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Authors: Allison Heather

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Filling The Void

BOOK: Filling The Void
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Filling the Void


Allison Heather


Copyright 2012
Allison Heather

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Dedication and

This book like my other
books written and to be written are a silent homage to all those
who have dared and would dare break taboos. I am struggling to do
so myself...probably one day I would accomplish that and join the
ranks of brave and wonderful. Until then, for me pen [keyboard] and
imagination are two very strong tools.

The book contains strong
adult theme and should be read by those who are open-minded and
like challenging imaginations. Best Wishes and thanks for picking
up [rather downloading] this book.

Happy Reading.

Allison Heather.

Feedback and suggestions
are very welcome


Filling The Void


Allison Heather

Copyright Allison Heather

Filling The

Chapter 1

I finished the book I have been engrossed
for three days and put it on the bedside table. This book by
Phillip Ball titled Critical Mass had reasonably engaged me. I got
out of bed and stretched my seven feet four inches long heavily
muscled body. I looked at the bedside clock and wondered what was
keeping Carly from coming to bed.

I felt my bladder twitch and half hard cock
throb. I was about to turn towards the en suite when I felt more
than heard the soft footsteps of my daughter. Carly glided in to
our bedroom. Her bewitchingly beautiful face was smiling as

Sorry Daddy. Homework
took a bit longer than I thought,” Carly deftly pulled her tee
shirt off and threw it on the carpet. I greedily feasted on my
beautiful soon to be nineteen years old daughter’s body. Carly was
blessed with the unbelievably beautiful face of her mother and
grandmother. Her beautiful nose was mesmerizingly exquisite. Her
long wavy dark blond hair framed her face. Her baby fat was not as
much as a year ago but was still present in abundance to make her
rounded and softly curvaceous everywhere. Her large mounds of
precocious breasts, which were all fat few years ago, had grown
into shapes of a young girl’s large heavy breasts with long thick

Her belly still was round and bulged with
her baby like chubbiness. Her mother lost hers very close to her
nineteenth birthday leaving her with the divine voluptuous beauty
that seemed to run among the women of our family.

I could not but feel undiluted pride as I
picked up my five feet eight inches tall daughter in my arms and
kissed her on her open smiling mouth.

I was wondering where you
were and about to go to pee and then masturbate,” I teased my
beautiful daughter.

Carly’s very light brown eyes flashed
dangerously, just like her mother’s, “That would have made me mad
daddy,” Carly bit on the tip of my nose. “All you have to do is
shout for me.”

I felt hopelessly in love with this divine
creature that had graced my life as a daughter and the woman who
filled the huge void in our lives.

Carly stationed her self on the seat of the
commode as she took my monster of a cock in her tiny petite hands.
I dwarfed her as I stood with my feet planted apart. My daughter’s
tiny hands barely made it around half the circumference as she
lifted the heavy semi-hard cock and guided the apple size cock head
towards her open mouth.

I opened my bladder in controlled stream
filling my daughter’s beautiful mouth. Carly closed her bulging
mouth filled with her father’s warm urine and savored the strong
warm acrid flavor she loved so much. Once she had gulped the
mouthful I filled it again. Carly got many mouthfuls and her
breathing was getting heavier. I knew my pee made my daughter feel
sexy. She was exactly like her mother. My heart thudded as her
beautiful nostrils flared with controlled excitement.

Daddy, I still cannot get
over the fact how huge you cock is?” Carly mumbled as she had many
times, “please turn around.”

I dutifully turned away from my daughter and
bent forward. Carly had to stand to reach my broad hairy ass. Carly
used her tiny hands to separate them to expose my hairy ass crack.
Carly inhaled audibly. I smiled as Carly’s fascination with my
hairy ass matched her mother’s. Carly like her mother swooned with
delight whenever she caught me after my gym or jogging sessions.
After a long flight was my ass was another treat that I could offer
my sweet daughter.

Carly licked the crack and soon her tongue
licked and probed my twitching hairy anal ring. I tried to relax my
anus and soon my daughter’s tongue snaked inside. I reached behind
and separated my ass cheeks more effectively than my daughter’s
dainty hands could. Carly reached between my thighs and started to
run them along the long length of my bottle thick cock.

Daddy I think I am in for
a treat tomorrow morning,” I smiled as my daughter and I looked
forward to sharing our morning ablutions. My steel hard cock
throbbed with anticipation.

I gently pulled away and looked at my
beautiful daughter whose face was blushed with her attempts to rim
me and with rising lust.

I picked her up as she giggled. Her arms
went around my neck and our mouths glued and exchanged warm saliva.
I dropped on the bed with my daughter’s soft growing body buried
under my giant frame.

Daddy, I am ready. My
cunt has been leaking as I did my homework and thought of your
monster cock,” Carly moaned.

I placed my now rock hard cock at the soft
almost hairless entrance. Once my massive cock head was inside my
daughter’s tight vaginal ring I slowly pushed one immensely thick
inch after another inside my daughter who was sobbing and moaning
loudly. Her vagina was stretched obscenely like thin pink rim of
soft tissue around my gargantuan cock. Her eyes were shut tightly
and she bit on her lower lip with a frown of concentration on her
beautiful face. Her beautiful nostrils flared.

I savored the warm snugness of my little
girl’s cunt as my cock made all too familiar journey inside my
daughter’s body that started to writhe with her imminent orgasm. As
I pushed the last inch of my monstrous cock Carly moaned loudly and
came hard.

I pulled my cock out leaving the cock head
inside and pushed it back with one long fluid motion. Carly’s hands
grabbed my hairy forearms as her eyes opened and looked at me with
love declaring that her mother had come back in her shape to look
after me.

I bent down to kiss my daughter’s face with
very wet kisses. I took her beautiful nose in my mouth and sucked
hard. Carly came again as my cock buried itself for the sixth time.
I started to fuck my daughter with ever-increasing pace. My thrusts
were getting firm. As my daughter moaned louder my thrusts grew

By the time Carly came for the fourth time I
was pounding my daughter’s cunt savagely. Carly just like her
mother liked rough sex as much as she liked slow languid sex. I
could by now sense her needs. She had given me my soul mate and
life support back that I lost when her mother was lost to us in
that fateful airline crash.

I grabbed Carly’s quivering breasts in my
large hands and started to squeeze them first gently then with
savagery that matched the thrusts of my monster cock.

MEEEEE,” wailed Carly as another orgasm tore through her young
ripening body.

I fucked my daughter slamming my cock to the
hilt inside her pulsating tight cunt. I rolled over with my
daughter still impaled on my monster cock. Carly was in sync with
me. She planted her feet on the bed and put her petite hands on my
hairy muscled belly for leverage. Carly was soon rose up and simply
used her weight to drop back on my cock. I used my hands around her
hips to guide her to match the pace I was fucking her with.

Her open panting mouth, her flaring nostrils
made her look even more beautiful if that was physically possible.
I mauled her shaking breasts. I tweaked her nipples eliciting a
loud moan. Carly came repeatedly as my cock ravaged her young cunt.
Her sex juices were leaking out of her cunt as she rose and fell on
my cock.

Daddy you were thinking
of mom, weren’t you?” I was no more taken aback as my daughter read
my mind yet again.

I nodded yes.

Carly gasped as her orgasm approached, “I am
here daddy. I am here for you. Do everything with me as you have
with mom.”

I felt a deep sense of peace descend over
me. I brutally pulled on my daughter’s breasts twisting and
squeezing them with my huge powerful hands. I savagely mauled them
into misshapen mounds of flesh making my daughter’s orgasm even

Carly was now tiring. She had cum many times
over the last hour of fucking. I let her breasts go free and
growled, “Carly sweetheart, fuck your cunt on daddy’s cock real

My beautiful gasping daughter could barley
speak. She nodded her head in acquiescence as her open mouth
drooled on my belly.

I slapped her shaking quivering breasts hard
making Carly moan loudly.

After another half an hour of solid fucking
Carly slumped on my belly still in the throes of her last orgasm. I
pulled her off my rampant cock and threw her face down on the

I rolled over her prone body and found her
wet sex juices filled cunt with my monster rock hard male member.
Once I found the sweet soft entrance I slammed it in savagely
eliciting a muffled scream of lust from my daughter’s lips.

I fucked my daughter hard and fast making
her cum again and again. Carly was moaning incessantly, “AAH DADDY.

I fucked my whimpering moaning daughter hard
and made her cum another six times before I growled and chose to
explode inside the churning cunt of mu daughter. I spurted
phenomenal amount of cum deep inside my daughter’s cunt.

I kissed her fragrant wavy lush tresses as
my daughter gasped and panted in the wake of our torrid fucking,
which was just warming up. I slowly pulled my still rock hard
insatiable cock out of her cum and pussy juices filled cunt. My
cock was coated with creamy white cream. I rose and parted Carly’s
soft plump ass cheeks to reveal the tiniest of anal ting. I had
stopped marveling at the incongruity between my massive cock and my
daughter’s tiny pink anal opening. I had invaded my daughter’s
rectum via her tiny anus many times. I did pause and soaked in the
beauty of my daughter’s pink twitching anal ring, as I never tired
of its mesmerizing effect on me.

I placed my cock head on the ring and
pressed firmly against its resistance. My efforts were soon
rewarded as Carly’s anus gave way and my massive cock head slid in
opening my daughter’s anal ring to an obscene size around my bottle
thick shaft. Carly let out a muffled lusty scream, “AAH DADDEEEE.

BOOK: Filling The Void
11.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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