Gale, Avery - Jenna's Submission [The ShadowDance Club 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More) (10 page)

BOOK: Gale, Avery - Jenna's Submission [The ShadowDance Club 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)
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“I gave you an instruction, pet, and I expect you to follow it. Come here now.” The authority in Colt’s voice sent a zing of arousal through her as she scrambled to get out of the bed and pad, completely naked, to stand directly in front of him.

“You are so very beautiful, pet. But you must learn to obey immediately and without hesitation. A slip like that at The Club will most certainly get you punished.” He had begun running his hands up and down along her sides from her waist to her knees. It wasn’t an inherently sexual touch, but it was intimate and sensual beyond measure. “And I don’t want you at another man’s mercy. You belong to me, only me, love, don’t forget that.”

Colt’s words sent a shiver through Jenna that she didn’t even try to hide. “But just for this week, then I’ll go back to work and you’ll go back to The Club, and I’ll be…” Jenna couldn’t even finish her sentence, it was just too sad to think about right now, and she was determined to not let worries about things she couldn’t change cloud the chance she had to make great memories right now. She was standing naked in front of the man whose touch she had craved for so long, and she wasn’t going to spoil a single minute of it.

* * * *

Colt looked deep in Jenna’s eyes as she spoke about having to leave and could see it was clearly not something she was looking forward to. But she seemed determined to limit this to a week. He wondered if she really thought he was that much of a player that he’d bring her here to fuck for a week and then just turn her back to her old life as if he’d had his fill of her. Christ, he didn’t even want to think about her having that low of an opinion of him. Had he not made himself perfectly clear where he felt they stood with each other? Hmm, apparently it was time to step up the game a bit.

“We’ll discuss your week limitation more later, princess. But right now, I’m in the mood to play a bit, and I believe Mitch would like to get to know you a bit better before we teach you a little more about our lifestyle.” With those words, he looked past her to his friend, who was leaning against the doorframe where he had been since Jenna had moved to stand before Colt.

Jenna jerked her gaze to the other man and immediately began moving her hands, trying to cover her breasts and bare cunt. “Oh my God, Colt, I don’t have any clothes on, please, let me go get something to wear. Oh shit, this is so embarrassing. I didn’t even hear him come to the door. How long has he been standing there?” Then turning to Mitch, she asked, “How long have you been standing there Mitch? When did you get to the cabin? Jesus, this is so weird, please, can you step outside in to the hall for just a minute so I can get dressed?” She knew her face was flame red, she felt like an inept teenager rather than a highly trained geologist and accomplished oil company executive.

Mitch pushed himself from his casual pose in the doorway and moved toward her in slow, measured steps. “No can do, darlin’. I’m here to help with your training. No need to be embarrassed about your beautiful body, Jenna, you are a smokin’-hot babe. Personally, if you were my woman, I’d keep you naked every single chance I got.” He’d stepped close and began slowly running the backs of the fingers of one hand down from her temple, down the side of her face to her neck and shoulder, and then down the entire length of her arm until his fingers encircled her wrist. His hold wasn’t tight, but it communicated clearly that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Mitch watched the base of Jenna’s throat and saw her breathing had accelerated as had her pulse.
Well, I think Colt’s little sub is going to enjoy a ménage more than she believes she will. Seems she is more like her older brothers than we might have believed.
Mitch kept his hand around her wrist, just enough restraint to give them an indication of how she was going to handle bondage.
So far so good, sweet thing. God, I can’t wait to sink my throbbing cock into your hot body. Jesus, how did Matthews get so lucky? Fuck, if I could just get Rissa to react like this, I would think I’d died and gone straight to heaven.

Mitch slowly pulled Jenna so that she was just inches in front of him. She could feel the warmth radiating off of him, and immediately she felt goose bumps wash over her skin in a tidal wave of sensation. “I want to touch you, Jenna. I want to get you accustomed to my hands stroking this magnificent body before Colt and I shoot you into the stratosphere. I can smell your arousal, you know, you can’t deny the attraction and allure of having two men catering to your pleasure. Move your legs shoulder-width apart.” When she complied, he continued in a low, compelling voice that held her in its velvet grip. She felt Colt move in behind her. He was running his callused fingertips softly over her lower back and the rounded cheeks of her ass. He circled the dimples at the top of her curved ass, pressing slightly on the erogenous zone he knew was a hot spot for her. “You are loving our touch, aren’t you, darlin’? I love watching your eyes dilate and cloud with lust, and seeing the evidence of your pleasure is a huge turn on. I can’t wait to run my tongue through that sweet nectar I know is coating you sweet cunt.” Jenna had never liked that word, thought it sounded demeaning, but somehow, the way Mitch had spoken it had almost sounded like a prayer, and she felt herself flood the fingers he was running through her soft folds.

Looking over Jenna’s shoulder at Colt, Mitch told the other man, “Your woman is amazing, brother. Hope you are appreciating this gift from God. Christ, she is so beautiful, responsive, and intelligent. It is a privilege to be able to help you introduce her to the pleasures of ménage.”

“She is all that and more. But don’t think we don’t have our work cut out for us. Seems my little sub thinks all I want is a week’s worth of fucking. I’m going to be working hard to help her see that is not the case, that I have every intention of making her my own in every way. Let’s give her a small sample of what she will be experiencing later. Then we need to feed her. She had just woken up when I heard the security system clear you, and she is going to be expending a lot of energy later.” Colt’s last words were laced with humor, but Jenna was so lost in the feel of their hands running over her sensitized skin, she couldn’t even fully process the words they were speaking.

“Please…” Jenna could only moan the soft plea. She needed more. She was starting to float in a fog of desire that only hinted at a completion that was just beyond her reach.

Colt leaned forward and spoke so close to her that she could feel his lips brushing the curve of her ear. “Please what, pet? Please stop? Please continue? Please touch you? Please fuck you? Please push my long fingers in your sweet ass? You have to be specific in your requests, my love, otherwise you will not get what you desire. A Dom’s job is to provide everything his beloved submissive needs, so until I’ve had time to learn your body’s every nuance, you will need to be very specific.”

Colt was pushing her, he knew he was taking a number of calculated risks, Christ, having Mitch blindside her with his sudden appearance had been a huge leap of faith, and jumping right in to a scene with her was going to be dicey. Colt knew that even if they gave her the mind-blowing orgasm he knew they could so easily provide, her mind would turn back on before they’d even be able to get her out of the bedroom. So he needed to make sure it was good enough to begin the bonding he knew was going to be the only truth she was going to be able to hang on to when they had to return to her family’s home.

Chapter 15

Colt had briefed him during their phone call earlier in the day about Jenna submitting with her body but still holding everything else back, so Mitch wasn’t surprised when he felt those thoughts running through her mind. Having the ability to establish a strong empathetic connection with another person was both a blessing and a curse. He was usually able to get right inside the mind of another person and feel what they were feeling as well as hear most of their “self-talk.” Right now, Jenna was barely functioning on a cognitive level at all, it was all lust, but there were whispers of “distance” and “remember last time” that he found really disturbing. It was as if she was trying to remind herself of some previous experience where she’d allowed herself to care for someone who had abused that trust. He didn’t see how she could possibly compare the horrific experience of being raped and beaten by Ted Scott to the pleasures he and Colt could provide, but he well knew better than most how truly complex and mystifying the human mind could really be.

Grayson looked up over Jenna’s shoulder at Colt and gave a barely perceptible nod to let him know he would be able to “read” Jenna. There were those very rare people who instinctively were able to “block” an empath from getting in, as Mitch liked to think of it. But as a natural submissive, Jenna valued other people’s opinion of her, she wanted to please Colt, and even though a part of her was fighting their connection, it was that desire to please that opened the door for Grayson.

“Colt, please, I need you to touch me.” Jenna’s words were barely audible.

“I am touching you, pet. Tell me exactly what you need.” Colt was trying to teach Jenna to equate her feelings of need with the pleasures he could and would provide. Mitch knew that the sooner she craved his touch, the sooner she’d accept that Colt wasn’t ever going to let her go. “Jenna, you are so passionate and responsive. I will give you exactly what you need. Talk to me, sweetness.” Mitch watched as Colt slowly mastered Jenna’s body. He’d known Colt had been planning this scene for years and each and every move had been carefully choreographed.

“Please…I need you…” Jenna’s pleas were airy and desperate, but the men were going to make her tell them exactly what it was she needed. Jenna felt Mitch kneel in front of her and separate her folds, exposing her swollen, throbbing clit to the air. When he blew a small puff of air directly on it, she screamed and started to shake. It was enough to push her closer, but not near enough to bring on the orgasm she was chasing. She knew they wouldn’t send her over until she told them exactly what her body wanted. The battle between her body and mind was raging, and she was adrift in a sea of passion and desire without a life preserver. As she fought the waves of her own passion, the ability to express her need in words was eluding her. “Oh God, please, I need to come. I’m begging you, please.”

“What do you think, Grayson? Close enough, or shall we hold out for more detail?” Even though Jenna could hear the teasing tone in Colt’s voice, she still wanted to strangle him.

“Damn, man, I don’t know. I love how she is creaming all over my hand. How about I just take a lick or two over her little clit and see how that works out, maybe you’d like to push into her rosette and see if we can help her a bit.” Mitch was so close to her pussy she could feel the soft breeze of his words waft across the swollen tissues.

Colt lifted her leg onto the chair she was standing next to and began running his finger through her soaking center. When it was coated with her sweet syrup, he nodded to Grayson, and just as he pushed through the tight ring of anal muscles surrounding her back entrance, Grayson licked and then bit down gently on her clit. Jenna exploded in an orgasm that had her hurtling through space, surrounded by brilliant colors swirling as if she was falling through a vortex of electric light. She would have certainly collapsed to the floor if not for Colt’s arm wrapped securely around her torso. Jenna knew she was shaking violently, but couldn’t seem to control her muscles. And through it all she heard Colt’s and Mitch’s words of praise, and even though she wouldn’t ever be able to tell anyone exactly what they’d said, she knew they were pleased with her response. And all she could do was just float along on wave after wave of the most intense feelings of pleasure she’d ever experienced. As she started to come back down, she wondered how she was ever going to protect her heart from Colt Matthews even when she knew it was already too late. She’d wanted him for so long, and now that she knew he was everything she’d ever dreamed he’d be, it was going to be devastating to lose him. She had always stayed distant because it was one thing to never know exactly what you were missing, and it was another to have experienced it then have it jerked away from you. That was the last thought she had before she slipped back into a blissful sleep.

* * * *

“Christ, Matthews, she is fucking unbelievable. You are a lucky bastard. I don’t know what you did to deserve her, but I’m sure it must have been a long fucking time ago, because you sure as shit haven’t been that good since I’ve known your sorry ass.” Mitch chuckled as he watched Colt gently lay Jenna on the bed. Mitch brought Colt a warm cloth from the bathroom so he could take care of his woman and looked on in longing, sending a prayer out to the universe that one day soon he and Bryant would be caring for Rissa with the same totally captivated expressions.

“I am humbled by your appreciation of my worthiness, you pompous ass. Now go on downstairs and start dinner, I’ll take care of Jenna and then I’ll be down.” Colt’s expression was one of brotherly affection even if his words didn’t reflect the warmth. As he gently cleaned her then patted the area dry.

BOOK: Gale, Avery - Jenna's Submission [The ShadowDance Club 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)
5.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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