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First Time with the Fraternity

BOOK: First Time with the Fraternity
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Part One





Under pressure from her very conservative dad, Lexi promised to save her virginity until least until she caught her father having sex with the neighbor. 


Now all bets are off, and Lexi is inspired to lose her cherry in the most memorable way possible--with a gangbang at the college frat house. After all, shouldn't a girl's first time be special? 


Reader Advisory: This erotic short story of approximately 6k words contains group sex, double-penetration, sex toys, and an utter loss of purity.


Laurel Adams

First Time with the Fraternity

Copyright © 2014 Laurel Adams


All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portion thereof, including the excerpt, in any form.


This is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. Thank you for respecting the author’s work.







Part One


In high school, most girls went on dates, made out with boys, and capped off senior year with a fun and fabulous prom night. But not Lexi Weston. From the first day of freshman year until graduation, her strict father enforced a rigid study schedule and a
no dating

The only dance the shy and petite eighteen-year-old ever attended was a purity ball—on her dad’s arm. At her father’s insistence, Lexi had pledged to save her virginity until she was married. “Sex is something for marriage,” he’d said. “It’s for your husband, alone. Your first time should be special. And as a good Christian father it’s my duty to guard and protect your purity.”

Of course, that was before Lexi came home early one day to find her father in the pool fucking the very married neighbor…

As Lexi’s father drove so hard into her from behind that he sent pool water sloshing up over the edge onto the deck, Mrs. Lanham cried, “Oh, oh, oh, it hurts so good!” The two lovers were naked—their bathing suits in a wet, discarded pile. And while they went at it, Mrs. Lanham’s salon-blond hair whipped back and forth in wet ringlets. 

Red-faced and grunting, Lexi’s father squeezed at the woman’s bouncing breasts. “That’s it, baby. Take it up the ass. Take it up the ass like a homo.”

 So much for her good Christian father.

The sight was too much for Lexi to handle. Stifling a gasp with one fist, she scrambled for the sliding door from whence she came, hoping to disappear into the house and bleach her brain. But she was so unsteady, in such a state of shock, that she tripped over a pool chair and landed hard on the deck.

“Oh god!” Mrs. Lanham cried. “It’s your daughter.”

Horrified, Lexi pushed up from her skinned knees and ran, even as her dad called after her. “Lexi! Lexi, wait.”

She didn’t wait. She didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. All she wanted was to hide in her room and find some bandaids for her knees. But Lexi had scarcely thrown herself onto the bed and pulled a pillow over her face than did her father come barging in. 

Having pulled on his swim trunks, he stood in her doorway dripping pool water onto her pink bedroom carpet.

” she finally said, her voice dripping with attitude.

Some part of her had expected her father to be mortified. To be apologetic to be caught having an affair. Instead, he tried to brazen it out. “Lexi, you didn’t see what you thought you saw.”

“I wish that was true.” At the very least, she wished she could make herself un-see it. “What happened to sex being only for marriage?”

Her father’s jaw tensed. “Don’t you dare tell your mother; it’ll kill her.”

And right there and then, the fiction of her life came crashing down around her. She’d been a daddy’s girl. Done everything he told her to do. Lived by his rules. She’d never even thought it was possible that her father could engage in perversions. Now she couldn’t shake off the image of him thrusting up inside the anus of some fleshy neighbor lady while telling her to ‘
take it like a homo.

For four years in high school, Lexi had felt like a freak and an outsider because of her father’s rules. She’d never even
a boy—and she’d wanted to, but didn’t want her father to think she was a bad girl. Well, Lexi’s dad was a flaming hypocrite, and now the anger bubbled up inside her until she felt herself come to a boil.

She didn’t tell her mother that night at dinner; she couldn’t bring herself to be the one who caused a divorce. But her angst over her father’s infidelity continued to fester all summer until she couldn’t wait to start college at the state university and leave home for good. And her first mission?

Breaking her purity pledge at the very first opportunity…


The problem with having lived such a sheltered life is that Lexi exuded purity; or at least she thought she must have, because in line for college registration, she tried to flirt with a cute guy—a jock with wide swimmer’s shoulders—and he said she seemed really sweet. 

That was it. He didn’t ask for her number. Didn’t try to flirt back. Didn’t seem interested at all. And it wasn’t just the swimmer. Guys at the college book store didn’t hit on her either. At her first party, when she pretended to be drunk in order to entice a really hot senior to kiss her, he told her that he was so close to graduation he really wasn’t ready to start something new and serious.

Lexi wasn’t looking for serious! She just wanted to know what it felt like to kiss a guy just because she could. So, by the end of her first week, she spent some time in front of a mirror scrutinizing her appearance. It’s true that she had a petite, girlish figure, rather than big bouncy breasts and long legs. But she was cute! She had long lashes, dimples, curvy hips, and upturned breasts—not that her long skirts and oversized sweater-sets emphasized those things. 

The problem might be that she’d been the valedictorian of her class…and she looked like it. So she’d have to apply her studious nature to the problem at hand. If she wanted to get any action at all, she probably needed a makeover. 

The popular sorority girls wore midriff baring tops with tight jeans and gravity defying high heels, but where would Lexi get the money to buy clothes like that if she dared? She’d be damned if she took another dime from her father. And while her scholarship paid for tuition and books, she had to earn everything else working in the kitchen at the dining hall, where all she could do was envy the popular girls who traveled in packs, usually trailed by a bunch of going frat guys…

She wasn’t sure what first gave her the inspiration. Maybe it was watching those guys flirt with girls they couldn’t have while Lexi secretly pined for their attention behind the lunch counter. Maybe it was overhearing the filthy things the frat brothers said about those girls when they thought no one was listening. When one of the guys of Lambda Phi made a crude comment about how the frat ought to pool resources and hire a hooker to share to take the edge off the sexual frustration, Lexi hit upon the solution to her problem. 

If only she could muster up the courage…

Her hands were shaking when she went to bus the table where three of the Lambda Phi’s were finishing up their sandwiches and sodas. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop,” she began, startling them into noticing her. “But I heard what you said about sexual frustration.”

The tallest one looked up at her. Drew was his name; he was in her early morning chemistry class. He was long and lanky with a mop of long dark hair, and piercing blue eyes. Other girls seemed to find him very attractive, and Lexi did too; so much so that she nearly lost her nerve when he blushed and said, “I’m sorry; my friends and I were just joking around. We can be really insensitive jackoffs—”

“Don’t be sorry,” Lexi said, her belly fluttering with excitement and fear. If this went wrong, if they turned her down, it would be the most humiliating day of her whole life. But if it went right—well, it would all be worth it! “I just wanted to say that I’m sexually frustrated too, and maybe we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

She intended for her words to sound sultry and suggestive, but worried they came across as business-like as they sounded in her head. At least until Drew’s blue eyes flared with surprise, and sudden sexual interest. While his friends tittered at her forwardness, Drew looked her up and down—not that there was much to see given that she was wearing an apron—but when he met her eyes again, he grinned. “Ok, wow. I like a girl who goes after what she wants. I’m Drew…”

“I know,” she said, which made him puff up a little bit with his own self-importance. “I’m Lexi.”

Drew seemed to like her name, because it made him smile. “We’re throwing a party on Friday night at Lambda Phi. Do you want to come?”

There was something in the way he asked that question that made her imagine he was asking her if she wanted an orgasm, and it made her tingle all the way to her toes. “Yeah, I do.”

“Dude, you get all the pretty girls,” his ginger-haired friend complained.

Lexi realized that the friend was giving her a compliment, so she shot him a grin. She liked the smattering of freckles on his nose and somehow they emboldened her to say, “He’s not the only one who can have me…”

The mood at the table abruptly shifted when she said that, the third fraternity brother doing a spit-take with the last of his soda. Drew’s mouth fell slightly open with confusion, and Lexi realized that she’d better clear up any misunderstandings. “I don’t want to date you, Drew. Or any of you guys, actually. I just heard you say that you ought to pool resources to hire a girl to share. I’m just volunteering to do it for free.”

The table went silent. All three of them stared at her. 

The red-head broke into a sweat.

The one who had spit out his soda, sat suddenly forward.

And the sexual interest in Drew’s eyes went from a spark to a conflagration. “Kinky girl,” he finally said. 

“Maybe,” Lexi replied, taking a deep breath. She felt the heat of embarrassment burning her skin, and a part of her wanted to crawl away and hide. She was pretty sure that if this didn’t go her way, she’d never be able to face these guys ever again. Maybe she’d have to just drop out and go to a new school. But a flash of her father fucking that bimbo in the family pool blinked behind her eyes, and she blurted out, “I really have no idea if I’m kinky or not. I’ve never even kissed a guy before. When I first got to campus, I thought I should just get it over with. Make out with the first guy I saw at a party and just let things go from there; but I think being passed around a fraternity might make the whole thing more memorable for me.”

“Jesus Christ,” said the red-head, licking his lower lip.

As if he were already possessive of her, Drew snapped, “Put your tongue back in your mouth, Gabe.”

So that was the red-head’s name. Gabe. She liked it. She also liked that Gabe breathed heavy when he said, again, “
Jesus Christ.

Of course, that made Lexi acutely aware of the little gold cross she was wearing on a chain on her neck; maybe she ought to have taken that off before making this proposition, but it was too late now. There was nothing left to do but brazen it out, so she put a hand on her hip and tried to affect the sexiest pose she could.

“You’re serious?” Drew asked, and she wished she could tell whether his tone was approving, lustful, or condemnatory. But he kept his voice so even that it might have been all three.

Last chance for Lexi to pretend it was all a joke. To laugh it off and walk away. But she glanced down to see that beneath his khaki pants, Drew was already bulging with arousal. He wanted her. And Lexi had so little experience being wanted that her blood roared past her ears. “I’m serious. I wanna kiss a guy. I wanna get felt up. I wanna have sex every way it’s possible to have sex. And I wanna do it so hard and so much that it makes up for all the years I’ve missed. Do you think you and your frat brothers can manage that?”

Drew smiled, but this time it was a feral smile, and he tugged her by the apron strings against his side. “I can manage that all by myself, sweetheart.”

He was strong and his touch electrified her. He was staking a claim. That turned her on even more. Still, something inside her understood that having sex with a guy at school wouldn’t do enough to tamp down the rage she felt inside at her father. Not just one guy—even a really hot one like Drew. 

BOOK: First Time with the Fraternity
11.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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