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“You’re the most amazing woman in the world, Doctor Collins,” he says brushing my hair out of my face.

I give him a shy smile, “I love you.”

We hold each other enjoying the contented silence between us before I quietly speak. “Thank you for sharing the reporter’s notes with me. I’m happy that you let us handle this crisis together.”

He begins to say something, but I put my finger over his lips silencing him. “I want to be included in the good and the bad because that’s what a real relationship’s about.”

Colin starts moving his semi erect penis inside me and says jokingly, “the good” while he reaches down and pinches my nipple hard and gives me a devil smile “the bad.”

I know that’s his way of ending our conversation on the subject, and I’m okay with it.

“Well, Mr. McKinney, you’ve caused me to work up some kind of appetite,” I tease him. “Now, take me to dinner.”

“Your wish is my command,” he replies while athletically leaping out of bed.


* * *


I rolled my eyes when Colin insisted on taking a town car to the restaurant. It’s only about a half mile walk from our hotel, but I was soon very thankful when I realized that my heels weren’t made for walking on the uneven, broken sidewalks of the French Quarter.

Colin holds the door open for me as we walk into the restaurant. He places his hand on my back and guides me toward the hostess stand. The hostess is dressed all in black and is maybe twenty-years-old. Her blue eyes immediately flash in recognition. She gives Colin a flirty smile and smoldering eyes. The look she gives me is not near as friendly.

“We had reservations for eight o’clock. Colin McKinney.” Then in his awe shucks voice, he says, “We got a bit delayed.”

“It’s alright, Mr. McKinney,” she coos. “We held your table.”

Of course you did. We’re an hour late, but he’s Colin.Fucking.McKinney.

We follow her cute, perky, swishing behind as she shows us to our table. God bless Colin. He keeps his chin up and doesn’t seem to notice her best ASSet. When we arrive at our table, Colin pulls the chair out for me and pushes me into the table once I’m seated. Then, he takes his own seat.

As the hostess hands him his menu, she gushes, “Do you mind if I take a picture with you? I’m a huge Dallas fan. I know. I know. I live in New Orleans, but I grew up right outside of Dallas. My friends would think that it’s so awesome to see a picture with you on Instagram.”

He smiles his camera ready smile, not the one that he saves for me. “Sure,” he says in his good ol’ boy way.

Then, she hands me her smart phone. “Do you mind?” she asks.

Just as I reach up to take the phone from her, Colin intercepts it. “She’s my girlfriend, and that’s rude. Why don’t you find someone else to take the picture?”

I’m flabbergasted. Here’s the deal. I really don’t mind taking the picture, but my heart almost explodes for the man that he remembered how much I hated having women’s cameras shoved at me.

“Uh… Sure… But she’s not Sasha Stone,” the hostess says in confusion.

Colin reaches across the table and grabs my hand and replies only to me while he looks into my lavender eyes, “you’re sure right about that.”

And not to be deterred, the hostess grabs a passing waiter and hands him her phone. “Do you mind?” she asks the poor guy.

Colin stands up and the hostess wraps her arms around Colin’s waist. He smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. Here’s a fact that I’m not too pleased with. I hate her arms wrapped around my man. I’ve got the overwhelming desire to pull out my hand sanitizer and spray it all over him when he sits back down. Instead, I smile the blandest smile possible.

She squeals when she sees the picture and happily dances back to the hostess stand typing on her phone.

“Colin, that’s very sweet of you. Thank you for remembering how much I hated women asking me to take your picture. But, I really didn’t mind doing it. We probably drew more attention to ourselves then if I had quickly snapped it,” I attempt to explain.

He glances around the restaurant and finally notices all the tables whispering and looking at us. “I don’t care. You’ve got a lot of years ahead of you to put up with the fans.” Colin reaches up and touches my infinity necklace. “I’m not going to start off our happily ever after by making my job any harder on you.”

I smile at him and dip my chin to kiss his hand while he fingers my Tiffany silver infinity necklace. “That’s very considerate of you.”

Our spell is broken by the waiter greeting us with a complementary bottle of wine. He places two glasses on the table and pours us each a glass. I keep waiting for Colin to refuse the wine and order a sparkling water. To my horror, he takes a sip.

“It’s very good. We appreciate it.” Then he proceeds to order us an appetizer of raw oysters. Like either one of us need an aphrodisiac.

When he walks away, I hiss at Colin, “You can’t drink that.”

He smiles at me reassuringly. “I’m allergic to grain alcohol, not wine. I can have one glass with you and be just fine.”

“Are you sure, Colin? I don’t want to spend the night with you sick.” I’m still very concerned about him.

“Yes. It’s fine. This is a special occasion you know.”

I look at him like he’s crazy then I quickly begin to run through important dates in my head. I can’t come up with anything.

“We’re celebrating our one week anniversary,” he’s so cocky that I’ve got to laugh.

“Well then cheers to our one week anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve made it this long,” I say giving him his cocky attitude right back as I hold up my wine glass. He clanks his against mine and flashes me the half smile that I love.

Our dinner is fabulous. He teases me relentlessly for ordering shrimp and grits. Apparently boys raised outside of Austin don’t appreciate the art of good southern shrimp and grits. After dinner, the owner of the restaurant asks if Colin would pose for a picture with him so he can frame it for decoration. Colin gives me a sheepish look, and I encourage him to do it. I watch as he walks toward the kitchen shaking hands with the restaurant employees.

As he walks back toward our table, I take a moment and study him. Colin’s not only a very handsome guy, whose size makes him stand out in a crowd, but his charisma radiates from him. His personality is magnetic and draws people to him. Those nagging doubts enter my mind.
What is it about me that makes this God of a man want me so much?

“What’cha thinkin’ about, beautiful girl?” He offers me his hand to help me out of my chair.

“I just can’t believe that we found each other again, and I’m lucky enough to be loved by you twice in a lifetime.”

He pulls me to him and kisses me deeply not giving a care in the world that the rest of the restaurant is staring at us. “I’m the lucky one.” He says the words with such reverence that I know that there’s more behind those words. Colin has secrets.

Our spell is broken by a restaurant guest asking for a picture and autograph.

We walk outside and flag down a cab. During dinner I asked if I could change into jeans and comfortable shoes. Colin knew of an off Bourbon Street jazz club that has live music. I got excited just hearing about it. I love live music and especially dancing to live music.

Once I’m changed into more casual clothes and better shoes, we walk to the club that Colin told me about. It’s everything that he promised. The crowd is definitely more local. There are no drunken sorority girls stumbling all over themselves or bachelorette parties with penis necklaces. I instantly fall in love with the vibe of the bar.

The club is called Rocks. It’s very unassuming from the front. I don’t think a tourist would give it a second thought. Once inside, I’m shocked at how large it is. It keeps reaching toward the back as far as the eye can see. The bar runs along the entire right side, and the small stage is in the very back where the band is already playing. There are tables and bar stools that line the dance floor. Old, cracked, and dingy checkered board green and cream colored linoleum flooring surprisingly makes the place feel homier. Unlike most of the tourist bars in New Orleans, this place isn’t themed. It’s laid back. I can see locals stopping by on their way home from work to have a beer.

“Ty introduced me to this place, and the band. I have their music,” Colin yells in my ear.

I nod my head and smile at him. I yell back, “they’re fantastic.”

I can’t begin to describe their music. They’ve invented their own genre. It’s as if jazz, country, 1980’s hair metal, reggae, and rap had a baby. The locals obviously know all the songs and sing along with the band.

Colin wraps his arms around me, and I lean back swaying to the music. It’s hypnotic and powerful.

Not long after we arrive, the band decides to take a break. Colin happily grabs my hand and says, “Let’s go talk to them.”

He leads me through the crowd and over to the band’s table in the corner. The lead singer instantly greets Colin and he exchanges handshakes and hugs with all the members. They obviously have a friendly relationship. When Colin’s done, he introduces me to them. “Guys, I’d like for you to meet Caroline Collins. She’s my girlfriend,” he says so proud of himself.

I shake all of their hands and complement them on how good they are. They tell us that they just won a New Orleans music contest, which says a lot for a band in such a musical city. Colin becomes so animated when he starts telling them about how he listens to their music before game time.

The lead singer makes the joke, “I’m not sure that’s a compliment dude. You play for the wrong team. By the way, how’s Tyler? Tell him we’re always looking for a guest guitarist.”

Colin shakes his head and genuinely laughs. “How can one guy be so talented? While all the rest of us are wondering what we’ll do when football ends, Ty just shrugs his shoulders and says, ‘I’ll be hittin’ the road.’”

The lead singer nods and smiles. “Tyler’s one hell of a cool dude. He just plays for the wrong team.”

Colin laughs and slaps him on the back. “Well guys, we’ll leave you alone. I just wanted to say hi and introduce you to Caroline. I do have one special request. Would you mind playing ‘Salute to Black’ for me and my girl?”

“No problem, man! We’ll take care of you next set,” the lead singer says smiling at me.

Colin and I stop by the bar, and he grabs a water for himself and gin and tonic for me. We find an abandoned table and sit down while the band finishes their break.

“I can’t wait for you to meet Ty,” Colin gushes. “He’s my running back, and he’s one of the craziest motherfuckers that I know. He’s from New Orleans and played for LSU. Every time we come here, he takes me to see these guys play. He shows me the heart of New Orleans, not the seedy side of Bourbon Street, and I’ve fallen in love with this town.”

I laugh at his enthusiasm, “It’s a great city. This Tyler character sounds like a lot of fun, and he’s got great taste in music.”

The band takes the small stage again and the crowd of about two hundred people goes crazy. Their first song is so upbeat that I can’t bear to stay seated. I stand up and grab Colin’s hand and have him follow me to the dance floor. My man has got some serious moves. I remember just how much I enjoy dancing with him. I let him pull me to him so my back is against his front. He wraps an arm around my waist, and we move together so effortlessly. I get lost in music and the sensation of him behind me. I think about my ring tone that Colin put on my phone; George Strait’s
I Just Want To Dance With You.
There isn’t a better song to describe how I feel about dancing with Colin. We fit perfectly together as if someone designed us to move in rhythm together.

I’m shaken out of my daze when the music becomes slow and haunting. The lead singer says in a deep throaty voice, “This song goes out to my man Colin and his beautiful date Caroline.” Then, I recognize the first beats of Metallica’s
Enter Sandman
but these guys have slowed it down and made it more of a ballad. It’s so hypnotizing that I stop moving and close my eyes just so that I can concentrate on the music. I gently begin swaying to the beat as Colin grabs me and spins me around so I’m now facing him. We move to the music as if we’re floating through the air. The beat’s erotic. It’s the kind of music that you want to put on repeat and make passionate love to over and over again.

Colin leans down and begins to nibble just where my shoulder stops and neck begins. Then, he starts placing erotic kisses up to my ear and down my jaw line. A rush of warmth floods my lower stomach. I want him here and now to this song. I can feel by the hardness in his pants as it brushes against my stomach that he’s just as turned on as I am.

We begin making love to each other while fully clothed and in the middle of the dance floor, swaying to the hypnotic beat. I push my needy breasts into his hard chest, brushing my erect nipples against his rippling muscles that I can feel through his thin T-shirt. Colin reaches down and licks a trail of sweat that’s running down my neck. His beautiful green eyes are heavy with lust. I reach around and run my long nails down his back which makes him drop his head back and moan. When he does, it gives me better access to his neck. I stand on my tip toes and suck on his pulsing artery. He responds by grabbing my behind and massaging it through my jeans. “Why the fuck did you take off that dress,” he growls in my ear.

“Wasn’t very smart, huh?” I reply just as breathy.

“Let’s go,” he says taking me by the hand and leading me out of the bar.

He quickly flags down a cab. We stumble into the cab still passionately kissing and caressing each other. He takes his mouth off of mine just long enough to tell the driver the name of our hotel. His hands are all over me on top of my clothes. That will just not do. I go to pull my sweater off when he says harshly in my ear, “we’re in a cab.” I‘ve become so lost in Colin, that I’ve completely forgotten that we aren’t alone.

When we arrive at the hotel, Colin hands the guy a wad of cash and doesn’t bother to wait for his change. He almost sprints to the elevator dragging me behind him. When another couple tries to join us, Colin flashes them a look that says that their presence is not welcomed. They opt not to be apart of our make out session and wisely wait for another elevator. As soon as the doors close, Colin pushes me up against the wall of the elevator and shoves his tongue in my mouth with such force that it causes me to groan. I reach down and grab his erection through his jeans. I can feel him throbbing through the thick material.

BOOK: From Now Until Infinity (2)
13.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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