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Authors: Amber Drake

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Fuck Me Santa

BOOK: Fuck Me Santa
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Fuck Me Santa

Fuck Me Santa
A selection of erotic flash fiction just for Christmas

By Amber Drake


Smashwords Edition


Copyright 2011 Amber Drake




This e-book contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language and may be considered offensive to some readers. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.




Smashwords Edition, License Notes
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Home for Christmas

My back crashes against the door and before I can gasp a breath he is crashing against me. He grabs my hands and pulls them high, pinning them with one of his own then reaches down to yank up my skirt and rip off my panties.


We don’t have long, minutes maybe until the carollers finish singing and his mum and my dad return to finish decorating the tree. But I’m so wet right now it doesn’t matter. We’ve been sending secret signals all evening with eyes and lips so by the time our chance finally arrived we were both ready to pop.


“Say it,” he hisses as he pulls my leg up to rest on his hip and opens his pants with urgent fingers.


“Fuck me, big brother,” I reply and my words send wicked shots of arousal through us both.


Looking into my eyes he angles his body, positions his thick cock and thrusts inside.


We both moan but there is no time for gentleness. Gripping my hips he thrusts hard and fast into my cunt, grunting with each deep plunge.


“Sweet… Sweet baby sister.” He gasps into my ear, his hips rocking faster, grinding against me just right.


My climax is rushing towards me, so fast, too fast. My head falls back and hits the door I can’t help it. Just feels so good. My step-brother’s dick is stretching and pumping so deep, slamming against my clit and driving me higher.


His hand clamps over my mouth seconds before I can scream my pleasure and the feel of his large hand over my mouth is so darkly erotic I come all over again. Three long thrusts of his cock into my hungry cunt and he stiffens, grunting into my hair as his cum floods my pussy.


The carollers finish and we break apart. The front door closes, my step-brother buttons and zips his pants and I pull down my skirt and flatten my hair. Footsteps grow closer on the hard wood floor and we settle back at our places by the tree, I’m hanging tinsel while he hangs the balls. We turn and smile innocently when our parents return.


I notice him snatch something from the tree and almost laugh out loud when I see that he’s hastily hiding my panties in his pocket.



Bad Santa

“Call me Santa,” he says as he delivers a sharp smack to my ass. “You’ve been a bad little elf, haven’t you, tipsy? Drinking on the job, playing with the toys. I could smell your slutty scent on the dildos you know.”


“I’m sorry, Santa,” I moan and let out a yelp when he smacks my tender butt cheek again.


There must be a red handprint there my now. Angry and red, it feels so hot and sort of tingly as the sting subsides. He spanks my bottom again and again and soon my pussy is clenching and flooding with each slap of that large hand on my sensitive ass cheek.


When his hand stops and comes to rest on my thigh I nearly protest but then his hand slides up the inside to where my pussy is heavy and waiting to be touched.


“So wet, my little elf.”


“Touch me,” I moan wriggle my butt as best I can, not easy when bent over his knee.


“You promise to be a good girl next year?” he asks as his fingers delve between my soaking folds to stroke over my clit.




He chuckles and drags his thumb over my clit as one long finger circles my tiny little hole. “Yes, I’ll be a good girl? Or yes, Fuck me?”


I cry out impatiently and buck against his hand. “I’ll be a good girl! Now fuck me, Santa!”


Kinky Hook-ups


Mature male looking for


naughty elf in need of a


good spanking.


No fairies or witches please


Unavailable Xmas Eve



So Wrong

“Fuck this is so wrong.” I mutter between my teeth when my back hits the wall and my pants hit the floor.


All I can do is watch as the sexiest Santa I’ve ever seen drops to her knees in front of me. She’s wearing the full red suit but this one clings to her curves. She’s also wearing the full white bearded. That is the wrong part.


The white polyester moustache tickles my lower belly and the beard tickles my balls and none of that matters because right this second my dick is sliding into her hot wet mouth.


Her incredible tits are pushing out against the red coat, buttons are almost popping but it’s the beared that’s making my cock rock hard. How fucked up is that?


“That’s it… Ooh suck me, Santa.”


So. Fucking. Wrong.



Dirty Boss

Office Party. Almost Midnight. Someone’s singing Christmas carols out of tune just outside the office door. Usually I just drink too much, maybe puke somewhere embarrassing. Not tonight.


I’m pretty sure my boss, Jack has no idea who I am, he was pretty drunk when he grabbed me by the hand and dragged me in here. He just wanted to fuck and lucky for him, so did I or we’d be in the police station by now. He didn’t seem interested in anything other than bending me over his desk, shoving aside my panties and cramming himself into my tight cunt.


Now he was giving me the fuck of my life. He didn’t give my body time to adjust to his thick cock; he just started thrusting right away. Pulling nearly all the way out only to plough back in, again and again, taking my cunt hard and fast and rough the way I like.


It doesn’t take long with him grunting above me, his dick stretching my cunt, my fingers rubbing my clit in time with his thrusts. I let out a breathless yell when my climax hits in a rush of light and pleasure and he groans when my pussy clamps around him. Three more thrusts and his cum floods me till I can feel it dripping down my thighs.


“That was fucking incredible, Pam,” he gasps as he buttons his pants and strolls out. “You’re fired.”


I stand there with my mouth open and barely manage a, “What?”


“You fucked the boss – Me – It’s against company policy.” He waved a hand and took another drink. “It was in your contract. You’ll get your dismissal papers and severance pay in a day or two. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.”


I sat there for a full minute. Mouth still hanging open. That fucking asshole!


Lucky my name wasn’t Pam.




Another Christmas all alone. Ben should have been used to it by now but he was starting to wonder if it would ever stop hurting, if he would ever be able to enjoy this holiday again.


It had been five years tonight. The argument. The storm. The way she threw her hands in the air and stomped out. It was a stupid fight. Any other night they would have made-up with a bout of hot steamy sex but not that night. She took a drive to calm her nerves but it was Christmas Eve, it was raining hard. No way could she have seen the drunk driver.


Ben died that night too. Now every Christmas Eve he packed up and took a trip into the mountains. He couldn’t bare the celebrations and the words ‘Merry Christmas’ sent pain through his chest.


As the moon hung high and heavy above and the fire crackled and popped Ben finally felt himself relax. It was so perfect out here. The smell of burning wood and the wilderness was intoxicating.


He jumped when a branch snapped. Turning he let out a nervous laugh when a tall, silky looking reindeer stepped out of the woods. It was beautiful. Big brown eyes, shiny smooth fur, antlers set atop her head should have looked awkward but looked perfect somehow.


It didn’t seem scared at all. Carefully he reached out his hand and was surprised when she didn’t pull away. Under his fingers her fur was even softer then it looked and to his pleasure she nuzzled his hand.


Then right before his eyes she started to sparkle, shimmer… And as his disbelieving eyes widened the beautiful reindeer transformed into something very different.


She was a head shorter than him. But he knew those large brown eyes and her long silky brown hair fell down her back and over her shoulders, coving what looked like large, high breasts.


She was naked. She was smiling at him. When she dropped to her knees and opened his pants he was already rock hard.


Her brown eyes never left his as she engulfed his cock in her hot mouth.


“Oh. My. God.” His voice came out a long series of groans as she worked her beautiful mouth over his dick.


So hot and wet and tight. Her lips slid over the sensitive tip, up his shaft and back again. Sucking, licking, stroking. He combed his fingers into her hair and held on tightly, letting her set the pace, letting her suck his cock the way she wanted… The way he wanted.


Fuck it was like she was enjoying a lollypop the way she moaned around him and sucked him deep into her mouth so the head bumped against the back of her throat.

BOOK: Fuck Me Santa
9.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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