipple, his other hand squeezing her breast. She pressed against him, lifted her face to Dylan. They were standing beside each other. God, she didn't know which she wanted first. Could she have them both at the same time? Was that even possible?

Mind spinning, she allowed herself to melt into their arms. Dylan broke the kiss and instead pressed his lips to the hollow behind her ear, then licked the length of her neck with the tip of his tongue. It was so primal, so feral, that goose bumps broke out over her arms. Kayden's hand slid between her legs, cupping her sex through the jeans. She pressed herself against the base of his palm, which he rubbed slowly back and forth.

Hands were moving across her skin. Naomi closed her eyes. Lips were on her breasts, moving down the nape of her neck. One of them moved behind her. Kayden's hand was driving her wild. She wanted to tear off her jeans, and as if reading her mind hands unbuttoned the top button.

Naomi opened her eyes. Dylan had moved behind her, was reaching around to unzip her. Kayden reached for the top of her pants and pulled them down, over her hips, past her thighs. Dylan raked his nails up the length of her thighs, then let go. She heard his own jeans unzip. She was shivering with excitement. Lust was a vortex in her core. Kayden was kneeling before her, his eyes devouring her. He took both her hands in his, interlaced their fingers.

She sensed more than heard Dylan's pants fall away. His hands cupped her ass, and then lifted her so that she rose onto the balls of her feet and leaned forward, Kayden taking her weight on his hands. The head of Dylan's prick pressed against her pussy lips. Naomi groaned and bit her lower lip. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, Dylan pressed into her. Her lips parted, taking him in, her pussy wet, her core yearning to be filled. With a growl that caused her heart to flutter Dylan lost control and thrust deep into her.

If Kayden hadn't been there to steady her she would have fallen over. A spasm of pleasure roared through her as her body fought to accommodate Dylan's length and girth. Her sheath gripped him tightly, and he filled her completely, perfectly. Naomi stood, frozen, mouth open, staring out into the blue oblivion of the sky. Dylan strained against her, and then slowly withdrew. Slowly, oh so slowly, inch by inch, leaving her hungering and desperate for his return. When he almost pulled out completely and Naomi had almost set her heels on the ground once more he thrust back into her, and she cried out from the shattering pleasure.

Kayden leaned forward and took her nipple in his mouth. Dylan withdrew only to thrust into her, over and over again. Naomi rocked against his hips, pushed her chest against Kayden's mouth, gripped his hands with all her strength. Over and over Dylan pounded into her. She was doing it. She had brought them together. Had broken through their instincts. She was fucking both alphas, was theirs and they were hers. Each plunge of Dylan's shaft pushed her closer to delirium.

"That's it," she whispered, looking over her shoulder at him. His eyes were slitted, his face frozen in a half snarl, devastatingly handsome and overcome by his desire for her. "Take me, Dylan. Harder. That all you got?"

He grunted, surprised, golden eyes flaring wide at her provocation, and then they slitted again and he began to fuck her in earnest. His strength was such that he was almost lifting her right off her feet, holding her up by the hips, powering into her over and over again, driving her wild.

"So tight." His voice was tight, barely understandable. Naomi felt a cry building up within her, a cry of pleasure and borderline pain. They blended together in a way that was beyond ecstasy. Dylan moved faster and faster, and finally her cry broke free. She closed her eyes as stars fell from the heavens and she screamed, louder and louder as she came, wave upon crashing wave of pleasure sweeping her away. She heard Dylan roar as he came deep within her, his cock spasming, his hands tight on her hips. Naomi's scream broke, she drew a ragged breath, and then felt Kayden's lips on her own. She kissed him deeply, swooning still as aftershocks rippled through her. Felt Dylan bend over her back, his cheek against her shoulder, holding her tight, holding her close, shivering with his own orgasm, and then he slipped free.

Naomi blinked. The world was spinning. She'd never come so hard. Dylan staggered back, and Kayden rose to his feet. His eyes transfixed her. Stopped the world from spinning as he became her new center. He had stripped off his drawstring pants, and his throbbing erection caught her eye. Naomi felt a shiver of concern. Had she thought she could take them both?

Kayden slipped an arm behind her knees and under her shoulders and lifted her to his chest. Smoothly, confidently, he strode from the clearing into the small cave, ducking down to enter its intimate shadows. Moved to the back, and there lay her down on a bed of animal pelts and soft fur. It smelled of wolves, musky and masculine. She stretched languorously, loving the feel of the fur against her sensitive skin.

BOOK: Falling for the Alphas: Part Two
5.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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