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Book 2


Mandy has decided to up the stakes now that Jace seems to be getting farther out of her reach. From the safety of her hospital bed, she has devised a scheme to get Jace just where she wants him, but everything and everyone keeps getting in her way.

Jace is hell bent on proving that Mandy had something to do with the attack on Sian but can’t seem to get a bead on just what is going on.

Everyone, including the cops, are on tenterhooks, waiting to see who will be next. And the mysterious Track is pulling out all the stops to protect his friends and the girl he loves.

Eden High Series 2 Book 2

Jordan Silver


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Chapter 1




e need to talk Red.” I hated the look that came into her eyes. Fear and hurt. I had a pretty good idea what had just entered her mind. Hopefully after today I can put some of those fears of hers to bed.

It was the first time we’d been alone together like this, the first time I’d touched her in more than friendship. I had given what I was about to do a lot of thought, because I needed to be sure that this was more than just one of those high school things. Somehow I knew that with her, I had to be on point or shit could go south fast.

A part of me wanted to lighten up and be a teen, but I guess I inherited my dad’s intensity when it comes to the woman in my life. There was nothing even remotely subtle about what I had begun to feel for her in the short time we had known each other, and today I have decided to lay my cards on the table. Didn’t know I would be this nervous though, when it came down to crunch time.

I ran my fingers through her hair as I gave myself time to get my thoughts together. There was so much going on around us, almost too much drama for high school kids whose biggest worry should be where to have the next hang out party; or in my case, the next big win on the ball field.

Back in our old hometown, the most trouble my sister and I had ever gotten into was for missing curfew by a few minutes. Here, it seems like the minute we landed things just started happening. Dad had warned us about the fast pace of a city like this, but I doubt he even knew the half of it. Until now!

It seems we both did a lot of growing up in the few short months we were here, Sian more so than me. She’d hit the ground running and haven’t looked back. But that was always her way my baby sister.

I’m worried about her though, but not as much as I would’ve been a couple months ago. I knew that with my dad and Jace on the job there was no way anyone was going to get to her again, not to mention Jace’s scary old man who seemed to genuinely like my sister.

Still as her big brother I worry some and would probably be obsessed with her situation if not for my own life changes. I’d always looked out for her, though she didn’t always appreciate it, being a smartass female and thinking she knew everything. But with Jace on the job I didn’t need to.

No, instead my mind was full of my own issues these days. Like how Belle was going to react to what I was about to say. And about the grown up decision I’d made that concerned both of us. At least I hope she sees it as grown, and not a douche move. I hope like hell she doesn’t laugh in my face, and knowing her that’s a grave possibility. Only this time it might not end the way she expects. She hadn’t seen this side of me before, no one has.

“What do you want to talk about?” She moved away from under my arm, or tried to, but I hauled her back into my side, keeping her in place. “Stay.” I looked down at her face, tried to imagine putting in the years my dad had with my mom. Tried to imagine a lifetime with her.

It didn’t strike me as strange to be thinking this way. After that first talk with my dad, we’d had one more enlightening conversation. I needed to be sure, for her as much as for myself.

I knew now that what I felt for her was more than just teenage lust. That yes, contrary to what others might think, I wasn’t too young to feel the things that I do; but what about her? Would she think that she is? Would she think I’m a fool? Or would she be the girl I had come to know and bite the bullet with me?

Before I could show her my heart though, there was something else I had to get out of the way. I wouldn’t feel good about myself if I didn’t. Even though dad had convinced me that I hadn’t been at fault, a part of me still felt responsible.

It was because I had come to know the type of person she is that I didn’t want this thing between us. Not that there was ever a chance of her finding out about it, but I would know and for me, that was enough.

“I’m going to tell you something about me, something that I’m not proud of, but I don’t want this between us.” I told her the story of my attraction to the other girl back home and what the coach had said and done. I was nervous as hell at the end of it, and she wasn’t talking.

“And you want me to do what?” She looked genuinely confused and that led to my own confusion. “Well aren’t you disappointed in me? Don’t you feel like I should’ve handled things different?”

“Don’t be a dweeb jock boy. He was your coach you’re a kid. We usually do what adults in authority tell us to, because we expect them to be right. Why would I hold that against you?”

“Really, you’re not mad? You mean I made myself crazy for the past few days over nothing?” I pulled her in so that I could kiss the tip of her nose. “Thank you.”

“No thanks needed but okay. So is that it? Was that the big reveal?” She visibly relaxed and that look was gone from her face.

“Yeah, and one more thing. I’m not sleeping with you until you wear my ring.”

“You what?” I could see I had thrown her with that one, but I had learned in the short time we’d known each other that it was best to overwhelm her right out the gate. I closed her open mouth with the tip of my finger.

“Yep, no sex for you before you commit young lady. We’re both taking a vow of chastity or celibacy or whatever and we don’t care what the others think. Oh, and before you come up with any of your usual bullshit reasons, no this has nothing to do with your weight or any such crap. This is just something that I’ve always wanted. It’s important to me.”

“You’re strange you know that? Are you a virgin?” She was staring me dead in the face. Shit. “No, I’ve had sex before.” She started to pull away. “Hey come back here.” I pulled her back to my chest and wrapped my arms around her.

“I had sex long before I met you. I’m sorry I didn’t know you before this happened, but it did. And although I’ve had intercourse with someone or more than one someone that I’ll probably never see again, I can’t wait to see what making love feels like, with you.” I squeezed her and kissed her forehead. Of course my body reacted to her nearness but I ignored it, for now.

“Don’t pout Red. I can’t undo what was done in the past, but I can promise you that all my other firsts will be yours. Can that be enough for you?” She pulled back and looked at me for the longest time without saying a word and I begun to sweat.

“I guess you’re right, but I don’t have to like it.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” I knew she was gonna make me sweat over something.

“So, do you still talk to any of those girls?” My poor baby, I guess it’s going to take some doing for her to realize she has nothing to worry about on that score.

It’s hard to remember that beneath all her bravado, I’d seen through to the real her, the sometimes insecure little beauty who was always waiting for the knockdown. After today though she’d never have to worry about that shit. Any of these pampered assholes mess with her and they’ll have to answer to me.

“Nope, and I have no interest either.”

“What if what you say you feel for me is no different than what you once felt for them? What if this time next year you’ve lost that feeling?”

“I’m not sure about a lot of things babe, but I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen. I give you my word in that.” I tasted her lips to reassure her, but there was no way for me to give her that guarantee. “Hey, what about if you change your mind? You do know that’s a possibility right?”

I hated that she felt because she wasn’t stick thin that she was any less likely to find love than anyone else. I’m gonna have to show her I guess. And I was more than ready to do that.

I wonder what she’d say if I told her that that was the main attraction for me, the fact that she wasn’t obsessed with her body, or starving herself to fit in. I guess I’m part of a dying breed. I love her curves that make me crazy, and have me second-guessing my decision not to make a move on her sexually until we’re committed.

“What if I don’t want to wait?” She gave me her cocky grin, eyes bright and those freckles of hers begging to be kissed. She was also more relaxed now than when we started and I was able to breathe easy again. And hey, she didn’t shoot me down, which had been a huge possibility with Ms. Prickly.

“Too bad! Not to worry, I’ll take care of you. There’re ways to make you feel good without taking your cherry. We’ll explore each and every one of them until we’re ready to commit to each other. Your face is matching your hair Red.” She clapped her hands over her cheeks and looked mortified, which sent me into fits of laughter.

It felt good to get that out of the way. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if she’d held my past stupidity against me, though I was sure I wouldn’t have given up without a fight. I’m glad she’s not gonna put me through the wringer. That leaves the way open for me to court her properly. The way she deserves.

I can’t wait to spoil her. To show her that she deserved all those things she didn’t know I know she thought she didn’t. Before long, I’m gonna teach her to see herself the way I do. Perfectly beautiful!

I don’t know what it was about her, but even when I’d been attracted before it had never been like this, never this strong and all consuming.  It was going to be a trial to see how long I can hold to my ideals. But the idea of waiting was as much for her as it was for me.

I’d had a little talk with mom when she’d come into my room the way she still does at the end of the night like I’m a two year old.

While she was sitting on the edge of my bed running her hand through my hair and asking me about my day, I was asking her questions about her and dad’s relationship, the way it had been in the beginning.

I knew a little bit of their story, but had never asked for the minute details before. I never really wanted to know until now. The one thing that stood out for me was the way she said it made her feel when dad placed the cheap ring on her finger as a promise of things to come.

It was amazing to see my mom in that light, as the young bubbly girl with stars in her eyes. The same stars that were there when she retold the story of young love.

I want that for Red. I want her to look back on us with that same fervor. I want someone, no not someone, my Red to love me the way my mom loves my dad even all these years later.

As bad as she pretends to be, I know she has fears and hang-ups because of other people’s shortcomings. Not that I don’t think she’s confident and beautiful and all the other amazing things a guy my age wants, but she’s not like my sister.

Sian’s confidence comes from another place. She’s never had to fight to fit in, not like my Red. Mom and dad always made sure my sisters and I had the best of everything, some might even call us spoiled. But they also instilled values in us. The sort of values that helps me to see past what Belle thinks are her faults, to the beauty that she truly is.

I know that she’s had to overcome a lot of bullshit because her family isn’t as wealthy as most of the people around here. I also know that the more superficial ones tend to look down on her. Seems like she’s had to deal with a whole lot of shit, but I’m here now to stand between her and the assholes.

“You know I’m getting you a ring like the first chance I get right? I don’t think my boy can last much longer than that so make up your mind quick.” She buried her face in my chest. “
.” I like the way she says my name like that. Like a prayer! I kissed her head and held her closer. “My Red.”





Well, I guess when he says he knows me, he really does. I’m nervous as all get out, but I’m not about to let on. Later when I’m alone in my room I’ll scream into my pillow and pinch myself a couple of times to make sure that this is real.

I knew from the moment I learned that he was coming to our school that things were going to change. I had no idea those changes would involve me in such a big way though, how could I? the hotshot jock and the outcast? It’s like one of those smarmy teen movies that nobody believes. At least I never did, until now.

It’s like he and his sister had come here just to shake things up in my life. I knew that wasn’t true, things had changed for Tammy and even Cassie as well, but I couldn’t help feeling that mine was the life most impacted.

I was slightly ashamed of my preconceived notions about who he was before we’d even met. He was nothing like the self-important jock I’d built up in my head, and now this. And that story he told about his past and what the coach had said, the fact that he wanted me to know. I think it will take a long time for this glow to disappear.

Now he’s looking at me like he meant every word he’d just said. It was almost impossible to believe that those words were meant for me. And the fact that he was willing to wait before hopping into bed was just the icing on the cake.

Not that I had anything against teenage sex, it’s just that I’m not ready yet. I’m not sure that I want to save myself for the next five years, but it’s good to know I won’t be rushed. “If this turns out to be some sort of sick joke, I’m going to kill you in your sleep.”

His eyes did that thing it does lately when I’m getting on his nerves. I’ve been learning to tell the difference in his moods and looks in the last few weeks. I leaned back and tried to escape when he leaned forward, not quite sure what he was about to do, until he caught me and pulled me into him.

BOOK: Eden High: Series 2 (Eden High #2)
5.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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