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guided us toward the back of the Quiet King. “I knew it!”

tall humans held metal poles in their hands. The poles extended over seven feet
out. Wire hung at the ends and on those wires hung the Quiet King. The humans
kept him up with all the poles and wire.

the humans!” Samuel charged toward them. His claws targeted their chest. Ian
trailed barely a foot behind. Their hooves kicked up dirt as they reached the
humans. I remained where I was, frozen in my spot, feeling someone watching me.
I twisted to the Quiet King. Our eyes met. His crimson ones brightened with

Interesting. So he can see when
he’s in king form, but he still can’t walk.

he roared at me, “where is my queen?”

He could talk too!

hit him and lodged into his thighs. He didn’t notice, so pissed with me he was.
I went with it. “She’s dead!”


mage rushed over, raising sticks into their hands to charge his way while he
yelled at me.

is my queen?”

burned away like you will!” I backed up and spied Samuel and Ian ripping off
the humans’ heads. They dropped the poles. The Quiet King fell. His body
collapsed to the ground with a boom. He raised his hands to slash the air. Ian
leapt on him, clamped his jaw on one arm, and tore it away. Samuel tore the
other arm from the king’s body. Blood spurted out like a fountain of dark
liquid, soaring up into an arch and bathing all near him. The hot liquid
splashed against me and stunk of decay. I wiped my eyes with the back of my arm
and advanced his way with my dagger out.

more vampire babies will die in your name.” I drove my dagger into his chest.
He screamed in agony.

wrenched me away as mage clucked and leaped on him, gnashing at his leather and
yanking his mask off. Sunlight hit his skin. It burned and singed into black.
He bellowed, writhing his armless hump from side to side, but no one helped. The
fighting around us ended. A sort of quiet settled down. Vampires and mage all
stopped and surrounded us, watching the Quiet King’s demise.

crimson eyes glimmered a little bit more as his gaze washed over all our faces
and then returned to mine. “Has my queen really died?”

I stepped forward. Samuel growled, but didn’t try to bring me back. I kneeled
down to the Quiet King, finally seeing the resemblance to Ian. His face
possessed the same chiseled features except darkness lingered at the edge of
his eyes. His skin grayed as he slowly passed away.

did she die?” The Quiet King coughed.

She’s always been dead.
it no longer mattered. There was no time for a debate on the details. I sighed.
“We put her in a bonfire. She burned.”

she’ll be there in the afterlife.” Blood spilled out of his mouth as his eyes








three of us rested in a leather tent upon a thick fur blanket. Brie slept naked
between us. The scent of her arousal mingled with the sweet aroma of her blood.
Sweat coated her. We’d gone too far today, tasting her all morning, lapping at
the warm center between her thighs, and thrusting into all the openings she
would allow. So many orgasms occurred within those leather walls that we all
lost count and slept the rest of the day.

ran his finger through those silky red strands. “She shouldn’t be traveling in
her condition. We should have delayed.”

lowered down to her swollen belly and pressed my lips on her navel as it stuck
out. “She shouldn’t have two cocks ramming into her at once during her
condition either, yet we do as our queen requests.”

ramming cocks? Says who?” Ian smirked. “I asked Leeta and she said sex was

will say anything to remain in my favor.”

already forgiven her. There’s no need to suck up to you, Horned King.” Ian knew
I hated that title but said it as much as possible just to piss me off. “She’s
close to having the twins. Let’s talk to her at dusk and tell her that we’ll
camp here—”

can do it.” I laughed. “I won’t be having that talk. She wants her daughters
back. There is no way she will pause this trip to Zumaya. When I peer into her
mind, besides us, her daughters are all she thinks of.”

shook his head. “If she knew you were reading her thoughts, she’d take the
connection away again.”

grumble left my chest. “I can’t help it. Her thoughts are more captivating than
rainbows or sunshine. For Ambi’s sake, I’m more addicted to her mind’s musings
than her body or blood.”

still requires privacy.”

struggled not to stick my lip out in a woman-like pout.

need to learn control with her.” Ian winked. “Brie is all yours right now. She
gives in to me at times, but you’re the only king in her heart. But if you take
advantage of her mind, body, or blood, I’ll be there within the shadows, ready
to snatch her away.”


stopped combing his fingers through her hair, chuckled, and rolled over onto
his back. “How long do you think she’ll sleep? If we’re going to go to this
blasted human town, then we should leave right when the moons appear.”

you want to delay. Next you want to rush?” I yawned and lay my head next to
Brie’s stomach. She told me that when I talked near our children, they kicked.
I liked to think they recognized my voice and it soothed them somehow.

will we go after we kill Brie’s ex-husband?”

I corrected. “Brie said no killing, but maybe a little torture once the girls
are far away.”

killing him.”

thought about it for a few seconds and admitted, “Me too.”

will we go once the twins are born?” Ian asked.

to Capitol City. Since Octavia became queen, a few male vampires have stepped
up to try and marry her. All are trying to be king. There’s been some fighting
around the castle gates.”

reminds me of a joke—”

Ambi and Ressi together! If you say a joke, I’ll rip your veins out of your
neck,” I roared.

stirred and turned over, putting her back to me. “Both of you should get some
rest. And no, Ian, we will not pause our trip to Zumaya.”

smoothed my body against hers. My cock pressed into her behind.

Ian and Samuel, no killing or torturing my ex-husband.” She yawned. “I’m simply
going to take my daughters and if he gives me any challenge, then my dagger
will slice his groin into several pieces.”


I’d rather we not harm him. He is their father after all.”

have tons of father jokes,” Ian muttered.

to sleep, Ian,” Brie and I said in unison. He grumbled a little and then slowly
switched to laughing as I gripped my rainbow blanket and pulled it over all
three of us.



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Kenya Wright is
the Dark Fantasy Romance Bestselling author of the Habitat Series. She
currently resides in Miami with her three amazing, overactive children, a
supportive, gorgeous husband, and three cool black cats that refuse to stop
sleeping on Kenya’s head at night.

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BOOK: Freed (Vampire King Book 3)
10.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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