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Chapter 6




om and dad were nowhere to be found when we got home. I was supposed to be taking her back to school for the last couple of classes but fuck it. “Jace what are we doing here?”

Okay, my driveway is like two miles long. She didn’t say shit when we came through the gate, not a peep all the way up here, now this shit. I didn’t even bother to answer, just climbed out and went around to get her.

The truth is, I was pissed that I didn’t get to pop Mandy upside her damn head. I was this close, and then nothing. I figure since her nosiness denied me my right as her man to protect and defend, she could help me work off this shit.

I picked her little ass up and spun us around after she wrapped her legs around me. “Kiss me baby I missed you.” She grinned and snogged me while I felt up her ass.

For some fucked up reason, my whole attitude changed in the blink of an eye. I don’t know if it was because even for a split second today she believed I’d betrayed her, or because I’d come face to face with the person I was convinced had had a hand in hurting her, but something inside me seized.

“Baby, look at me.” The laughter died quickly on her lips when she looked down at my face and saw how serious I had become. “I don’t want you even thinking about her again baby, she’s not worth our time. Do you hear me?” She nodded her head yes. “Good girl.” I took her lips softly, putting all the love I had for her in that one moment.

“Now I think I owe you a spanking for even believing for a second that I’d bought that twit flowers.” I put her down and patted her ass before wrapping my arm around her neck and heading for the house.

“I’m sorry Jace but you have to admit it looked kind of suspicious you being there on her floor.” She gave me a look like that shit was obvious.

“No, I don’t have to admit shit, you should know better.” I gave her a stern look to let her know how serious I was.

Even with everything that had happened I still don’t think she realized what a fucking parasite Mandy really is. Still, we had spent more than enough time on her dumb ass for one day so it was time to move on and I knew just how I wanted to do that.

“Now when we get in there your ass is gonna get it one of two ways.” I whispered her choices in her ear and she giggled and tried running away from me.

“Where you going?” I grabbed at her as she laughed her ass off, just the way I like her, carefree and happy.

“Freak, get off.” She was laughing too hard to talk and I knew that at least her mind wasn’t on what had happened earlier with that troll bitch.

“You know you like it.” I nabbed her and nuzzled her neck from behind while rubbing my hard-on into her cute ass, making her squeal. “But Jace you have to take it easy this time, last time I couldn’t even sit down for three whole days.”

“You saying my dick’s too big?” She snorted and hooted with laughter. “Hey what’s so funny? Did he or did he not tear that ass up?”

I hustled her into the house, up the stairs to my-our rooms, and closed and locked the door. “What are you doing crazy person?” She was already slipping out of her shoes by the time I reached her at the bedside.

“I’m locking us in just in case there’s any screaming when I lay down the hammer. I don’t want mom to show up at an inopportune moment and come running to the rescue.” I twiddled my brows at her a la Groucho Marx and sent her into another peel of laughter. The sound helped to smooth some of the rough edges in my chest.

“I love your laugh, promise me you’ll never stop laughing.” I kissed her forehead and held her close for the barest of seconds, taking the time to savor having her here safe and whole.

I was putting up a good front for her sake but inside I was a steaming mass of hate. That little stunt could’ve cost me dearly, but it had also shown Mandy’s hand. Now there was no doubt that she was lying about her amnesia. Not that there ever really was.

Put it aside Jace, she has no place here. I took a deep breath and went back to work.

“Let me help you out of these clothes so I can have my way with you. I’ll use extra gel this time.” She was right, the last time I ass fucked her she was a mess but that’s only because she was new to it. I’m sure she remembers the orgasms though, and if she didn’t then I’d be sure to remind her.

I took her shirt off being as gentle as was possible, and checked her over. She was healing nicely but the sight of her wounds still made me angry. I kissed each one before I worked on her jeans and panties. I slipped my hands in between the silk and her warm flesh to get my first feel of the day.

“I missed you like fuck baby. I know your dad’s gonna freak but I’m not giving you back.” I’m not sure how I was gonna work that one yet. I’ve been racking my brain for the right words to convince him.

Short of hightailing it to the justice of the peace and doing the deed now, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get around him on this one. One thing was for sure, after last night I knew I wouldn’t be much use if we had to spend another night apart. Pathetic.

Her parents have been pretty understanding already and it sucked that I was a greedy fuck where she was concerned but hey. They should understand; they’ve been there. It was because of their understanding that I wasn’t just taking her.

If her dad was an asshole this shit would be so much easier, but he wasn’t and I didn’t want any bad blood between us. Who the fuck can deal with that shit for the next fifty years?

I took her face in my hands and studied her to make sure that she was really okay after our little run-in with that witch. There were no more shadows in her eyes and she no longer looked like she’d lost her damn mind.

“I love you like crazy babygirl.” I kissed the smile off her face and led her backwards towards the bed. Her arms came up around me as I took her down beneath me.

“You gonna let me have it?” I teased her lips with mine while she grabbed my ass. “I promise to go nice and slow.” I rolled off her and headed to the bathroom to get the lube and a condom.

Her mom had taken her to get a diaphragm or some shit and though I hated knowing there was anything between her and my seed, it was the only thing that made sense since we were nowhere near ready for kids. I wanted to have a lot more years with her before we settled into family life. So although I hated the idea of birth control I was wise enough to see the need.

Back in the room I dropped my clothes on the floor on my way to her. “You ready?” I didn’t fall on her like a starving beast although I wanted to. Call it teenage hormones, but if I go one day without her I feel like I lost a limb or some shit.

Then again it’s never been like this with anyone else so there might be something else going on here, like the fact that she owned my ass. Taking her into my arms always feels like the first time, and after a day like today, she needed more from me.

Our kisses weren’t as wild as they usually are; I was trying to pace myself. If she got me too hot I’d hurt her ass again and she’d gripe at me all damn day.

Instead I kissed her lips teasingly while running my hand up and down her side. I whispered the shit to her that she likes to hear from her man while slipping my hand between her thighs to feel her wet heat.

I fingered her nice and slow with two fingers while looking into her eyes. I knew the second she was close because her eyes changed. I made my way down her body and clamped my mouth shut over her pussy just as she started to cum.

“Jace…” She grabbed my hair and held on for dear life as she bent her knees while I licked into her. Damn, I need to sound proof my shit my baby is loud as fuck.

While I was down there enjoying her taste I used some of her pussy juice to warm up her ass. Slipping one, then two fingers inside that tight little pink hole. Preparing her for my cock while I licked her pussy and teased her clit with my nose.

When she was keening in her throat and writhing against the sheets I knew she was as ready as she was going to be, so getting to my knees I turned her over and helped her onto her hands and knees.

The sight of her fat pussy lips peeping through the gap in her thighs was too much of a temptation to resist and I sucked on her again while sheathing my cock with the condom. I hate these fucking things but Sian won’t let me near her ass without one. My girl has hang-ups about shit like that. Ms. Hygiene.

She hummed while I licked her from her clit to the tight puckered hole of her ass, before pulling back. I poured a huge glob of the slippery goo into the crack of her ass and worked it in with my fingers before covering my cock with more.

“You ready? Look at me.” As much as I wanted in her ass, I wasn’t about to hurt her. She looked over her shoulder at me and with our eyes held, I eased into her slowly, past her tight sphincter, until the head of my dick was lodged inside. She winced a little but there was no pain in her eyes.

“Grab the sheets baby.” She bit her lip and did as I said while spreading her legs wider and arching her back in preparation for what she knew was coming. I sawed in and out of her ass at a slow pace while reaching around for her clit.

She was hot and swollen beneath my fingers as I watched my cock slide home deeper and deeper. I love the look of my cock going in and out of her, no matter where. Mouth, ass snatch; just as long as we’re connected.

She relaxed when she realized I wasn’t going to hurt her and her ass let me in a little easier. I went easy on her, sliding in and out slowly until she started pushing back at me.

I pulled my hand away from her pussy so that I could hold onto her tighter. “Play with yourself baby.” Her hand came down between her thighs and she fingered herself unabashedly while her ass took me in deeper and deeper.

She kept pushing her ass harder into my thrusts and moaning as her fingers sped up in her pussy. Her ass tightened around my cock and I felt her fingers rubbing the head of my cock through the thin membrane deep inside her.

“I have to fuck baby.” I gritted my teeth and held her hips in a tight grip as I fucked into her faster, deeper. The tight walls of her ass grabbed me and held on making my head explode.

I felt her ass suck me in the more I pounded into her, and when I covered her hand with mine and she covered me with her warm juices I needed more.

I pulled out of her ass and tossed the condom before slamming into her sweet gash, going balls deep in one stroke. She screamed, I growled and the bed shook.

“Fuck…yes.” She’s going to fucking kill me before I hit nineteen. There’s no reason for a pussy to be this damn good. And the way it felt, like it was made just for me was almost more than my heart could stand.

The way it grabbed me and won’t let go. The way it sucked me in all the way like that place deep inside her that made her pussy spring a leak, was made just for the head of my dick.

I grabbed her hair pulling her head back roughly as emotion burned in my chest. “This is my pussy, only mine ever.” Shit, I should’ve known the day was gonna get to me. Good thing I was no longer in her ass. Pulling out of her I threw her to her back, barely remembering at the last second to be careful with her.

I forced my cock back into her and pounded her into the bed beneath us as I tried to erase this afternoon’s episode. I kept our eyes locked so I could be sure that she was with me all the way.

I grunted harder than I ever have before as I tried my best to forge us together. She kept up with me, digging her nails into my back as she fed her pussy to my cock, sliding it on and off with each movement of her hips.

“I’m cumming inside you, feel me.” I emptied inside her wishing for the day when there will be no need for anything between us. When I could give her that part of me freely with hopes that it would do what it was meant to.

I knew I was in dangerous fucking territory here. My mind was going somewhere it never had before. I had visions of digging into her with my fingers and dragging out the device that kept me from breeding her and throwing that shit to the floor. The insane need to tie her to me for always rode me hard as I brought her off with me.

She cuddled into me when I rolled off of her and I held her close. Sometimes the emotion I felt for her scared the shit out of me. I know the statistics. I know that most teenage love don’t stand a chance in hell of surviving past graduation. But I was bound and determined that that shit would never happen to us.

We’d already faced some horrible shit and we’d only just begun. I didn’t see that there was anything else out there that could pull us apart. But her reaction to Mandy’s bullshit plot showed me that I still had work to do.

I never wanted her to have even an inkling of a doubt that she was the one for me. I didn’t care that our relationship was new, or that the stakes were stacked against us. I knew what I felt, what I wanted, and she was it. The end all and be all.

Chapter 7




hat are you doing pigskin boy?”

“Looking at your ass. I like it. And now that I don’t have to keep that shit a secret I’m on it all day.” Her face turned almost the same shade as her hair and she got all shy on me.

Her ass, which she was always trying to hide, had me mesmerized in her tight jeans as she walked in front of me. As soon as I told her that, she tried to deny me my fun. “Quit it Jared.” She tugged on her shirt, which thankfully was too short and when that didn’t work she tried hiding behind her hands.

“Oh no you don’t.” I walked up close behind her and ran my hand over one cheek. I don’t know why I was torturing myself. I must have some kind of freaky fetish, because I was enjoying the hell out of having to wait. But there was nothing stopping me from enjoying the delights of her lush body in other ways.

I kinda liked the rules I’d laid down. No sex until she accepted my ring. The reason behind that was twofold. My girl wasn’t one for rushing into things so this was something she was gonna have to give a lot of thought to. In the meantime, I would help her make up her mind by keeping her primed.

She ran when I tried to cop an even bigger feel of her ass and swatted at me. “Hey you bring my ass back here.” That got the attention of a few people.

…” She said my name in that cute whiny way that was so unlike my girl it made me smile. “Come ‘ere you.” It was only one day after I’d told her that she was mine and in that time I could barely keep my hands to myself when we were in the same space together.

Last night we’d been on the phone until she fell asleep. She’s the first girl I’ve ever done that shit with, but I found it to be very effective. Her reflexes were down when she was tired and near sleep and I could ask her anything.

Like getting her to tell me she loved me in her sweet sleep soft voice. She was too cute, much cuter as a girlfriend than she was as a pain in the ass friend of my sister.

Now we were about to head home from school and she was riding with me for the first time as my girl. She came back to me looking around self-consciously at the looks we were getting and we were getting a lot.

I didn’t give a shit. I pulled her into my chest and kissed her right there in the parking lot with the other kids milling around. “You have the sweetest lips baby.” I took one last nibble before taking her hand in mine to walk the rest of the way to the car.

I was very aware of the whispers and bullshit but ignored them. I even saw some of the more popular girls whose only achievement was to land a jock, giving me the stink eye. I ignored them as well. As far as I was concerned I’d won the queen of the bunch.

“Hey you two wait up.” We stopped and looked back at Shayne and Tammy who were running to catch up. They were catching some looks of their own, and I wondered not for the first time how different their lives would’ve been had my sister and I not shown up here.

From what little I had gathered they’d all been heading down that dead end road of same old same old. Where the jocks couldn’t see any farther than the cheerleaders and vice versa. Of course Jace and Sian still fit that particular bill, but they weren’t the average by any stretch of the imagination.

“Have you heard from Jace or your sister after they went to the hospital earlier?” Shayne was out of breath and it wasn’t just from that little jog. From the look on his face something was definitely up.

“Nah why? I kinda figured he took her home with him.” That was pretty much a given since the two of them were joined at the hip and Jace was almost as bad as my dad when it came to protecting Sian.

“Well some shit’s going down. Mandy claims that they attacked her while they were there.” Shayne dropped that little bomb while tapping in numbers on his phone.

“What where the fuck did you hear that?” Okay, I’m getting kinda tired of this shit with her and my sister. I know Jace has it covered, but I’ve been protecting her my whole life and there was no way I was going to be able to just stand by and take hit after hit against my family and not do shit.

“Liz sent me a text…chill baby she had my number from before.” He said that last to his girl who had got her feathers ruffled at his announcement. She put her hands on her hips and gave him that look that males have been deciphering since forever.

It was funny as hell the way the jock crumbled under the glare of the quiet little bookworm. “Tam, baby…” He tried placating her but she just folded her arms and tapped her foot. I kept my tongue in my cheek as I watched the showdown. “Here.”

He passed her the phone and she smiled as she scrolled through. “Now how do I block her?” Red of course jumped right on it and the two of them had some kind of conference while Shayne and I tried calling Jace on my phone.







ucking cock blocker, dude’s lucky I’m done.” Sian was assed out on my bed giving me the evil eye and covering her ass with her hands because I’d threatened to come back for seconds. I don’t know what she expected. I’m a growing boy after all and she was my new addiction.

“This has now become a treat. This zone is off limits except for birthdays and Xmas only.” She’s too damn cute even though she’s a little bit deluded if she believes that shit.

“Good luck with that, I’ma hit it again tomorrow and the next day ‘til you get used to it. Let me see what your brother wants and then I’ll lick the cat and see if that don’t put you in a better mood.”

I answered on like the tenth ring, “’Sup?” I listened to him rattle on about Mandy and her lying shit for all of five seconds before interrupting him. “The hospital has security cameras, how does she plan to pull this one off?”

I saw Sian sit up next to me from the corner of my eye and got up off the bed. She didn’t need to be stressing over Mandy and her crazy shit. “Jace what…” I held up my finger for quiet as I headed into the bathroom.

I had no sooner closed the door than there was a knock at my bedroom door. Sian was still ass naked in my bed so I grabbed a robe and went to get it while she flew past me to the shower.

“What’s up dad? Hold on Jared.” I put the phone to my chest and looked at dad who looked like he was ready to commit all kinds of fuckery.

“The cops are here with a warrant for your arrest.”


“They claim you attacked that girl at the hospital today.”

“Jared let me call you back.”

Before I could hang up, a rush of air flew by me. “SIAN…” She was gone. I ran down the stairs behind her with dad hot on my heels. We got downstairs just in time to see her in a standoff with the cops.

“Why won’t you leave us alone? He never went near that ass I was there the whole time.”

“Ma’am we’re aware that you were there at the time and…”

“Are you also aware that there are security cameras in that hospital? Did you think to check them before you came here to harass us? Have you found out who almost killed me and left me for dead?” She folded her arms and tapped her foot; typical pissed off female move.

I could only stand back and watch her work. I know my little firebrand has a mouth on her when it comes to me, but I’d never seen her strip the hide off anyone else before. Wrong place, wrong time, but I couldn’t wait to get her alone again. That shit is hot.

I stepped forward to take over but she wasn’t done yet. “Daddy Chad, call the media I wanna have a press conference about how the police are more interested in protecting the psychopath who probably had me attacked than actually trying to find out what happened to me. I think the residents of this community would just love to know how their tax money is being wasted.”

“”Ms. Claiborne I’m sure you’re aware that we’re doing everything we can to find out what happened to you, but we can’t have your boyfriend running around town taking matters into his own hands.”

“My FIANCÉ did not touch that succubus and why aren’t you checking the cameras?”

“Uh well about that, there seems to be some sort of mix-up with that which our tech guys are looking into as we speak.”

“Well I suggest you come back with an apology after you do. If you arrest him then you’re gonna have to arrest me too because I was there. What about that nurse, the one that thought Jace bought flowers? She was there she can vouch for us.”

“Okay baby that’s enough.” I moved her out of the way. I was with her up to the point when she offered herself up for shackles. I wasn’t afraid of being arrested. If these idiots knew what they were doing I’ll be out before the ink dried on the arrest sheet. “Let’s get this over with…”

Once again I was interrupted, this time by slamming car doors and running feet. Track came in followed close behind by Jared and Shayne and their very wide- eyed women.

“Which one of you is Kiln?” Track asked as he came through the door. The cop in question gave him a dismissive look before deigning to answer. “I am and you are?”

“Never mind that you need to call your boss.”

“My boss? Any why would I be doing that?” Track studied him like a gnat before getting into his face.

“You wanna have a job in the morning?” It was like watching through a looking glass and trying to follow along. No one else spoke at this point and I too was wondering what the fuck was going on. I know Track is into some shit that none of us have any idea about, but this was beyond.

His whole demeanor had changed and that’s saying a lot because my boy tends to be a hard-ass as it is. The way he faced down the two idiots in my living room told a whole other story though. It was almost as if he was the authority, weird. I’ll have to get some shit out of him later.

Before the Kiln guy could make a move one way or the other, his phone rang. “Hello.” I have no idea what was being said on the other end, but from his expression I knew it wasn’t good, not for him anyway.

He must’ve said ‘but sir’ ten times before he hung up with a huff. His glare this time was for Track who just stood there with his arms folded on his chest waiting. He studied him like he was trying to see into his head before shifting his attention back to me.

“Looks like you dodged the bullet again. I don’t know what’s going on around here, how you keep slipping through the cracks, but this won’t last forever. You’re gonna slip up and when you do I’m gonna be there to catch you red handed and no one can save you then.”

“Is that a threat?” Track jumped in before me or my dad could answer. Kiln just gave us all a withering look before being ushered out by his partner who seemed to be more of the observant type.

“What were you doing near that she-wolf bro? Didn’t I tell you to steer clear?” What the hell just happened? “Track, what just happened? How do you know his boss?”

“Not now, we have to take care of this Mandy situation. I have to leave soon and I don’t want to with this shit unsettled. What happened today?”

I told him because there was no reason not to. By now we were all in the kitchen and mom was bustling around making snacks while Maria finished up dinner. “I don’t appreciate not being told that the police were here to arrest my son.” I don’t even want to know why she didn’t know that shit since she and dad were most likely together when they came to the door. Nasty.

“It’s taken care of love, no need to upset yourself. I was never going to let them take him anywhere you know that.” Dad rubbed her shoulder soothingly while she shot glares at both of us.

“Not to worry Mrs. Sanders our boy isn’t going anywhere.” Track said that with such conviction that it was almost easy to believe. “Now back to the piranha. You said she confronted you in the hallway, there should be cameras all over that place.”

“The cops claim there’s a problem with that. Convenient if you ask me.” Knowing what I do about Mandy it didn’t tax my imagination to figure out how she might’ve pulled that one off, and Track seemed to be on the same wavelength.

“So she got someone to tamper with the security footage. No need to guess how she pulled that one off if it’s a male, but what about this nurse? How did she get her in her clutches?”

“I’m not sure what the story is there, maybe this woman is just an innocent dupe. I’m really not interested in any of that, I just wanna know who hurt Sian.” Like I was gonna waste time worrying about Mandy and her shenanigans. The day she got the best of me is the day I hang shit up.

“We’ll get answers but if the cops are as dumb as they seem it might not be from that quarter. We’ve been going about this thing all wrong I think. You and I both know that Mandy is a snake, but to everyone else she’s an innocent teenager who’s been hurt.

It’s obvious she’s still pulling people’s strings so what we have to do now is go back and see who was sniffing around her a few weeks ago when the attack took place. We’re all agreed it was a male that attacked you right Sian?” He filched a sandwich and wolfed it down.

“Yes, that much I remember.” She frowned as if trying to force herself to remember more. I hate that shit; hate the helpless look she gets on her face when nothing happens.

“We should start with Liz, anybody question her yet?” Shayne threw that out there and got a death glare from Tammy. He whispered something in her ear that made her blush and swipe at him playfully before settling again.

BOOK: Eden High: Series 2 (Eden High #2)
3.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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