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“That we,” Tommy interrupted.

“That we,” Shawn agreed, “will do anything and everything to protect you. No one will ever make you feel the need to run again. And no one will ever make you go anywhere that you don’t want to.”

“Even us,” Tommy added softly. “We want you to stay with us, to give this, us, a chance and see where it might lead. But if that is not what you want then we won’t force you to.”

Hope glanced back at Shawn to see if he agreed. His face showed sadness at the thought of her leaving but he nodded his head in agreement.

“You were heading to see your sister Faith?” Shawn asked.

“Yes,” she whispered, so overcome with all that was being put in front of her that she was having trouble finding the words she needed.

“Do you still want to go see her?” Shawn wanted to know.

Hope nodded her head and Shawn dropped his head to his chest for a minute before glancing back up at her. “Then we’ll make sure you get there.” He started to move off of her but Hope grabbed him with both hands and held him tight.

“Wait,” she stated. “Of course I still want to see my sister. But I want you two to go with me. I want to be with you,” she glanced pointedly between them. “Both of you. I want to see what the future might hold for us, what destiny awaits us.”

“Be sure, Hope,” Shawn’s voice was almost guttural it was so choked with emotion. “Be very sure. Because once you agree to stay with us, to see where this leads, I’m not sure that I can be strong enough to let you go.”

Hope smiled and leaned up to softly nip his bottom lip. “I wouldn’t want you to. I’m sure. I’m very sure. I think I might have known since you told me I was your wife and I agreed.” She laughed out loud and soon both of her men were joining her.
Her men
. The thought startled her, mostly because it felt so right to say it. She was a woman with not one, but two men in her life. She was sure that many would think her insane, or even question her morality. But then there would also be just as many, if not more, who envied her and wished they were as lucky.

“We need to celebrate then,” Tommy said as he moved from the bed over to a cabinet. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a tube of lubricating jelly. Hope caught her breath as she realised what that meant. It was time for her to take both of them into her body at the same time. It was exactly what she had wanted to experience since she’d first encountered them.

“Yes,” she agreed eagerly when she realised both men were looking at her, waiting for her approval and agreement.

Shawn’s hands slid under the sheet until he was palming her breasts and rubbing her turgid nipples between his fingers. She groaned out loud, arching up into him, hungry for more, for everything.

“You’re over-dressed,” Shawn told her as he bent down to replace one hand with his mouth, sucking and tugging her nipple with his teeth. She laughed at the absurdity of his words.
After all, she was wearing a sheet and nothing more.

Hope cried out and clutched his head in both of her hands, urging him closer still. “So are you,” she moaned and her glance went to Tommy as she prepared to tell him the same. But he was naked beside the bed, his cock gleaming with the lubricant he was still coating it with. His eyes were hooded as he gazed hungrily at her breasts before locking gazes with her.

“Way ahead of you little bit,” he told her with a sultry smile. He ran his slicked fingers up and down his length, squeezing the head before sliding back down the shaft to his balls. “Have you ever had a man inside your ass before?”

“Yes,” she breathed out. “I tried it a few times with a guy I dated in high school.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Tommy asked her.

She nodded her head. “It felt pretty good, tight and full. I was always on my hands and knees.”

“We’re going to do it a little differently this time,” Tommy told her as he moved closer to the bed. Shawn let her nipple free with a pop and disengaged their bodies so that he could stand up and begin removing his clothes as well.

Tommy joined her on the bed. His cock was hard and thick as it jutted out from his nest of brown curls. She licked her lips but he shook his head. “I’ve already got it coated with lube this time. You don’t want to taste that baby.” He leant into her and claimed her with a hungry kiss. His tongue forged between her lips, licking across her teeth before she opened completely to him. He devoured her mouth, exploring every hidden nook and cranny with his tongue. His body felt so good against hers and she could now feel just how slick his cock was.

“I want you to turn over and get up just a little bit, on your knees,” he informed her as he reluctantly pulled back from the kiss. “That will be the easiest way for you to take my dick. I’ll take my time and work it in nice and slow. I’m going to slick you up and stretch you with my fingers first.” He leant down and kissed her softly again before pulling back completely and nodding at her.

Slowly Hope rolled over onto her belly and rose to her hands and knees. Tommy moved beside her and then helped her turn so that she was sideways on the bed. She almost jumped when she felt the slide of his tongue over her anus. He continued on to her opened sex and dipped inside for a taste before moving back to her bottom. His tongue licked and probed her opening and she found it surprisingly erotic. Back and forth he went with his tongue using a mixture of her natural lube and his saliva to loosen and moisten her anus.

Shawn stepped up in front of her, his cock thick and hard. This time when she licked her lips she wasn’t denied. Shawn smiled and used one hand to guide the head towards her parted lips. She opened wider, eager to take as much of him into her mouth as she could. He pushed slowly inside not stopping until she held as much of him as she could, until the head nestled at the opening of her throat. She wasn’t gagging and she was dying to see if she could take more of him, if she could swallow him. But he didn’t give her the chance to see. He wrapped his fingers around the flesh that rested against her lips and used it to measure how much of him she could handle comfortably.

He used his other hand to thread through the top of her head and hold her at the angle he wanted. Then with a low groan and a nod to Tommy he moved his cock out of her mouth and then thrust quickly back inside. As she felt him butt against the front of her throat and the slight gag reflex that she couldn’t contain she realised that he knew exactly what he was doing. Back and forth he pumped into her mouth, fucking her with his cock. She sucked eagerly at his flesh wanting to consume him, so lost in him that it startled her when she felt the intrusion of Tommy’s lubricated fingers.

Gone was his tongue, replaced by his fingers which he was using to manipulate and lubricate her small pink opening. He rimmed around and around her hole, barely dipping the tip of his finger inside as he worked to loosen and soften her anus. Just as she became used to that sensation he changed again and begin to slowly work one of his fingers inside her.

“Relax, baby,” he encouraged her as he pressed harder against the ring of tight muscles. When he made it inside he held still for a moment before slowly beginning to rotate his digit inside her, rubbing along the walls of her tight channel. She moaned around Shawn’s cock and his groan matched hers as the sensation vibrated along his shaft.

Shawn thrust into her mouth and stopped with his cock buried there. His glance fell to her spread buttocks and what Tommy was doing there to prepare her for what was to come. One finger had been joined by another and Tommy was pumping them inside her and then scissoring them apart to help stretch her. She was no virgin there but it had been a while and she was grateful to how carefully he attended her. But she was too eager to remain patient much longer. She wanted them inside her, their cocks, and she wanted it now.

She tried to speak but couldn’t. She glanced up at Shawn with pleading in her eyes and he smiled and nodded, cupping her cheek with his hand and slowly gliding all the way out of her mouth.

“She’s ready,” he said to Tommy.

She felt the shifting on the bed behind her and the slow removal of his fingers. She cried out at the emptiness but it only lasted for the barest of moments before it was replaced by the nozzle of the tube of lubricant. Tommy inserted it inside her and squeezed a generous amount before sliding it out. He let the lube coat her opening again before flipping the cap shut and tossing the bottle aside. Then his cock was there, running along the crease spreading the lube and coating his already slick length.

“Ready?” he breathed out roughly behind her as he placed the head against the pucker of her anus.

“Yes,” she cried pressing back against him and forcing the head to press hard against her. They both cried out as he began to slip inside. She was slick and well stretched and it was a welcome sting as he entered her. He used his hands to hold her ass cheeks wide so that he and Shawn could watch as Tommy’s cock slowly disappeared into her. He was slow and gentle and as much as she appreciated it, she was ready for more. He was only halfway in when she gritted her teeth and lunged back into him, using her grip on the side of the bed to aid her. The last inches filled her until she could feel his balls against her ass and the cry that left her lips was only slightly softer than his.

“Fuck, Hope,” Tommy said, holding her hips with a death grip that was sure to leave bruises to keep her from moving any more.

“Yes,” she cried straining to move anyway. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

“Shit,” Tommy said and softened his grip on her. She used it to her advantage and pulled forward only to slam back again. His groan was long and low and he easily took control, fucking into her hard and fast before ramming deep and staying there. Once again his grip kept her from moving.

“No,” she cried out frustration ripe in her voice.

“It’s too good, Hope,” he told her. “I won’t last. I’m going to come.”

“Yes,” she agreed and since she couldn’t move, she ground her hips into his, pushing his cock the barest bit deeper.

“Not yet,” he gritted out. “Not until we’re both inside you. Not until you scream with the pleasure we’re going to give you.”

He wrapped one arm around her waist holding her tight to his body. Shawn eased her death grip on the side of the bed and together the two men managed to manoeuvre her until Tommy lay under her on the bed, his cock still buried in her ass. Tommy’s legs were between hers and he used that to spread her wide. It was only when they saw Shawn’s now condom covered cock that they realised that he had forgot to do the same.

“Shit,” Tommy cussed under his breath and made a move as if he was going to dislodge her.

But Hope was having none of that. “Are you clean?” she asked him clasping his hips with her hands.

“Yes,” he gritted out. “But I shouldn’t have entered you without protecting you. I’ve never in my life been inside a woman without a condom. Fuck. That’s probably why it feels so fucking fantastic.”

“I’ve only ever been with a few local boys . And they always wore condoms.” She tilted her head back and to the side seeking his lips for a reassuring kiss. “I don’t want you to pull out. Besides I’ve been on the pill since I was eighteen. So as long as we’re both clean and there is little risk of pregnancy, then it should be okay. Right?”

“You’ve been on the pill since you were eighteen?” Shawn asked.

“Dad had me get it when I turned eighteen. I think he knew that I was fooling around and didn’t want me to get pregnant and ruin my marriage.”

Both men just grunted at that response but Tommy placed his hands on her breasts and began to fondle them. Shawn moved onto the bed placing his knees just inside her spread thighs. Tommy made no more attempts to move and Hope relaxed down into him as Shawn leant down and braced a hand flat on the bed beside Tommy’s shoulder.

“It’s going to be a tight fit,” Shawn said as he pressed the head against her pussy.

She moved her hands from Tommy’s hips to Shawn’s wanting to grab him and urge him inside her. But he wouldn’t be hurried. It was torture as he slowly worked his shaft into her gaining a mere inch at a time with every thrust and retreat. Tommy moved his hands down to her hips and used them to hold her firmly impaled on his cock while Shawn continued to make his way inside.

“Hurry,” she begged arching her back up so that her hips were pressed tighter between them and her breasts were closer to Shawn’s face.

Shawn closed the last distance and took one of her nipples between his teeth as he thrust the rest of the way inside her. She screamed at the pleasure/pain as her flesh was stretched and filled. There was a slight burn, and that with the streaks flowing from her tortured nipple to her womb were almost enough to send her into orgasm.

Both men seemed to know it and with a silent communication between them the slow torture was over and gone.
Shawn’s hands gripped her hips just above Tommy’s and he began a fast and furious rhythm that had her screaming with ecstasy instantly as one orgasm after another ripped through her. The pleasure began in her very core tightening her like a vice around both men as she exploded in wave after wave. The warmth flowed from her until even her fingers and toes, hell even her scalp was pulsing with the intensity of her releases.

“Going to come,” Tommy grunted out and lifted his buttocks up off the bed, driving as deep inside her as he could go.

“I’m with you,” Shawn cried out as he pumped harder and faster into her clenching sex before surging just as deep as Tommy and holding still.

BOOK: Gaining Hope
3.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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