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She felt a hand stroking her hair and pulled reluctantly away to glance at the man on the other side of her. He had shaggy brown hair with blond highlights in it that a woman would pay a lot of money for. His big brown eyes held a touch of gold in them and she could feel herself falling into them as his head bent to hers. Then she tasted him just as intimately as she had tasted the first man. And he was every bit as good. Not chocolate here but a rich minty flavour that made her think of Christmas and candy canes…and home.

He pulled back and she let her head fall back to the pillow beneath her and sighed her contentment. Until she realised that she was awake and these were the two men that had found her in the closet earlier. It wasn’t a dream. It was reality and she had no idea what to say under the current circumstances. She was lying on her back in a bed with one man on either side of her staring down at her with lust filled eyes. And God help her but she wanted them.

“Who are you?” she whispered the first thing that came to her mind. She needed to know who they were, if they were single, if they were gay.

“Don’t you remember?” the devil with coal black hair asked her with a touch of a grin on his lips.

She knew that she didn’t know who he was. Hell she had hidden on this boat knowing fully that she had no idea who she was going to encounter. It was a chance that she had been willing to take. And she was suddenly very happy that she had. She bit her lip and shook her head no. She wasn’t sure what game he was playing but she was willing to play along for now.

“Do you know who you are?” He asked her gently, his fingers whispering tenderly across her cheek.

At the moment she knew nothing but the feel of his hand, the smell of his skin and the taste of his lips. She shook her head no. Not a lie at the moment.

“Your name?” the other one queried and she turned to him and felt wrapped in his essence, his masculinity. His smile was warm and beautiful and his eyes promised things she was desperate for.

“Hope,” she murmured.

“Do you remember anything else Hope? Who you are or how you got here?” He prompted her to continue but she couldn’t. She didn’t have any clue what to say. Her brain was in chaos and she only shook her head.

“Your name is Hope O’Grady,” the dark haired man lied and then followed it with an even bigger one. “You’re my wife.”

“Your wife?” she and the other man made the comment at the same time, both with a heavy dose of doubt in their voices.

“My wife,” he repeated firmly, the dare evident in his voice. He was defying her to admit the truth, that she knew who she was and why she was on this boat. But Hope had more to lose than he could ever imagine. So making a snap decision, she decided to play along and see just how far he was willing to take it.

“I don’t remember our wedding day. I don’t even remember your name.” She gazed up at him trying her best to keep her secrets from showing.

“My name is Shawn. We were married just a few weeks ago in Ireland. It was a beautiful ceremony under the stars.” She wished that he wasn’t telling lies. She could almost visualise a wedding under the stars, only she had never been to Ireland.

“Just the two of us?” she questioned.

“The three of us,” Shawn nodded at the other man. “Tommy was there with us.”

“With us?” she asked wanting to see what he would say. She had kissed both men rather intimately.

“Tommy has always been with us darling. When we took our vows you said that we had to include him in everything. You said that you loved us both and that there would be no wedding unless you could have us both.” Shawn looked down at her and she saw more than he probably realised in his eyes. She saw his desire for exactly what he was describing.

“I married both of you?” Hope wasn’t sure about the turn this was taking. How far would he go before one of them admitted to the truth? That they both knew she was lying about not knowing who she was.

“The priest married us and you took my name. But you said that the real ceremony took place under the stars when you said your vows to both of us. You said it was the best day of you life. I can’t believe that you don’t remember it.” He was laying it on a little thick now but something inside her urged her to stay the course.

“I wish that I could remember it all. The stars, the moon, and the three of us together. But I don’t.” She whispered the words softly, wanting more than anything for the words to be more, to be truth.

“Maybe we can help you to remember,” Shawn bent close to her, his words whispered over her mouth before his lips teased hers. His teeth nibbled playfully at her bottom lip before his tongue licked over it, caressing where his teeth had nipped. “Maybe you just need to be reminded of how great we are together.”

Hope was lost in the moment. The feel of his hands, his mouth, his very breath intoxicated her senses and left her gasping for air. She didn’t fight when hands eased her shirt up and over her head, leaving her arms lying limply beside her on the pillow. Her shorts were tugged down over her hips and suddenly she was in nothing but her bra and panties. She thanked God that she had chosen to wear the pale lavender lace set that Faith had sent her for her birthday, under the guise that it was a wedding present.

Hidden in the lining of the box had been the directions to where her sister now lived with her husband, along with a little bit of money to help Hope get there. She’d planned to do just that. Until she found herself on a boat in the middle of who knew where at the moment, in her underwear with two gorgeous men looming over her with carnal intent in their eyes. They were going to fuck her. She knew that and should have been nervous, should have been appalled. But she was no shrinking virgin and Heaven help her but she wanted them, wanted this as much as either of them did.

She heard them both moan and saw the pleasure in their gazes as they devoured her with their eyes, eyes that promised untold bliss. Soon. The front clasp of her bra was released and her breasts spilled out as the cups slid off to reveal her nipples, tight and hard with anticipation. And neither man disappointed as they both leaned forward and took a nipple into their mouths. Hope cried out with pleasure as they sucked greedily at her flesh, using lips, teeth and tongue to torment her. Bolts of carnal anticipation went off like fireworks in her belly as the flames seemed to travel from her breasts to her womb, making it cream with need and desire.

They both left her breasts at the same time, replacing suckling mouths with fingers that plucked and pinched, maintaining the pleasure centres in her breasts. Shawn came back up to her face, nibbling up the column of her neck and spreading kisses along her ear.

“So good, baby,” he murmured huskily to her. “It’s going to feel so good.”

“Yes,” was all the response she could moan out as she felt the tug at her panties as the lace ripped. Cool air blew over her hot flesh for only a moment before it was replaced by the hot swipe of Tommy’s tongue, the feverish nibble of his teeth along the plumped lips of her sex.

She cried out at the pleasure and Shawn was there to swallow it with his possessive kiss. Her legs thrashed and she reached out for both men with her hands, but Shawn caught them in one of his and guided them back to the bed, anchoring them above her head and keeping them there. His other hand continued to torment her nipples, going back and forth between them now that Tommy’s were busy on other parts of her anatomy.

Shawn’s kiss was what she had always fantasised about. It was hot and wet and filled with need for her, with the promise that it would be worth it. He kissed her like she meant something to him. Kissing had always been personal to her, more intimate somehow than just sex. No one really understood how she could feel that way but she did. And Shawn. Well, he was every girlhood fantasy of what a first kiss should be all rolled up into one.

Hope cried out as Tommy thrust two fingers into her channel and latched his lips around the swollen bud of her clit, sucking hard at the flesh, flicking it with his tongue before nipping it with his teeth. His fingers pumped harder and faster and she couldn’t fight her body’s need to rise up and meet every thrust, shoving her engorged knob further into his mouth. Ecstasy washed over her in wave after wave as she crested into orgasm. Tommy didn’t let up but pushed her still higher and higher until she literally felt like she might shatter into pieces.

Shawn moved back to her breasts and bit down on one turgid point and she did shatter. She could feel her body exploding, feel pieces of her flying off in every direction. Then she was sinking down into the bed, weightless, boneless, like a doll with no capability of moving.

“Are you a virgin?” Shawn whispered by her ear. She felt the movement as the men moved around her, felt Shawn settle between her thighs, the nudge of his cock as he spread the lips of her sex and lodged the latex covered head at the opening of her pussy.

“I’m married to you,” she managed to whisper. “And to Tommy. What do you think?”

Husky chuckles filled the air for a moment and then her knees were lifted and hooked over Shawn’s elbows, leaving her spread wide for him. With one hard thrust he sank completely inside her filling her to overflowing. She cried out at the invasion, shuddering as her flesh stretched and burned in its struggle to accommodate his large size.

“You’re so fucking tight and hot around my dick,” Shawn gritted between his teeth and she knew that he was doing his best to maintain control and give her a few moments to adjust.

Hope used his arms to lift her legs even higher, wider, lifting her pelvis from the bed and sinking him another inch deeper inside her. They both cried out at the sensations that rocked through them. He was big and thick and he felt incredible inside her.

Slowly he pulled out and rocked back into her, then again, then again. Slow and steady he rode in and out of her but she needed more, needed everything that he had to give her. She reached up and tugged his hair bringing his face down close to hers for a hungry kiss.

“I need you,” she confessed, overcome by just how much she felt with this man. “I want you.” And she did, more than anything else in her life she wanted to belong to him and Tommy, to know that they would always be there to watch over and protect her. “Make me yours,” she begged and something in her eyes must have shown him just how much she meant it.

With a low groan Shawn spread his hands over her hips, coming up to his knees between her sprawled thighs and finally gave her what she wanted, what they both wanted. He fucked her hard and fast, pushing deeper inside her with every stroke of his shaft. His balls slapped against her flesh and she loved the feel of the taunt globes. She wanted to stay like this forever, wanted to keep the connection of body to body. But it was so much more than that. For some reason it felt like more than just sex to her. Hope was no virgin, she had snuck out many times to meet a boy from school and have a little fun. But there had never been a moment like this one.

She felt the fiery tingles of another orgasm ripped through her womb before spiralling out and exploding throughout her body. Her cries pierced the air and vaguely she heard Shawn’s cry join hers, felt the wash of his seed as he filled the condom. She wished that the fantasy they had created was reality. She wished that she was his wife, that they had married under the stars in Ireland.

He collapsed on top of her for just a moment before rolling to her side. She was still struggling to catch her breath when she felt Tommy move between her thighs and lift her legs high, draping her ankles over his shoulders. She glanced down at his sheathed cock, not as long as Shawn’s but just a little bit thicker. The lust in his eyes ignited a reciprocal need in her. She wanted him inside her, wanted to feel him the way that she had felt Shawn. She had fantasised many times about two men and this might be the only chance that she ever had to live it out.

Then Tommy glanced at her and she saw so much more than lust in his eyes. She saw need and questions, as if he was unsure whether she wanted him or not. Without thought she nodded her head and whispered, “Take me, Tommy. Make me yours. Fuck me.”

Both men groaned as the naughty words left her lips and Tommy used his hand to guide his cock to her opening and there was no slow and easy this time either. It was hard and fast from the beginning, his hips slamming into hers as he rode her. Her cries filled the cabin and only seemed to incite Tommy further. He fucked her mercilessly, his hunger primal, animalistic. And she revelled in every moment of it. God, help her, but she loved the raw quality of sex with him. No games, no uncertainty. Just a man claiming a woman like couples had been doing since the beginning of time.

She felt her body racing towards another orgasm and knew that it would send her to places that she had never known or been before. She screamed as the pleasure spiralled through her in almost painful waves. She could feel her sex tightening around Tommy’s width and still he plunged in and out of her fighting his way back inside the pulsing channel. She could feel the tug towards unconsciousness pushing at her and knew that soon she would succumb. She heard Tommy’s cry and knew that he had reached his pleasure as well.

“Need you,” she murmured, her speech slurred from the pleasure she had found with these two men. “Need you to love me, to save me.” She fell into a deep sleep unaware of just what she had revealed to the two men still in the bed with her.

Chapter Three



BOOK: Gaining Hope
13.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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