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Forsaken World (Book 1): Innocence Lost

BOOK: Forsaken World (Book 1): Innocence Lost
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    Forsaken World: Innocence Lost


March 2

“This is Fox News correspondent Nick Griffith. An asteroid hit Greenland three hours ago, sending a shock wave that was felt in London and Nova Scotia. No casualties have been reported since the impact was in the interior of the country, and the closest eyewitness from ground level was over two hundred miles away at a glacier research center. NASA gave a warning twenty minutes before impact, and aircraft were diverted from the area. I have with me Sentel Maun, the head of NASA’s sky watch program. Good morning, Sentel.”

“Morning, Nick.”

“Sentel, what can you tell us of this impact?”

“The meteoroid that hit Greenland was roughly a kilometer long and fractured before impact. The largest part detonated six thousand feet above ground level, and a chunk about the size of a football field impacted in the glacial ice pack.”

“That sounds rather big.”

“No, Nick, as far as rocks in space, this was a rather small one.”

“Just how big was the explosion?”

“Preliminary reports put the air blast nearly equal to Hiroshima.”

“Is there risk of radiation exposure to the world, Sentel?”

“No, Nick. After the blast, we noticed a rise in levels, but now, radiation levels even in Greenland are just above background. The accident in Japan released more radiation than this impact.”

“Why didn’t NASA provide more warning?”

“Nick, it’s a big sky, and with our budget, we have to find the major threats to Earth before searching for the smaller meteors.”

“If this asteroid would have hit near a city like New York, would it have caused damage, Sentel?”

“Oh yes; it would’ve leveled New York, Nick.”

“And NASA found it twenty minutes before impact?”

After a long sigh, Sentel said, “Nick, we are doing the best we can with what we’ve got. NASA gets less funding than the American Ad Council. We are being asked to search the solar system for threats with a staff of less than a hundred people.”

“Seems we need to make some changes then.”

“That is not my area, and we will do the best we can.”

“Where in the solar system did this meteor come from, Sentel?”

“Our preliminary tracking so far is placing this meteor coming out of the Kyper belt that surrounds our solar system. This is the region past Pluto.”

“Is NASA sending anyone to check the impact site?”

“Yes, we have three teams en route now, and Greenland University has one on site as we speak, Nick.”

“Sounds interesting, but we need to break away. Our office in London is reporting the birth of the Prince’s new child. Keep us informed, Sentel.”

“We will, Nick.”


March 4

“This is Nick Griffith with Fox News with breaking news from Greenland. Once again, I have with me from Greenland Sentel Maun, the head of NASA’s sky watch program. What have you got to tell us about the asteroid, Sentel?”

“Nick, I am happy to report to the world this meteorite that hit Greenland two days ago came from outside our solar system. This is the first item we have ever seen and tested from outside our little corner of the galaxy.”

Nick paused. “Ah, Sentel, just how can you tell it’s not from our solar system?”

“Well, Nick, for one, we’ve carbon dated it to nine billion years old. Our solar system is only five billion years old.”

“Just how certain are you of those numbers, Sentel?”

“Very certain, Nick. We’ve tested it numerous times.”

“What else can you tell us about this?” Nick asked excitedly.

“I’m sorry, Nick, but that is all I’m allowed to tell you for now. The director of NASA is briefing the president now and is going to tell the world what we’ve found tomorrow.”

“Come on, Sentel, just a hint please for our listeners.”

“I’m sure you need to report the birth of someone, Nick. This is just a rock from space.”

“Ah, I’m…I’m sorry that we were cut short last time, but that was news, Sentel.”

“Nick, all I’m allowed to say… We know for a fact now, we aren’t alone.”


March 5

NASA Headquarters, Washington D.C.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m William Benson, the director of NASA. Please hold all questions until the end of the briefing.

“I’m sure many of you have heard about the meteor impact in Greenland. We have confirmed the specimen in fact comes from outside our solar system. Carbon dating puts the age at over nine billion years old. We’ve found one new element, twelve new minerals, sixteen new compounds, and two new silicon-based metals.

“Just those alone are shaking the scientific world. The biggest find is microscopic fossils similar to our bacteria, but they are silicon-based and not carbon-based. We are still running tests, but so far, these life forms took a different evolutionary path. All life on Earth is carbon-based, and like I said, these fossils are silicon-based. Our question of ‘Is there life out there?’ has been answered; we are not alone.

“So far, we have found the fossils have a silicone-based DNA. Where we have four base pairs, they have eight. We have samples at all scientific institutions around the world to help us get a better understanding of this discovery.

“Now before anyone asks, these are fossils. They pose no risk to us. We have been inundated with questions about the spike in background radiation around the globe. This ‘spike’ is only .12 millisieverts. If you don’t know what that means—because I had to have that explained to me as well—Sieverts are measurements in radiation that are harmful to life. Millisieverts are much smaller, and during the 1960s, the background radiation was higher with the nuclear testing being done by various countries, and that increase was .11 millisieverts but has since dissipated. This new spike, by our calculations, is going to be short-lived, and we will be back to normal levels in less than a year.

“I don’t want panic to spread, people; this is the greatest discovery of mankind. Now, I will take questions.”

Chapter 1

March 9

Lance walked out the back door of the dojo and sat down on one of the benches. Leaning over, he rested his elbows on his knees, panting for air as sweat rained on his bare feet. Once he felt his heart rate slow down, he leaned back, sprawling out on the bench and looking up at the oak trees. Birds were chirping as squirrels scampered around on the limbs, barking at the birds.

“Oh man, that wasn’t a test; that was torture,” Lance heard behind him. Rolling his head back, Lance saw his best friend Ian walk out of the dojo and drop down on another bench beside him.

“What did you expect, Ian?” Lance grinned as Ian wiped sweat off his face.

“Our black belt test for taekwondo was nowhere near that hard. I know kenpo is supposed to be a harder form, but come on. A four hour test just to get third degree brown? I don’t even want to think about testing for black,” Ian moaned, pulling the shirt to his Gi off and wiping his face.

Looking down at his waist, Lance smiled at his brown belt with three black stripes at the ends. “We knew it was going to be hard, but I think it’s worth it. If I remember, kenpo was your idea,” Lance said, pulling his top off as well.

“Yeah, it was my idea, but I had no idea it was going to be this tough for the brown belt test. If I had, I would’ve shut my mouth and took kung fu with you,” Ian moaned, leaning back and covering his face with his top.

“Well, we are thirteen and have black belts in taekwondo and are now brown belts in kenpo. Not bad,” Lance said, looking up at hearing a squirrel bark and watched it chase off a robin.

Lifting his head and making his top fall off his face onto his lap, Ian shook his head. “Lance, we are in Boy Scouts, track, basketball, baseball, church, chess club, football… So many activities I have to have a schedule and make time for me.”

“So you want to quit?”

With a jerk, Ian sat up. “Hell no,” he snapped. “I’m just bitching. Can’t I bitch to my best friend?”

“Never knew you to stop.”

“Eat me,” Ian mumbled, leaning back, and grabbed his shirt, wiping the sweat off his chest. Ian’s body, just like Lance’s, was very athletically thick and toned. Looking over at his friend, Lance grinned. Ian’s short, light brown hair was plastered on his head. Ian’s face had strong Nordic features with grayish blue eyes. Normally, Ian had a grin on his face, but now, he was just trying to catch his breath.

Lance laughed. “Wait till high school next year if you think we’re busy now.”

Shaking his head, Ian looked over at Lance. He was only an inch shorter than Lance’s five foot four and a few pounds behind Lance’s hundred and twenty-four. Lance had a dark complexion like a permanent tan to Ian’s light complexion. With a strong Roman face, Lance’s eyes were a dark blue that seemed to glow against his short, soft, black hair. “I’m taking a vacation before high school then,” Ian huffed.

Looking at his watch, Lance groaned, “Ms. Penny will be here soon to pick us up,” and got up, feeling his legs wobble.

“At least we get to go home,” Ian said, getting up. “We turned thirteen last month, but I feel like I’m thirty.”

“If that was true, we could go to a bar.”

“Like we would have time. We have homework in every subject due tomorrow,” Ian grumbled. “If I would’ve known advanced classes would be this much work, I would’ve acted stupid.”

“Ian, you got a B in trig today. It’s not like you spend every waking hour studying.”

“Humpf. Just because the substitute didn’t understand how I worked out the problem. I don’t like doing it the long way.”

“Ah, Ian, that was the assignment,” Lance smiled.

“She’s just a stupid bitch,” Ian spat.

“If Mr. Evans hears you cussing, he’ll tell Ms. Penny,” Lance warned.

“He just tried to kill both of us testing us for our brown belts. He better not. He owes us big time.”

“Come on, and quit acting like a bitch,” Lance laughed, leading Ian inside.

Walking in, they bowed to Mr. Evans then ran over to get their gym bags. Putting their tops in the bags, they pulled out t-shirts, pulling them over their soaked heads. Dropping to the floor, they put on their tennis shoes. “Since we don’t have school Friday, how about we play X-box all day?” Ian asked, grinning and tying his shoes.

“Sounds good to me,” Lance said as his cellphone rang. He dug in his bag and pulled it out to see a picture of his dad, Johnathan Carver, on the screen. “Hello, Dad,” he answered.

“How did the test go?”

“I think Mr. Evans was trying to kill us, but we passed,” Lance said as a ringing sounded from Ian’s bag. Ian pulled out his phone and turned it to Lance, showing a picture of Ian’s dad, Bill Wilkerson.

“So you are now a brown belt, son?”

“Yes sir. It took four hours, but I’m wearing it,” Lance said as Ian answered his phone. “How’s Hawaii?”

His dad laughed. “I think your mother is going to make me fill out job applications at all the hospitals.”

“So are you and Mr. Bill going to buy that house?” Lance asked. His parents and Ian’s had flown out two days ago to look at a house on the big island to start a time share. Lance’s dad was a surgeon, and his mom was a stockbroker. Ian’s dad owned his own construction company, and his mom owned her own real-estate agency. The parents had taken a joint ten-day vacation with just the adults since the kids were still in school. They were planning on taking the kids out to Hawaii that summer.

“Yes, it’s a done deal,” his dad said with a slight groan.

“You don’t like the house?”

“Oh no, but for what it cost, we could’ve bought half of Nashville.”

“Don’t let Mom hear you say that, Dad. She and Ian’s mom really wanted it. You guys have the cabin in Kentucky, so she wanted a retreat in Hawaii.”

“I can drive to mine, and that cabin is for our families.”

“Ian’s mom told him last night we were going to ‘their’ retreat several times a year,” Lance said.

“Oh, Mary has been talking about getting tutors for all the kids so we can come out before summer,” his dad said, laughing, as the phone was pulled out of his hand.

“How’s my baby doing?” his mom asked cheerfully.

“I’m good, Mom. I hear you bought a house,” Lance laughed, closing his gym bag.

“Lance, you are going to love it. The house is right by the ocean.”

“I can’t wait to see it then, Mom,” he said, standing and grabbing his gym bag.

“So you passed your test?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m a third degree brown belt now.”

“I’m proud of you, honey. How did you do on your test today?”

“I got an A. I only missed one,” Lance said, waiting on Ian to close his gym bag.

“Oh, then I’m going to have to get you something,” she said, and Lance could hear her clapping in the background. “What, Sandy?” Lance heard his dad ask his mom. She covered the phone with her hand, but Lance heard, “Lance got an A on his trig exam.”

Hearing his dad laugh as Ian stood up grabbing his bag, Lance said, “Mom, Ms. Penny will be here soon. I need to get my stuff.”

“Okay, honey. You be good, and we will talk to you tonight. Love you,” she said, and Lance heard his dad call out the same in the background.

Thumbing his phone off, Lance looked over to see Ian putting his phone in his bag with a dejected face. “What’s wrong?” Lance asked.

“I told them the substitute was an idiot,” Ian huffed.

Shocked, Lance stepped back. “You got in trouble for a B?”

Shaking his head, Ian looked up and said, “No, they were happy about it, but I’m mad about it.”

“You can make it up during finals,” Lance said, putting his hand on Ian’s shoulder, and they heard a horn honk outside. Walking out, they saw the Chevy conversion van with Ms. Penny behind the steering wheel. They ran out, opening the side door to find Allie and her best friend Carrie sitting in the front captain chairs, watching a cartoon on the entertainment system.

“Let’s get in the back. I’m not in the mood for singing cartoons,” Ian said, climbing in. Lance followed, seeing both girls dressed in their gymnastic suits.

“How did you boys do?” Ms. Penny called from the front after she turned down the volume.

As he sat down, Lance looked to see Ms. Penny looking back at them. She was in her early sixties with silver hair, chubby cheeks, and a warm smile. Lance grinned. “We passed.”

Clapping her hands as she turned around and started slowly pulling out, she said, “I’m proud of you two.” She was the housekeeper for both families, and they saw her as a surrogate grandmother.

The day Lance’s family moved into the house in Lebanon, Tennessee eight years ago when his dad started teaching at the university hospital in Nashville, they met Ian’s family. From day one, Lance and Ian became inseparable. They spent so much time together the parents bought extra beds to put in each of the boys’ rooms. Because the boys were so close, the families soon became very close.

Since Lance was an only child, he saw Ian’s brother Jason and sister Allie as his siblings just as he did Bill and Mary as another dad and mom. Jason was the oldest at eighteen and built like the linebacker he was, a senior now and planning on college after the summer. Allie was eight and tiny with light brown hair and eyes with a cute pixie face.

Ms. Penny was hired to help at the houses and with the kids five years ago when all the parents’ careers took off. She kept the houses in order, prepared meals, and transported the youngest kids to all the activities they were in.

Allie spun around in her seat, looking back at them with a big smile. “So you can beat up anyone now?” she asked with a pigtail on each side of her head bouncing around.

“That’s not what you take martial arts for, Allie,” Lance grinned.

The happiness left her face. “So you can’t beat up Harry Kenner?” she asked.

“What did he do to you that you want him beat up?” Ian asked.

Looking up with puppy dog eyes, she mumbled, “He pushed me and Carrie off the swing set today at recess.”

Leaning back and kicking his bag under the seat, Lance promised, “We’ll talk to Harry then.” Allie let out a squeal, spun around, and started singing along with Carrie and the cartoon as Ms. Penny turned up the volume.

“Lance, Harry is ten years old,” Ian said. “You want to threaten to beat up a ten-year-old?”

Lance shook his head and said, “No, but he can’t push them down,” Lance said.

“I think you just want to beat up his older brother again,” Ian chuckled, kicking his bag under the seat.

“Mark had that coming,” Lance said as Penny pulled out of the parking lot.

Leaning closer to Lance so he didn’t have to shout over the singing, Ian grinned. “Lance, Mark is a sophomore, and you kicked his ass last month for bumping into you. Jason told me Mark is catching hell that an eighth grader kicked his ass.

“Don’t start shit you can’t finish,” Lance said, crossing his arms.

“You’re lucky it happened in the neighborhood and not at school. You would’ve been suspended,” Ian said, sitting back up.

Cutting his eyes over at Ian, Lance said with a grin, “Let Mark come back to our street looking for trouble.”

Ian grinned but didn’t answer as the singing about building a snowman increased in volume. He looked up to see even Ms. Penny singing along with the girls. “I’m hiding that damn DVD,” he grumbled and looked out the window as they drove through town.

They lived in one of the more affluent neighborhoods with big houses spaced out on five-acre lots on the northwest side of town. Pulling in, they saw friends, or acquaintances as their parents called them, since the two only viewed each other as friends, playing in the yards and riding bikes.

Ms. Penny pulled into the house next to Ian’s, and Carrie undid her seatbelt as Ian looked out and saw a girl in a cheerleader’s outfit practice cartwheeling across the yard. “Man, Jennifer is so beautiful,” he moaned.

Shaking his head, Lance said, “Ian, we used to play with Jennifer. I don’t know why you won’t just go and talk with her.”

“Man, she’s in high school,” Ian said like that explained everything.

“Ian,” Lance said, patting his leg. “She’s in ninth grade—a year ahead of us. You make it sound like she’s a senior with Jason getting ready for college.”

“She’s an older woman,” Ian shot back as Carrie climbed out, and Ian turned to see Jennifer turn and wave at them. With a goofy grin, Ian waved back. Jennifer was built like a cheerleader. She even had the blond hair.

“Dude, she’s fifteen, not thirty,” Lance said, waving as Carrie closed the door and ran to her house. Carrie’s reddish-brown pigtails swung back and forth across her tiny body.

As Ms. Penny backed out, Ian gave a sigh. “She doesn’t even know who I am anymore.”

“She talked to you at church last week for an hour,” Lance shot back. “I wish you would just go and talk to the girl.”

“Jennifer only came over so her friend Julie could talk to you,” Ian said.

“So? Jennifer talked to you.”

“Julie is cute. Why didn’t you like talking to her?”

“I don’t like the makeup put on with a putty knife.”

BOOK: Forsaken World (Book 1): Innocence Lost
4.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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