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He started to slide them down her legs too, but that would mean he'd have to take time to remove her shoes and jeans, and he didn't have time for that. No way she was keeping those panties. Oh no. Those were his. With a sharp tug at the waist band, he simply tore the flimsy garment from her body and pocketed them. Her musky scent grew stronger, and he watched one drop of glistening moisture drip from her cunt to the inside of one thigh.


With a groan, Micaiah dove for that drop as it trickled its way down. He swiped his tongue up her leg straight to her pussy. This time, there was no whimpering. She let loose a full-out scream. Micaiah had time to wonder if any of the office staff heard them, but he couldn't really process why that was a bad thing. The whole office would know she belonged to him.


Lord, he could spend days drinking her! She was addictive. He’d known she would be. One taste would never be enough. With a growl, he stabbed his tongue into her opening, swatting her ass as he did. She squealed again, bucking against his mouth. So he swatted her again. This time, she met his slap with her bottom. The sound of flesh slapping flesh was the biggest aphrodisiac he'd ever encountered. Correction. Not just the sound of flesh on flesh, but of Micaiah on Trina. There was no other woman who could ever compare to her.


He stood reluctantly. As much as he wanted to continue to feast, he needed inside her. Now.
! His cock was hard enough to drive nails. It wouldn't take much to set him off like a bottle rocket. Trina had to be on the very verge of coming before he fucked her. There was no possible way he could last more than a few strokes before coming deep inside her...


did he have to conjure that image? That led to all kinds of other images. Like her belly large and swollen with his child.


Yup. He was so far gone it wasn't even funny.


"Tell me you want me, Trina!" His voice was a more of a plea than the growled command he'd wanted to give her. "Tell me!"


"Yes, Micaiah! I want you! Only you!" She panted as she pushed against him, her slick pussy grazing his cock in a blatant invitation. A seduction.


It was all Micaiah could stand. He swiped the head of his cock through her folds once before simply sinking home. They both groaned, a sigh of blessed relief. Nothing had ever felt more right in his life. Micaiah shuddered and gripped her hips to hold her still. One move, one slide over his shaft, and he was done for. Sweat beaded his body as he fought for control, and he noticed a fine sheen covering her body as well.


Holding still wasn't helping either. She gripped him like a tight, wet fist. As a rule, he didn't have unprotected sex. Ever. With Trina, there was no way he wanted anything between his skin and hers.


Micaiah bit the inside of his cheek to try to distract himself. Then he began to move. Slowly, at first, but it didn't take long before the call of her body was too much for him. He pounded into her with ruthless abandon, her cries urging him on. Trina looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes filled with a lust so powerful, it almost started a reaction he couldn't control.


He brought his hand down on her ass again, hard this time. Trina's cheeks were already pink with his earlier ministrations. Against her dark skin, the color reminded him of a chocolate-covered cherry, the red peeking out through all the sweet darkness. She hissed at him, looking every bit as feral as he felt. So, he swatted her again. Her hands punched into fists at the small of her back where he'd bound her. As much as he wanted her hands on him, the sight of her bound and at his mercy was the trigger he'd been trying to avoid.


Not wanting to come without her, Micaiah reach around her and smacked her pussy with his fingers. Trina's eyes widened in shock, but the contractions around his cock told him she loved it. Her pussy practically gushed with welcoming heat, bathing him with her excitement.


"Fuck yes! Do that again, Mic!" Most women would have begged him for it. His Trina simply ordered him to. Even bound as she was, she wasn't a woman to be manhandled. She wasn't in control, but she knew what she wanted and she went after it with as much enthusiasm as he did. Who was he to disappoint a lady?


He smacked her clit again. Then again. On the forth swat, Trina stiffened and screamed like a wildcat. Her inner muscles milked him, so that he had no choice but to come. His body shuddered and he groaned out his own release. When he erupted, Micaiah wouldn't have been surprised if the top of his dick had blown off. Nothing had ever been so forceful. Or so wonderful. He tingled from his waist to his toes and back again. Hell, his eyes even crossed and all he could see was little pinpoints of light dancing in the air around him. Spurt after spurt of his seed bathed her, deep inside her body.


She was his. No question about it. He would never let her go.


They stood there a moment, catching their breath. Micaiah doubted his legs would hold him if he tried to walk. Instead, he reached for a tissue box he'd thrown to the floor and wiped her clean, discarding it in a nearby trash can. He pulled her jeans back up and fastened them himself before he undid her hands.


She turned, still leaning on the desk, and smiled at him. What was that shining in her eyes when she looked at him? Oh fuck! And what was that melting sensation in the region of his heart when she looked at him that way?


"It's about time, Mic. I was beginning to think I wasn't your type."


Micaiah blinked, utterly confused. "What?"


"I've been trying to get your attention for months," she explained.


"Oh, baby, you've had my attention." He reached for her, pulling her back into his arms where she belonged. "You had my attention the first time you sashayed that sweet little ass into my office."


She pushed away from him slightly. Not that he let her go far. "Then what took you so damned long?"


Micaiah couldn't help the cocky grin. "I wanted you to ask for it."











BOOK: Force Me - Asking For It
8.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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